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BATCFO Chapter 44.2

Oriel’s luck was particularly good. The opponents he encountered were not very strong. He himself was an A-level player and was promoted to A+ in the game, so his score just hit the line and he entered the school team as a substitute.

Of course, this is also related to Yun Xingze. During this time, he often asked Yun Xingze some questions about mecha modification, and would also ask him how to fight other types of mechas.

Obviously, Oriel looked down on Yun Xingze not long ago. But now, he can’t wait to call Yun Xingze “big brother”.

“To be honest, if it wasn’t because you were an omega…” Oriel scratched his head, his face a little hot. “I would call you Big Brother Yun.”

“I don’t mind.” Yun Xingze said seriously. “Call me big brother.”

Oriel was stunned: “But I have never seen an alpha calling an omega big brother…”

“Then you earned the honor of being the first in history to call an omega big brother,” Yun Xingze said to him half-jokingly. “Isn’t that okay?”

“Okay,” Oriel smiled and put his arms around Yun Xingze’s shoulders. “Big Brother.”

Luo Wenchuan frowned invisibly as he watched Oriel’s arm around Yun Xingze’s hand.

Yun Xingze didn’t seem to care about it at all.

Two students in the first grade class E entered the school team. As their teacher, Zhuo Feiyue naturally had a bright face. He came to the scene early to accept the praise of other teachers, and he did not forget to praise Yun Xingze and Oriel.

Soon, people participating in the award ceremony began to show up one after another. When the principal showed up, the award ceremony officially began.

The members of the school team sat in the first row, listening to the principal’s speech.

The Yun family was late and took the seats of the specially invited family members in the first three rows.

“Wow, this is pretty magnificent…” Yun Changsheng couldn’t help but exclaim, eyes falling on Yun Xingze sitting in the front row. “Xingze is sitting there.”

Qin Shuang glanced at Yun Xingze with a slightly startled expression – why did she feel that this eldest son had become different?

Just looking at his back, she felt it was taller and more handsome than before, like a towering pine or cypress.

Soon, the school announced the results of the school team members, which roused warm applause and cheers on the spot.

They started from the tenth place. When Yun Xingze’s name was read, he stood up and walked to the podium under the admiring, excited gazes of the audience.

“Wow, is he the omega that won ten consecutive victories?”

“He looks good, but has a sassy temperament. No wonder he can get third place.”

“I heard that his score only a little bit lower than Ke Lei. You know, Ke Lei is an S-rank player!”

“Too strong…”

All kinds of surrounding voices penetrated into Yun Changsheng and Qin Shuang’s ears. Although neither of them cared much about Yun Xingze, at this moment they also had a sense of accomplishment of their son doing well.

This was the first time they felt this way towards Yun Xingze.

Yun Wu looked at Yun Xingze who came to the stage to accept the award in a bit of a daze. He felt that the person was both familiar and strange to him. It was clearly his brother, but he seemed to have completely changed himself.

When presenting the award, the principal specifically said to Yun Xingze: “You are the first omega to become an official member of the school team. You must continue to work hard and don’t forget your responsibilities.”

After that, the principal gave a certificate of honor and a bronze medal. And a cheque1Check = USA spelling. Cheque = British spelling for a bonus of 500,000 to Yun Xingze.

Yun Xingze only had the cheque in his eyes. When he gave his acceptance speech, he said briefly: “It’s an honor to be on the school team. From the beginning, all I wanted was to earn this half a million bonus. Using mismatched and ragged accessories to continually modify a mecha really isn’t easy.”

The people off-stage couldn’t help laughing when they heard this, because they thought of Yun Xingze’s very ugly modified mecha.

However, the expressions of Yun Changsheng and Qin Shuang were not so good.

A parent whispered next to them: “That Yun Xingze, doesn’t their family sell mechas? Why doesn’t he have the money for modifications?”

“It is estimated that the family members are trying to exercise his ability. He’s s strong even without the money for refitting, if I were his parents, I would be very proud.”

“I blame you.” Yun Changsheng looked at Qin Shuang next to him, and said in a low voice, “Why did you want to cut off Xingze’s living expenses? Look at this kid. He actually went to participate in the mecha contest to earn money!”

Qin Shuang pursed her lips, bowed her head, and was rendered speechless by Yun Changsheng.

Yun Changsheng watched his eldest son become mature and sensible. In him, he seemed to see his once-impossible dream of driving mechas, and couldn’t help sigh. “The son has grown up…”

Then, he and everyone else Yun Xingze applauded vigorously. An omega girl in the crowd yelled: “Yun Xingze, I like you so much, you have to continue to do well-”

Yun Wu was shocked by seeing the people around him being so crazy about Yun Xingze. These people actually admire his brother so much?

At this moment, Yun Wu recalled what Qin Shuang had said, and he couldn’t help but doubt himself. Can he really do better than his brother?

Since childhood, Qin Shuang has instilled the message that alphas are stronger than omegas in Yun Wu. She hinted more than once that Yun Wu must inherit the family property in the future, and Yun Xingze’s value is only as a marriage tool.

