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BATCFO Chapter 44.4

After receiving two large lump sums, Yun Xingze paid back the money Zhuo Feiyue lent to him. There was still a lot of money leftover, and he could do a complete renovation.

The modification plan he had had not yet been implemented.

After he enters the school team, he will participate in the school team’s practice every day to prepare for the national league in two weeks.

The school values ​​the school team very much. Each practice is strenuous, and requires them to arrive early in the day, which Yun Xingze a little unaccustomed to.

Before dawn, Yun Xingze came to the training ground.

He rubbed his eyes sleepily, only to find that everyone else was already there.

The lights were on in the huge training hall, in contrast to the gray sky outside the window.

The name of the school team coach is Richard. He is the coach who led the school team to a good performance last year. He is about the same age as Zhuo Feiyue, but looks younger than Zhuo Feiyue. He is an alpha who uses a double-star mecha with a scar on the corner of his left eye, and extremely short haircut.

Seeing Yun Xingze’s late arrival, Richard said unceremoniously: “Yun Xingze, run ten laps around the training ground.”

Yun Xingze was dumbfounded: “Why? I’m not late…”

He glanced at the time – it’s not half past five yet.

“You are the last to arrive.” Richard said coldly, “So you have to run laps.”

Yun Xingze swallowed. He didn’t expect the coach to be so cruel. Gritting his teeth, he turned around to run laps.

Chi Yu said with distress: “Coach, Xingze doesn’t know…”

“You go too,” Richard looked at Chi Yu coldly. “Run ten laps.”

Chi Yu was very happy when he heard these words, and willingly went to run laps.

Seeing this, Luo Wenchuan frowned, and suddenly raised his hand:

“I want to run too.”

But Richard just glanced at Luo Wenchuan and said flatly: “Why are you running? You don’t need to exercise.”

Only then did Luo Wenchuan react. It turned out that Richard was trying to exercise Yun Xingze’s physical strength. But even so, he was still very upset when he watched Chi Yu, intentionally or unintentionally, follow Yun Xingze around the track.

At the end of Yun Xingze’s laps, Luo Wenchuan waited for him and handed him a bottle of water and a towel.

Chi Yu just finished running and saw this scene. A little unhappy, he said jealously: “Luo Wenchuan, you are very free?”

Yun Xingze walked to the side to rest, and Luo Wenchuan was not polite to Chi Yu either as he coldly replied: “Chi Yu, he said that he doesn’t like you. Can you have a little self-awareness?”

Chi Yu pursed his lips, fingers clenched, and immediately sneered: “Luo Wenchuan, even if Yun Xingze is having a temper, or doesn’t like me for the time being, the Yun family is very satisfied with me.”

Luo Wenchuan looked at him blankly: “So what?”

“So Xingze will definitely be with me.” Chi Yu puffed his chest and said confidently.

“He doesn’t like you.” Luo Wenchuan repeated, and the atmosphere between the two became cold.

“But my matching rate with him is as high as 89%,” Chi Yu said triumphantly, “I am the only person in the interstellar who can give him happiness. Luo Wenchuan, can you do it?”

Luo Wenchuan frowned upon hearing this, tightening his lower lip.

“You should know how important a high match rate is to omegas.” Chi Yu wiped his sweat, watching Luo Wenchuan as he said slowly: “Only a highly matched alpha can make an omega happy.”

Luo Wenchuan looked at Chi Yu with cold eyes: “This is the reason you want to force him to bind with you?”

“If you really like him,” Chi Yu took a step forward and looked at Luo Wenchuan coldly. “Then you should think for him. Since you’re not a high match for him, you can’t give him happiness. Besides, the Yun family needs help from a big family like the Chi family, not you, a son-in-law from a barren star.”

After speaking, Chi Yu sneered, as if he had declared victory. Luo Wenchuan stood on the spot, slowly making a fist with his fingers, and involuntarily glanced in Yun Xingze’s direction.

Yun Xingze was sitting down drinking water, when He Haomin on the side suddenly took a bottle of sports drink, walked over, and looked at him with a narrowed lips. “Are you still not willing to forgive me?”

