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BATCFO Chapter 42.3

Kaleb was in the crowd with his dazzling red hair. First, he nervously sweated for Yun Xingze’s ugly cat to escape. Then he frowned. Hearing the discussion of several people around him, he pursed his lips, and irritatedly muttered one sentence: “Are these people crazy?”

Getting hit by smoke bombs in the arena is a very troublesome thing.

Kaleb had to admit that Yun Xingze’s reaction speed was as fast as before, but the “fart” of the ugly cat came earlier than he thought.

Lu Ranxu praised: “As expected of Xingze! He is really amazing.”

“Such a quick storm electromagnetic axe can also be avoided. I feel Xingze’s reaction speed has improved.” Oriel nodded in agreement.

But Zhuo Feiyue face was worse than earlier. He said seriously: “To be honest, Yun Xingze’s smoke bomb was probably not intended for use at this time. Because this is his trump card for countering He Haomin.”

The other two people were stunned.

Lu Ranxu looked at the storm mecha that had already escaped from the smoke, and hesitated: “Teacher, what do you mean… He Haomin deliberately forced out Xingze’s smoke bombs?”

Zhuo Feiyue nodded. His eyes were deeply concerned for Yun Xingze.

“It’s a pity, he could have counterattacked just now.” Ashley said thoughtfully. “Although I was also surprised by the reaction speed of this xuedi, the attack range of the electromagnetic axe was too wide, and he couldn’t do anything about it. After throwing out smoke bombs, there’s no way to get close.

“He Haomin himself hasn’t used too much strength.” Ke Lei frowned. “Smoke bombs are a good countermeasure, but Yun Xingze throwing his ace cards out now means the following situation will be more dangerous.”

“But if he didn’t use it just now, the reconnaissance mecha would be cut in half.” Ashley’s tone held a bit of admiration. “Regardless of the next situation, this xuedi’s judgement strength is still very decisive.”

The game has carried on for six minutes.

Luo Wenchuan looked at the situation on the court and still did not express any opinion.

At this time, Chi Yu also ended his game and hurried to arena A.

As soon as he arrived in the audience, he was frightened by the scene of the ugly cat avoiding the axe in a thrilling manner. He almost yelled out, cold sweat beading his palms.

Seeing Chi Yu appear, Su Zinan walked up to him with a sneer and said, “Oh, Chi Yu, it seems that you care about Yun Xingze? But how did I hear that he has climbed onto Luo Wenchuan, and the two of them have a leg?”

“Shut up!” Chi Yu was nervous at first. But hearing Su Zinan’s words, he grew even more angry. “Su Zinan, stay away from me!”

“Okay, then you watch the game.” Su Zinan’s lips curled up. A flash of triumph flashed in his eyes. “Take a good look at how terribly your favorite ex-fiancé will lose.”

“Su Zinan, why are you so vicious?!” Chi Yu glanced at him, gritted his teeth and said, “Why didn’t find out you were this kind of person before?”

“Why, I can’t say a few more words?” Su Zinan said with both hands on his chest in a gloating manner. “Or, you also think Yun Xingze will lose, so are you in a hurry?”

Chi Yu took a deep breath, not wanting to care about people like Su Zinan.

At this time, there was an exclamation in the audience.

It turned out that He Haomin’s electromagnetic axe almost hit Yun Xingze’s mecha on the head!

Yun Xingze quickly lowered his waist and dodged at a very difficult angle.

Chi Yu was so scared that his heartbeat almost stopped.

At this moment, who knew when the ugly cat climbed to a high place on the protective cover, shrank into a ball, and launched an attack on the head of the storm mecha.

However, Yun Xingze’s “tooth for tooth” move failed. He Haomin gently raised his hand and directly opened a shield to block the blow.

It’s as if had foreknowledge in advance.

Even if Yun Xingze used this move on the field before, the mechanical beast was almost countered unconsciously just now, and even the audience was almost deceived.

Chi Yu was taken aback. Could it be that He Haomin’s responsiveness improved?

“He Haomin’s reaction power is indeed slightly inferior.” Su Zinan said triumphantly, raising the corners of her lips. “He just reacted so fast because I fought with Yun Xingze. I shared all his fighting moves, one by one, to He Haomin, and even trained with him in the past few days.”

Chi Yu looked at Su Zinan in astonishment.

Su Zinan continued: “Like that stupid cat’s chain sword, light whip attack, and those shameless moves from the sky. I practiced them all with He Haomin for several days, and he is not afraid at all now.”

Chi Yu gritted his teeth, and said: “Su Zinan, you are really disgusting.”

“I didn’t do anything bad, just practiced with He Haomin.” Su Zinan said innocently, and suddenly smiled. “But, Chi Yu, what qualifications do you have to say this to me? He Haomin’s mecha accessories, didn’t you get them all from Yun Xingze?”

Hearing this, Chi Yu acted as if was punched. His expression froze, and even his breathing stagnated for a long time.