But at this moment, facing the radiant young man on stage, Yun Wu felt for the first time… lacking confidence.

His love brain brother is completely different from before.

After the principal presented the awards to the school team members, a virtual screen appeared in the front of the auditorium, showing highlights from the competition. About 20 clips were selected, accompanied by exciting music and commentary, which was added later.

Every year around this time, students will count who appears the most in these highlights. In previous years, it was always a super alpha, like Luo Wenchuan, who came out on top.

But this year…

Luo Wenchuan appeared as many times as Yun Xingze!

On the screen, the scene of Yun Xingze and Su Zinan’s game was showing. The scene of the godly cat falling from the sky caused a burst of exclamation. Then, the scene of the mechanical beast dismantling Su Zinan’s mcha arm shocked many people who hadn’t watched the game.

The voice of the commentator was very excited: [The kitty cat is awesome, completely destroying Su Zinan that he can’t tell north, east, south, and west! You can see that the speed of the cat is very fast… Here Yun Xingze’s lightsaber is blocked by Su Zinan’s particle shield, but the cat stood up again! It stood up! The cat is the eternal god!] The commenter’s voice was a little hoarse, but her love for the ugly cat was beyond words.

Yun Xingze was holding his forehead in the audience. That is obviously a tiger, how can this commentary say this about private goods?

In addition, Yun Xingze’s games against Kaleb and He Haomin were shown. The excitement of each segment did not lose to the duels between S-level players.

If Yun Changsheng and Qin Shuang were shocked before, then they were completely dumbfounded now.

“I, I thought Xingze was lucky…” Yun Changsheng muttered in a daze. “I didn’t expect that he really got into the school team with such strength?!”

“Since when could he drive mechas so well? Qin Shuang’s eyes were full of shock. She looked at the screen and couldn’t help but yell out, “No, when did he learn mecha?!”

She couldn’t believe that the mecha driver in the video was her omega son— How could omega drive mecha to fight?!

In addition to shock and pride in Yun Changsheng’s heart, there is also a strong sense of guilt.

He recalled that he was always very indifferent to Yun Xingze before, never asking anything him about anything. This was because in his eyes, Yun Xingze was not only incapable of inheriting the family business, but also very ignorant.

Now, every time Yun Xingze’s name appeared on the virtual screen, Yun Changsheng felt his face was being severely beaten.

It can be said that Yun Xingze is the most eye-catching protagonist of today’s awards ceremony. Not only because of his gender and his achievements, but also because he appeared five times in the highlights, accounting for a quarter of the highlights. There were even three games that entered the top 5!

It can be seen how much the judges valued Yun Xingze.


I’ll let y’all tell me what you think of the Yun family, instead of potentially spoiling anything.


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    Check = USA spelling. Cheque = British spelling
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  1. Starfox says:

    The Yun family? They deserve to die tch

  2. letty says:

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhrrggg i hope yun xingze just forgets he has such family, so infuriating! the only one who has some good is the alpha brother. I want to beat them!

    also thank you for the chapter ^u^

    1. komorebi says:

      They do deserve a beating alright.

  3. kayrahiss says:

    Well, the brother is still saveable (I hope) – if he starts thinking with his own brain instead of operating on the concepts his mother instilled in him, that is. The parents, the mother in particular, are hopeless, IMO. When all’s said and done, they see Yun Xingze as an asset whose value has suddenly shot up, not as a person whose opinion deserves respect. I guess there will be confrontation even before the engagement scene mentioned in the description.
    Thank you for the translation 💕

    1. komorebi says:

      My lips are sealed. 😉

  4. Netsu says:

    I have a teeny, tiny, small suspicion that Mother Yun’s views and Father Yun’s dismissal was the reason of the original YXZ’s love-brain disease.
    But the little brother doesn’t seem too bad, even if he’s also influenced by his parents, he has a pretty realistic outlook on the world and sees himself and others as they are.

    Thanks for the chapter! <3

    1. Chaotic Moon says:

      I agree, as long as he takes this event as an awakening call, and not get submerged by negative feelings (envy, jealousy, hate, self doubt…) when faced with his brother’s achievements and glory, there’s hope

      Happy New Year Everyone

    2. komorebi says:

      Maybe. There’s not much opportunity, if any, to dive into the original YXZ though.

  5. A S.M says:

    Thank you very much!~

  6. Thanks for the chapter! Happy Holidays! Almost happy new year, lol!
    Kids grow up & learn more about the world when they leave their parents, so there is a sliver of hope for the little brother if his mentality is not too set. The parents : avoid like the plague!

    1. komorebi says:

      If only it were that easy to avoid one’s parents… 🤷‍♂️

  7. owo worm? says:

    yun xingze is better off letting the yun family business rot even if it begs him to take over. the only relationship possibly worth salvaging is with the little brother whose strict gender constructs aren’t firmly set in place.

  8. Pletha says:

    I’m glad he added in that not very subtle jab at his parents for cutting off his living expenses. Good for him. Leave them in the dust.

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