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BATCFO Chapter 30

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Lu Ranxu held back the pain as he gasped slightly. Looking at Su Zinan, he suddenly sneered: “So what if you win. Can your performance score exceed 0.5?”

There are two types of points in the Mecha Contest: victory points and performance points. After each game, you will get 10 points for winning and based on one’s performance, the referees will give performance points between 0 and 1.

In other words, up to 110 points can be earned in ten games. However, the evaluation of performance points is very complicated. It is judged based on various factors such as the length of the battle, the degree of damage to the mecha, and the strength of the opponent, so there is generally no one who has a full score.

A performance score of 0.7 or higher is a relatively good result.

And this time, the battle took longer and Su Zinan’s opponent’s level was lower than him. The most important thing was that his mecha was hit by Lu Ranxu multiple times, leaving deep and shallow bullet marks. Therefore, his performance score is basically impossible to be higher than 0.5.

Su Zinan looked at the damage marks left on his meteor mecha. Gritting his teeth, he turned around to rush at Lu Ranxu in anger. “Even you dare say this? I have won four games in a row. It is a no-brainer to join the school team. It’s just a little bit of performance points, do you think it will affect me?”

Lu Ranxu was seriously injured and almost unable to hold on. He fell to his knees with a “plop”. The referee hurriedly called for the medical robot and medical staff to carry him into the backstage lounge and give him first aid.

Su Zinan put away his mecha, then entered the backstage. Walking to the pale-faced Lu Ranxu, he looked at him condescendingly, and slowly spoke: “Are you okay, Lu xuedi? Don’t do this next time because you are jealous of your opponent. You’ll only suffer if you don’t have the strength.”

Lu Ranxu was angry as he bitterly glared Su Zinan. “You’d better pray that you don’t meet Xingze. I’d like to see you how far you can go!”

“Yun Xingze?” Su Zinan chuckled when he heard the name. “The same one who failed the entrance examination, rejected by his fiance, rejected by his family, and complained I stole from him? That piece of trash?”

Lu Ranxu angrily retorted: “He has made great progress. And he’s the one who took the initiative to dissolve the marriage contract! Su Zinan, you shut up!”

“Really a touching friendship,” Su Zinan sneered. “Don’t worry, if I meet Yun Xingze, I won’t pity jade like Kaleb. Then again, why did Kaleb release water to him?”

At this point, Su Zinan chuckled lightly, pretending to be innocent and cute: “Do they have some kind of deal?”

Lu Ranxu roared angrily: “Do you think everyone is like you? Clean up your mouth!”

Seeing Lu Ranxu being so emotional, the medical personnel frowned disapprovingly at Su Zinan.

At this moment, Yun Xingze arrived backstage. Having seen what Su Zinan did, he strode up with a frown, and coldly said: “Hurry up and go away.”

Su Zinan wanted to say something, but Yun Xingze flexed his fingers, his voice deathly cold: “If you don’t leave, I don’t mind slapping you again.”

Remembering the shame of being slapped in the office, Su Zinan’s expression became extremely gloomy. He gritted his teeth and said, “Yun Xingze, you better pray you don’t meet me in the contest.”

After speaking, he turned angrily and left.

Yun Xingze ignored him, frowned and looked at Lu Ranxu, who was lying on the bed in the break room with an infusion. He didn’t know whether to blame him for being stupid, or to be grateful for him standing up for himself.

“Ranxu, you…”

“I know what you are going to say,” Lu Ranxu’s voice was hoarse and weak, but still squeezed out a smile. “This game… it’s not only for you, but also for myself.”

Yun Xingze was slightly startled.

“Xingze, do you know that when I first enrolled in school, I really envied Su Zinan.” Lu Ranxu looked down and said in a low voice. “He is recognized as a gifted omega with A-level physical and mental strength. No matter how hard I practiced, my speed of improvement is always so slow…”

Yun Xingze pursed his lips and said, “Ranxu, it’s not your fault.”

“When you said you were going to participate in the contest, I thought you were stimulated after falling out of love. ” Lu Ranxu raised his eyes to look at his friend. “But you seem to be completely different from before. Every step of yours is beyond my expectation. What you’ve done was what I wanted to do but didn’t have the courage to do.”

Yun Xingze couldn’t help being surprised seeing the firmness in Lu Ranxu’s eyes.

“When you beat Kaleb, I seemed to see a possibility from you.” Lu Ranxu looked at his palm and slowly put it away. “Even if you don’t have talent, you won’t necessarily lose. Therefore, I also want to change.”

Lu Ranxu finally gathered his fingers into a fist, as if he had grasped something.

When Yun Xingze first came to this world, he also made this action. It was his hope and desire for power.

Lu Ranxu suddenly frowned, angrily pounding his thigh with a fist. “Damn, if I had dodged faster then that Su Zinan guy – ahhhh, it hurts!”

Because he accidentally hammered his wound, tears burst out from the pain.

Yun Xingze was taken aback, and asked worriedly: “Are you okay?”

“He might have to lie down in the medical cabin if he wants to continue the contest,” the medical staff replied.

Lu Ranxu wiped his tears while comforting Yun Xingze. “I’m fine, a little hurt. Xingze, if you match with Su Zinan next, you must win!”

