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BATCFO Chapter 29.2

Su Zinan and Chi Yu failed to deal with Yun Xingze. Instead, Director Huang and Carl ran into big troubles and soon faced investigation and accountability from the school board.

They immediately regretted doing Chi Yu this favor, and wished to get rid of the relationship with them immediately.

Chi Yu’s face was very ugly as he asked Director Huang, “Are you confused? That kid from Luo Wenchuan is from a barren star. He has no family background…”

“Don’t say this kind of thing again!” Director Huang was frustrated. “Chi Yu, I’ve been cheated by you this time! You two quickly get out!”

When he thought that Luo Wenchuan would report him to the school board, his legs trembled. A cold sweat broke out.

Director Huang suddenly remembered something, and wanted to go find Yun Xingze to apologize to him, but found that both Yun Xingze and Luo Wenchuan had left, and he was very regretful.

Su Zinan rolled his eyes. “Even if Luo Wenchuan has such a big face on the school board, it is not as good as Chi Yu. Director Huang, you are too timid…”

“And you!” Director Huang pointed to Su Zinan angrily. “Do you think you are very smart?! If Luo Wenchuan has no skills and methods, how could he be inextricably linked to the school board!”

Both Su Zinan and Chi Yu were stunned. On the side, Carl already began composing a review, trying to save himself from dropping out.

“Isn’t Luo Wenchuan just…” Su Zinan wanted to say something, but he suddenly remembered the side account that had been blocked from the forum. For a moment, all the words were stuck in his throat, and his eyes widened in shock.

“Get out!” Director Huang was angry when he saw them, and he pushed these people out. “Irritating to death!”

However, he did not expect that the humble first-year freshman could actually catch Luo Wenchuan’s appreciation.

This time it was really unlucky…

Wiping sweat from his forehead, Director Huang dialed the principal’s number, nodding and bowing his head. “Principal, I may have made a mistake in my work recently…”

Yun Xingze left the school. On the way back to the dormitory, he ran into Zhuo Feiyue and Lu Ranxu.

“Xingze, someone slandered you?!” Lu Ranxu asked anxiously. “The green tea bitch Su Zinan must have done it! I’ll go to him now…”

“Senior Luo Wenchuan testified for me, and he said the school board will continue with the investigation.” Yun Xingze stopped Lu Ranxu. “As for Su Zinan, he will definitely not end well.”

Zhuo Feiyue breathed a sigh of relief when he heard this. When he heard about this, he thought it was too late, not expecting Luo Wenchuan to act so quickly.

It seems that he is still very concerned about this 95% match.

Lu Ranxu noticed Zhuo Feiyue who was “uncle smile” on the side, and stared at him: “Teacher Zhuo, what are you smiling at! What’s so funny about this!”

“Ahem, I just think that Luo Wenchuan is worthy as all omega’s dream alpha.” Zhuo Feiyue began to praise Luo Wenchuan here and there. “Being impartial and efficient. The most important thing is being handsome and tall. And I heard he also takes care of people in private…”

“Stop, stop,” Yun Xingze frowned, looking at Zhuo Feiyue with a bewildered face. “Why are you so clear? People who don’t know would think you are Luo Wenchuan’s father…”

Zhuo Feiyue was shocked upon hearing such words. “What are you talking about! How could I be the country… How could I be his father! This joke can’t be made!”

“Why can’t this be made.” Lu Ranxu showed a full question mark on his face. “Could it be that Luo Wenchuan is an imperial family member?”

Zhuo Feiyue: “…”

After a moment of silence, Zhuo Feiyue looked at Yun Xingze and asked, “Then did he say anything to you?”

“He said that he wanted to ask me to be his mecha master.” Yun Xingze scratched his head. “But he also said that I should think about it and don’t need to make a decision right away.”

Lu Ranxu dropped his chin in shock, and only reacted after half a day. “Luo, Luo Wenchuan… asked you to be his mecha master? Isn’t he afraid of omegas?!”

