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BATCFO Chapter 49.1

Hearing Luo Wenchuan’s dull voice, Yun Xingze asked in surprise: “Senior Luo, have you been waiting for me here for a long time?”

Luo Wenchuan’s eyes flashed unnaturally, and he pretended to answer calmly: “Passing by.”

At this moment, apart from Yun Xingze, those practicing in the simulation room, and Luo Wenchuan, the other school team members have already left, making the training hall seem empty.

Yun Xingze didn’t think too much. Putting the towel used to wipe his sweat away, he said to Luo Wenchuan, “That’s quite a coincidence. It’s getting late, do you want to eat together?”

Luo Wenchuan replied, “En.” Although the tone was still dull, it sounded a little softer than before.

After entering the cafeteria and getting their meals, Luo Wenchuan sat in front of Yun Xingze and suddenly said, “I went to Richard this afternoon and said that if the teammates don’t cooperate well enough, it will be difficult to win the team competition.”

“Then what did he say?” Yun Xingze asked.

Luo Wenchuan handed a drink to Yun Xingze, inserted a straw, then pursed his lower lip and looked at Yun Xingze. “He said that three singles cannot be changed. Plus, Ke Lei, Sato En and Ou Rui were teammates in last year’s team competition and cooperated very well, so they can’t be changed.”

Yun Xingze’s throat rolled as he took a sip. After a while, he said: “So in the final analysis, he thinks that my strength is not good, and can’t cooperate with my teammates well. It’s better to let Kaleb and Chi Yu take me, so there is still a hope of winning – is that what you mean?”

Luo Wenchuan’s long and narrow black eyes looked at Yun Xingze. He was silent for a long time, before saying word by word: “He underestimated your strength.”

Yun Xingze took a bite of the meatball and said indifferently, “Although I hate Chi Yu very much, but…”

Luo Wenchuan held his chopsticks for a while.

“Since Richard thinks so, then I can only prove my strength and try to play singles next time.” Yun Xingze’s eyes were filled with a firm light.

Luo Wenchuan stared at Yun Xingze for a while, then said solemnly, “Good. It’s all Richard’s fault.”

No matter what happened, Luo Wenchuan always seemed to stand firmly on Yun Xingze’s side. This made him a little surprised.

He thought that a captain like Luo Wenchuan would persuade him to focus on the overall situation.

After all, in his impression, Luo Wenchuan has always been the image of a stable, reliable, calm and intelligent senior. It is absolutely impossible for someone like him to say, “it’s all the coach’s fault”.

In Yun Xingze’s, the sentence is probably a way for Luo Wenchuan to comfort him.

Although it was said with ulterior motives, it did make him feel a lot better.

After eating, Luo Wenchuan sent Yun Xingze back to the dormitory.

Before going upstairs, Yun Xingze suddenly heard Luo Wenchuan’s voice behind him: “You haven’t forgotten?”

Yun Xingze was stunned, and immediately understood what Luo Wenchuan was talking about.

However, he pretended not to know, turned his head and asked: “What?”

Luo Wenchuan was stunned when he saw Yun Xingze’s appearance of forgetting, and immediately frowned, as if a little unhappy.

After pursing his lips for a moment, he covered the dullness in his eyes, and said word by word, “Help me modify.”

“I didn’t forget.” Yun Xingze saw that Luo Wenchuan looked a little aggrieved, and held back his laughter. Trembling slightly, he said: “This is my job. If I forget, how can earn my salary from you. I’ll go take a shower first, and go with you to the modification factory shortly.”

Luo Wenchuan stared blankly at Yun Xingze’s raised lips and bright eyes, only to realize that he had been tricked.

When he reacted, Yun Xingze had already gone upstairs, leaving only a thin, tall figure behind.

Luo Wenchuan felt happy for the first time after realizing that he was cheated.

After half an hour.

Yun Xingze and Luo Wenchuan both put on their casual clothes and went to the modification factory.

In fact, in addition to training and playing Mecha Star during this period, Yun Xingze also frequently analyzed Luo Wenchuan’s mecha. He can be counted as one of the top ten most dedicated employees.

“Look here, this is where I think it may need to be improved.” Yun Xingze said while calling up a virtual image on the optical brain. “Generally speaking, there is not much that needs to be improved…”

Not long after Luo Wenchuan’s line of sight fell on the virtual image, all his attention was attracted by Yun Xingze’s thin lips. The young man who had just taken a bath had a faint scent of shower gel on his body, which made his heart skip a beat.


After Yun Xingze finished speaking, seeing that Luo Wenchuan didn’t respond, he called him again.

“Well, just change it like this.”

Luo Wenchuan was quite satisfied with the places marked by Yun Xingze, because these parts really need to be improved or modified.

Since Yun Xingze improved the biggest problem of this mecha last time, that is, the elbow design problem, there was not much more to improve about this SS+ level mecha.

