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BATCFO Chapter 35.1

After Su Zinan’s actions against Yun Xingze were exposed, the people who originally supported him turned their backs. Especially those who scolded Yun Xingze following Su Zinan’s black posts realized that they had been taken advantage of at the time.

Su Zinan’s breathing tightened at the full-screen title of <Su Zinan Get Out of Xinghai Academy>. Trembling, he clicked into the post, seeing all the replies condemning him.

“I was really blind. At that time, I thought that Su Zinan was the freshest and most unpretentious omega. I even asked to learn from him; it really makes me want to vomit.”

“How can Su Zinan be so hypocritical? Pretending to be a passerby when writing those posts blackening Yun Xingze, I think he’s a huangquan passerby1黄泉路人: Term used to describe an opponent who pretends to be a passerby, and also to curse someone to go do huangquan (or die)!”

“Who said he is a new era independent omega? He’s clearly a sinister villain!”

“Is he trying to promote his personality with so many posts? Really knows how to play. Don’t say he’s the pride of all omegas, he is a disgrace to the entire Xinghai Academy!”

“He’s even able to come up with such absurd ways to slander someone. Can’t believe I even praised him before. Bleh!2“Bleh” here in place of ‘我呸’ or I spit. I spit didn’t fit right in English.

“Looks like Su Zinan really is a super green tea bitch, even able to trick so many people.”

“He even stresses how he’s brothers with other alphas, I dread this term now.”

“Relying on Chi Yu to release water to become the school team’s substitute. How shameful. He should retire quickly.”

This forum once praised Su Zinan as the school’s omega pioneer and a role model for all omegas. Now, only words of condemnation fell into Su Zinan’s eyes, and his emotions suddenly collapsed.

Su Zinan turned off the optical brain, staring at Yun Xingze with red eyes, and spoke tremblingly: “Yun Xingze, how dare you do this to me? Chi Yu is the son of the general. He will settle all this for me. He will definitely help me…”

“Chi Yu?” Yun Xingze raised his eyebrows. “He should take care of himself first.”

Although releasing water in the school mecha competition may have small consequences, once it attracts the entire school’s attention, the consequences will definitely be serious.

Speaking of Cao Cao, Cao Cao appears.3It’s a phrase saying about speaking about someone and them appearing on the scene. Cao Cao is a fictional character from Romance of the Three Kingdoms, a well-known historical fiction. Chi Yu appeared with an unpleasant face, striding towards Su Zinan and Yun Xingze.

Seeing Chi Yu appearing, Su Zinan immediately changed his appearance and said to Yun Xingze: “Xingze xuedi, you don’t have to do this to me? Even if I have more supporters than you, you can’t pour dirty water on me from jealousy…”

Before his words finished, with a “pop”, a slap fell on Su Zinan’s face.

It was Chi Yu.

Su Zinan was caught off guard. Covering his face, his eyes were full of shock.

Yun Xingze and Lu Ranxu on the side were also taken aback.

Su Zinan looked at Chi Yu and yelled in disbelief: “Brother Yu… you actually hit me for Yun Xingze?!”

“I only found out today why so many people are hostile towards Xingze.” Chi Yu coldly raised his eyebrows. “I always thought it was of his own doing, but now it seems that they are all your masterpieces, Su Zinan.”

The last couple of words were almost gnashed his teeth.

On the first day of Yun Xingze’s enrollment, someone ridiculed Chi Yu, saying that Yun Xingze “married into the military academy”.

After Yun Xingze participated in the physical and mental tests, his transcripts spread quickly and became the laughing stock of everyone. Many people ran up to Chi Yu and said to him, “Your fiancé is from the omega academy, right.”

Later, Yun Xingze proposed to Chi Yu to dissolve the marriage contract, and the mocking words “Yun Xingze is a returned good” widely circulated among second-year students. Chi Yu, himself, has always been reluctant to mention this topic, so it was strange knowing why so many people knew about it.

Chi Yu doesn’t like Yun Xingze. One very important reason is that everyone around him hates Yun Xingze. Therefore, he is ashamed and uncomfortable whenever he walks with Yun Xingze.

And all this was actually planned by Su Zinan.

“Brother Yu, do you like this guy?” Su Zinan’s tears fell as he pointed to Yun Xingze. “This kind of omega, why are you speaking for him?!”

Chi Yu pressed his lips tightly and looked at Su Zinan’s eyes full of cold intent.