Yun Xingze raised his eyes and looked up to see He Haomin staring at him. “Is there something?”

He Haomin handed the sports drink in his hand to Yun Xingze: “I was wrong when I said those things to you during the previous game.”

“Oh.” Yun Xingze didn’t take the bottle. “That’s it?”

He Haomin took a deep breath: “I know you won’t forgive me for a while, but since you gave Chi Yu the mecha accessories, then I must thank you. Otherwise my mecha won’t be able to reach S+.”

Yun Xingze finally raised his head to look at him: “Don’t thank me, you also paid for it.”

He Haomin may not be a bad person, but Yun Xingze still doesn’t want to deal with him.

“I’ll ask you one last question.” He Haomin frowned slightly, looking at Yun Xingze and asked, “Why the hell… why can you activate the gun of that mecha and hit me? Are you really only B-level?”

“There is a problem with the load-bearing design of your mecha’s arms.” Yun Xingze said lightly. “So when you lift the shield, there is a gap between the two shields due to the time lag. Maybe you didn’t even notice it.”

He Haomin was startled, surprise flashing in his eyes.

He also wanted to continue to ask Yun Xingze how he noticed it, when Richard’s voice suddenly came over: “I am going to help everyone sign up for the National Mecha League, so you all need to test your mental and physical strength.”

Having said that, Richard suddenly took a look at Yun Xingze, raised his eyebrows and asked, “Are you sure you are B-level?”

Yun Xingze put down the water bottle in his hand in a daze.

“You will be the first to be tested in a while.” Richard said to Yun Xingze.

After Richard left, He Haomin lowered his voice and said to Yun Xingze: “Richard and Zhuo Feiyue are rivals, so when he learned that Zhuo Feiyue has a student who joined the school team as an official player this year, he was very upset… Be careful.”

The mental strength test is done in the training room dedicated to the school team.

Zhuo Feiyue brought Yun Xingze here last time.

The reason why Yun Xingze was able to activate a mecha with two super artillery cannons to fire was because before the mecha beast became two halves, he took away all his mental power from the bonds with the mechanical best and transferred them to the host mecha.

This is the result of his efforts to train his mental power control and transfer before the battle.

Of course, just doing so was not enough. He also used his ability to leapfrog to successfully activate the artillery cannon.

But Yun Xingze didn’t want to expose this, because once it was known, the opponents he would encounter in the future would definitely be very wary of him. It would be difficult to use this ability in the future to make a comeback.

Obviously, coach Richard watched Yun Xingze’s game before coming to test Yun Xingze.

Yun Xingze put on a detection helmet.

Richard stood aside, with his hands on his chest. Although he and Zhuo Feiyue are long-time rivals, he is also a talented coach. After watching the game, he couldn’t help but doubt that Yun Xingze has the ability to leapfrog mecha.

If he really has this ability, he will be a talent wanted by the military. With a little more mental power training, his talent may even attract the Alliance, next door, as well.

One must know, the two major nations in this interstellar world, the Interstellar Empire and the Interstellar Alliance, are always looking for people who can leapfrog and use mechas, because only they can drive the super difficult mechas above SSS+. They are also the only ones who can cooperate with the military trying to break through the limits of mental power levels and enhance the neural connection technology for mecha.

In addition to Richard, other school team members are obviously also very concerned about this matter, including Luo Wenchuan.

When the test result was about to be announced, the surrounding teammates all came over and stared at the screen closely.


I think the author should have cut Chapter 44 with Glory Day, and started 45 with the new school team. 🙃

But… on a positive note, we’re entering into the ‘2nd arc’ around the same time as starting the new year!


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  1. Pletha says:

    Thanks for the chapter! I’m looking forward to seeing the results.

  2. owo worm? says:

    Troll them Yun Xingze!!!!! I believe in you! I’m so sorry you had to run into unpleasant characters as part of the school team. I hate that % match rate shit especially since it sets up omegas for so many loveless marriages to megalomaniacs.
    Thanks for the chapter!

    1. komorebi says:

      Hahaha. Love how you said to “troll them”.

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