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BATCFO Chapter 45.1

T/N: Thank you weiyeung, Butter, and Darkshadewriter for supporting this! This note should have been shared with the last update – there’ll be 4 releases this week (2 kofi + 2 normal).




The test results appeared on the big screen.

It showed a big “A” letter, which meant that Yun Xingze’s mental power has risen to A level.

Richard’s eyes flickered slightly. He thought Yun Xingze could leapfrog mecha, so this result made him a little disappointed.

Oriel squeezed in front of the screen. His eyes widened after seeing the screen, looking at Yun Xingze incredulously. “You reached A-level so soon?!”

Yun Xingze also froze for a while. He did not expect his mental strength to quietly breakthrough the A-level barrier without him noticing it at all.

Although Yun Xingze doesn’t look like someone who can leapfrog and drive mechas, being able to upgrade his mental power from C-level to A-level in just two or three months is already very rare. Other members of the school team all looked at him with envious eyes.

Richard put away the disappointment in his eyes. He shook his head and said to Yun Xingze: “You have just been promoted to A-level. Logically, it is A-. If you want to win in the National Military Academy Mecha League, and get good grades, it will be harder than ascending to the skies.

The atmosphere became a bit solemn as soon as this statement was made.

Yun Xingze knew that Richard was not very kind. And because he and his teacher Zhuo Feiyue were rivals, he would naturally have a bad attitude towards him. However, he also knew that Richard was telling the truth.

After taking off the helmet, Yun Xingze wanted to walk to the side to watch his teammates check their levels, when suddenly his wrist was grasped by a big hand.

Luo Wenchuan quietly pulled Yun Xingze to his side, blocking him in a position that Richard could not see.

Yun Xingze was stunned, and looked at Luo Wenchuan. “What’s the matter?”

“Richard’s saying nonsense.” Luo Wenchuan leaned into Yun Xingze’s ear and said in a low voice. “Being able to rise to A-level so quickly shows you that you have great potential.”

Yun Xingze finally reacted. It turned out that Luo Wenchuan is comforting himself so he will not be hurt by Richard’s vicious tongue.

Although he didn’t care much about what Richard said, he was warmed by Luo Wenchuan’s little action and couldn’t help but laugh. “Thank you, senior.”

Seeing Yun Xingze smile, Luo Wenchuan no longer worried about him. Only then did he notice that he was still holding Yun Xingze’s wrist, and unnaturally let go.

Luo Wenchuan’s body temperature remained on Yun Xingze’s wrist.

The members of the school team took turns doing mental tests, and the results appeared on the big screen one after another.

From high to low, the order is: Luo Wenchuan SS+, He Haomin S+, Ke Lei S, Ashley S, Chi Yu A+, Kaleb A+, Sato En A+, Ou Rui A+, Oriel A+, Yun Xingze A.

Among them, Sato En and Ou Rui are veterans in the fourth grade, and their genders are male beta and female beta respectively. Yun Xingze is an omega. Outside of them, the remaining 7 are all alphas.

It can be said that the overall strength of the school team is slightly higher than last year.

Judging from the test results, Yun Xingze’s mental power is indeed the weakest in the school team, so it is no wonder that Richard would say that.

After the mental power test was over, everyone took another physical test.

Yun Xingze’s stamina is only B-level. and still ranks at the bottom of the group. The worst of everyone else was A-level.

When seeing Yun Xingze’s physical strength, Richard even chuckled lightly. The light in his eyes were unclear, but Yun Xingze knew that he must be laughing at himself.

“You are all clear in your hearts your strengths and weaknesses, and know it.” Richard looked at the test reports on the light brain, with a bit of majesty in his cold voice. “I hope you understand that since you have passed the mecha contest organized by the school, entering the top ten, that means you represent the honor of Xinghai Military Academy. You must perform well in the national league, understood?”

“Yes!” Everyone stood straight and accepted Richard’s scrutiny. .

“I’ve already reported for you,” Richard said while operating the light brain. “In the next half month, I’ll be training you all to death. Do you understand?”

Everyone responded neatly, “Understood.”

Yun Xingze received an email on optical brain, which was sent by someone called “NCLM Organizer”.

He opened it to check, there was a brief introduction about the national league.

[In order to encourage military academies throughout the empire to actively learn mechas, the empire holds a “National Military Academy” mecha tournament1national as in all military academies nationally. Not sure why these 3 words are quoted in the original though every year. It is an honor to be able to participate in this competition…] After Yun Xingze read the email, he can be said to have an in-depth understanding of the league.

