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BATCFO Chapter 49.2

The next second, Luo Wenchuan’s fingers swept across the back of Yun Xingze’s hand and grabbed the nanosuit he was holding.

From this angle, Yun Xingze could only see Luo Wenchuan’s ears and half of his broad shoulders.

The breath of the other party’s breath seemed to pass by his ears.

A clean voice sounded, with a bit of displeasure:

“The smell is the same?”

Yun Xingze returned to his senses and subconsciously replied “en”.

Luo Wenchuan said in a calm and cold voice: “The nose is quite smart.”

Yun Xingze was stunned at hearing his words. His brain ran rapidly before he quickly understood the meaning of this sentence, and then immediately yelled in shock: “You mean… this mecha originally belonged to you?”

Luo Wenchuan took the nanosuit from Yun Xingze while he was stunned, glanced at it and said, “What do you think.”

Yun Xingze did not expect that the previous owner of the second-hand mecha he bought was Luo Wenchuan.

He remembered that he had transformed this mecha into such an ugly appearance, and even wielded a pink lightsaber to compete in front of Luo Wenchuan. He suddenly gasped.

“I, I,” Yun Xingze said embarrassedly. “I didn’t know about this. I didn’t mean to make it so ugly…”

“Since you’re going to throw it away,” Luo Wenchuan looked at Yun Xingze, and slowly said: “Then…”

Yun Xingze hurriedly grabbed the driver’s suit in Luo Wenchuan’s hand: “Senior, I won’t throw it away. I’ll never throw it away, I’ll keep and store it well. This is the driver’s suit you’ve used before… and the mecha, I’ll take good care of it, definitely.”

Hearing Yun Xingze say this, Luo Wenchuan returned the driver’s suit to him.

Yun Xingze didn’t know why Luo Wenchuan suddenly became so forceful. He didn’t seem to be in a good mood.

Probably because he modified the mecha to become so ugly?

Then he should have been angry long ago…

“Senior, this shows that we are destined.” Yun Xingze said to Luo Wenchuan. “Look, I didn’t even know that this mecha belonged to you at the time, and I fell in love with it at a glance. it.”

“Really?” Luo Wenchuan raised his eyebrows and asked slowly, “Why do I think it’s because it’s cheap?”

“Uh,” Yun Xingze choked. “That’s not all…”

“Then treat it…” Luo Wenchuan looked at Yun Xingze, his tone softening, “as fate.”

Yun Xingze was stunned, not expecting Luo Wenchuan to say that.

After putting away the nanosuit, Luo Wenchuan’s expression returned to his usual state, and the cold feeling just now was lost.

After both mechas were modified, the performance improved noticeably.

Yun Xingze’s mecha has been upgraded to A and has a new look. It looks tall and handsome under the light, which means that he has officially become an A-level mecha fighter and is about to start a new journey on the field.

However, when Luo Wenchuan saw his modified mecha, he was stunned for a moment: “Your cat… why is it still the same as before?”

He omitted the last word – ugly.

Yun Xingze explained: “Because it has a lot of magic silver on it, it must not be modified casually. Otherwise, it’s a waste of materials.”

Luo Wenchuan could only comfort himself – although the cat is still so ugly, the mainframe host mecha has become better-looking.

The owner looks better than the pet.

For the remaining two days, Yun Xingze naturally ignored Chi Yu’s request to talk.

He explained the words “distinction between public and private” incisively and vividly.

When Richard came to the simulation training room to test the training results of Yun Xingze and others, he did not expect Yun Xingze and others to cooperate very well.

Before, Richard heard about the grievance between Yun Xingze and Chi Yu. He thought that Yun Xingze would explode his temper and would not cooperate well as a team.

However, Yun Xingze’s performance showed everything – no matter what his strength is, his character is indeed mature.

Richard slightly changed his opinion of Yun Xingze, but he knew that Yun Xingze’s strength was still a flaw, and did not praise him much.

Richard said: “Jicot’s three-man team is good, but not as strong as their individual players. In general, they have no problems winning. You need to be flexible when you fight.”

