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BATCFO Chapter 52

Luo Wenchuan act of showing off is very obvious.

When Yun Xingze heard this, he felt a little confused. Didn’t he just just jab this kind of childish behavior of going out with candy?

But he didn’t think much about it, said “okay” casually, and followed Luo Wenchuan to board the spaceship.

On the side, Chi Yu who heard the exchange, turned black as the bottom of a pot. Watching the two of them pass by, his fingers clenched into fists.

Before boarding, Luo Wenchuan looked back at Chi Yu. His eyes were cold, with some provocation.

Chi Yu didn’t expect Luo Wenchuan to be so direct. The jealousy in his heart was overwhelming, and he wished that the bill that highly matched alphas and omegas must be together could be passed immediately.

After boarding the spaceship, Luo Wenchuan helped Yun Xingze put away his luggage.

The school team members have already boarded the ship. The school has given them very good treatment. There are luxurious suites inside the ship, as well as various leisure and entertainment venues.

Yun Xingze felt a little sleepy because he got up early. He sat on the bed in a suite and watched the game video of the First Military Academy of Jicot for a while before closing his eyes and taking a nap.

Luo Wenchuan helped him close the door.

At this time, Zhuo Feiyue happened to send him a encrypted communication, so he found a place where no one was and pressed the connect button.

“Second Highness, I’m sorry I didn’t come to see you today.” Zhuo Feiyue said apologetically, but his tone suddenly became a little serious. “The royal family confirmed this morning, that the negotiations between the Empire and the Alliance are deadlocked…”

“I understand.” Luo Wenchuan said calmly. “The members of the royal family, the department heads of the Empire, and high-level officials of the Imperial Capital held an emergency meeting last night.”

The negotiations between the Empire and the Alliance have been going on for many years. The theme is nothing more than the allocation of resources between the two interstellar powers, including economic and trade exchanges, technology, and competition for mineral planets.

Zhuo Feiyue frowned and asked, “Then how do you think the Empire will respond?”

“Accelerate the research and development of military technology, expand the army, and increase the fertility rate through encouragement…” Luo Wenchuan said slowly. “It’s nothing more than these measures.”

Zhuo Feiyue nodded. “The relationship between the Empire and the Alliance is tense, which means that you can’t reveal your identity for the time being. After all, the people of the Alliance are insidious and cunning, and the spies who have penetrated the Imperial Capital are hard to guard against.”

“Find time to announce it.” Luo Wenchuan’s tone was calm and indifferent.

“Actually, as long as there is no large-scale war.” Zhuo Feiyue looked at Luo Wenchuan. “If there is a conflict between the Empire and the Alliance, it may not be a bad thing for you.”

The eldest prince Luo Qin has stayed in the capital since he was a child. Although he graduated from Noah Military Academy, a famous military school, his temperament and methods are a bit worse than Luo Wenchuan, who has been scrambling in a deserted star for as long as he can remember.

With the tense relationship between the Empire and the Alliance, the Empire needs a decisive leader, so Luo Wenchuan is more likely to become the heir and win the hearts and minds of the people.

Luo Wenchuan didn’t speak, the emotion in his eyes was so deep that even Zhuo Feiyue couldn’t understand.

“This is not what I want to see.” Luo Wenchuan said slowly.

“Second Highness, have you forgotten how much you suffered because of the First Prince?” Zhuo Feiyue said hurriedly. “In any case, since you can come back from the barren star, you must take it back everything that belongs to you from the First Prince…”

Luo Wenchuan closed his eyes and said hoarsely:

“But it was my parents who drove me out of the Imperial City.”

Zhuo Feiyue was stunned when he heard the words. After a moment of silence, he slowly said, “These things are over, now you have to fight for it. I won’t say more. I wish you a smooth game and another good result. The queen will be happy then…”

Luo Wenchuan’s emotional fluctuations were quickly hidden. After hanging up the communication, he returned to the same as usual Luo Wenchuan.

Just as he passed in front of Yun Xingze’s door, he unexpectedly saw Chi Yu.

When Chi Yu saw Luo Wenchuan, his attitude was full of provocation, as he lowered his voice to say: “Luo Wenchuan, Xingze is just your mecha master. Don’t dream of being with him.”

Luo Wenchuan’s mood was already annoyed. Hearing Chi Yu’s words at this moment, he replied coldly, “Chi Yu, you really don’t give up.”

“What do you know?” Chi Yu sneered, his tone full of confidence. “Yun Xingze will definitely get engaged to me in the future.”

Luo Wenchuan felt that today’s Chi Yu was a little weird. He didn’t know who gave him the confidence and courage to make him say such words with oath.

Seems more confident than ever.

Luo Wenchuan just thought this guy was used to talking big and ignored him.