Su Zinan continued: “Brother Yu, we were teammates upon entering school. The first time we formed a team, you said that we are the most intimate teammates, and have formed such a deep friendship…”

“Then why did you do that?” Chi Yu clenched his fingers and shouted loudly, “Why did you treat Yun Xingze like that?! I thought you were different from other omegas. You were simple and easy to get along with, but I didn’t expect you to be so vicious!”

Su Zinan trembled from being reprimanded. Biting his lip and closing his eyes, large tears continued falling, appearing pitiful. But he did not answer the question.

At this time, Luo Wenchuan and Ke Lei had also arrived.

Yun Xingze looked coldly at Su Zinan who was crying. “Have you finished your show?”

“I’m sorry, Yun Xingze. I apologize to you.” Su Zinan’s voice was a little hoarse, and he took the initiative to show weakness. “I did send those posts, but I never took the initiative to say anything bad about you. I just asked questions. If you don’t believe me, you can take a closer look. I really didn’t scolded you, you don’t have to treat me like this…”

“Have you said enough!” Lu Ranxu interrupted him angrily. “Su Zinan, you deliberately posted those posts to provoke other people to abuse Xingze. You must be very proud whenever they scolded Xingze?!”

“Even so, but Yun Xingze has already retaliated against me!” Su Zinan sobbed. “He posted my personal affairs on the forum, and now everyone is scolding me! If this was his purpose, he should be satisfied?!”

A voice came from the side: “I made the post. It has nothing to do with Xingze xuedi.”

The speaker was Ke Lei.

Yun Xingze was stunned.

“Before I only suspected you to post such disgusting things, but I saw other evidence in Dachuan’s room.” Ke Lei stared at Su Zinan with a large frown. “Su Zinan, there’s solid evidence of you slandering Xingze xuedi. And last year’s game, people on our school team have always suspected that Chi Yu released water for you, and now they have found the evidence.”

Ke Lei’s voice was full of disgust towards Su Zinan as he explained word by word. “I thought it was necessary to share with everyone and to explain to them, so I did not discuss with Yun Xingze xuedi before posting on the forum.”

The reason why Ke Lei said this was because Luo Wenchuan shared he did not want Yun Xingze to be involved in the forum turmoil and experience other unforeseen accidents again.

“So you blocked my account…” Su Zinan tightened his fingers. “Ke Lei, we’re all from the school team. You attacking insiders and favoring outside…”

“If I didn’t block your account, the post slandering Yun Xingze for releasing pheromones to seduce alphas in the backroom, I’m afraid it would have spread out ago.” Ke Lei retorted coldly.

Hearing this, Chi Yu looked at Su Zinan in shock. “You even wanted to post that kind of post? Didn’t we discuss that it’s just a private matter between the three of us, and won’t be known to others?!”

Su Zinan’s face was dark. A trace of regret finally appeared in his eyes, and he finally seemed to realize the seriousness of the matter.

Thus, Su Zinan cried like pear blossoms in the rain, asking Yun Xingze: “Xingze xuedi, what do I have to do for you to be satisfied?”

“Quit school and return to the barren star.”

The speaker was Luo Wenchuan.

He looked at Su Zinan with long narrow eyes. His words were short and powerful, and each one was bitterly cold.

Su Zinan’s legs softened upon hearing this, and he almost collapsed. He held Chi Yu’s arm and trembled: “Brother Yu, I don’t want to drop out of school, I don’t want to be sent back to a barren star… Brother Yu, save me.”

The eyes of the audience gathered on Chi Yu and Su Zinan.

“Brother Yu, do you remember the first time we attended the Rose Rain Forest game?” Su Zinan swallowed and looked at Chi Yu expectantly. “A star beast almost bit you, and I blocked it for you. During the national competition, we cooperated in the 3v3 team match tacitly. I defeated the comet mecha that wanted to sneak up on you, and we finally won the opponent in a crushing manner…”

Su Zinan played the ‘pity’ emotional card.

Chi Yu looked at Su Zinan coldly, closed his eyes, and said after a moment: “Su Zinan, you give Yun Xingze ten kowtows, right now.”

Su Zinan did not expect that Chi Yu would be so cruel.

His eyes were a little swollen from crying. He had never felt as ashamed even when losing a game.

But he still did.

