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BATCFO Chapter 42.4

T/N: Thank you Butter(s) for the ko-fis! There’ll be 1 extra release this week, for 4 releases. Though, forewarning, the looong chapters don’t end here. 😅



Seeing He Haomin’s storm particle cannon fire, even Ke Lei, a S-class meteor mecha pilot, couldn’t help but say with fear: “Oh my god, is He Haomin crazy? This level of artillery fire…”

Ashley was frightened. Rendered speechless, she could only look at Yun Xingze’s mecha nervously.

Even if Luo Wenchuan was calm on the outside, his brows could not help but frown at this moment.

Chi Yu almost crushed his fist.

Su Zinan showed a proud look in the fire, and said softly: “It’s over…”

However, before these three words fell…

Yun Xingze pulled away from the storm mecha at a speed that was almost invisible to others, quickly escaped the dazzling, fiery storm particle cannon!

One cannon beam almost skimmed his back, and the scorching sensation made Yun Xingze’s back sweat.

At this moment, his data collection and observations of He Haomin also ended.

The mechanical beast shrank into a ball and rolled to Yun Xingze’s feet, and immediately unfolded back to the form of an ugly cat. It suddenly assumed an offensive posture, lowered its center of gravity and fixedly stared at the behemoth on the opposite side.

Seeing the storm particle cannon miss, He Haomin didn’t seem to be too surprised. He immediately chose to rush towards Yun Xingze and quickly drew out the electromagnetic axe again!

All the audience members were amazed!

Because the burst speed of that storm mecha was so fast there were only afterimages. It didn’t look like a giant mecha at all!

“Oh my god, the speed of a storm mecha can be so fast?!”

“Is this reasonable? Isn’t this a bug?!”

“It’s terrible!”

Oriel trembled with fright, his voice was hardly his own: “I, when I drive, this speed… Is it really a storm mecha… Why is it completely different from my storm mecha?”

“Although the speed of a storm mecha is comparatively slow,” Zhuo Feiyue frowned, “but however you say it, He Haomin is also an S+ player. His strength has long been not comparable to ordinary storm mechas. It can even be comparable to an A+ level comet mecha.”

“This is too invincible, right?” Lu Ranxu looked at the competition on the field and shouted nervously, “Xingze! Run!”

The three S-level and above players in the stands fell silent at the same time. They had to admit that He Haomin had improved a lot from last year.

However, Yun Xingze’s ugly cat did not lose hope. Seeing his opponent’s fierce attack, it quickly climbed to the chest of the host armor and threw two deceleration bombs towards He Haomin with its tail!

But it didn’t work.

He Haomin raised his other hand and turned it into a shield, easily blocking the deceleration bombs.

The next moment, the storm mecha raised the terrifying giant axe in his hand and slashed it towards Yun Xingze’s shoulder!

Yun Xingze’s host armor has been forced to the edge of the protective cover, and it is impossible to evade anymore.

The audience held their breaths.

Even though Yun Xingze had struggled for so long, the game was really going to end if the axe went down.

At this moment, Yun Xingze’s host armor suddenly lowered its center of gravity, allowing the ugly cat to climb onto his arm, and let the ugly cat face the storm armor.

“What is this going to do?”

“Even in a defensive posture, it is impossible to block the axe!”

“Did Yun Xingze give up struggling?!”

He Haomin sneered in the mecha. If this is the case, that’s just perfect. Both the man and cat, chop them together.

Lu Ranxu held his breath, his eyes widened.

This time, can Yun Xingze create a miracle of reversal?

Just when the storm mecha’s electromagnetic axe slashed towards Yun Xingze, the ugly cat jumped up and took the initiative to pounce on the electromagnetic axe!

The whole audience was stunned by this scene!

The sharp magnetic axe cut the ugly cat in half the moment it touched it!

There was not even the slightest noise.

Everyone thought that this was a program Yun Xingze set for the ugly cat. When the host armor received a fatal attack, the ugly cat would give up to save its owner and create a chance for him to escape.

However, a more shocking scene happened –

Yun Xingze did not take the opportunity to escape!

He quickly stretched out his hand and grabbed the ugly cat’s body that was split in half. The ugly cat seemed to be telepathic, firmly attaching to the back of the double armor’s main arm and forearm.

He Haomin was startled for a second.

He clearly hacked towards the cat just now, but he didn’t feel the slightest resistance.

It’s like that cat… it split in half automatically.

