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BATCFO Chapter 38.1

More than a month had passed since the Xinghai Academy Mecha Contest began, and the competition was nearing its end.

After beating Su Zinan, Yun Xingze pursued victory all the way, driving his B-class double star mecha, defeating the competition to win one game after another.

In the sixth round, against a B+ comet mecha fighter, Yun Xingze won with his experience against Kaleb, and easily removed the opponent’s robotic arm in only eight minutes.

In the seventh round, against the A-level lightsaber mecha, Yun Xingze won with quick reflexes and skill. Facing the slash of the lightsaber, he did not flinch, and finally won the game in 15 minutes.

In the eighth round, Yun Xingze came across a B+ phantom mecha. It was his first time coming in close contact with the small mecha coated with concealing materials, but he relied on keen observation to survive the first thirteen minutes, and used the particle cannons to knock the invisible opponent out after that.

In the ninth round, Yun Xingze was in a dangerous situation against the A+ level double star mecha, but his understanding of the double star mecha was obviously better than his opponent,. His mechanical beast was also more flexible. The victory was taken in the 18th minute.

Some people think that Yun Xingze’s ability to win Su Zinan and Kaleb is just shit luck, but Yun Xingze told them with his outstanding achievements time and time again that his strength has long surpassed most people.

After the nine rounds, Yun Xingze completed an amazing nine consecutive victories.

In fact, there are five or six others with a nine-game winning streak. But Yun Xingze is not only the only omega among them, but also the lowest level player.

At the same time, Yun Xingze set the bet result for an omega in the Xinghai Academy Mecha Contest, suppassing Su Zinan’s eight wins last year. What’s more remarkable is that he matched again a stronger opponent almost every time.

In the campus forum, the discussion of Yun Xingze has spread from the mecha boards to other areas.

Omegas regard Yun Xingze as an idol.

“Yun Xingze is really awesome. I really want to be like him and chase and fight alphas on the field!”

“We’re all omegas, why is Yun Xingze so good?”

“And he is just a B-level mecha fighter! I feel like I’m okay again.”

“Yes, Yun Xingze proved by strength that a B-level person can win A-level players as long as he can use his brain.”

“His modding ability is also top-notch, I really admire him.”

Unlike Su Zinan’s powerful omega image, Yun Xingze can be said to be the lowest level omega in the military academy. However, he relied on his own ability to obtain worship and recognition from all the other omegas.

Sometimes even on the road, omegas would rush over to ask him questions about mechas, ask him for an autograph, and ask him if he can help mod their mechas.

Yun Xingze will answer some simple questions, but he will decline to sign. As for refitting, he directly said, “I am Luo Wenchuan’s exclusive mechanic, and I do not take personal work.”

So those omegas who begged him for help refitting all showed the expression of seeing a ghost, gritted their teeth, and complained: “Why did you become a mecha engineer for Luo Wenchuan?”

The words faintly hinted it was a waste for Yun Xingze.

After all, Luo Wenchuan is a cold iceberg who fears omegas, and will definitely treat this ‘omega hero’ harshly!

There have been many discussion on the forum talking about this issue. Alpha, beta, and omega alike, they are all very interested in this matter.

“My god, is Yun Xingze really working as a mecha master for Luo Wenchuan?”

“It’s true, I saw them eating together in the cafeteria last time.”

“It seems that Luo Wenchuan wants to break through the SS level.”

“Sure enough, only the strongest mecha fighter can have the strongest mecha master.”

“Isn’t Luo Wenchuan afraid of omegas? Why does he want to grab Yun Xingze from us!”

“Curious about what conditions Luo Wenchuan gave Yun Xingze.”

It’s not difficult to see from the replies that everyone envied and hated Luo Wenchuan.

In a military academy, everyone wants to improve their strength, and a powerful mecha master is not always available for money. Any mecha masters with a little bit of strength outside the school have been poached military long ago; how can there be any opportunities for students?

“Xingze, you are too popular in the forum these days.” Lu Ranxu said to Yun Xingze. “I feel that three out of every five posts are about you, and the remaining two are Luo Wenchuan.”

“Ah, really?” Yun Xingze wasn’t very interested. He was also a super popular mecha master in his previous life, so there’s nothing to be surprised about.

“Aren’t you happy at all?” Lu Ranxu asked in amazement, “Even if you aren’t interested in being popular, you’re a popular candidate for the school team now.”

