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BATCFO Chapter 37.1

Luo Wenchuan’s gaze fell on the cake in Chi Yu’s hand, and there was a flash of emotion that Chi Yu could not understand.

After a while, Luo Wenchuan asked: “Are you sure he was the one who sent it?”

“Xingze cares about me, so he gave me food.” Chi Yu’s face was cold, eyes flashing with hostility. “Why? Are you envious? It’s a pity, I seem to have heard that you are allergic to omega pheromones, so I am afraid that no omegas are willing to give you cake.”

Luo Wenchuan had no expression on his face as he stared at Chi Yu.

Chi Yu frowned, eyes facing each other, and the air seemed to smell of explosives.


Luo Wenchuan suddenly raised the corners of his lips, turning the conversation, and said profoundly: “Actually, I am not necessarily allergic to all omegas.”

Chi Yu was taken aback. He didn’t quite understand the meaning of Luo Wenchuan’s words. Some information flitted through his mind, but he couldn’t fully grasp it.

Therefore, Chi Yu mocked: “Then I wish you can find an omega you’re not allergic to sooner. In the meantime…”

He stepped forward and stared at Luo Wenchuan: “Keep a distance from Yun Xingze, understand?”

Luo Wenchuan stared at Chi Yu for three seconds, clearing his expression, and then walked past him without paying attention to what he said.

Chi Yu frowned and looked at Luo Wenchuan’s back.

Although he felt it was unlikely for Luo Wenchuan to like Yun Xingze, he didn’t know why he had an inexplicable sense of crisis every time he saw Luo Wenchuan.

Sitting at the table with his back to the door, Yun Xingze thought Chi Yu was back back upon hearing footsteps. Frowning, he turned to look behind him.

He was surprised the next second.

“Boss Luo, why are you here?” Yun Xingze asked curiously. “Do you want to modify your mecha? Do you need my help?”

Luo Wenchuan’s heart was originally a bit stuffy, but when he saw the youth’s white cheeks and bright eyes, the sensation cleared.

He raised his eyebrows: “I’m looking for you.”

Luo Wenchuan looked at Yun Xingze’s optical brain screen at a distance, and asked casually: “What are you studying?”

“I’m studying how do small and medium-sized mechas, like mine, fight large mechas?” Yun Xingze said, “For example, the storm mecha… I have never encountered such large mechas. So just in case it happens, I need to think of a solution.”

“How is the research going?” Luo Wenchuan asked.

Yun Xingze smiled. “I think I’m about to succeed.”

Luo Wenchuan nodded. “If you need any materials, you can tell me directly.”

“Well, good.” Yun Xingze replied.

Then, Yun Xingze put away his optical brain, stood up, walked in front of Luo Wenchuan, looked up at him, and said in a serious tone: “Coming to find me specially, what’s the matter?”

Facing Yun Xingze’s curious and expectant gaze, Luo Wenchuan asked slowly: “Do you have any dissatisfaction with the results of Su Zinan and Chi Yu’s punishment?”

Yun Xingze guessed that Luo Wenchuan would ask this question and replied: “To be honest, I am really not very satisfied with the punishment. But I know you did your best. Chi Yu’s father used his identity to pressure the school, and there is no way… Regardless, thank you for helping me.”

Luo Wenchuan nodded. “No need to thank me. You are my mecha master, I should help you.”

“I’m just your mecha master. You have helped me too much.” Yun Xingze said. “I have nothing to repay you. If you need to modify or repair your mecha, tell me directly. I will try my best.”

Luo Wenchuan made a small “ah”sound as he looked at Yun Xingze hesitantly.

Seeing that Luo Wenchuan seemed to have more questions, Yun Xingze added, “Do you have anything else to say, boss?”

A trace of hesitation was hidden in Luo Wenchuan’s narrow black eyes.

He wanted to ask if Yun Xingze and Chi Yu had their pheromones unbound, but when he heard the words “just your mecha master”, his eyes darkened slightly, and the words seemed to be stuck in his throat.

Yun Xingze felt that Luo Wenchuan was too kind to him, so he owed favors.

But Luo Wenchuan felt that the distance between the two was suddenly widened because of this sentence.

Although for him, Yun Xingze may be the only omega in the whole interstellar that he was not allergic to…

But Yun Xingze didn’t know about this. And the relationship between them was only between senior and junior, boss and hired mechanic.

He really has no position to ask whether the other party’s pheromone has been unbound.

There is no position to ask the other party whether he likes Chi Yu.

Yun Xingze looked at Luo Wenchuan and saw his thin lips moving, his voice fainter than before: “You…”

Yun Xingze looked at Luo Wenchuan and waited patiently for him to continue.

