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BATCFO Chapter 37.2

T/N: Apologies to all my readers who saw 38.1 go out and vanish. I accidentally hit release instead of schedule. I’ll be re-releasing chapter 38.1 later this week. In the meantime, enjoy ch 37.2, and an extra release this week.

Thank you Panda Eyes for the catch. Again, apologies for the mishap! 🙇‍♂️



Ke Lei was stunned hearing Luo Wenchuan’s words. But when he looked at his expression, the latter’s eyes showed a certain degree of certainty that could not be denied.

“…Yeah, it also captured Yun xuedi’s face.” Ke Lei scratched his head. “I will delete it now.”

After deleting the post, Luo Wenchuan heard Ke Lei say while eating noodles: “Speaking of, after being on the school team with Chi Yu last year, I never heard him take the initiative to mention Yun Xingze, this fiancé. He seemed to feel that this fiancé made him very embarrassed. Plus, he was also very close to Su Zinan.

After speaking, Ke Lei pursed his lips and added, “Really don’t know what Yun Xingze likes about him.”

He turned to look at Luo Wenchuan, seeking approval, but saw Luo Wenchuan walking to the freezer. After silently taking out a bottle of wine, he returned to room without a word.

Ke Lei couldn’t help being stunned. Dachuan only had this habit of drinking when he was in a particularly upset mood, and he usually only drinks beer. If he drinks red wine…

The last time Luo Wenchuan drank red wine was when he made a mistake in the national competition.

Ke Lei watched Luo Wenchuan close the door, and muttered blankly: “Wasn’t he in a good mood when he came back…”

Returning to the bedroom, Luo Wenchuan poured a glass of red wine. Closing his eyes, he indulged in the wine aroma, taking a deep breath, and suppressing the unhappiness in his heart.

Compared to this displeasure, what made him more uncomfortable were his own emotions.

He didn’t know when, but he became very concerned about all news regarding Yun Xingze.

The cold red wine entered his throat, helping calm Luo Wenchuan down again.

Putting down the wine glass, he walked to the closet. Opening the doors, he found the black old-fashioned folding umbrella in the middle of his neat, cool clothes. The golden handle of the umbrella was faintly exposed under the black layers.

The umbrella was sealed in a transparent bag.

Luo Wenchuan didn’t have the courage to open it since that day.

He stretched his hand to the umbrella.

He thought to himself that something was wrong with Yun Xingze’s pheromone.

Maybe this umbrella should be thrown away.

Reason told Luo Wenchuan that Yun Xingze very likely disliked Chi Yu. But the suspected yet-unbound pheromones, Chi Yu’s show of gifts, and forum posts all made Luo Wenchuan originally proud reasoning shake.

Slender, pale fingers tightened as they held the bagged umbrella tightly; joints white with tension.

Closing his eyes, what poured into his mind was a pheromone that made him crazy in the cherry blossom forest. The eyes of a young man looking at him in the rain like a wounded kitten, and an image of the young boy slumped over, lying in his arms.

Luo Wenchuan’s fingers kept tightening. The hardness of the umbrella made his palm hurt, but he didn’t seem to notice it at all.

A few seconds later.

He took a deep breath, frowned, put the umbrella in hand back into the closet. Pressing his lips together, his jaw line was tight, and his eyes were full of irritation.

Luo Wenchuan exhaled the breath held in his lungs. Walking over and opening the window, he stood still and watched the scenery outside.

A long time later, Luo Wenchuan frowned and repeated Ke Lei’s words quietly: “What does he like about Chi Yu?”

He didn’t even realize that his tone smelled strongly of jealousy.




The campus mecha contest is still going on.

After Su Zinan was retired from the contest, he went to find Chi Yu, intending to restore the relationship between the two of them.

“I can’t play anymore, and I hope you do well in the upcoming matches.” Su Zinan said to Chi Yu.

The events of this period made Su Zinan appear a little haggard, and he didn’t look as white and beautiful as before.

Chi Yu frowned. “I don’t need you to cheer for me.”

Su Zinan looked at Chi Yu, pursed his lips, and asked the question he always wanted to ask: “Chi Yu, do you really like… Yun Xingze now?”

Chi Yu was slightly startled.

He had always knew that Yun Xingze was engaged to him since he was a child. They grew up together, and because Yun Xingze wasn’t bad now, they should be together.

But Chi Yu did not go deep into his feelings for Yun Xingze.

Or, in other words, he has been avoiding this problem.

He didn’t dare to admit that he had fallen in love with the omega who he had never liked at all.

Seeing Chi Yu’s dazed expression, Su Zinan felt bitter, having an answer in his heart.

“It’s none of your business.” Chi Yu responded coldly, but his eyes were a little dodgy.

“Admit it, you like Yun Xingze,” Su Zinan continued. “Chi Yu, I really didn’t expect you to like him…”

Chi Yu said forcefully: “Su Zinan, don’t concern yourself with matters about me and Yun Xingze.”

Chi Yu’s attitude angered Su Zinan. It was obvious that they had always been on the same front, but now Chi Yu turned face and refused to recognize him because of Yun Xingze.

“Chi Yu, what’s the use of liking him?” Su Zinan sneered, and said sarcastically, “Yun Xingze is now Luo Wenchuan’s mecha master, and he doesn’t like you anymore. Maybe, he already likes Luo Wenchuan.”

“Shut up!” Chi Yu roared angrily, “Who say he likes Luo Wenchuan?”

Su Zinan continued to pierce Chi Yu’s heart. “Apart from your family, what else do you have? Where are you comparable to Luo Wenchuan? What’s more, Luo Wenchuan has helped Yun Xingze so many times. Isn’t it normal for him to change his heart?”

