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BATCFO Chapter 42.2

After speaking, He Haomin climbed directly into the storm mecha and prepared to fight.

Although Yun Xingze can see that the quality of the accessories of this mecha is good, the design does not seem to be perfect, which may have an impact on this game.

After that, he also entered the double star host mecha, and the audience outside the court instantly became quiet.

With a word, the game officially began, and the energy lights of the two larger mechas and one small mecha on the field lit up at the same time.

In this game, Yun Xingze chose to take the initiative to attack.

The fighting style of a storm mecha is relatively conservative. It is good at using defense to resist attacks, and counterattacks when the enemy is exhausted or distracted.

It can be said that it is not only a meat shield tank on the interstellar battlefield, but also a very deadly melee hunter.

Yun Xingze’s cat rushed out first, and the host armor followed closely behind.

The two mechas pulled out their weapons one after the other and launched an attack on the storm mecha.

The mechanical beast threw two light whips to try to wrap the opponent’s arms, while Yun Xingze’s two lightsabers, one blue and one pink, were ready, and they slashed at the touch exterior with a murderous intent.

He Haomin didn’t move. The storm mecha stood firmly on the spot, and just before the light whip was about to wrap its hands, it raised its two mechanical arms and two giant super-dense alloy shields quickly unfolded.


The light whip of the mechanical beast was blocked by a storm shield, and the two lightsabers that Yun Xingze rained down from above also made a crisp sound from being bounced away.

The storm mecha just raised its hand gently, and Yun Xingze’s offensive was quickly resolved.

You know, he defeated many enemies with such moves in previous games.

The light whip of the mechanical beast and the lightsaber in his hand was strengthened not long ago, but they seemed powerless in front of the huge storm1storm being storm mecha. It has a special shield shield.

When this trick was released, the few spectators who supported Yun Xingze off the field suddenly felt cold.

In the next second, Yun Xingze and the mechanical beast moved away from each other and tried to attack again.

The mechanical beast threw an extended version of the chain sword.

And this time, after the storm mecha blocked the attack, it suddenly retracted it’s storm shield, grabbing the chain sword directly with a huge palm. Flicking outwards easily, it almost tossed the ugly cat to the ground.

Fortunately, Yun Xingze reacted quickly. Almost in the blink of an eye, the ugly cat quickly shrank into a ball, avoiding the bad luck of being smashed.

The audience was silently mourning for Yun Xingze:

“This strength gap is a bit big…”

“No matter how fast Yun Xingze’s reaction power and speed are, it can’t be better than the absolute defense and power of a S+ storm mecha.”

“I feel like He Haomin fighting Yun Xingze is just like he’s playing2Playing as in playing for fun*.”

At this time, two tall figures appeared in the arena.

Ashley was sweating profusely. While letting a small robot fan herself, she rolled her eyes at Luo Wenchuan: “You can’t even release water for a little bit? Now, it’s good, I became the one with the lowest score among us four S-level players.”

“We agreed on eight minutes.” Luo Wenchuan said casually, walking towards the auditorium. His focus was all on the arena.

Ashley’s eyes widened: “Who fucking agreed with you?”

Luo Wenchuan and Ashley came to the stands and found Ke Lei who had just finished his game. The eyes around their surroundings were instantly attracted, and there was a lot of discussion: “Are all the four S-levels appearing here?”

“It seems to be, eh. It seems that the three of them are also very concerned about He Haomin’s game.”

“He Haomin is S+ after all. Second only to Luo Wenchuan. Of course many people will come and watch.”

Ke Lei nodded at the two, his expression was not at all optimistic. “The match has gone on for three minutes. As long as He Haomin opens his shield, Xingze xuedi can do nothing to him.”

While watching the match, Ashley said to Luo Wenchuan: “Oh, your little mecha master is in trouble. He estimated that his win rate is less than 30% against He Haomin, right? Is he so bold that he even dares to confront He Haomin head-on?”

Ke Lei asked Ashley: “Sister Ashley, I remember that you beat He Haomin. Do you also think Xingze has no way of winning?”

“I did win, but I drive a shadow mecha,” Ashley replied. “He Haomin’s strength last year was undoubtably very strong. I won the game with a surprise attack. But this xuedi’s double star mecha cannot cannot enter a hidden state like me…”

“So in the final analysis, fighting a storm mecha still needs one to take advantage of opportunities.” Ke Lei frowned. “Clashing head-on like Xingze xuedi is doing, not only can’t win, but is also very dangerous.”