After a while.

Luo Wenchuan closed his eyes. Calm was quickly restored and the emotions in his eyes hidden away as he said: “In the future, you should call me senior.”

Yun Xingze was stunned, and immediately smiled. “Okay.”

Luo Wenchuan concealed his low mood and prepared to turn around and leave, when he heard Yun Xingze say: “Shall we have a meal together, senior?”

Luo Wenchuan was surprised to hear such words. Pausing, he raised his eyes to look at Yun Xingze. his expression was a little surprised, and it took a while before he nodded with an “um”.

As soon as the two appeared in the military academy cafeteria, they attracted the attention of many people.

The rumors that Luo Wenchuan feared omegas were well known. In the past, when he ate, omegas would not appear on the tables around him, and even alphas kept away from him.

But now, Luo Wenchuan was not only eating with other people, but also an omega boy?!

Many people were shocked and speculated about Yun Xingze’s identity.

When they learned that Yun Xingze had quietly become Luo Wenchuan’s mecha master, the shock in their eyes was even more obvious. Yun Xingze’s modification strength is strong enough to be a mecha master for SS-class mecha fighters?

Yun Xingze didn’t expect that eating with Luo Wenchuan would attract so many curious gazes.

Luo Wenchuan ate calmly, without reacting to the surrounding discussion.

“This is for you.” Seeing that the atmosphere was a little cold, Yun Xingze put a piece of meat for Luo Wenchuan. “It’s delicious.”

Luo Wenchuan’s eating motion trembled slightly.

The noisy sounds around also suddenly quieted down.

A second later, he raised his narrow eyes. “Thank you.”

Seeing him eat the piece of meat, Yun Xingze couldn’t help but curl his lips. In his heart he was commenting that Luo Wenchuan’s character is actually not as difficult as he thought to get along with.

Several people next to them whispered.

“Isn’t Luo Wenchuan OCD about cleanliness?”

“I heard that he never eats greasy things…”

“Damn, do my eyes have problems?!”

After lunch, Luo Wenchuan returned to the dormitory. Inside, Ke Lei was dying trying to deal with the aftermath on the forums.

“You’re back.” Ke Lei motioned casually.

Luo Wenchuan glanced at his screen. “Still processing Xingze’s posts?”

“Ah, the school takes this incident very seriously and requires that all posts on the forum involving personal information be processed.”

Ke Lei was looking at the forum posts seriously while eating takeout, and didn’t notice Luo Wenchuan’s use of Yun Xingze’s name.

“Thank you.” Luo Wenchuan said to him.

“It’s okay…” Ke Lei replied vaguely as he chewed.

At this moment, he suddenly saw something. Quickly swallowing, he said with emotion: “Yun xuedi was really affectionate towards Chi Yu before.”

Luo Wenchuan paused midway through opening the bedroom door.

“These posts may have been made by Chi Yu’s classmates.” Ke Lei said while browsing the pictures in the posts. “All of Su Zinan’s posts have been deleted…”

“There are many such posts?”

A cold voice rang above Ke Lei’s head.

Ke Lei was so scared that he turned his head to look around. He didn’t know when Luo Wenchuan appeared behind him.

“Fuck, Dachuan, why are you silent when you walk?” Calming his shocked nerves, Ke Lei answered, “There are not many posts. But there are many pictures of Yun Xingze sending cakes to Chi Yu, which were taken at different times… ”

Luo Wenchuan’s gaze fell on Ke Lei’s optical brain screen, and saw a picture in which Yun Xingze was holding a cake in his hand and handed it to Chi Yu with some embarrassment.

The cake in the picture is exactly the same as the one that Chi Yu showed off in front of Luo Wenchuan.

Ke Lei fingers slid across the post. “The poster may simply envy Chi Yu. Do you want to delete this kind of post…”

Luo Wenchuan’s adam’s apple rolled, his voice a little low:



Sorry if the chapter is split up somewhat weirdly. Ideally, it’d be split at the 1/3, 2/3 points but for word count reasons it wasn’t possible. 🙇‍♂️


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  1. Avatar owo worm? says:

    Yun Xingze would want that embarrassing history deleted anyway. You made the right choice! Thanks for the chapter!

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      I don’t think YXZ would care in his current state. $$$ and mecha are all he cares about.

      1. Avatar owo worm? says:

        That’s true, but the fewer excuses Nuisance #1 has to bother him while he works on mecha the better

  2. Avatar WannaEatTofu says:

    Hello, the next button is directed to broken link. Please fix it. Thankyou for the translation!!

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      Heyo – the next button probably showed as broken since I unpublished the post for a day (it was mis-scheduled). It should be fixed now.

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