At present, there are only six people who have won nine games in a row. Aside from Yun Xingze, four of the other five people are S-level or above, namely Luo Wenchuan, He Haomin, Ke Lei, and Ashley, and the remaining one was Chi Yu.

Ten of Chi Yu’s game points were deducted due to last year’s water releasing incident, so on the boards, it only counts as him winning eight matches. He can ruled out.

“In other words…” Lu Ranxu swallowed his meal, opened his mouth, and looked directly as his friend. “You’re tied with the other four S-level and above players in the school.”

Yun Xingze was stunned. He had never thought of entering the school team, nor had he paid attention to the rankings.

In his eyes, there is only the 500,000 star coin reward after ten consecutive victories.

Lu Ranxu was so excited that he almost snapped the chopsticks in his hand, his joy almost reaching his eyebrows. “Xingze, you’re amazing! As long as you don’t encounter the four S-level abnormalities in the last round, then you will truly become a l-e-g-e-n-d1The -‘s are denoting him pausing or emphasing the word in Xinghai Academy!”

Yun Xingze didn’t quite understand why Lu Ranxu was so excited.

However, for the 500,000 coins, he still smiled, and said to Lu Ranxu: “I also hope not to meet them.”

He can still fight those opponents below S-level. A+ is already hard enough. If he meets one of the four strongest, then he estimates he will have to say farewell to the 500,000 bonus.

“Don’t worry, Xingze.” Lu Ranxu took a drink to comfort Yun Xingze, “You can’t have such bad luck. If you really match the four perverts, I will perform a handstand and drink a drink!”

Yun Xingze grabbed his cup and clinked glasses with him. “Thank you for your blessings.”


A day later.

In a room in the omega male dormitory building.

The atmosphere was a bit solemn.

“How?” Yun Xingze frowned and looked at the grouping list on the optical brain screen, his tone was full of confusion. “How did I match He Haomin in the last round so coincidentally?”

“Gulu gulu…”2Onomatopeia. Think of the sounds

Lu Ranxu was standing upside down on his hands in a corner, rolling his eyes while sucking a long straw inserted in a glass bottle.

After a while, he spit out the straw and gritted his teeth: “Never mind the others, He Haomin? That guy who rushed out to spoil things when Su Zinan was kowtowing to you… how could it be him?”

“Don’t stay like that. You have already drank three bottles. You just want to drink, right?” Yun Xingze held his forehead somewhat helplessly. “Get down quickly.”

Lu Ranxu finished his inverted posture, clearing the empty bottles on the ground, and curled his lips: ” Xingze, what He Haomin drives is a storm mecha. You seem to have never encountered before.”

“Indeed…” Yun Xingze frowned. “Plus he’s a S-level opponent. It’s a bit tricky now.”

“The trickiest thing is that He Haomin seems to be a little hostile towards you.” Lu Ranxu looked worried. “If he is as crazy as Kaleb, what will you do?”

Yun Xingze fell into silence, with too many thoughts in his eyes Lu Ranxu couldn’t understand.

“By the way, although my game is not very good.” Lu Ranxu switched the topic. “However, I have worked out a software these days that can measure the winning rate of the match.”

Yun Xingze looked up at him in surprise. “Do you still have this ability?”

“I am very good at programming.” Lu Ranxu said while turning on his optical brain. “Actually, I wanted to use this software before the game…”

“To improve your game winning rate?” Yun Xingze asked seriously. “Ranxu, you’re really…”

“In order to win more forum coins.” Lu Ranxu replied casually. “So what if I know the winning percentage, I’ll still end up losing.”

The corners of Yun Xingze’s mouth twitched.

He suddenly felt that the software seemed unreliable.

At this time, Lu Ranxu opened his software, entered Yun Xingze’s data into the software, and at the same time entered Su Zinan’s data in the “Opponent” column.

Finally, the software displayed:

[Yun Xingze vs Su Zinan, the winning percentage: 62.25%.]

Seeing the numbers, Yun Xingze was shocked.

This winning percentage was similar to what he had estimated after modding his mecha at the time.

Later, Lu Ranxu tested the PK winning rate of Yun Xingze and Kaleb, which also reached more than 60%.

“Ranxu, you are really a talent,” Yun Xingze said with admiration. He was also a bit conflicted at the same time. “So at that time, the forum currency was all-in on me because of this software?”

“That’s not the case, I still felt that the software was not accurate at the time. Well, it’s mainly because I believe you.”

Lu Ranxu said while replacing Su Zinan’s data with He Haomin’s. “I collected He Haomin’s data from the official website. There are also some national competition videos. I don’t dare its guaranteed to be 100% correct, but it should be close.”

