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BATCFO Chapter 51

Yun Xingze packed his luggage and was about to go to sleep when he suddenly received a communication request from Yun Changsheng.

Since the last time he saw the Yun family, apart for the younger brother named Yun Wu, Yun Xingze didn’t have much affection for the family.

After picking up the communication, a hologram of the Yun family appeared in his room.

The three sat opposite Yun Xingze with different expressions.

“Xingxing, it’s been hard training all this time, right?” Yun Changsheng took the lead in greeting him with a smile on his face. “Tomorrow you are going to Noah Star to compete. I hope you can perform well. If you qualify in the group competition, dad will definitely reward you with a mecha.”

Younger brother Yun Wu said to Yun Xingze: “Brother, I heard that there are a lot of fun things in Noah Star, and there is an outdoor garden event recently. By the way, Noah Star’s fruits are very famous…”

Before he could finish his words, Qin Shuang interrupted him, and followed Yun Changsheng’s words: “What are you playing around for. Your dad is right, you have to perform well in the competition, okay? To enhance the prestige of our Yun family, don’t let your father be disappointed, understand?”

Her words were flattering Yun Changsheng inside and out.

Yun Xingze listened to what they said quietly, curled his lips, and said in a lukewarm tone, “Thank you for your concern.”

Yun Changsheng happily said a few more words, with the intentions he wanted Yun Xingze to realize for him – the NCLM dream – the return with a good performance.

After speaking, Yun Changsheng and Yun Wu left the communication range and went to sleep.

Qin Shuang originally wanted to hang up, but her fingers suddenly stopped.

Although it was getting late, she still wore perfect and delicate makeup, and her glamorous face did not lose its charm over hologram.

Seeing that Yun Changsheng and Yun Wu were both gone, she changed her appearance from the flattering housewife just now, and her tone was cold: “Yun Xingze, let me tell you the truth. You are an omega, and will only get beaten if you go to NCLM with your strength. Dad is destined to be disappointed.”

“Really?” Yun Xingze raised his eyes to look at her and suddenly chuckled. “Then why didn’t you say so just now?”

“Your dad doesn’t like to listen to it. He is bragging all over the place now, saying that even his omega son can drive mecha, so Yun Wu will definitely become a general-level figure in the future.” Qin Shuang said slowly. “All in all, you have done something that surprised me.”

In front of Yun Changsheng, Qin Shuang lowered her head, acting pleasing to the eyes. She is not assertive, even tacky, and git the stereotype of a standard housewife omega.

But when Yun Changsheng was away, her words were sharp, and her eyes showed the demeanor of a strong woman.

Yun Xingze remembered that Qin Shuang looked like this when he broke up his engagement with Chi Yu that day. No wonder the original owner was afraid whenever he saw her, and obeyed her orders.

For a while, Yun Xingze couldn’t tell which one was the real Qin Shuang.

“Listen, your dad doesn’t like the weak, but I don’t care about that.” Qin Shuang looked at Yun Xingze with a commanding tone. “The game is not important at all. Your marriage with Chi Yu is the most important thing. Put away your childish temper and re-bind your pheromone with Chi Yu.”

Every time Qin Shuang is in front of Yun Xingze, she will mention his marriage with Chi Yu.

In her opinion, Yun Xingze’s only value is to marry Chi Yu.

“He likes strong people?” Yun Xingze raised his eyebrows and said. “Then why do you act obedient in front of him?”

Qin Shuang frowned slightly. After a moment of silence she replied, “He likes strong women, but he doesn’t like a strong woman being better than him.”

“As far as I know, you are an executive of Changsheng Mecha Company. As a powerful omega…” Yun Xingze raised his eyes to the woman in the image and asked slowly, “In your opinion, omegas only worth is in marriage?”


Qin Shuang was slightly startled.

Under her cultivation, the original owner was a good child who obeyed her words, and always wanted to find a powerful alpha for a husband. He had never seen anything in the world before he fell in love with Chi Yu.

But now, the questioning in Yun Xingze’s eyes were a little hard for her to look straight at.

“Don’t change the subject.” Qin Shuang pursed her lips. “You don’t understand the importance of the Chi family to our family.”

Yun Xingze lightly lifted his thin lips. “I want like to hear more about it.”

“The Chi family and military are inextricably linked, and they can obtain information from the Mecha Research Institute. Although most of this information are only a few words, or even some scraps, but they are enough to make our company look down on our peers. ”

Qin Shuang earnestly said, and analyzed the dependence of the Yun family’s various businesses on the information provided by Chi family.

After she finished speaking, she was also a little surprised, and mocked: “Why am I telling you this? What do you know about mechas? You haven’t been to the company many times since you were a child.”

“Just for the information of the Mecha Research Institute, you can even sell your son?” Yun Xingze asked coldly.

“Do you know what the Mecha Research Institute represents?” Qin Shuang slowly opened her eyes, looking down on Yun Xingze. “Your value is simply not comparable to that information, because it is a place you will never enter in your entire life. Got it?”