Yun Xingze was also a little at a loss. “Yes, isn’t he afraid of omegas…”

“Cough, Xiao Yun, you should really think about it.” Zhuo Feiyue said seriously. “This is related to your… er, your mecha career.”1T/N: I suspect Zhuo Feiyue wanted to say this is related to your future happiness/relationship (with LWC)

Yun Xingze nodded without knowing, and said slowly: “If he really is sincere in hiring me, I will seriously consider this matter.”

After all, he is grateful for Luo Wenchuan helping him time and time again.

But this is a job. It is not something that can be done out of gratitude. It requires both parties to understand each other.

Once he becomes Luo Wenchuan’s exclusive mecha master, he will face the other party’s ‘omega phobia’ and a very large workload. At the same time, it will also involve the strength of the ‘school team’s strongest fighter’, which is a serious matter.

As for the salary, he doesn’t care. He can just repay the other party.

After Yun Xingze made a decision, he was about to meet to give Luo Wenchuan a reply, but encountered an unexpected thing.

Lu Ranxu faced Su Zinan in the fourth round.

After learning the news, Lu Ranxu was not convinced at first, and then he was refreshed, and said to Yun Xingze: “Xingze, I must avenge you and blow up that green tea bitch’s dog head!”

Yun Xingze was not optimistic about this. “Ranxu, Su Zinan… is strong, You must be careful when dealing with him.”

After all, Su Zinan was the strongest omega last year. His ranking in the Mecha Contest was just 10th in the school, and served as a substitute for the school team.

Both Su Zinan and Lu Ranxu drove meteor mechas.

But Lu Ranxu was only a freshman in Class E, with a B-level mecha driving ability. He lost one of his first three fights.

Su Zinan’s driving ability is A-class, and he won his first three fights.

“Why are you afraid of him?” Lu Ranxu wished to beat Su Zinan right away. “Xingze, I know what he did to you. I can’t swallow this one. I must let him know that he is not the only omega who can drive mecha!”

Yun Xingze didn’t expect Lu Ranxu to say this. He was stunned, and a little moved. “Ranxu, thank you. Let’s do this, I will modify the mecha for you, although it may not be too late…”

When Lu Ranxu saw Yun Xingze’s eyes move, he hid his worry, and slowly said: “Xingze, I know what you are thinking. Su Zinan is really strong, but I promise I will fight him until the last second.”

Yun Xingze heard the words and stopped considering other things. He couldn’t help hugging Lu Ranxu with a solemn tone. “Come on, I will definitely watch this game.”

So Yun Xingze devoted all his attention and thoughtfully modified Lu Ranxu’s mecha. He did not respond to Luo Wenchuan’s invitation for the time being.

Lu Ranxu is different from Yun Xingze. His mental power has stayed at level B for a long time. Although he usually practices very hard, his speed is limited and his mental power is also average. It is impossible to control mechas beyond his level.

Therefore, when refitting, Yun Xingze dare not use too complicated materials, lest the driving difficulty of the mecha exceeded Lu Ranxu’s driving ability.

He and Lu Ranxu studied Su Zinan’s game and found one thing. That is, although Su Zinan’s behavior is offensive, he has a vicious vigor and often catches opponents off guard on the court.

“I’ve heard that Su Zinan, like Luo Wenchuan, was born as a barren star.” Lu Ranxu frowned slightly after watching the game. “People like them all grew up in darkness and melee, and their fighting styles are all quick and fast with very cruel moves.”

Yun Xingze also knows the plot of the original book . Su Zinan is indeed a black heart lotus from a barren star. He often used tactics in the original book and almost no one is his opponent.

“Ranxu, you are not bad.” Yun Xingze looked at Lu Ranxu and said, “Although your mecha driving ability is not as strong as his, it is fine to fight for ten minutes… But I want to remind you one thing.”

Speaking of this, Yun Xingze paused, and said with a serious expression: “Once you are at a disadvantage for more than eight minutes, you must consider ending the game. Meteor mechas fight at long range, and in case you fall at a disadvantage, with Su Zinan’s style… he won’t let you go.”

“Well, I know it in my heart.” Lu Ranxu nodded seriously.

After Yun Xingze helped Lu Ranxu analyze Su Zinan’s fighting style and modified some parts and functions of his mecha, the fourth round of the contest soon arrived.

