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BATCFO Chapter 43.1

Yun Xingze’s two guns were his secret weapon. Even Luo Wenchuan didn’t know about this. It can be said they’re his hidden killer weapons to defeating He Haomin.

Luo Wenchuan looked at the strange-looking mecha on the field, his eyes were slightly startled. He seemed to understand now why he thought Yun Xingze’s modification plans were a little weird when looking at it before. There was even parts he couldn’t recognize back then.

It turns out that Yun Xingze has made such a big change to the mechanical beast. Not only can it be transformed into a shield that can resist attacks through magic silver, but also can be transformed into a large-caliber particle gun.

Even the well-informed Luo Wenchuan was shocked by Yun Xingze’s bold operation at this moment. At the same time he couldn’t help but have concerns that the overloaded modification he was most worried about still appeared.

In the mecha, He Haomin watched Yun Xingze’s mecha change. Although he was surprised in his heart, he calmed down quickly.

He knew that Yun Xingze’s mental power was only B-level, with a B+ limit. With such a large particle cannon, the level of the entire mecha had long exceeded Yun Xingze’s ability to control.

Therefore, He Haomin pressed down the incident in his eyes, sneering as he curled his lips: “Looking for death.”

The storm mecha raised its electromagnetic axe once more and unceremoniously rushed towards Yun Xingze’s mecha, seemingly not at all worried that Yun Xingze would turn on the artillery.

However, at this moment, light suddenly gathered at the mouth of the gun barrel attached to Yun Xingze’s mecha.

These two shining lights were so eye-catching, the audience outside the stadium showed surprised gazes collectively.

Chi Yu clenched his fingers and opened his mouth slightly.

“What, Yun Xingze actually activated those two guns?!”

“It’s impossible. His mecha is modified from a lightsaber mecha. Adding so many functions together and such a large gun, this mecha can’t be driven by a B-level player at all!

“The two huge shields just now cannot be controlled by a B-level player, right?”

“Look, he fired!”

Then He Haomin noticed the two bright lights, there was no way to stop. Eyes wide open, he stared in an instant.

However, even though He Haomin’s reaction ability was inferior to the other three S-level or higher players, he quickly reacted and quickly put away the axe, preparing to raise his shield to deal with it.

As long as his shield can be opened, it will be able to block Yun Xingze’s artillery fire…


Two large high-energy particle cannons flew out of Yun Xingze’s gun. Just before launching, no one noticed that Yun Xingze slightly adjusted the angle of the muzzle.

He Haomin’s shield is about to open successfully.

Just when everyone thought Yun Xingze’s particle cannon would be blocked, an accident happened.

The two particle cannons simultaneously passed through the gap between He Haomin’s shields, penetrating the edges of those two shields, and hit He Haomin’s mecha fiercely in the chest!

In full view, Yun Xingze’s artillery fire hit the storm mecha that had already opened its shield.

The audience fell into a dead silence after the shot fired.

Su Zinan’s eyes widened. As a meteor mecha driver, he understands how terrifying those two guns were just now. The light from the artillery fire reflected in his pupils, making him feel terrified.

After a while, there were a lot of surprises gasps.

“What the hell, He Haomin was hit?!”

“Didn’t he just block with the two shields in front of him?”

“How did Yun Xingze hit him??”

“This is unscientific!”

Even He Haomin himself did not expect that he would be hit by Yun Xingze. A strong sense of pain came from his chest. The micro nuclear reactor that provides energy for the mecha was also hit in the same shot, quickly entering a state of emergency, reducing the available energy supply.

The energy light of storm mecha began to flicker, and He Haomin’s situation became precarious.

Ashley’s eyes widened as she turned to see Ke Lei. “Xiao Lei1Nickname for Ke Lei. Xiao = Small. Lei is his name. (Ke is his surname), did you see clearly? How could Yun Xingze’s artillery hit He Haomin’s mecha? Didn’t He Haomin open his shields?”