The spaceship soon arrived at Noah Star.

Yun Xingze slept on the bed for a short time. When he opened his eyes, the scenery had changed from the starry skies of the universe to blue sky and white clouds.

Noah Star is like spring all year round, with abundant ultraviolet rays. The skin tone of the people here is generally healthy. Many tropical fruits preserved from the ancient earth period are grown here.

In addition, Noah Star is famous for its simple folk customs, hospitality, and strong economic strength. It also has two powerful symbols, the Mecha Research Institute and the Noah Military Academy, and is a place many mecha lovers yearn for.

NCLM has been held the most times in Imperial City, followed by Noah Star. In recent years, it has almost always been held in Noah Star.

After disembarking, there are personnel outside the site who are specially responsible for picking up and dropping off NCLM contestants.

One of them had dark green hair, is tall, handsome, and had fair skin. He didn’t look like a native of this planet.

“Hello, my name is Ming Xiao.” The dark green-haired transfer staff smiled and folded his hands to Yun Xingze. “Welcome to Noah Star, I wish you success in NCLM.”

Everyone here likes to fold their hands and salute. Yun Xingze immediately returned the salute: “Thank you. My name is Yun Xingze.”

Ming Xiao looked very young, and should be a military cadet who came to volunteer. He helped Yun Xingze with his luggage without saying a word, and brought him over to the aircraft that will pick them up.

The temperature outside is relatively warm. The color of the sky looks much lighter than that of the Imperial City, and the air is filled with the breath of nature.

Luo Wenchuan walked behind Yun Xingze and pursed his lower lip when he saw him and Ming Xiao chatting happily.

“I’m a student of Noah Military Academy,” Ming Xiao chatted with Yun Xingze enthusiastically. “I especially like watching NCLM competitions. Your school performed well last year, and there is an SS-level player…”

Hearing these words, Yun Xingze turned back and blinked at Luo Wenchuan. His slightly raised lips and expression seemed to say, ‘This person is complimenting you.’

Luo Wenchuan’s iceberg-like complexion softened a little when he saw Yun Xingze looking back.

“However, you look like an omega. Are you an A-level or above?” Ming Xiao asked carelessly. Suddenly feeling his words were a little inappropriate, he quickly changed them. “I don’t mean to look down on omegas, it’s just that there are very few omegas participating in NCLM. I’m a little curious.”

“I was promoted to A-level in the on-campus mecha contest.” Yun Xingze saw Mingxiao’s enthusiasm and was willing to talk to him. “There are fewer omegas, but that doesn’t mean omegas can’t drive mechas.”

“That’s natural.” After listening to Yun Xingze’s words, Ming Xiao gave him a meaningful look. “I’m looking forward to your performance. I will definitely go to the scene to watch it.”

Yun Xingze just thought it was just Ming Xiao’s courtesy talking.

Luo Wenchuan frowned slightly. He always felt that this Ming Xiao’s eyes kept sticking to Yun Xingze when he spoke…

It seems like he had some other intentions?

Everyone from the Xinghai Academy took the aircraft to the star-rated hotel provided by the organizer, wearing expressions of anticipation and excitement on their faces – except Luo Wenchuan.

When Yun Xingze walked into the hotel lobby, other military cadets had already arrived.

Don’t know if the organizer was intentional or not. Teams of the same group arrived at the hotel at the same time, and the atmosphere seemed a little subtle.

The members of the Jicot First Military Academy were more confident, after all, they were the third runners-up last year. The members from Yuanshan Military Academy looked relatively quiet; the training and management of this military academy has always been strict. The students of St. Klito showed great interest in the ultra-luxury hotel, after all, the galaxy they came from wasn’t very rich.

The Xinghai Academy students who suddenly came in attracted the attention of the other three teams.

Especially the members of Jicot First Military Academy. After all, they were going to fight tomorrow.

Jicot’s team captain is a very gentle and fair-looking boy with half of his hair pulled up and a faint smile on the corners of his lips.

Yun Xingze knows him. He is “Don’t mess with me” in Mecha Star, and his real name is Cheng Jun.

“It’s a pleasure to meet.” Cheng Jun stepped forward with his hand outstretched at Luo Wenchuan. “The game you played in the pre-quarterfinals last year was very exciting. It’s a pity that you almost brought the school team to the quarter-finals. I look forward to seeing you this year. performance.”

Cheng Jun spoke politely, but he didn’t smile. His words were obviously demeaning them.

“Oh, is it?” Luo Wenchuan didn’t reach out, but looked at Cheng Jun. “I haven’t watched your game, maybe because I haven’t heard much about you. I’m looking forward to your performance tomorrow.”

The atmosphere suddenly became tense.

Cheng Jun was not angry either, and withdrew his hand without a trace.