In other words, Yun Xingze being at a disadvantage now… Chi Yu is also one of the culprits.

Watching the game on the field, Chi Yu kept praying in his heart that Yun Xingze must not have an accident.

The situation on the court is already obvious.

By the eight minutes of the game, Yun Xingze’s various moves had already been used up. Each of them were easily resolved by He Haomin.

Some senior alpha students are already preparing for He Haomin’s ten consecutive victories.

Several omegas next to them were upset with these people, and whispered:

“The game is not over yet, what are you proud of.”

“That’s right. Maybe Yun Xingze can win. The speed of the storm mecha isn’t that fast.”

“I think he’s quite skilled. Who’s the best one is unclear still…”

Those alphas all showed contemptuous expressions. One of them even deliberately said loudly: “I think Yun Xingze should surrender early. The mecha arena is the world of alphas. Who dares to question this?”

The omegas were so angry. But they also knew that Yun Xingze was in a difficult situation and could only choose to swallow their breath.

Yun Xingze’s ability to last for more than eight minutes is not only related to his skill, but also related to the characteristics of the storm armor.

Because of its large size, this mecha is very useful in close combat and resisting attacks, but it is very useful when advancing and resisting attacks. Jet jumping and other aspects are slightly inferior, and acceleration and braking speed lag behind even general mechas.

Lu Ranxu kept comforting himself. It’s okay, anyway. The storm mecha couldn’t touch Xingze. If Xingze can hold on for a few more minutes…

Just as Lu Ranxu prayed for Yun Xingze, the situation on the court changed again.

Although the speed of the storm mecha is not fast enough, it’s strengths lay in a wide range of lethal attacks. Whether it is the stormwind electromagnetic axe or the storm particle cannon, just like the weapon names, wherever they go, no grass will remain.1T/N: The reason for having “storm” or “stormwind” in front of these weapon names are presumably because storm mecha have special, more powerful weapons than the typical beam sword or particle gun

Seeing that the timing was right, He Haomin directly opened the storm mecha’s storm particle cannon.

This also means that he wants to end the game immediately.

He Haomin curled his lips. Holding a strong dislike for the double star mecha in his eyes, he sneered in his heart, thinking that he will completely destroy Yun Xingze’s mecha.

Just like Yun Xingze ruined Su Zinan’s self-esteem, he will ruin Yun Xingze’s dignity.

“It’s a storm particle cannon!”

Someone in the audience immediately reacted.

The storm particle cannon is much more terrifying than ordinary particle cannons. It fires multiple particle cannons from several different muzzles at the same time, targeting the same area. The attack range is very wide and the lethality is amazing.

It’s impossible for meteor mechas to launch this kind of artillery. Because the recoil is so great, meteor mechas may turn themselves over before hitting the enemy.

Therefore, the storm particle cannon can only be fired by a storm mecha.

Generally speaking, S-level and above storm mechas will not use this trick in the game, because it is easy to severely injured an opponent.

Everyone saw He Haomin reveal guns in different positions aiming at the opponent, and involuntarily inhaled a cold breath.

In the next second, the bright light of artillery fire condensed on He Haomin’s muzzles and gun mouth, bursting towards Yun Xingze’s host armor with a mighty force!


Question is… between SZN and CY, who’s more disgusting?

My vote goes to that dog plaster scum man, CY. SZN at least is aware of what he’s doing while CY is a self-confident fool, who doesn’t know how to listen to words.


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    T/N: The reason for having “storm” or “stormwind” in front of these weapon names are presumably because storm mecha have special, more powerful weapons than the typical beam sword or particle gun
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  1. Su says:

    The famous cliffhanger!! i witnessed it finally

    Now I’m crying and camping here

  2. Lin says:

    Yeah I agree, while they both are horrible SZN is disadvantaged in society and all the bad things he does somewhat make his life better, money and trying to marry into a better family. Not that I agree with it but all his actions, as bad as they were, have a purpose to help him. CY on the other hand is a spoilt Mother F*cker who has been fed from a gold spoon his whole life and continues to be disgustingly self-entitled, hypocritical and shameless.

    1. komorebi says:

      +10086! You can make a smart cookie see light, but a dumb scum… that’s as difficult as making a rock see reason.

    2. Sekstifire says:

      Yeah, Chi Yu was all, “regular” omegas are dumb, only modern, independent omegas are worthy of me. But I think the alpha equivalent of the ideal he thought Su Zinan embodied wouldn’t look down on omegas, would have enough EQ to see through Su Zinan’s green tea act, and would do their own laundry, cooking, etc. instead of letting someone they didn’t like do it.

      I give Su Zinan some credit for *actually* being from a barren star, and also because it seems like the author didn’t give him anyone he could be actual friends with? He’s basically surrounded by alphas that look down on him and don’t respect him and alphas that are romantically interested in him and also don’t respect him. And sure there were a lot of omegas that looked up to him, but none of them are actual characters with like, names and shit.

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