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CA Chapter 13.2

Translator: Hua

Hongyadong at night was like a lightning city, dazzling and bright. There were more tourists than during the day, and it was very lively and relaxing. Lu Wen and Sun Xiaojian grabbed each other’s backpack straps and went down to the riverside with the crowd.


Not far away from them was the Qiansuomen Bridge. When Lu Wen traveled to Chongqing as a child, he used to take pictures with the bridge as a background.


The river water was surging, and several fishing boats were parked on the shore. He sang: “…The setting sun dyed the grass, and it became red several times, swaying the sails on the river…”


“Here we go again.” Sun Xiaojian suggested, “Shall I take a picture of you?”


Lu Wen shook his head, what was the point of taking pictures? There were so many bustling tourists, so how come no one recognized him?


The world was so big, where were his fans? Can you come out for two steps?


Sun Xiaojian saw through Lu Wen’s thought: “Because you wear a hat, everyone can’t see clearly.”


Lu Wen didn’t say a word. After a few seconds, he took off his hat and tried to make an excuse: “The night in Chongqing is quite hot.”


He turned around, leaning against the railing to face the flow of people. There were students, couples, and tour groups. They walked around but no one laid their eyes on him.


Lu Wen was ready to give up when a sister in her thirties walked towards him with a camera in her hand. He was overjoyed, facing his sister fans, he was so shy.


The other person approached: “Hello, can you take a picture?”


Lu Wen asked: “Do you want to take a photo?”


The other party replied: “Yes, we have troubled you.”


Lu Wen just wanted to grab his hair in excitement. Then his hand sank and the other person gave the camera to him.


He looked dazed, and saw his sister fan take a few steps away to hold the other man’s arm. That man was still holding his son. The family of three smiled and looked at him.


Lu Wen raised the camera: “Say cheese.”


 The moment the shutter was pressed, the child twisted in his father’s arms, leaning over and kissing his mother’s face. The picture was a little out of focus, but Lu Wen was reluctant to press delete.


He took another one, and the family of three was very satisfied and thanked him.


Lu Wen put the cap back on and leaned against the rail in silence. It was his father who took him to Hongyadong when he was a child. Sun Xiaojian clearly knew Lu Wen’s thought, he said: “Do you feel homesick? Have you contacted uncle recently?”


 “No.” Lu Wen was not in high spirits, “Why contact him? To listen to his scolding?”


Sun Xiaojian said: “The blood between father and son is thicker than water, and your dad must be thinking of you in his heart. If he knows that you have been wronged, he may wave his hand and directly invest in a movie for you.”


Lu Wen said: “If I were not afraid that he would know, I would have left early.”


He took out his phone and pretended to inadvertently flip through the address book, and quickly turned to “Lu Zhanqing”. Once he was beaten in elementary school, he changed the name in the address book from “Dad” to “Lu Zhanqing”, and vowed to never set it as emergency contact.


Fingers hovering over the call button, Lu Wen was hesitating, and Sun Xiaojian pushed him on purpose. It was rude to just hang up so he put the phone to his ear and said nonchalantly: “There is nothing to talk about with him.”


Lu Zhanqing’s cold voice came on: “Hello?”


Lu Wen didn’t expect it to be connected so soon. In the night in a foreign place, he was a little distracted when hearing Li Zhanqing’s voice.


“Dad, it’s me.” He choked out a sentence, “Have you eaten?”


Lu Zhanqing replied: “I have eaten.”


Lu Wen’s low voice was inherited from Lu Zhanqing, and when comparing the two, Lu Wen sounded a little more tender. After pausing for a few seconds, he really didn’t know what to say, “I’m filming in Chongqing.”


Lu Zhanqing: “Yeah.”


There was nothing to talk about so Lu Wen wanted to hang up. However when he looked down at the line of sightseeing boats, he saw the family of three was talking and laughing. It made him feel very warm. As for how warm it was, he and Lu Zhanqing had never experienced it.


Lu Wen was a little softhearted and said, “Dad, I miss you.”


There was a long silence and only a snort was heard. It took a long time for Lu Zhanqing to respond, “Did you get into trouble?”


Lu Wen’s blood pressure soared again: “Can’t you look at me in a good light!”

Lu Zhanqing said: “There is nothing good to look at.”

Lu Wen said: “I am a fool to miss you!”

 Lu Zhanqing laughed: “I see, go find Old Zheng.”


Old Zheng was Li Zhanqing’s assistant. Since Lu Wen reached adulthood, if the asset dividends attributed to him were not enough, Old Zheng would be responsible for giving him a large sum of money, and Lu Zhanqing wouldn’t care at all.


The line was hung up, Lu Wen was not in the mood to continue sightseeing nor have the appetite for dinner. He left Hongyadong and returned to the hotel.


When he arrived at the hotel it was already late. The entire 62nd floor was still quiet.


Walking to the door, Lu Wen glanced at 6206. He thought it was already hard enough to bear with Lu Zhanqing in his life and now he encountered another Qu Yanting.


Perhaps in his previous life, he first grabbed Qu Yanting’s wife and then became Li Zhanqing’s father.


After the first day of work, he was exhausted physically and mentally. Lu Wen returned to the room, soaked in a hot bath to relieve his exhaustion, and then took care of his skin in front of the mirror after soaking.


After applying the skincare products, he turned on the faucet to rinse his fingertips. Water drops splashed on the marble countertop, reflecting the light from the wall lamp.


He suddenly remembered the scene of Ye Shan washing his hands constantly, much like Qu Yanting washing his hands endlessly in the bathroom on the night of the banquet.


Could it be…


“Damn,” Lu Wen muttered, “It really gives me a psychological shadow.”


He turned off the faucet and swore that if he thought about Qu Yanting again he was a dog.


Lu Wen took the script into the bed and recited the lines twice before falling asleep while clutching the script.


The minute hand circled twice. Just after the early morning, he turned over in his sleep and woke up because of hunger.


After enduring it for a while, Lu Wen admitted defeat and got up. It was too late to get back to sleep so he wanted to call Sun Xiaojian to get some snacks. Without turning on the light, he put on a coat in the dark and walked to the hallway to pull out the room card.


When he raised his head, he saw a black shadow flashing through the peephole on the door.


Lu Wen was puzzled for a moment then he was shocked. Across the corridor, a man in full cover stopped outside the door of 6206.


The clothes were familiar… It was Ruan Feng!


 Ruan Feng wore a hat and a mask. He did not ring the bell but gently knocked on the door.


Soon afterward, the door was opened, and Qu Yanting appeared while wearing a bathrobe with wet hair. Apparently, he just took a shower. He seemed to be upset after waiting for a long time, and raised his hand to flick Ruan Feng’s forehead.

Like during the day, Ruan Feng rushed in and quickly ran into the door.


Lu Wen stayed behind the peephole, forgetting the hunger, forgetting the food, and leaving all the emotions of today behind.


He was completely awake, and even a little excited.


Damn, this crew was really exciting.

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