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BATCFO Chapter 50

The existence of the Imperial Mecha Research Institute is like a beacon in the mecha field, representing the most advanced technology and guiding the direction of all mecha research.

At present, the key research content of the scientific research institute is how to improve neural connection technology, so that people with lower mental power levels can drive more difficult mechas.

Once there is a breakthrough in this technology, even if it is just a step up, it means the arrival of an era-sweeping innovation.

Now, in the most confidential conference room of the scientific research institute, everyone is attentively watching the video of the mecha competition played by Dean Cheng Yuan, with different expressions.

At first, everyone’s attention was on the ugly mecha and mechanical beast.

They deal with all kinds of mechas every day, and they have never seen such a fresh or refined mecha.

It was soon discovered that this was a battle between a B-class and S+ mecha.

When they took it for granted that the protagonist of the video was the S+ player, the B-rank mecha’s mechanical beast was surprisingly flexible, and was split in half at a critical moment, turning it into a shield and a gun muzzle.

Aside from the level and ability of the driver, this game is undoubtedly one of the most exciting PKs they have ever seen. Everyone was caught off guard by the reversal.

“That mecha changed from B-class to A-class,” A researcher with dark green hair said in surprise. “So, the driver of the double star mecha can leapfrog control?”

“This is going against the sky too much. Isn’t this footage from the Xinghai Military Academy’s mecha contest. How can he do it at such a young age?”

At this time, a female researcher next to him said: “I checked the official website of on Xinghai Military Academy. The driver of the double star mecha is called Yun Xingze, and is an A-level omega… so he shouldn’t be leapfrogging?”

Hearing everyone’s discussion, Cheng Yuan looked at them thoughtfully, and frowned: “Don’t you see something else?”

Everyone watched the video again. This time, they all realized what Dean Cheng meant by “something else”.

“That cat… was broken in two.” The dark green-haired researcher’s eyes slowly widened. “And Yun Xingze himself was not affected in any way?”

Generally speaking, after the reconnaissance mecha of a double star mecha is destroyed, the mental power controlling it will also be affected. The severity can range from dizziness to neuron damage.

After Yun Xingze’s mechanical beast broke in half, it became stronger.

Cheng Yuan nodded and said with a serious expression: “I checked the information. Yun Xingze has only risen to A-level recently. At the time when the mechanical beast was destroyed, he controlled a mecha of A-level difficulty. …”

The entire conference room fell into a state of silence and solemnity.

After a long while, someone finally asked, “Then… how did he… do it?”

“There is only one possibility,” Cheng Yuan said slowly. “The moment before the mechanical beast was destroyed, he pulled out his mental power ties with the mechanical beast, and transferred them to the mainframe host mecha.”

“How is this possible?!”

Many researchers shouted in unison, their voices full of surprise.

“When a mecha is activated, there is a potential difference between the inside and outside of the spiritual bond.” The dark green-haired researcher said with a frown. “Extracting and transferring mental power is as difficult as making a waterfall flow backwards.”

“If it is true…” Someone murmured, his eyes full of surprise and envy. “Then he is a once in a century genius. This kind of mental control ability can no longer be described as excellent…”

The person next to him nodded. “If he has this ability, it is reasonable to be able to leapfrog mecha. Our development of leapfrogging technology has already entered the experimental stage, and we need this kind of talent!”

The Mecha Research Institute has already developed a first-generation new linking helmet made from special material. After passing through the link, once’s mental power will be amplified. In theory, it can help humans to achieve leapfrog control of mechas.

However, this special material has a lot of resistance to mental power. Ordinary people have no way to let their mental power pass through the bond, and may even experience mental backlash at any point.

The Empire is not without talents who can leapfrog control mechas. But without exception, they are unable to complete this experiment, which is not only difficult, but also very risky.

Originally, the Mecha Research Institute was unable to do anything about this technology, or solve the great bottleneck.

Then the omega named Yun Xingze who appeared in front of them gave them a new hope.

“Dean, when are we going to find him?” The dark-green-haired researcher excitedly geared up.

“The royal family has been putting pressure on us to develop leapfrogging technology as soon as possible.” Cheng Yuan frowned and said. “I am afraid that the negotiations between the Empire and the Alliance are not optimistic, so they have been urging us to develop technology. We have no time left and too much to do. This person named Yun Xingze must be contacted as soon as possible.”