Ashley turned her head to look at the silent Luo Wenchuan. “Dachuan, have you not taught your small mechanic anything? It seems that you don’t care much about him.”

Luo Wenchuan still didn’t say a word, staring at the arena closely.

Luo Wenchuan certainly knew what Ashley and Ke Lei said, but Yun Xingze could not not have known this.

He must have his own ideas for why he chose to confront it head-on.

The battle on the field has been going on for more than four minutes. Yun Xingze who actively attacked from the beginning, has gradually fallen into a passive state.

He Haomin’s storm mecha can not only hold up his shield to block Yun Xingze’s attack at any time, but he can also quickly carry out a close counterattack. After a few rounds, he seemed to have grasped Yun Xingze’s combat strength and put away the storm mecha’s shields.

In other words, He Haomin chose to launch a counterattack against the opponent in less than five minutes.

Everyone on the court was stunned.

“Damn,” Oriel sucked in a breath. “In less than five minutes, He Haomin will start to fight back?”

“Generally speaking, storm mechas will begin counterattacking after ten minutes because their speed is generally not fast. Only after consuming their enemy’s strength will they be able to  fight back effectively.” Zhuo Feiyue frowned, speaking in a dignified tone. “But He Haomin’s strength is good, and he is two levels higher than Xingze. It is not unreasonable that he chooses to fight back now.”

Lu Ranxu was so nervous, his forehead was sweaty, and his voice trembled: “It is said that when a storm mecha puts down their shield is the most dangerous moment for their opponents… Xingze should be fine, right?”

Lu Ranxu’s voice just fell, and Yun Xingze pulled away from the storm mecha. The distance between the storm mecha was less than five meters, and in the next second, He Haomin pulled out a long electromagnetic handle from the back of the mecha and it quickly unfolded into a stormwind3It’s just a type. Stormwind describes its ferocity as in the type of winds you find in a storm, re: a tempest electromagnetic axe!

This kind of axe is very big and its weight is astronomical. Other types of mecha can’t lift it at all all with their arms.

As soon as the axe appeared, it cast a shadow on the ground. The electromagnetic silver light flickered on the axe tip, carrying a sharp murderous intent.

He Haomin unceremoniously slashed the axe at Yun Xingze’s mechanical beast!

Everyone couldn’t help exclaiming, because the speed of the storm electromagnetic axe is too fast. Like a meteorite falling from the sky, as long as it hit, the ugly cat will definitely be chopped in half.

Once the reconnaissance mecha is damaged, Yun Xingze’s mental power will also be severely depleted, with disastrous consequences!

Surprisingly, however, the ugly cat ran forward a few steps at a speed invisible to the eye and jumped up.

The axe also changed direction quickly!

The audience held their breath as if watching a poor cat being chased and chopped by a butcher.


When the ugly cat jumped into the air, its tail immediately fired a smoke bomb at the head of the storm mecha,

This shell came very timely and interfered with He Haomin’s judgment, causing the axe’s trajectory to shift, and the ugly cat escaped!

Everyone immediately breathed a sigh of relief.

“Oh my god, that was so thrilling.”

“I thought that ugly cat was going to be chopped up, but Yun Xingze’s reaction speed was too fast.”

“Fortunately, it retains the traditional art of farting.”

“This fart is more powerful than when it hit Kaleb last time…”

“It’s too cute, I want to be blown up by it.”

“Such a cute kitty cat, who doesn’t want to tease it to fart?”


As much as I like cats, these audience members… 😂


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  • 1
    storm being storm mecha. It has a special shield
  • 2
    Playing as in playing for fun*
  • 3
    It’s just a type. Stormwind describes its ferocity as in the type of winds you find in a storm, re: a tempest
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  1. Thanks for the chapter! The audience was brainwashed, lol.

    1. komorebi says:

      Yeah… Admittedly the audience do lack a few IQ points.

      P.S. I do read all your comments and see the thanks, but I don’t know what else to add except you’re welcome and thank you for your ongoing support (thus no individual responses). 🤗

  2. Panda Eyes says:

    Yes, yes. As much as i agree that the cat action is cute as long as it not direct it’s fart to me so all is well

    But i’ll still decline coz i’m not into those
    No matter how cute, their fart is still smelly alright

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