Yun Xingze’s opponent in the fourth round was a B+ level beta girl. He won more easily than last time. The time interval was even shorter, because he was anxious to watch Lu Ranxu’s game.

After arriving at Arena A, Yun Xingze saw that Lu Ranxu and Su Zinan’s fight had already lasted three minutes.

Su Zinan’s mecha and skill should be ahead of Lu Ranxu, and it is obvious that he had the upper hand from the beginning.

People around are praising Su Zinan.

“Su Zinan is really amazing, he deserves to be the strongest omega.”

“His meteor mecha2In the original, it says double star and should be a typo. Changed it to meteor mecha since that’s what SZZ drives. driving ability has reached A+, right? I guess he will be a member of the school team this year.”

“He’s too strong. Such an omega is simply not seen.”

Yun Xingze was so nervous that he held his breath as the fighting on the field became more and more intense. His heart was also hanging in the air.

The battle between the two meteor mechas is gorgeous.

Su Zinan fired artillery fire at Lu Ranxu continuously, like the starlight on a bright day, with extreme aggressiveness. The high-temperature destructive gun and the low-temperature deceleration gun alternately attacked Lu Ranxu’s mecha, while the latter was evading and searching for an opportunity to fight back.

Finally, when Su Zinan was about to change the muzzle, Lu Ranxu dodged his high-energy ion cannon at an extremely tricky angle, jumped, and shot Su Zinan’s head a few shots.

“Damn, how did that mecha suddenly become faster!”

“This is unscientific! Wasn’t it very slow just now?”

“That action doesn’t look like a B-level at all!”

“Is Su Zinan going to receive a headshot?!”

Only Yun Xingze knew that this was modified for Lu Ranxu. After bypassing the mecha’s jet device and gunfire starting device, a remarkable effect brought by it.

However, Su Zinan was worthy of being an A+ level combatant. He reacted quickly and seized the opportunity to counterattack. Soon, several artillery fires hit the leg of Lu Ranxu’s mecha!

Yun Xingze’s eyes widened.

The time has run to eight minutes, Lu Ranxu is now clearly at a disadvantage and should give up the game.

However, beyond Yun Xingze’s expectation, the mecha that was hit in the leg endured the pain and continued to fight back while avoiding artillery fire, and successfully hit Su Zinan’s mecha!

However, this artillery fire seemed to be a droplet in a bucket, and Lu Ranxu still fell into a deeper and deeper mire.

Su Zinan refused to show mercy, and continued to launch a fierce attack on Lu Ranxu’s injured leg. He sneered inside the mecha, and wanted to hit Lu Ranxu until Lu Ranxu couldn’t walk.

One shot, one shot, and another shot.

Yun Xingze’s breathing became more and more rapid. He looked at Lu Ranxu’s mecha anxiously and worriedly, but he did not see him surrender.

At the fifteenth minute of the match, Lu Ranxu’s mecha knelt on the ground, but he still stubbornly raised the cannon opening of his arm to face Su Zinan’s artillery fire with full firepower.

“What the hell is that guy going to do?”

“I think… he wants to lower Su Zinan’s performance points.”

“Damn, that’s the way it is!”

Yun Xingze swallowed, and he couldn’t help shouting: “Lu Ranxu! Don’t do it!”

However, his voice was drowned in the noisy cheers around — Su Zinan had already won the game.

Lu Ranxu was in pain from being beaten. After he got out of the mecha, he almost couldn’t stand firmly. Su Zinan raised his chin proudly at him, mocking: “Omegas like you and Yun Xingze are only worthy to go to the Omega Academy to study cooking and laundry, do you understand?”


Yun Xingze + Lu Ranxu are adorable, particularly how one pits Zhuo Feiyue and the other guesses LWC’s background effortlessly.


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  • 1
    T/N: I suspect Zhuo Feiyue wanted to say this is related to your future happiness/relationship (with LWC)
  • 2
    In the original, it says double star and should be a typo. Changed it to meteor mecha since that’s what SZZ drives.
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            Tch… What a waste of opportunities. Wish I was in this fic, then they can give em to me and I’ll air out the dirty laundry

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