Yun Xingze took a deep breath. He thought that if the Yun family changed, he could consider providing some technical help to Changsheng Mecha Company.

He looked at Qin Shuang and asked slowly, “So, do you think that Chi Yu and I must be together?”

“Unless you can become a researcher in the research institute.” Qin Shuang looked at Yun Xingze coldly. The cold light of the virtual screen reflected in his pupils, without the slightest emotion. “Or, you can find a royal family member with a high degree of matching.”

Yun Xingze fell silent.

He knew that neither of these things was easy to achieve.

“But you can’t do these two things.” Qin Shuang said in a business-like tone. “I raised you to this age and treated you well. In order to realize your value as an omega, now it’s time for you to repay the Yun family.”

“What if I can do it?” Yun Xingze suddenly asked, “I don’t think the value of omega is only in marriage. With your contributions to Changsheng Mecha Company, even if you leave the company, you can also survive in other companies. Isn’t this the value of an omega?”

Qin Shuang didn’t seem to expect Yun Xingze to say this, and her eyes flickered for a moment.

But she closed her eyes and quickly regained her composure. Looking at Yun Xingze, she said lukewarmly, “If I leave Changsheng, no mecha company will let me, an omega, be an executive. This society doesn’t give omegas a chance at all.”

After speaking, Qin Shuang hung up the communication.

Yun Xingze knew that there was no need for him to have any illusions about the Yun family. The family just used him as a tool.

After the original owner cut off his glands in the original book, he lost his value as a tool, and was abandoned by the Yun family and died alone in a rainy night.

Yun Xingze stretched out his hand, and his fingers slowly stroked the gland on the right side of his neck.

The tragedy of the original owner was all caused by this gland. The pheromone in the gland was highly matched with Chi Yu, which led to his life being tied to Chi Yu.

He heard that omega’s glands are very fragile, and the moment they are cut with a knife, the pain level is astronomical.

But now Yun Xingze can understand the original owner’s move to cut off his glands. Perhaps doing so is his only way to find relief.

Early the next morning, Xinghai Academy prepared a large spaceship for the school team members that docked at the spaceship station near the school.

There is a huge logo of Xinghai Military Academy on the spaceship. The purple shield gleamed in the morning light.

Before departure, the principal specially ordered someone to pull up a banner at the spaceship station. The large characters were very eye-catching:

[Wishing Xinghai Military Academy’s School Mecha Team another success!]

Some people questioned whether the word “another” was a bit fake, because the school had not achieved good results for a long time, and the principal retorted: “More than 20 years ago, Xinghai Academy was still in the top 3. There is nothing wrong with using the word “another.”

Yun Xingze carried his luggage down to the dormitory building, and saw Luo Wenchuan waiting for him from afar.

Luo Wenchuan stood under a tree in front of the omega dormitory building, with no expression on his face. An aura of “strangers don’t approach” exuded from him, along with a touch of coldness in his long and narrow eyes.

Yun Xingze guessed that he got up too early and had the urge to get up.

Lu Ranxu helped Yun Xingze with his luggage. When he saw Luo Wenchuan, he said to Yun Xingze in surprise, “Oh my god, Luo Wenchuan actually came to pick you up in person?!”

Perhaps after hearing Lu Ranxu’s voice, Luo Wenchuan turned to look at Yun Xingze.

His icy eyes melted a little at this moment, and the corners of his lips rose for a moment.

Yun Xingze waved at him, and was about to walk over with his luggage when he suddenly heard a clean and magnetic voice: “Don’t come here.”

Yun Xingze was slightly startled, and Lu Ranxu on the side was also confused.

Luo Wenchuan walked towards Yun Xingze with his long legs, and reached out to help directly lift his luggage.

Yun Xingze said blankly: “This isn’t heavy, I can do it myself…”

“You hold this.”

Luo Wenchuan glanced back at him, and reached out and handed him something.

Yun Xingze originally thought it was a small luggage or something, but he didn’t expect that what he handed him was breakfast.

The breakfast was packed in a delicate paper bag. It was a large portion that was still slightly hot, and a bottle of milk. It made Yun Xingze a little surprised.

The almond aroma of the dessert in the paper bag penetrated into Yun Xingze’s nose. Mixed with the smell of milk, it made Yun Xingze feel inexplicably at ease.

He looked at Luo Wenchuan, only to see his back in the morning light.

“Ranxu, I’m leaving.” Yun Xingze whispered to Lu Ranxu. “Take care of yourself and remember to watch the live broadcasts.”

After speaking, Yun Xingze followed Luo Wenchuan’s footsteps and walked towards a plane that looked expensive.

Lu Ranxu was stunned for a long time. After a long time, he choked out the word “fuck” and said angrily: “Luo Wenchuan, this guy, is he pretending to be afraid of omegas?”

He is not a fool, and can see that Luo Wenchuan’s treatment of Yun Xingze is special.

So, Lu Ranxu quickly sent a message to Yun Xingze on the optical brain: [Xingze, I wish you a smooth journey, a smooth game, and love harvest at Noah Star.]