As a S-level meteor mecha fighter, Ke Lei has a very strong ability to observe long-range artillery fire. Before he could put away the surprise in his eyes, he said in a daze, “Yun Xingze’s gun seemed to… just ignore the shield?”

“That’s impossible!” Ashley frowned. “A storm shield should be able to block…”

“I mean, Yun Xingze has found a flaw!” Ke Lei suddenly became excited. “He found a flaw in the moment He Haomin raised his shield, seizing the opportunity, and directly ignored the two shields!

Ke Lei looked at the mechas on the field and couldn’t help but exclaim: “This is a genius…”

Luo Wenchuan’s voice came from the side: “It’s over.”

He Haomin’s mecha was hit hard by the particle cannon. Of course, Yun Xingze wouldn’t give him a chance to fight back. Several more shots were fired at the other joints of the storm mecha, completely disintegrating the big guy’s defensive ability.

It could be seen that He Haomin wanted to lift his shield very much, but couldn’t do it because of the pain.

Compared with pain, what affected He Haomin more is the shock and fear in his heart. How did Yun Xingze hit him?!

The corner of Yun Xingze’s lower lips curled as he directed launched the final blow to the storm mecha, as a lightsaber slashed down on its back. He Haomin wanted to hide, but he lost his balance because of severe damage to various parts, and crashed to the ground.

When the giant storm mecha fell to the ground, there was a deafening impact, creating a huge cloud of dust.

The people in the audience fell into silence at this moment, and seemed to be frightened by the sudden reversal.

The referee froze for a moment before starting to count the seconds.

Even if He Haomin wanted to struggle, there was no way to control such a massively damaged behemoth to stand up. Ten seconds passed, and the referee declared Yun Xingze’s victory.

He Haomin came out of the mecha, sweating a lot on his body. His face was blue as he gasped for breath, his eyes full of hostility as he looked at Yun Xingze.

But he still couldn’t help but gritted his teeth and asked, “How on earth…how did you do it?!”

“You mean that?” Yun Xingze raised his eyebrows and looked at him. “You mean blocking your attack or knocking you down?”

He Haomin had a feeling of being humiliated, his fingers trembling slightly. Even though his body was aching, he still stood up calmly and asked: “Your particle cannon…how can it hit me?”

“Oh, you’re asking about this.” Yun Xingze looked at He Haomin calmly, raising his hand casually to make a “shot” gesture, “That’s it.”

In fact, he took advantage of the flaws in the design of He Haomin’s mecha. There is a slight time difference when lifting the two shields.

The tone was full of contempt and ridicule.

He Haomin was so angry that he said viciously to Yun Xingze: “Don’t think you are so great! It’s just that I just zoned out back then! Yun Xingze, I will remember this account.”

“As an S-level player, why are you remembering me, a B-level player?” Yun Xingze raised his eyebrows, “If I were you, and don’t run away from the scene soon, wouldn’t it be embarrassing?”

He Haomin was stimulated by Yun Xingze’s words. His lips began to tremble, and his white face was full of disgust for Yun Xingze. He said coldly: “Yun Xingze, even if you beat me, you are a vicious omega. No one will like you! If it weren’t you who framed Su Zinan, his scores would be definitely better than you!”

Yun Xingze thought that He Haomin is probably crazy. “Why do you support Su Zinan so much? I really don’t understand.”

“He is kind, and helped me a lot. How can you understand.” He Haomin looked at Yun Xingze contemptuously. “I know very well that you are just jealous that Su Zinan has more supporters than you. But unfortunately, even if he retired, everyone admires him. And the support can’t be transferred to you…”

He Haomin’s voice has not yet fallen, when suddenly, a tsunami of cheers and applause from the audience interrupted his words.

Yun Xingze was stunned. He couldn’t help turning his head to look at the audience. It turned out that the referee officially announced the results of the game. Yun Xingze became the third player to win a ten-game winning streak, which aroused an enthusiastic response from the audience.


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    Nickname for Ke Lei. Xiao = Small. Lei is his name. (Ke is his surname)
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