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BATCFO Chapter 42.1

T/N: Yet another long chapter split into 4 releases… Maybe they shrink back down soon…? We’ll see.


Today’s Mecha Contest Arena A and B are both very lively. The military academy students who came to watch the game were crowded into the stands, as far as the eyes can see. And those who were even a few minutes late, could only stand and watch from the sides.

One of the reasons is that today is the last round of the game, and they have to wait for next year to see another match.

The other reason is that gathered in the arena A and B are the strongest S-level masters in the school.

Arena A has Ke Lei and He Haomin, while arena B has Luo Wenchuan and Ashley.

These four people were the main members of the school team last year. This school team set the best results Xinghai Academy had in the past ten years, so everyone admired them very much.

In addition, Yun Xingze in arena A has also become a dark horse, attracting many omegas to watch him play.

Yun Xingze sat in the waiting area of ​​the competition to watch the first game. His match was scheduled in the second round. Ke Lei and another double star mecha fighter played in the first round.

This game was very similar to the game between Yun Xingze vs. Su Zinan, where a high-level meteor mecha is fighting a lower level double star mecha.

Obviously, Ke Lei had the upper hand from the beginning, and had no intention of letting his opponent go.

The gorgeous and cool artillery fire was more intense than Su Zinan’s. Almost like seeing stars during the day, it was the first time Yun Xingze saw the terrible output capability of a S-level meteor mecha.

The double star mecha player probably watched Yun Xingze’s game, and wanted to replicate Yun Xingze’s operations during the game, trying to use the reconnaissance mecha to interfere with Ke Lei in close proximity. But he did not succeed. Even if he was A+, it is difficult for players of the highest level to accurately control a reconnaissance mecha.

In about five minutes, Ke Lei won the game.

There was deafening cheers from the audience, which shocked Yun Xingze.

Usually there is some applause, but today it is extremely enthusiastic. The transparent protective cover seems to be non-existent.

Various screams in the stands came and went one after another.

“Ke Lei is awesome! Meteor mechas are the eternal gods! Meteors will never fall!”

“Congratulations to Ke Lei for entering the school team. The command department will always support you!”

“Ke Lei is the pride of the command department. Ah, so handsome!!!”

“Congratulations to Ke Lei for winning ten consecutive victories! Ke Lei will continue to win in the future!”

Yun Xingze heard the voices of the audience and the discussion around him, and then realized that as the first player to complete ten consecutive victories in the school, regardless of his performance points, Ke Lei entering the school team is a sure thing.

No wonder the group of students from the Command Department are so happy.

Ke Lei came out of the mecha and shook hands with his opponent, showing a brilliant smile and bright, white teeth. He tousled his short flaxen hair and immediately turned and waved to the stands.

Many people threw flowers at the arena, and others held small salutes at the arena. For a while, even though the fire of the meteor mecha ceased, a more splendid scene appeared.

Fortunately, the transparent protective cover blocked all kinds of things thrown by the audience, otherwise it would take a long time to clean up.

Yun Xingze whispered to himself: “It turns out that the protective cover still has this function…” Thinking about it, if the protective cover is not there, if someone didn’t do well, would rotten eggs be thrown at them…

Although the flowers, paper snowflakes, and ribbons did not fall on Ke Lei, he still happily enjoyed the scene of everyone cheering for him for a while.

Yun Xingze was also affected by the atmosphere, and was sincerely happy for Ke Lei.

At this time, Yun Xingze and He Haomin were about to play, and the referee asked them to go backstage to prepare immediately.

Before leaving, someone yelled to He Haomin:

“Come on, Haomin, you are the pride of our Mecha Department!”

“The next ten game winning streak will be yours!”

“Haomin, the people in the stands will cheer you in a while. Just like last year!”

“Our Mecha Department will not lose to Ke Lei.”

Of course, some people noticed the existence of Yun Xingze and comforted him:

“Yun xuedi, although you are participating in the competition for the first time, it does not matter. Focus on participating well – your performance has been very good.”

“Yes, ah, even if you lose, you should be able to enter the school team.”

“Being a substitute is not bad thing. You’ve already defeated a lot of people with a nine game winning streak.”

“Yun xuedi, as an omega coming so far, you’re very powerful.”

Yun Xingze looked up at the clear sky, towards the crowd, and did not respond to their comments.

Everyone was a little embarrassed to see him behave so indifferently.

Someone whispered: “Damn, it was originally a dark horse, but who made him face He Haomin. It’s a pity…”

“Forget it, they’re all from the Mecha Department anyway. It’s okay if Yun Xingze loses, what’s there to pity…”

“That right. He is only a B-level. It’s his honor to fight with He Haomin.”

Yun Xingze and He Haomin changed their outfits and entered the arena.

The moment the two shook hands, applause broke out in the audience. Many omegas were cheering for Yun Xingze, because it is very likely for him to become an official member of the school team.

Naturally, Lu Ranxu, Oriel, and Zhuo Feiyue also came to watch the scene.

Oriel asked Zhuo Feiyue: “As long as Xingze’s loss is not too ugly, is his joining the school team a certainty?”

