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BATCFO Chapter 44.3

T/N: Happy New Year! This is the last of the additional releases for BATCFO. Releases will resume a 2x weekly + ko-fis schedule.



After the award ceremony, the Yun family couldn’t wait to meet Yun Xingze.

“Xingze, you became thin.” When Yun Changsheng met, he embraced Yun Xingze excitedly with a tone was full of joy.”I didn’t expect you to join the school team. Dad is proud of you!”

Yun Xingze froze. In his impression, one could say this father did not care for the original owner at all. In many cases, Qin Shuang’s partiality and Yun Wu were also tacitly approved by Yun Changsheng. If he really cared about him, how could he allow Qin Shuang to cut off his living expenses?

Yun Xingze was unmoved. He did not even reciprocate Yun Changsheng’s hug, and said with a flat tone: “I didn’t expect you to come.”

Yun Changsheng stiffened when he heard the words, but he quickly smiled at Yun Xingze. “Although I am usually a little busy, this is your awards ceremony. How can I not come?”

As the boss of the mecha company, Yun Changsheng has already seen Yun Xingze’s strength from a few short videos. Naturally, he did not treat Yun Xingze like before.

At this moment, Qin Shuang also stepped forward and smiled and said to Yun Xingze: “Xingze, I didn’t expect you to buy a mecha by yourself and find someone to help you refit it. If I knew, why wouldn’t I give you money? Look at you, taking part in a competition and not even discussing it with your family. We didn’t even know you won a prize.”

Yun Xingze still remembers that when he broke off his marriage contract, Qin Shuang wanted to jump out of his optical brain and scold him. She even looked at him, yelling “your only value is to please Chi Yu”. But how her attitude completely changed.

It’s really ridiculous.

“Instead of being treated hot and cold,1嘘寒问暖 – idiom about asking a lot of hot and cold questions when showing care about someone it’s better to make money directly.” Yun Xingze smiled at Qin Shuang politely.

Qin Shuang didn’t expect Yun Xingze to say this. She quickly concealed the embarrassment on her face, and said to Yun Xingze: “If you want money, just say it. We’re all one family, and won’t treat you harshly…”

“I’ll send it immediately.” Yun Changsheng pushed Qin Shuang away who was still chattering on. He turned on his optical brain, and made a huge two million star coin deposit into Yun Xingze’s account. “Xingze, you can drive mecha now. Dad is very happy… don’t know when you had the time to learn, but driving is an alpha’s dream… uh, and also an omega’s dream.”

Yun Changsheng has always only valued people with strength, so he disliked the original owner very much. Now that Yun Xingze was so strong that he became the focus of the audience, he didn’t feel distressed when he transferred two million over

Luo Wenchuan watched the Yun family surrounding Yun Xingze. He was about to turn around and leave, when he saw Chi Yu walking towards them.

Qin Shuang saw Chi Yu appear, and immediately smiled: “Ah, isn’t this Chi Yu? You have also joined the school team this year? That’s great, our family’s Xingxing2Nickname for Yun Xingze. The 2nd character, which means star also joined. The both of you should get along in the future. This is a great opportunity to fall in love.”

Qin Shuang spoke so loudly that even Luo Wenchuan heard her words. The latter couldn’t help but frown slightly.

Hearing Qin Shuang’s words, Chi Yu was naturally happy. He immediately stretched out his hands to hug Yun Xingze’s shoulders, and said, “I will definitely be good to Xingze…”

Yun Xingze dodged sideways.

Chi Yu’s hands froze in the air.

Luo Wenchuan’s eyes became increasingly cold.

“Xingze’s temper is still the same as before,” Seeing this, Qin Shuang hurriedly mediated. “The two of you shouldn’t fight over trivial matters. Xingxing, you see, Chi Yu took the initiative to find you, so you shouldn’t worry so much about those broken things from the past…”

Yun Xingze said coldly: “If there is nothing else, I will leave first.”

“Look at you, what’s the rush.” ​​Qin Shuang grabbed Yun Xingze, smiled flatteringly at Chi Yu. Lowering her voice, she said to Yun Xingze: “Don’t fool around, we need the Chi family.”

Yun Xingze direct said: “But I don’t need it.”

“Unless you can find someone with higher status than Chi Yu,” Qin Shuang pressed down her voice and hissed. “Otherwise, be more sensible and reunite with Chi Yu.”

“Forget it, forget it, don’t always force the two of them too much,” Yun Changsheng said to Qin Shuang, “Let them get along naturally.”

Chi Yu stood aside, pursing his lips, feeling a little at a loss.

Yun Changsheng suddenly changed the topic and asked Yun Xingze, “By the way, Xingxing, who helped you refit your mecha. Can you give dad their contact information…”

Yun Xingze knew very well. The only cared about benefits.

They didn’t consider themselves family members at all.

“Talk about mecha matters later,” Qin Shuang rolled her eyes. “You haven’t even met the best mecha masters in the capital, where can Xingxing find such a good one?

Chi Yu opened his mouth and said: “Actually, the mecha refitting is all done by Xingze himself…”

“Chi Yu, you must make up as soon as possible.” Qin Shuang grabbed Chi Yu’s hand, interrupting him, and said with a smile. “How can Xingxing know so much about mechas? No matter if he can drive mechas, he will marry you in the future. You still have to cultivate your relationship after joining the school team together.”

Yun Wu whispered from the side: “Entering the school team is to compete. What kind of dating are you talking about…”

Yun Xingze couldn’t help but glance at him. The tall and handsome younger brother is one of the few normal people in this family.