Sitting the aircraft eating breakfast, Yun Xingze looked confused. Why did Lu Ranxu mention love?

However, the soft taste of the almond cake stimulated Yun Xingze’s taste buds and quickly took away all his attention, so he didn’t think much about it.

After the aircraft started, Yun Xingze asked Luo Wenchuan: “Senior Luo, have you eaten this morning? Did you eat cake too?”

“I did, eggs and salad.”

Luo Wenchuan glanced at Yun Xingze from the corner of his eyes, and inadvertently asked: “Does it suit your appetite? Is it be too sweet?”

Yun Xingze nodded: “It’s delicious. But…”

“But what?” Luo Wenchuan turned to look at him.

“You’ve been helping me formulate recipes for the past few days. Isn’t this kind of sweet pastry something I’m not allowed to eat?” Yun Xingze looked at Luo Wenchuan and asked curiously. “You said that eating too many sweets is bad for my body. And not good.”

Luo Wenchuan retracted his gaze and did not speak.

Just when Yun Xingze thought that Luo Wenchuan had bought the wrong breakfast, he suddenly heard a voice beside him.

“You woke up so early today, I’m afraid you’ll lose your temper.” Luo Wenchuan said calmly, “So I bought something sweet for you.”

Yun Xingze was stunned for a moment, and stopped eating breakfast. After a while, he noticed that the corners of Luo Wenchuan’s lips rose.

He had the illusion of being treated like a child.

“Oh, that’s it.”

Yun Xingze felt a little amused, but also a little unhappy.

So, he took out a piece of toffee from his bag, reached out and handed it to Luo Wenchuan: “Then don’t get angry, Senior Dachuan.”

Before Luo Wenchuan could react, Yun Xingze had already put the piece of candy directly into his breast pocket.

He didn’t expect Yun Xingze to do this. It was clearly just a small piece of candy in his pocket, but it felt like rock, with a heavy presence.

Luo Wenchuan’s throat bobbed involuntarily.

After Yun Xingze finished speaking, he realized in hindsight that his behavior was a bit arrogant. After all, Luo Wenchuan is not only his senior, but also his boss. He has a cold temper and definitely doesn’t like to be joked with.

Luo Wenchuan sat beside him with no expression on his face, staring straight ahead. The intelligent voice finally sounded, telling them that they were about to arrive at the spacecraft site.

Just when Yun Xingze thought that Luo Wenchuan would be unhappy because of this incident, he unexpectedly heard him say, “You are already an adult, and still carry candy with you?”

Yun Xingze felt ridiculed again. In fact, this was because Yun Xingze was afraid that he would have low blood sugar, so he secretly kept some candy in his pocket during training.

“Then give it back to me.” He was about to reach out to get the toffee back, but Luo Wenchuan suddenly grabbed his wrist.

The aircraft was making an automatic landing, so Luo Wenchuan focused all his attention on Yun Xingze.

The weightlessness brought by the landing and the feeling of being caught off guard by the wrist made Yun Xingze a little absent-minded.

“It’s too late.” Luo Wenchuan said calmly.

Yun Xingze hadn’t reacted yet. The aircraft landed at this moment. Luo Wenchuan let go of Yun Xingze’s hand and stepped off the aircraft with his long legs. The corners of his slightly raised lips seemed to be in a happy mood.

Yun Xingze stared blankly at the other party’s back – why did he think Luo Wenchuan was a little different?

Chi Yu didn’t look good when he saw that the two get off the same aircraft.

When Luo Wenchuan passed by Chi Yu, he suddenly heard Chi Yu say in a cold voice: “Luo Wenchuan, I advise you to restrain yourself. Yun Xingze will definitely be with me in the future. You, a poor boy from a barren star…”

To Chi Yu’s surprise, Luo Wenchuan was not angry because of his words.

At this moment, Yun Xingze also came over. Chi Yu put away his fierce eyes and was about to greet him, but Luo Wenchuan turned around and blocked his sight.

Then, in Chi Yu’s eyes, Luo Wenchuan reached out and took out the toffee in his breast pocket, peeled it off neatly, and put it in his mouth. The white toffee contrasted with the color of his thin lips, seeming a little sexy and playful by accident.

After a while, Luo Wenchuan looked at Yun Xingze with his long and clean black eyes, and he spoke slowly in a voice that Chi Yu could hear.

“Your candy is very sweet, Xingze xuedi.” Luo Wenchuan said with a toffee in his mouth. “Why don’t you bring a few more next time?”

The fragrance of mint and toffee wafted over to Yun Xingze’s nose, along with the scent of Luo Wenchuan showing off.


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    “Unless you can become a researcher in the research institute.” Qin Shuang looked at Yun Xingze coldly. The cold light of the virtual screen reflected in his pupils, without the slightest emotion. “Or, you can find a royal family member with a high degree of matching.”
    Author telling us the ending straight up 😩🤚

    I really feel bad for the original owner. If cutting off the gland caused him so much pain, there was no other way out :(((

    1. SuouNono says:

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