Zhuo Feiyue nodded: “He won the first nine games and his performance points are not bad. If the opponent is of a higher level than him and he can hold on for a while, it is estimated that he will be an official member of the school team.”

“Xingze may not necessarily lose.” Lu Ranxu looked at the two on the field. Although he was nervous, he still prayed for Yun Xingze. “God bless, I hope He Haomin can fall on the court.”

The surrounding omegas also hold the same opinions as Oriel.

Although they also thought that Yun Xingze would lose the game, as long as he performed well, there would still be people cheering for his fighting spirit.

On the court, there was an unfriendly atmosphere between Yun Xingze and He Haomin.

He Haomin was a bit forceful as he said coldly: “Yun Xingze, I will not release water for you. Although you are likely to enter the school team and have a little strength, you should still be well-prepared to surrender.”

“Really.” Yun Xingze raised his eyes to look at the long and thin young man. Seeing the hostility in his eyes, he suddenly smiled. “He Haomin, does Su Zinan really deserve you seeking revenge for him like this?”

He Haomin’s face changed slightly when he heard the words, and gritted his teeth. “If it weren’t for you, he would have done better this year than you.”

Yun Xingze let go of his hand and said flatly: “Unfortunately, he has no chance.”

He Haomin was so annoyed by these words, his fingers clenched into fists, and secretly swore that Yun Xingze’s dignity would be lost.

[The tenth round, Arena A, the second game, will start in three minutes.]

Soon, He Haomin and Yun Xingze both released their mechas.

As soon as the storm mecha was released, the audience outside the venue couldn’t help but exclaim. The large mecha with a height of more than fourteen meters, each part is much larger than other mechas, and it looks full of oppression.

When Yun Xingze’s double star mecha appeared, Oriel pointed to the reconnaissance mecha and asked, “Is it my illusion? Is that cat fatter?”

“The focus of Xingze’s modification this time is the mechanical beast.” Lu Ranxu replied. “Although I don’t know what materials he uses, it should be a particularly powerful modification method, and his win rate also increased a lot.”

“When a mechanical beast becomes larger and more complex, tt will be more difficult for the controller. There are also higher requirements for mental strength control.” Zhuo Feiyue looked at the two mechas on the field with a deep gaze. “It’s very risky for Xingze to do this.”

Although Yun Xingze made a lot of modifications to the double star host mecha itself, the mechanical beast is still only more than three meters high. Sitting opposite to the giant storm mecha, there was an inexplicable sense of comicality.

Yun Xingze looked at the mecha, and He Haomin, who was not far away, and said, “You seem to like Changsheng company’s mecha?”

He Haomin was taken aback. He immediately reacted, frowning and said, “Does it matter what company’s mecha I like? Is it important? Our barren star students only care about the price-to-performance ratio. What do you know?”


Battle starts next release (and continues for a while)~


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  1. Netsu says:

    Aaah, I can’t wait the match! Will YXZ showcase his leapfrogging this time???? :3
    Also, your translating speed is astonishing, it must be a lot of work, so THANK YOU!

    1. komorebi says:

      My lips are sealed. 🤫
      Thank you! Again, release speed is boosted for this month, and slow down once January hits.

  2. SuouNono says:

    cant wait for him to beat bish up 😌

  3. owo worm? says:

    He came to this world to improve the overall quality of mechas and pilot his own. Why *wouldn’t* he know what brand He Haomin pilots?
    Everyone else is grim about Yun Xingze’s outcome but Lu Ranxu. He Knows. Thanks for the chapter!

    1. komorebi says:

      He didn’t “come” to the world to improve the overall quality of mechas, but will end up doing this.

      Well, LRX doesn’t know. But he is the closest to knowing. 😛

    2. Sekstifire says:

      It’s true that he would probably be able to recognize the brand He Haomin’s mecha parts even if they *didn’t* come from Changsheng, but… Yun Xingze actually recognizes them because of OG Yun Xingze.

      Changsheng is the Yun family’s company. Back when Yun Xingze and Chi Yu were engaged Chi Yu got Yun Xingze to give him a bunch of Mecha parts from Changsheng. OG Yun Xingze didn’t know that much about mechas, so he didn’t realize that only some of those parts were actually used for Chi Yu’s mecha. Some were meteor Mecha parts that he gave to Su Zinan for his Mecha, and some were storm Mecha parts that he had Su Zinan sell because they were faulty.

      Meanwhile He Haomin was having trouble finding parts he could afford. So Su Zinan sold him the storm Mecha parts (without telling him where they came from) and made it seem like he was doing He Haomin a favor by selling him the parts “at a discount” “because people from barren stars have to stick together.” It’s a major reason He Haomin is so grateful to Su Zinan.

      Too bad he’s about to find out it was all a lie lol 🥲

      1. komorebi says:

        Minor correction – OG YXZ doesn’t recognize mecha parts. MC YXZ does.

      2. komorebi says:

        YXZ doesn’t recognize them due to OG YXZ necessarily, as the OG doesn’t know brands. But there is a company label he recognizes + he knows mechas (& their parts).

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