The original plot in his mind didn’t mention much about it. When the original owner died of his glands being cut off because of the dissolved engagement, the league had not started for too long. As such, this league did not have much to do with the original Yun Xingze.

The National Military Academy Mecha League, or National Cadet Mecha League, or NCLM for short, is a large-scale competition that all military academies in the empire yearn for every year. It includes both single-player PK and team competitions. The rules of the competition have undergone many changes over the years.

Before the start of NCLM, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Military Affairs will jointly assess the strength of the major military academies, and give out 16 places for the competition. Schools are divided into four groups for the team competition, and will compete for the championship after the team competition stage.

Xinghai Academy has been able to obtain NCLM qualifications over the years, thanks to the long history of the school. It used to be the Royal Military Academy hundreds of years ago, and later became the current Xinghai Military Academy due to various changes.

The former Xinghai Military Academy was firmly seated in NCLM’s Top 3 a long time ago. At the time, however, there were only the most basic mechas, such as, the lightsaber mecha or meteor mecha. After a wave of new mechas swept through the galaxy, Xinghai Academy failed to seize the opportunity, and its strength waned.

Because of this, Xinghai Military Academy, which originally had very high requirements regarding its’ students’ family background, opened up admissions qualifications for barren star students in recent years. Luo Wenchuan, Su Zinan, and He Haomin are all part of this enrollment list.

The Top 3 in NCLM can get huge bonuses. They are also appreciated by the military, and have the opportunity to enter the mecha army.

First place can get a SSS-class mecha customized by the organizer. This mecha belongs to the best performing player in the championship team, and the type and appearance are also designated by the best player.

When Yun Xingze saw the “SSS-Class Mecha” in the reward column, he couldn’t help but swallow.

He might have been floating a bit when he started to dream about whether he could win the championship.

One must know, Xinghai Academy was eliminated from the team competition last year, and ranked 8th. Before this, they were not even able to qualify for the team competition stage in the last 10 consecutive years.

After the registration is over, the organizer will soon start drawing lots in groups, so the major military academies can prepare for their opponents.

Richard was very unlucky in the draw last year. There were 2 strong players in the group they were assigned to. If Luo Wenchuan hadn’t played exceptionally well, it is estimated that their qualifications might have been suspended.

So this year, Richard decided to give the lottery opportunity to his rival Zhuo Feiyue.

The organizers asked the major military academies to choose one from 1 to 16. Richard sent a message to Zhuo Feiyue: “Old man Zhuo, which one to choose?”

Zhuo Feiyue was helping Lu Ranxu answer mecha-related questions. Recently, Lu Ranxu is preparing to establish an “Omega Mecha Association” and was asking Zhuo Feiyue to help set the assessment indicators.

Originally Lu Ranxu wanted to ask Yun Xingze for help, but Yun Xingze was very busy with the school team training.

“The assessment of physical strength should not be too loose. After all, an omega’s physical strength is inherently inferior, but still needs to be strengthened…”

When Zhuo Feiyue was speaking midway, he frowned at the news from the optical brain and turned to ask Lu Ranxu. “What’s your lucky number?”

Lu Ranxu: “88.”

Zhuo Feiyue: “Choose one from 1 to 16.”

Lu Ranxu asked in surprise: “Can you still choose a lucky number?”

Zhuo Feiyue urged him to choose quickly.

Lu Ranxu had no choice but to say a number casually: “Nine.”

So Zhuo Feiyue replied to Richard: “Choose 9.”

It happened that “9” was not selected by other military academies, and Richard reported it to the organizers.


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    national as in all military academies nationally. Not sure why these 3 words are quoted in the original though
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  1. letty says:

    based on my years of unluckiness I bet lu ranxu picked the most powerful opponent group from the beginning.
    Thanks for the chapter ^U^

    1. komorebi says:

      You’ll just have to wait ‘n see. 😉

  2. Thanks for the chapter! This is going to be comical…

  3. Lilac says:

    He said “you won’t fight against S+” and MC’s next match was against an S+ with a grudge. He said “100% matching won’t happen to you or me” and we know how that turned out. Lucky or not, he’s definitely a little crow mouth.

    1. komorebi says:

      Don’t forget the guess about LWC being royalty when talking to the teach and YXZ.

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