Unconsciously, the school team members of the Jicot Military Academy and Xinghai Academy stood face to face. Everyone’s face was a little nervous and provocative before the game.

On the other hand, Richard acted very naturally, and had a good chat with the coach of the other side.

However, the coaches of both sides did not come forward to ease the atmosphere between the two school teams.

The true thoughts in their hearts are also evident.

Fortunately, the staff on both sides appeared in time and led them to check-in, which broke the icy atmosphere.

While waiting to move in, the other three military academies obviously disliked the members of the Xinghai Academy.

In the past ten years, Jicot First Military Academy, Yuanshan Military Academy, and St. Klito Mecha Academy have all entered the top three of NCLM, and even won the championship.

In contrast, Xinghai Academy, who has only qualified once in more than ten years, is naturally regarded as a weakling.

“Ah, Xinghai Academy even has an omega competing in the league?” A beta from St. Klito said in surprise. “Really can’t tell their school is so short of people.”

“It’s really hard to tell.” A Yuanshan student lowered his voice. “Maybe they will lose three straight in the group stage this year.”

Another Jicot student raised his lips: “Then our three schools can do well. After all, we are the death group. If there is no Xinghai Academy, the competition will be more intense.”

Everyone talked discussed it, neglecting Xinghai Academy, while the crowd naturally felt unhappy in their hearts.

But the competition has always been based on strength. They can only grit their teeth secretly and swear they will qualify for the group stage this year.

At this moment.

These three schools do not know who brought up Mecha Star first and began to exchange game experience.

Someone from Jicot Military Academy said: “I’ve been losing my rankings recently. After losing to that ‘I’m so weak’ once, I haven’t ranked in the top 30… Don’t know who that guy is. Although they’re annoying, they’re really strong.”

The name quickly caught everyone’s attention.

“You mean ‘I’m so weak’?” Someone in St. Klito responded immediately. “That guy is too powerful. It’s normal for you to lose to him. He’s definitely not an ordinary person, and he can even play ‘L’ and win!”

His voice was a little loud due to excitement, causing everyone to chat and discuss Mecha Star.

“Strong is strong, but always running away winning, he’s really shameless.”

“He even provoked me, saying that I’m very bad…”

“I’m so mad, I really want to fight him in reality!”

Everyone reached an amazing tacit understanding on this matter. “I’m so weak” is a very nasty powerhouse.

Luo Wenchuan and Yun Xingze invariably glanced in the direction of the crowd.

“‘L’ is very strong, and everyone knows his unbeaten record, but ‘I’m so weak’ can actually make him lose once…” The student of Yuanshan Military Academy said slowly. “Don’t know when our Yuanshan Military Academy released such a genius. I really want to know who he is.”

Luo Wenchuan raised his eyebrows quietly. “I’m so weak” is a student of Yuanshan Military Academy?

As soon as the students of Yuanshan Military Academy said these words, the audience fell silent for a few seconds.

Jicot’s Xi Bolai was chewing gum in his mouth, frowned, and retorted: “What are you talking about. That guy who runs away after winning is our Jicot’s student, okay? He told me personally…”

“What are you saying. ‘I’m so weak’ is obviously a student from St. Klito.” St. Klito’s school team members quickly interrupted Xi Bolai.

“Fart, they’re obviously a student of us, Jicot. The school PK record has always been us Jicot and Noah Academy’s world. You Yuanshan and St. Klito only have few names on the list, and this strength…”

“In our school, seven people in the team fought against him.” Someone from Yuanshan Military Academy frowned and said. “What’s wrong with our strength?”

They all knew that “I’m so weak” never PK-ed with rookie chickens, and only picks opponents who are difficult to beat.

Xi Bolai sneered: “Seven? All 9 official members of our school team have PKed with him…”

“So what.” St. Klito was naturally dissatisfied. “‘I am so weak’s speaking style, free and easy and casual, is clearly from us natives from our Black Swan galaxy.”

“When it comes to calmness and rationality, ‘I am so weak’s fighting style is something we train at Yuanshan Military Academy.” The person from Yuanshan Military Academy said coldly.

Jicot’s people said: “Only likes to challenge the strong. Only we Jicot are qualified to say this from the schools present…”

For a time, the students of the three military academies were arguing because of the identity of “I’m so weak”.

Everyone who said that this guy was very annoying just now started all kinds of blowing rainbow fart behaviors and praising their military academy along the way.

Yun Xingze stood in the corner, stunned.

Good guy, he never expected the plot to turn out like this.


Ahahahaha, YXZ the chaos maker.

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      Minor spoiler alert – It’s a long time. Only near the real end.

      1. Hadrian says:

        Aww….. Would they get better tho (I doubt it)?

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