The female researcher said: “NCLM will start soon, and this time they are competing in Noah Star.”

Hearing this, an unknown emotion flashed in Cheng Yuan’s eyes.

The night before departure to Noah’s star.

Imperial Star.

Chi Yu is sitting in the box of a high-end hotel, surrounded by wine bottles and friends toasting him. Some wished him success in the league, others were asking him to find a beautiful little omega on Noah Star, and others told him to stop thinking about Yun Xingze.

These days, the story of Chi Yu chasing Yun Xingze has spread throughout Xinghai Academy.

“What’s so good about that Yun Xingze. Is he so worth in your mind?” Someone asked.

“You know shit,” Chi Yu said inarticulately, already drunk from drinking. “He… he is the most powerful omega in the school.” After he finished speaking, he drank the wine in his hand. “One more glass!”

But this time no one paid him any attention.

Someone entered the box causing the surrounding students to disperse in a hurry. As if they saw a monster, they all ran out, and they did not dare to make any sound in their escape.

Chi Yu looked up at the person who was coming in a daze, and suddenly he was half sober.

Entering the box was his father, Lieutenant General Chi Yin.

Chi Yu was so frightened that he put down the wine glass in his hand. “Dad, you…”

“You’re going to the league tomorrow, so I came to see you.” General Chi was wearing casual clothes, sitting opposite him, with his legs crossed. with a sense of majesty. They were cut from the same mold with similar facial features. “There are also some things to tell you.”

Chi Yu tried to keep himself awake and nodded vigorously. “Go ahead.”

“The first thing, you must perform well in the league and reach S-grade as fast as possible to offset the mistakes you made before.” General Chi said straightforwardly. “The second thing, get back with Yun Xingze.”

“The previous one is fine…” Chi Yu lowered his eyes slowly, the alcohol seeming to affect his mind again. “But Yun Xingze and I getting back together… should be impossible.”

“I’m not discussing with you.” General Chi looked at the sad Chi Yu coldly with a frown. “Yun Xingze’s and your pheromone are highly matched. He also seems to be a smart omega, which is beneficial to us, and your excellent genes can be passed on.”

Chi Yu sighed: “I also want him to pass on my genes, but he refuses…”

General Chi poured a glass of high-end red wine, took a sip, and casually spat it to the ground. “Unpleasant.”

Immediately, he stood up and said in a cold tone, “It doesn’t matter whether he is willing or not. This is a marriage between the Yun family and the Chi family, not the marriage between the two of you. We need the opportunity provided by the Yun family. How else can you gain a firm foothold in the military? If you really can’t get along, when I become an admiral, and you have offspring, it won’t be too late to get a divorce. Anyway, the Yun family doesn’t have the skills, and the one who will leave the house is the him.”

From childhood to adulthood, Chi Yu worshipped his father and obeyed what he said.

He is brave and good at fighting, and whatever decisions he makes are decisive and right.

Now, Chi Yu also knows that what Chi Yin said is correct.

But for the first time he had the idea of ​​not following his father’s orders.

“But if he doesn’t like me, what’s the point of doing this…” Chi Yu said hoarsely.

During this time, he teamed up with Yun Xingze, and Yun Xingze’s indifferent attitude towards him stung him.

Even if Yun Xingze was angry because of him, he could convince himself that Yun Xingze cared about him.

But he understood that it seemed impossible for the two to go back to the past.

More importantly, Chi Yu found that he fell deeper and deeper in his admiration for Yun Xingze. His once self-motivated and tough attitude were like a joke now.

Chi Yu looked up at his father, and said stumblingly: “Dad, I, I like Xingze, but I can’t do it right now. You have to give me time and let him forgive me, so that I can have a chance…”


Chi Yin stretched out his hand and slapped Chi Yu neatly before his words finished.

“I said it before.” General Chi said coldly with the sternness of killing the enemy on the battlefield. “I’m not here to discuss with you.”

Chi Yu was a little stunned.

From childhood to adulthood, he was beaten more than once for being disobedient.

After each beating, he continued to do what his father said.

“…I see.” Chi Yu lowered his head, his voice hoarse and barely audible.