Chi Yu stared at Su Zinan with fiery eyes. Finally, he suppressed his anger and said: “Go away, I I don’t want to see you!”

Su Zinan glanced at Chi Yu coldly, turned, and left.

Chi Yu stood alone with a gloomy face. After a few seconds, he took a deep breath and frowned, muttering to himself: “Yun Xingze… how is it possible for him to like Luo Wenchuan? What does he see in Luo Wenchuan?”

His tone was rife with jealousy and irritation.

As soon as Su Zinan left Chi Yu, it didn’t take long before he met He Haomin.

Seeing that Su Zinan’s expression was not very good, He Haomin comforted: “Susu, don’t be sad. Don’t do things so simply next time and end up calculated by others.”

Su Zinan looked at He Haomin. “I accept my fate. I’m not as fortunate as Yun Xingze, and no one will stand by my side.”

He no longer dared to do anything to Yun Xingze. The punishment of detention is like a sword hanging over his head, forcing him to be very careful.

He Haomin was distressed that Su Zinan, who had a lively personality in the past, was forced to be like this. “Susu, you don’t have to compare with him. It’s just an accident that he beat you…”

Su Zinan pursed his lips. “Thank you for comforting me.”

“Susu, I will avenge you.” He Haomin’s eyes became very serious. “In the following games, players with high points are more likely to be matched. As long as I match Yun Xingze, I will definitely smash him to vent anger for you.”

Su Zinan’s lips hooked up as he looked at He Haomin. Quickly concealing the joy from him, he said lightly: “I didn’t ask you do this, don’t involve me.”

He Haomin nodded. “Don’t worry, I’ll just win him in a regular match. No one will say anything. As for any injuries, it’s be because he’s not careful enough.”

He Haomin is an S+ level fighter and was also a member of the school team last year. He was ranked third in the team, and stronger than Ke Lei and Ashley. If there’s no accident, he’s the strongest mecha fighter aside from Luo Wenchuan.1Re: He was 3rd last year. And whoever was 2nd might have graduated, so he should be 2nd this year.

He’s not only much stronger than Su Zinan.

Compared with Yun Xingze’s B-level strength, it’s even more incomparable.

What’s more, what He Haomin used was a rough-skinned storm mecha. With Yun Xingze’s poor mecha, it’s simply a fantasy to damage him.

Generally speaking, when a player above the S-level meets a player below the B-level, they will converge their skills to avoid causing serious physical and mental trauma to their opponents.

An incident happened a few years ago, when a fourth-grade S+ mecha fighter met a B+ mecha fighter. Because the two quarreled before the game, the S+ fighter did not hold back.

In the end, the B+ level player was beaten to the emergency room and nearly caused a major accident.

And He Haomin is obviously full of hostility towards Yun Xingze.

In Su Zinan’s mind, as long as the two of them meet, there’s no doubt He Haomin will win the game with a huge advantage.

Although Su Zinan didn’t dare to do anything to Yun Xingze, he prayed for Yun Xingze to keep winning and eventually meet He Haomin, where he would lose. This can also be regarded as releasing a sigh of relief for him.


Lots of jealous alphas…

And dumb cannon fodder characters for YXZ’s kitty cat.


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    Re: He was 3rd last year. And whoever was 2nd might have graduated, so he should be 2nd this year.
KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels! Click here to join!


  1. Avatar Sadie Woods says:

    SZN is a disaster magnet, a black star, for all the alphas he attracts. I’m looking forward to the fight to get this new idiot put in his place!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      Well, more like CY is a capital I, idiot. And He Haomin is blind, and biased against those from good backgrounds.

  2. Avatar owo worm? says:

    I am really sad about the arrow keys for changing chapters thing because I just used it twice again. I FORGOT!!!! Ripperoni to my 2 previous drafts. Anyways, poor Luo Wenchuan doesn’t know he’s already doing amazing sweetie. By the power of association, Luo Wenchuan = money & mechas = encouraging Yun Xingze to become his best self. And since Yun Xingze isn’t the type to betray existing alliances, he probably wouldn’t mind getting to know Luo Wenchuan better. Just keep trying!
    As for the battle, I’ll give Yun Xingze 35 mins at most to crush the arrogance from He Haomin’s mecha, centimeter by cubic centimeter. Lu Ranxu’s bad habit is contagious, haha.
    Thanks for the chapter!

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      ??? I didn’t know you could flip between chapters with arrow keys. 🙃

      Haha. The funny thing is in YXZ should, in theory, be making 300k monthly from LWC, but he still wants that reward money. Does he even see the $$$ LWC is paying him?

      What is Lu Ranxu’s habit? Betting?

      1. Avatar owo worm? says:

        Trust me, computer users only need their arrow keys to change chapters. The trade-off is never moving the comment cursor with arrow keys. Will you press the button?

        He probably sees it as pocket change or is saving up to go bargain with that poor shopkeeper again x’D

        Yeah, he bet on Yun Xingze, winning tons of forum coins and all the internet clout. Unfortunately we all know he’s the protagonist so the only unpredictable factor is how long he’ll take to win.

        1. komorebi komorebi says:

          Fair enough. I’ve done stupid things with keyboard (mis)presses before. 😅

          Insofar as the plot goes, it sometimes feels as though Lu Ranxu should have a sequel since his character is more complex than it leads. Driving with mecha (in Class E), programming wiz, handstand/gymnastics, and one more thing yet to come. Less of a ‘shuangwen’ and more of one of those cannon fodder success stories. If only… 😩

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