“What do you know?” Qin Shuang said forcefully. “Our Xingxing and Chi Yu have a 89% matcha. Such a perfect pair, of course they have to cultivate feelings.”

Yun Xingze felt his head throb when he heard the words ‘match’.

Because of this match, the original owner’s life was bound to Chi Yu forcibly.

When Chi Yu heard the words, his heart was full of pride. He looked at Yun Xingze with eyes full of tenderness and affection.

Just as Qin Shuang wanted to pull Chi Yu and Yun Xingze to continue “cultivating feelings”, a cold voice suddenly came out: “Xingze, a reporter from the school newspaper wants to interview you.”

Yun Xingze was stunned for a moment, and he turned his head to look. The person speaking was Luo Wenchuan, who appeared silently beside him, reaching out, and grabbing his wrist.

Immediately, Luo Wenchuan pulled Yun Xingze and took him away from the group without any room for objection.

Chi Yu was taken aback. By the time he reacted, un Xingze had already followed Luo Wenchuan away, and his face turned gloomy again.

“Who is that guy? Why are his eyes blind?” Qin Shuang frowned and looked at Luo Wenchuan’s back, “He is tall and handsome, and seems to be the first place just now. Is he interested in our Xingxing?”

Chi Yu’s face became worse when he heard this. He said coldly: “A student from a barren star.”

“Barren star?” Hearing these two words, Qin Shuang’s eyes flashed with disgust. “That’s not okay, someone coming from a barren star wants to get close to our Xingze?”

“Didn’t our ancestors also come from a barren star…” Yun Wu whispered.

“Why do you talk so much all day long?” Qin Shuang glared at Yun Wu. “We are now citizens of the Imperial Capital, so of course we can’t find a poor boy from a barren star!”

Because their ancestors hailed from a barren star, the Yun family has been secretly labelled as “nouveau riche”. Qin Shuang is particularly concerned about this identity.

Yun Changsheng interrupted Qin Shuang: “Okay, okay, why are you arguing? Originally, today should be to celebrate Xingxing, but look at you, meddling in so many things… There’s still things at the company, so let’s go.”

Qin Shuang looked at the Chi Yu, before leaving, said to him: “Xiaochi, don’t worry. You two are highly matched and will definitely get married in the end.”

Chi Yu was startled slightly, and immediately laughed: “Well, thank you auntie.”

He looked at the retreating backs of Luo Wenchuan and Yun Xingze, the gloom in his eyes turned into pride. Sooner or later, he thought, Yun Xingze would be his own, and it would be useless for Luo Wenchuan to compete with him.

Yun Xingze was taken to a corner by Luo Wenchuan.

“Where is the school newspaper reporter?” Yun Xingze looked around. “Why don’t I see them?”

Luo Wenchuan curled his lips, stretched out his hand as if holding a microphone, cleared his throat, and used a reporter’s tone to ask: “Bothering this classmate, how do you feel about winning the third place in this competition?”

Yun Xingze was taken aback for a moment, and reacted. It turns out that Luo Wenchuan just wanted to take him away to escape the group of people.

He couldn’t help laugh, and replied pretentiously: “It feels like…very good.”

Not only did he receive a half-million bonus, Yun Changsheng also transferred him two million. Now, he has a large sum of money.

“The national league is about two weeks later,” Luo Wenchuan said while looking at Yun Xingze. “Now, you have to refit your mecha for the upcoming games.”

Yun Xingze nodded and suddenly asked: “Does winning the national league have a bonus?”

He was taken aback. Luo Wenchuan didn’t expect Yun Xingze to ask this, but this seemed to be another question he would ask. His lips hooked up as he replied: “If you get into the top three, the bonus will be very generous.”

Yun Xingze said. “Then I should prepare well.”


Yun Wu is the only normal member from that group… a socialite mother, ambitious father, and braindead scum… what’s missing? Oh, CY’s father who uses power to suppress people.


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  • 1
    嘘寒问暖 – idiom about asking a lot of hot and cold questions when showing care about someone
  • 2
    Nickname for Yun Xingze. The 2nd character, which means star
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  1. Netsu says:

    Yun Wu is kinda cute, and I love how straight his priorities are.
    I honestly admire the magnitude of the delusions the Yun family (bar YW) and Chi Yu are able to concoct in their heads. That’s some serious imagination they have there!
    Also, Xingzhe is of course super excited about the prize money XD

    But. But. At the end, noone realized that YXZ was leapfrogging????? I was waiting for the public outcry over the fact that he managed to drive an A-level mecha with his mental strenght! :'(

    Anyway, thanks for the chapter, and happy New Year! <3

    1. komorebi says:

      The leapfrogging matter will be addressed soon. 😉

  2. Little Fujo says:

    Can this great mother not appear anymore? She’s so annoying!

    1. komorebi says:

      On the good side, she won’t appear for a bit.

  3. Pletha says:

    I’m looking forward to the scene described in the synopsis. Thank you for all of your hard work!

  4. Thanks for the chapter! Happy New Year! The kid aside potentially, I really dont want to even think about the biologicals. The ex is enough pollution as is, sigh…

    1. komorebi says:

      One minor spoiler is the author doesn’t dive into the extended family card much, if at all.

  5. Lilac says:

    Poor Yun Wu, it feels like he is constantly pressured by a mother who tries to push her ideals onto him, and a father who only values profits. And his personality seems to be unsuited for the future his parents forced onto him. I’m glad he thinks with his own head, instead of blindly following his parents.

    1. komorebi says:

      There certainly is some of that. He’s personality/character isn’t a major part of this LN, for better or for worse.

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