Luo Wenchuan’s modification factory has been refurbished and is now open for business. Although business is not very good, there are quite a lot of workers and robots in the factory.

With the help of these people, Yun Xingze’s modification of Luo Wenchuan’s mecha should be finished in two or three hours.

When remodeling, Luo Wenchuan asked Yun Xingze: “Have you thought about how to change your own mecha?”

Yun Xingze took out his own mecha cube and stared at it thoughtfully. “I did think about it. But after checking the required accessories, I found that it will cost 2 million to convert a B-class mecha into an A-class, unless I continue using second-hand accessories…”

Hearing Yun Xingze say this, Luo Wenchuan suddenly remembered Yun Xingze’s ugly mecha. After a moment of silence, he said, “Let’s buy some good accessories. After all, the opponents in the National League aren’t good to deal with. Besides, you can use the accessories and materials on the list I gave you freely.”

Yun Xingze has received too much help from Luo Wenchuan during this period of time. He felt that he could not rely on Luo Wenchuan all the time, so he said: “If I take any of your accessories, I will I’ll give you the money.”

Knowing Yun Xingze’s character, Luo Wenchuan didn’t refuse. He nodded and said, “Then you can choose now. If you need anything else, just buy it online, and they will be delivered within half an hour.”

Yun Xingze wasn’t polite and spent a sum of money to buy a batch of high-quality accessories from the list given by Luo Wenchuan. Then he ordered a batch of brand-new accessories online, which cost nearly 2.4 million. In one swoop, the Yun family’s compensation and the prize money from the school contest were almost used up.

However, compared to buying a complete A-class mecha, this is still considered less.

The most important thing is that Yun Xingze’s ugly mecha will finally look better.

This made Luo Wenchuan very happy.

When he watched Yun Xingze remove the colorful mecha fingers and the yellow “feet” in the modification workshop, he felt an illusion of relief.

In addition to these ugly second-hand accessories, Yun Xingze also updated the interior of the mecha.

Among them, the nano radiation protection driving suit of the mecha also needs to be updated.

Because the A-class mecha energy system will be stronger than the B-class mecha, and the radiation generated by the miniature nuclear reactor will also be stronger.

For safety’s sake, Yun Xingze removed the radiation-proof driving suit left by the original owner.

He took the whole black suit and prepared to throw it into the pile of discarded accessories on the side.

Luo Wenchuan stared at the clothes in Yun Xingze’s hand and was stunned for a moment.

It was the nano suit he had worn for a long time. The nanosuit has good ductility and will fit around human skin perfectly.

Although the nanosuit had a powerful cleaning function installed, and can be restored a brand-new state every time the mecha is used, it still seemed to be a kind of intimate contact in disguise.

Luo Wenchuan asked involuntarily, “You… why didn’t you change the nanosuit?”

Yun Xingze was stunned for a moment, and then replied: “Because I didn’t have the money when I bought it, so I didn’t change it. Actually, this nanosuit is pretty good. It’s clean, and it smells good too.”

Luo Wenchuan’s throat rolled.

His eyes fell on Yun Xingze’s hand holding the nano suit.

At this moment, he actually felt an emotion called embarrassment.

He lightly opened his thin lips and repeated subconsciously, “It smells good?”

In Luo Wenchuan’s sight, Yun Xingze raised his hand, gently sniffed the mint smell left on the nano suit, and nodded. “It smells very good.”

The mint smell is Luo Wenchuan’s most-liked shower gel scent.

He suddenly walked towards Yun Xingze, stopping one step away from him.

Yun Xingze suddenly smelled a stronger mint smell, which was on Luo Wenchuan’s body.

It seems to be the same smell as the nanosuit he held.

Yun Xingze was a little curious, so he leaned in front of Luo Wenchuan and smelled it carefully.

He looked at Luo Wenchuan in confusion. “Why does the smell on your body seem so similar to the one on this nanosuit?”

Luo Wenchuan wanted to tell Yun Xingze the truth. He never expected the young man to lean on him directly, and did not shy away when sniffing his neckline.

“It’s exactly the same.” Yun Xingze slowly opened his eyes. He stretched out his hand to grab Luo Wenchuan’s right collar, and said in surprise, “It can’t be that you…”

The moment he raised his head, the distance between them was extremely…

Feeling his collar grabbed, Luo Wenchuan could feel a slight strain on the back of his neck due to the tightening of the neckline.

He couldn’t help but bow his head slightly following Yun Xingze’s movements.

Luo Wenchuan’s clean and handsome face was magnified countless times in front of Yun Xingze, making him forget what he wanted to say for a moment. His mind almost turned blank.

The breaths of the two blended together.

It took a while for Yun Xingze to react, and he said in a daze:

“Wen wen?”1Same character as the “wen” in LWC. Wen = smell

Luo Wenchuan’s body froze. His sharp single eyelid eyes looked a little dull at this moment.