Su Zinan knelt down in front of Yun Xingze with a “plop”. Holding back tears, he squeezed his fingers, taking in a deep breath, clenching his teeth as he knocked his forehead against the ground: “I’m sorry, Xingze xuedi.”

Just as Su Zinan was kowtowing to admit his mistake, a figure rushed into the backstage. They immediately supported Su Zinan, then frowned and looked at Yun Xingze: “This classmate, as two omegas, why are you being so cruel to Susu?”

Yun Xingze was a little confused seeing the stranger and asked Lu Ranxu: “Who is this person?”

“I don’t know…”

“He Haomin, this matter has nothing to do with you. Why are you mixing in?!” Ke Lei’s eyes widened. “Su Zinan did that kind of thing, and you actually want to defend him?”

He Haomin was also a member of the school team last year. Aside from Chi Yu, he was the alpha with the best relationship with Su Zinan.

“I know he did something wrong, but he is an omega after all.” He Haomin looked at Yun Xingze and said, “Furthermore, Susu is from a barren star. I also come from a barren star. Coming from a distant barren star to the Emperor Star requires experiencing nine deaths, how can he go back?”

Su Zinan sniffed his tears back and looked at He Haomin. “Senior Haomin, I did something wrong. I should bear the result.” His voice carried infinite grievances.

Distressed appeared in He Haomin’s eyes. He looked at Yun Xingze and Lu Ranxu, and said coldly: “Being an omega in a military school is already not easy, especially omegas from barren stars. Why do you two still do this?”

Lu Ranxu was so angry he wanted to kick him. “What the hell are you talking about? Omega or not, Su Zinan smeared Yun Xingze, and should kowtow to apologize!”

“Yun Xingze xuedi, Susu is only discrediting your reputation.” He Haomin frowned. “You’ve already demolished his mecha, and he is now in danger of dropping out and returning to a barren star! Do you know how big of a blow this is for an omega?!”

Luo Wenchuan frowned and stepped forward to speak, but Yun Xingze opened his mouth first: “If you really think omegas don’t have it easy in military schools, please don’t continue to protect Su Zinan. If every omega’s hard-earned reputation on the field is destroyed in Su Zinan’s hands, it will be unfair to all other omegas who are serious and hard-working.”

Yun Xingze is usually detached and calm. Even in the face of an idiot Chi Yu, he would at best taunt them.

But what He Haomin did made his heart burn with anger.

When training in the mental training room until he collapsed from pain. When he was questioned by alphas inside and outside the arena. When his body was affected by estrus and it was hard to fight… Yun Xingze deeply realized the hardships of an omega surviving in a military academy.

But this is definitely not a reason to condone Su Zinan.

“You don’t need to kowtow to apologize,” Yun Xingze looked at Su Zinan coldly, and said word by word. “I don’t need such a cheap apology. But you must be responsible for everything you do.”

The last words were thrown to the ground, causing Su Zinan to tremble slightly.

At this moment, Su Zinan seemed to forget the fact that Yun Xingze was also an omega.

From Yun Xingze’s eyes, he saw a firmness, determination, and fierceness he had never seen before.

After speaking, Yun Xingze seemed to be too lazy to even look at Su Zinan, and left the backstage area directly.

“The school has launched an investigation team about you and Chi Yu,” Luo Wenchuan looked down and looked at Su Zinan coldly. “Please go.”

Su Zinan leaned on He Haomin, his face pale. “Senior Haomin, thank you for helping me today…”

“Yun Xingze deceived too many people…” He Haomin whispered in Su Zinan’s ear. “I will definitely avenge you.”

However, Su Zinan’s thoughts are all on Chi Yu. He pushed He Haomin away, and grabbed onto Chi Yu’s pants: “Brother Yu, no matter what, you must help me…”

Chi Yu looked at Su Zinan’s eyes full of disgust.

It was the look he showed whenever he saw Yun Xingze. Su Zinan couldn’t be more familiar with it.

Su Zinan’s heart sank into the dark abyss, fully realizing the feeling of rejected could be so uncomfortable.


Dun, dun, dun.


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  • 1
    黄泉路人: Term used to describe an opponent who pretends to be a passerby, and also to curse someone to go do huangquan (or die)
  • 2
    “Bleh” here in place of ‘我呸’ or I spit. I spit didn’t fit right in English.
  • 3
    It’s a phrase saying about speaking about someone and them appearing on the scene. Cao Cao is a fictional character from Romance of the Three Kingdoms, a well-known historical fiction.
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