The three responded: “Yes.”

Chi Yu glanced at Yun Xingze. He was almost disheartened now, Yun Xingze stayed out of reached, leaving thousands of miles of distance. They finally had the opportunity to get along, but they were even more estranged than before.

Do they still have another chance?

This year is the 98th National Military Academy Mecha League, held on the planet of the school that won the championship last year, that is, Noah Star.

Noah Star and Imperial Capital Star are in the same galaxy and are very close together. They are one of the military powerhouses of the Empire.

Because Noah Star is relatively large, it can share a lot of risks for the Imperial Capital Star during a war, so it has always assumed the role of the “knight” next to the Imperial Capital.

It only takes one hour to travel from Imperial Capital to Noah Star by interstellar spaceship.

Yun Xingze specially checked the information on Noah Star and found that the mecha strength of this planet is very strong.

The day before departure, Yun Xingze showed great yearning for Noah Star and kept checking various maps of Noah Star.

“Why are you so excited?” Lu Ranxu asked curiously. “Noah Star is really beautiful, but it is definitely not as beautiful as St. Klito Star in the Black Swan Galaxy, and the economy is not as developed as Imperial City Star…”

“But, the Mecha Research Institute is on Noah Star.” Yun Xingze said naturally. “Mecha Research Institute, I heard that that place has the most advanced mecha technology in the entire empire…”

“You want to go to the Mecha Research Institute?” Lu Ranxu was stunned. “Don’t you know that the Mecha Research Institute is also known as the ‘Fortress of the Empire’, and it is impossible for ordinary people to enter.”

In his heart, Yun Xingze also knew that this kind of secret research institute is definitely not something that an ordinary military student like him can enter.

“But I heard that NCLM has a special tradition.” Lu Ranxu thought for a while and continued. “The champion team will be invited to visit the Mecha Research Institute. Although it may only be the outermost part.”

Hearing this, Yun Xingze’s heart is more and more eager to win the league.

If he can enter the research institute, or even find a way to stay there, then he will have access to the laboratory, and it will be much easier to develop various technologies and new types of mechas.

“Hey, why are you thinking so much?” Lu Ranxu said as they returned to the room. “It’s not even certain whether our school can actually qualify.”

Yun Xingze couldn’t help sighing after hearing this.

Yes, whether the school team of Xinghai Academy can win the championship is not up to him alone.

Just when Yun Xingze yearned for the Mecha Research Institute.

Noah Star.

Inside the Mecha Research Institute also known as the ‘Fortress of the Empire’.

The building of the research institute is made of strong special materials, located in a hidden forest. The surfaces are coated with stealth materials, making it difficult to find.

These buildings are like ancient castles in the forest. The style is similar to the ancient earth period, but there are various high-tech equipment and laboratories inside running at high speed every day. All researchers and robots cooperate in a high-speed and orderly manner, researching the latest mecha technology for the Empire, like a large machine that works perfectly.

Once, the Empire’s mecha technology was inferior to the next door Alliance. The mecha competition between the two interstellar powers never stopped.

Because their skills are inferior to others, the Empire has always been the one that is suppressed.

It was not until 20 years ago that the Imperial Mecha Research Institute developed a new type of mecha, which changed the disadvantaged situation of the Empire and helped them compete against the Alliance.

Inside the top secret room of the Research Institute.

“Everyone knows that the primary work of the scientific research institute is to study how to improve the neural connection technology and break through the mental power limitation of a mecha,” said the middle-aged man sitting in the center. “But we have been lacking a person with strong mental power and mental power control to help us with the experiment…”

After speaking, he turned his attention to the crowd, and the conversation changed: “But recently, our intelligence officer has discovered a talent who is suspected to have this kind of talent.”

The researchers looked surprised.

After the middle-aged man’s voice fell, a video suddenly appeared in everyone’s line of sight, making them collectively hold their breath.

The video played was a seemingly inconspicuous campus mecha competition.


The reveal is out, and the question is: what is YXZ’s reason for keeping LWC’s nano driver suit?

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