What Yun Xingze wanted to say was “or else you can smell it?”. But because his brain froze a moment, and it takes a little longer to complete the sentence…

In Luo Wenchuan’s ears, the key part naturally became “Wenwen” –

The “pet name” those omega fans who admired him created.

Yun Xingze quickly reacted. He quickly took a step back, pulled away from the handsome face, and swallowed. “I mean, if you smell it, this smell is too similar…”

Luo Wenchuan’s fingers trembled slightly. His eyes landed on Yun Xingze’s cheek, body still throbbing from the “Wenwen” just now.

This name is not good.

Even if it came out of Yun Xingze’s mouth, it still didn’t sound good.

But Luo Wenchuan didn’t know where his brain went wrong, and still wanted to listen to it again.

At this moment, Yun Xingze received a voice message from Lu Ranxu.

He hurriedly turned on his optical brain, trying to ease the awkward atmosphere.

The next second, Lu Ranxu’s carefree voice came from the optical brain:

“Chi Yu appeared downstairs in the omega dormitory again, and sent someone to our dormitory to find you, saying that he wants to chat with you alone tomorrow…”

Hearing this voice, Luo Wenchuan finally regained his wits, and frowned slightly.

After Yun Xingze heard this, he was prepared to throw away the nanosuit in hand. But before he had time to do so, he suddenly felt a tall figure standing in front of him, blocking the light in front of his eyes.

He raised his head in surprise, only to see Luo Wenchuan standing in front of him expressionlessly.

Looking up close, Luo Wenchuan’s eyes seemed to carry a slightly strong emotion.

Yun Xingze asked, “What’s wrong…”

Luo Wenchuan took another step forward before he finished speaking, giving him a strong sense of coercion.

Yun Xingze could only retreat. Behind him was a tall black mecha. His back hit the hard and cold legs of the mecha, and his breathing became short.

Because they were very close, the mint smell from Luo Wenchuan’s body entered Yun Xingze’s nose again. It was even stronger than before, and mixed with hormones.

The next second, Luo Wenchuan bowed his head and bent over. His head was close to Yun Xingze’s ear, as he stretched out his hand, and his slender fingers touched the back of his hand.

Yun Xingze widened his eyes.

He couldn’t believe that Luo Wenchuan, who was usually so cold and afraid of omegas, would take the initiative to get so close to him.


Tsk, anyone who thought mint is LWC’s pheromones before needs to get their heads out of the gutter. 😛

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    Same character as the “wen” in LWC. Wen = smell
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  1. Sierra says:

    LOL close enough to pheromones tho xD

    Thanks for the chapter! <3

    1. Vae says:

      So the mint is not his phenomenon?!

  2. Netsu says:

    Well, it’s still not impossible that his pheromone is mint-scented as well ;P But aaaaah, so cute!!!
    Also, I honestly don’t know what Mr. Coach was thinking with putting CY and YXZ on the same team. One is a creepy obsessive jerk, and the other doesn’t want to do anything with him. I’m soooo sure there will be absolutelly NO problems during a competition, like CY stupidly jumping in front of YXZ to “protect” him from something he’d be perfectly capable of avoiding by himself, destroying their team formation in the process. Or biting off more than he can chew as he tries to “impress” YXZ. Yep, totally not gonna happen.

    Thanks for the chapter! ^-^

    1. komorebi says:

      As YXZ’s internal thoughts showed, the coaching team’s decision is the best choice. He Haomin, Luo Wenchuan, Ashley are 3 of the 4 strongest members of the team, and the other grouping with Ke Lei, Sato En, and Ou Rei (?), has worked together last year. Basically, the coaching team is optimizing for these people to win, and ‘sacrificing’ the YXZ/CY/Kaleb group.

      1. Netsu says:

        Yeah, I know, but…. *sighs in defeat* It’s still a bit hard to swallow, especially because it feels more of an objective decision on the coaching team’s part rather than a rational one. Richard didn’t put YXZ together with the others because he felt like this was the place where he could reach the best results, but because that was where it was the least problematic when he f***ed up. It feels degrading rather than encouraging, in spite of the fact that this was a very logical decision.

        1. komorebi says:

          ?? It is an objective and rational decision. Besides, the coach may not know that much about the YXZ/CY debacle, after all CY’s dad did try to suppress the impact on CY.

  3. Little Fujo says:

    I blushed so hard that my mom thought I was having a fever again -_-
    no real person could ever make me blush so hard!

    1. komorebi says:

      Well, there’ll be more feverish moments for you later.

  4. Fran says:

    Lol I hope he stays in control.
    Nada thanks for the chapter at least it made me forget the problems for a little bit, waiting outside a hospital because of covid isn’t how I imagined spending my day

    1. komorebi says:

      Glad to hear it. Hope you’re doing okay. Dealing with COVID/hospitals does not sound fun.

      Stay safe and hope you get better soon!

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