However, He Haomin did not give up his attack because of this. He changed the direction of the electromagnetic axe and slashed at Yun Xingze’s mecha head fiercely!

In a defensive posture, Yun Xingze folded his hands in front of him, trying to block the attack of the giant axe with the cat’s “corpse”.


A huge sound came out through the protective cover and echoed throughout the stadium.

Even the other three stadiums heard this very penetrating sound.

Lu Ranxu was shocked by the sound, closing his eyes directly.

However, there was a dead silence all around him.

No one regretted Yun Xingze’s loss, and no one cheered for He Haomin’s victory.

They all seemed to be frightened and stupefied.

Lu Ranxu carefully opened his eyes. Looking at the mechas of Yun Xingze and He Haomin, they opened their mouths immediately. Everyone’s eyes were in disbelief.

The “corpse” of the ugly cat on the back of Yun Xingze’s hand turned into two giant shields the moment it touched the electromagnetic axe.

It even looked stronger than the opponent’s storm alloy shield, and firmly blocked He Haomin’s electromagnetic axe.

“What the hell?!” Ashley stood up in shock. “What kind of weapon is that. How did he modify it like that?!”

Ke Lei was shocked and speechless.

Luo Wenchuan finally spoke at this moment: “Modified with magic silver.”

“What did you say?!” Ke Lei looked at Luo Wenchuan in amazement. “Magic silver?? Where did Yun Xingze get the magic silver?”

There was no expression on Luo Wenchuan’s face, but there was an imperceptible smugness in his eyes: “I gave it.”

“Do you have a mine at home?” Ashley almost grabbed Luo Wenchuan’s neck. “I have never I’ve seen that thing! Moreover, for such a big shield, even if magic silver needs to be activated by electromagnetic induction, won’t it deformed after a period of time?!”

Luo Wenchuan curled up his lips and looked at the giant electromagnetic axe: “Do you think the electromagnetic strength of that axe is not enough?”

Both Ke Lei and Ashley were simultaneously stunned on the spot.

“So…” Ke Lei said blankly, “Yun Xingze’s cat deliberately turned into two halves. In fact, He Haomin’s electromagnetic axe was just a tool in Yun Xingze’s eyes from the beginning?

Luo Wenchuan nodded: “You can say it like so.”

At this moment, he couldn’t help but raise his lips, appearing more happy than if he had just won a game.

Ashley was speechless for a while. It took a long time before she breathed out a “nice!” She then turned to say to Luo Wenchuan: “I finally understand why you hired a first-year omega as your mecha master. It turned out it’s not because you’re greedy for his beauty!”

Luo Wenchuan frowned, about to speak, when his eyes were suddenly attracted by the mechas on the court.

The audience hadn’t recovered from the shock of the two shields, only to see that He Haomin couldn’t do anything to Yun Xingze. He backed away and looked for opportunities again.

And the shield in Yun Xingze’s hand suddenly changed again.

“The two shields, it seems…”

Lu Ranxu said in a daze, “It seems to have turned into a gun barrel?”

At this time, Zhuo Feiyue’s eyes widened: “Is he crazy?! Modifying like this, his mecha is no longer B-level, and it will be overloaded!”

On the court, Yun Xingze aimed the two huge guns at He Haomin’s storm mecha.

At this moment, Lu Ranxu finally knew where the data of the A-level mecha that resembled the four other mechas Yun Xingze gave him came from. He could finally foresee that Yun Xingze would create another miracle of reversal…

But he was only B-level. Can his mental power really start artillery fire?

Including He Haomin, everyone was skeptical about this issue. In audience Su Zinan sneered, thinking that Yun Xingze was just showing off.


Finally the chapter’s done. But the fight’s not over yet!

This might be most intense 1:1 there is in the entire novel. Could be wrong, but I recall that one of the school contest fights was the lengthiest.

And Ashley, you’re right, LWC is in it for YXZ’s beauty. Just subconsciously. 😛


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  1. Netsu says:

    Aaaaah, noooo, not the cliffhanger!!!! I want to read the rest, I need to read the rest, I won’t be able to do anything until I’ve done so! (Of course, this is not pressuring you, just me screaming in front of my monitor.)
    Thanks for the translation as usual <3

  2. Thanks for the chapter! That cat is so multi use, lol.

  3. Solfrig says:

    Ah~ I’m looking forward to the face-slapping that will soon follow. Thank you for your hard work!

  4. owo worm? says:

    thanks for the chapter! im glad we get to see the turning point in the battle

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