“Someone whispered to me on the first prince’s side,” General Chi looked down at his son and said in a low voice, “The negotiations between the Empire and the Alliance are deadlocked, and war may break out at any time. In order to ensure sufficient population during wartime, there will  may be a possibility that high-matching alphas and omegas must be combined.”

Hearing the words, Chi Yu’s eyes suddenly showed ecstasy as looked up at General Chi: “True or false?!”

“This bill is very likely to pass.” General Chi looked at him, and said with a serious tone, “Therefore, we have to stabilize our relationship with the Yun family, so that they don’t match others. As for Yun Xingze…he will be yours sooner or later.”

The sudden joy overwhelmed Chi Yu. His mind made him short of breath for a while, and he couldn’t even speak.

General Chi looked at him and sneered suddenly: “So, are you still going to resist my order? If you really want to give up him, it’s not impossible. Worst case, change a marriage partner-”

“Chi Yu, are you willing?”

Chi Yu was a little stunned by Chi Yin’s question.

He remembered Yun Xingze’s fair and handsome face, how he was trying to turn things around on the battlefield, and fighting with his team…

A voice in Chi Yu told him that Yun Xingze didn’t like him. Even if they were together, they would not necessarily be happy.

He hesitated.

However, this hesitation did not last long.

Chi Yu remembered the closeness between Yun Xingze and Luo Wenchuan. Feeling jealous, his fingers could not help clenching into fists.

In the past, Yun Xingze clearly only liked him and was only good to him, but now he was taken away by a poor boy from a barren star!

“Dad, you are right,” Chi Yu took a deep breath and said word by word in his father’s deep and cold eyes. “Yun Xingze… He can only be with me.”

General Chi looked at the firmness in his son’s eyes, and finally showed a satisfied smile. “Then congratulations in advance for being with Yun Xingze. I’m waiting for your engagement banquet.”

After speaking, he turned and left.

Chi Yu’s fingers trembled slightly, unable to calm down for a long time.

He thought that as long as they were together, Yun Xingze will forgive himself.

Their pheromones are highly matched, and they are the most compatible couple in the entire universe.


F*cking scum man and scum man’s dad. 😠😠😠

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  1. Little Fujo says:

    Scum’s dad is a bigger scum!
    A bloodline of scums!

    1. komorebi says:

      Parental scums more like. YXZ and his lil’ bro weren’t scummy.

      1. Little Fujo says:

        for the original host to crave for love was definitely because of his family as he never got it from them but his brother being a normal person without much prejudice despite having a mom like that is truly a wonder!
        but chi yu’s father personally made him a scum

        1. Hadrian says:

          I wouldn’t say the lil bro isn’t prejudiced, what with having that scum mother raising him, rather that he was raised in prejudice but starting to see past it.

  2. Netsu says:

    I start to understand how did CY turned out to be like this.
    Father Chi is disgusting, poor CY started to finally GET IT, and then that cancer of a father had to come and literally slap him back into his delusions. Also, about that forced combination of A-O pairs? *silently throws up*

    But at least it would be fun to see YXZ in the Mech Research Inst., he’d be right at home 🙂

    Thanks for the chapter! <3

    1. komorebi says:

      Yes and no. Chi Yu is as fault for falling into those delusions, or rather, knowing it’s a delusion, but falling into it anyway.

  3. Sirhiena says:

    (メ` ロ ´)︻デ═一 – – – – – – (CY DUO)

    I really wanna know how can all this people think that a poor guy from barren planet can be so f*CK rich… I mean, why every time they have to add his “past” in the comments? ಠಿ_ಠ
    Why they ignore all that wonderful (expensive) things he have? Part-time job doing “missions” can’t be that lucrative. I think.
    I binge read all the chapters in two days and, thank you so much for translate this novel… I love YXZ.
    (I wish have money just to give him buy his expensive toys. Hehe)

    1. komorebi says:

      Because that’s the only thing they can insult him with. Looks, aptitude, popularity, skills are all higher than them. Background is the one thing that’s worse, so they pick on it.

      And why can they do that? Cause they’re dumb. (And I’ll bet most don’t know about the factory)

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    1. komorebi says:

      It’ll happen, but is a while away.

  6. Rash says:

    Thanks for the chapter….

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