Yun Xingze’s expression became serious.

When inputting He Haomin’s mecha data, Lu Ranxu couldn’t help but vomit: “This surname is He, how come his mechas are all parts produced by your Yun Family Changsheng mecha company, and it’s still brand new… is he a mecha fan of the company?”

“I don’t know.” Yun Xingze was also stunned. “But the accessories of the Yun family aren’t cheap. He Haomin, who came from a barren star, can actually afford so many accessories?”

Lu Ranxu pressed to confirm, and the screen displays “The result is being calculated.”

Numerous fluorescent green number scrolls at an innumerable speed on the screen.

Yun Xingze swallowed.

[Result calculation is complete.]

[Yun Xingze vs He Haomin, the winning percentage: 1.21%.]

“One…” Lu Ranxu’s eyes widened in surprise. “One percent?!”

Yun Xingze’s heart quickly sank to the bottom.

He didn’t know how Lu Ran Xu’s software was developed, but judging from the other tests, it’s still somewhat reliable.

Moreover, he knew that He Haomin was indeed a difficult enemy to deal with.

However, even Yun Xingze was surprised at the 1.21% win rate.

“Is He Haomin so strong…” Lu Ranxu was scared and muttered. “If there is only such a win rate, it’s better to just abstain…”

Yun Xingze closed his eyes and opened them. His original shock was gone, and replaced with firmness and seriousness. “At least there is a 1.21% win rate, isn’t there?”

Startled, Lu Ranxu looked at Yun Xingze, as if he didn’t expect Yun Xingze to say such words.

But this is indeed Yun Xingze’s style.

“Before the last round of the competition, there are three days of rest.” Lu Ranxu looked at Yun Xingze with a solemn expression. “Xingze, you must find a way to increase your win rate.”

Yun Xingze nodded slowly and firmly.


I told you YXZ loves money above all else! He wants to win, not for the data collection, or the challenge, but the cha-ching! 😂

And Lu Ranxu, gotta love that kid. Drinking 3 bottles (for fun perhaps) while handstanding…


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  • 1
    The -‘s are denoting him pausing or emphasing the word
  • 2
    Onomatopeia. Think of the sounds
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  1. Avatar Hadrian says:

    Thanks for the chapter! Will YXZ win? I’m getting anxious here, my logical brain told me he’s gonna win cause he got the MC halo, but then again, if I’m the author I might just fail him so we can get some character development. Aarrghhh!

    Btw, translator, what is the actual update schedule? Barring bonus chapters, of course.

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      Release schedule is 2x weekly, barring bonus chapters.
      Usually 1 chapter on or before Wednesday, and another around Friday. With bonuses, it might look like TWF or TThF for example. In the end, depends on when I get to translating and how much backlog there is across projects.

  2. Thanks for the chapter! Money money money… Can you hear the ABBA song refrain in your head, lol? I’m with the MC on that one, who cares about chatter & nonsense, money matters these days!

  3. Avatar owo worm? says:

    If that S-tier rando thinks he can stand in the way of Yun Xingze and his 500k, he’s gonna have another thing coming. It’s hype time for Yun Xingze’s next groundbreaking invention!!! Thank you for the chapter!

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      You’re welcome. (Also, re: you might want to go back and read 37.2, since I accidentally released it before 38.1) 😅

      1. Avatar owo worm? says:

        Oh dang, I just caught that! Also, you can delete my comment on the previous chapter bc I accidentally put spoilers for this chapter in it.

  4. Avatar kazuscookie says:

    why is he haomin still deluded by zinan’s white lotus act tho ugh i hope xingze wins

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      He Haomin is the true definition of cannon fodder in this story. He’s ranked #1 (or 2) in terms of uselessness/role/fodder-ish-ness.

  5. Avatar Panda Eyes says:

    Umm, i’m a bit confused here

    After 37.1 is 38.1
    So there is no 37.2??

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      Ahhh – thank you for the catch! I must have accidentally forgotten the schedule 38.1.
      Err… Yeah, so I’ll release 37.2 now. You guys get another chapter.

  6. Avatar 917brat says:

    I just found this story and website and am already hooked to this story it is really amazing. I seriosuly can not wait to see how everything is going to go, please keep it up.

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      Welcome! I’m glad you’re enjoying the ride and this translation. 🙂

  7. Avatar A S.M says:

    Thank you very much♡♡♡♡

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      You’re very welcome! 😄

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