Yun Xingze looked at him, and nodded slightly after a moment. “If I can meet him, definitely.”

Yun Xingze accompanied Lu Ranxu to the infirmary. Their classmates and Zhuo Feiyue also came to visit him. Many people praised Lu Ranxu for his bravery, but he was unhappy and didn’t look like a patient at all.

Yun Xingze breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that he had no major problems.

Zhuo Feiyue suddenly called Yun Xingze aside. “Xingze, what are you thinking about working as Luo Wenchuan’s mecha master?”

“Ah, I want to reply to him in person, but I haven’t the chance yet.” Yun Xingze replied.

Seeing him like this, Zhuo Feiyue felt that there might be a chance, so he encouraged him. “In this case, why don’t you meet tonight.”

Hearing this, Yun Xingze that he really did to reply to Luo Wenchuan, so he sent him a message [Senior Luo, are you free tonight?]

After a few minutes, Luo Wenchuan sent a message to Yun Xingze. [I’m free.] [what’s up?]

Yun Xingze replied: [Regarding your mecha master, I want to reply to senior in person.] After a while, there was an “en” sent over.

Luo Wenchuan’s typing style is the same as his speech, cold and short. It gave Yun Xingze the illusion that ‘it doesn’t look like he wants me to be his mecha master.’

Luo Wenchuan set the meeting place in a restaurant outside the school.

This restaurant is expensive, and ordinary students will not come. Yun Xingze feels a strong sense of money when he walks to the door.

He couldn’t help but be even more curious about Luo Wenchuan’s origins. If he really came from a barren star, why is he like this?!

In the original work, Yun Xingze only survived the first half of the novel, and did not intersect with Luo Wenchuan. Therefore, the memory of the original owner and the plot did not contain information about Luo Wenchuan.

However, with Luo Wenchuan’s strength, it is impossible to have no role in the original work, right?

Yun Xingze guessed that Luo Wenchuan’s main role may be in the second half of the novel.

When Yun Xingze walked into the box, Luo Wenchuan had already arrived.

The box is on a very high floor, and towering buildings and flying vehicles can be seen from the window. Xinghai Military Academy looked calm and beautiful in the night.

Luo Wenchuan sat by the floor-to-ceiling window, gently raised his eyes and looked at Yun Xingze.

Luo Wenchuan wore simple black casual clothes today. His jacket was removed and the thin shirt ironed flat, showing his broad shoulders. His cool and handsome face appeared more refined and friendly against the night scene.

Yun Xingze greeted him politely. After taking his seat, Luo Wenchuan straightforwardly took out a few documents and handed them to Yun Xingze.

“The testimony provided by Carl, Director Huang, and alpha who helped testify.”

Yun Xingze was taken aback, and found that the above testimony was very detailed, including when Carl came into contact with Su Zinan and Director Huang. It even contained contents of the conversation between the director and Chi Yu, etc.

These materials can not only prove that Yun Xingze is not guilty, but also prove that Su Zinan and Chi Yu deliberately framed him.

Yun Xingze had to sigh that Luo Wenchuan’s work efficiency was really too high. He looked up at the other party, preparing to thank him when he saw Luo Wenchuan take out another document.

“This is the investigation data of the match between Su Zinan and Chi Yu last year.”

After Luo Wenchuan finished speaking, Yun Xingze was surprised and confused, so he added: “Chi Yu was suspected of deliberately releasing water1As in, going easy during the game, resulting in Su Zinan having a performance score advantage of 0.1 that let him surpass Kaleb and replace him as the tenth place. That is, the position of the school team’s substitute.”

Yun Xingze was stunned. He didn’t know about it. He didn’t expect Kaleb missing the school team was actually Chi Yu and Su Zinan’s trick?

After reading the two documents, Yun Xingze calmed down from shock.

He is very clear about the importance of this information. It’s enough to make Chi Yu and Su Zinan face the risk of dropping out of school.

It’s just that he doesn’t quite understand why Luo Wenchuan wants to do this.

“Senior Luo, are you helping me?” Yun Xingze raised his eyes to Luo Wenchuan. He involuntarily pinched the data with his fingers. “It took a lot of effort to collect these data, right?”

Luo Wenchuan didn’t speak and looked at Yun Xingze with no emotion in his eyes.

Seeing that he did not express his position, Yun Xingze thought he was probably thinking too much. Maybe Luo Wenchuan just wanted to investigate these things…

At this moment, Luo Wenchuan suddenly spoke, his voice was cold, but his tone was serious. “The first document proves that you are innocent, but at the same time, the person who framed you can be punished.”

“The second document is enough to invalidate the results of Chi Yu and Su Zinan, so that they face retirement. It’s possible.”

Luo Wenchuan said so much in one breath, Yun Xingze couldn’t help but slowly widen his eyes.

“I did want to do this,” Luo Wenchuan paused, and his slender fingers picked up a glass of water and took a sip. “However, I heard that when Su Zinan and Lu Ranxu were playing today, he did something very excessive again.”

It took Yun Xingze almost a second to understand the deep meaning of Luo Wenchuan’s words.

And this profound meaning, surprised and shocked Yun Xingze more than the previous information combined.

“So, you mean…” Yun Xingze asked tentatively, holding his breath.

“I am the captain of the school team, so I have a privilege,” Luo Wenchuan said calmly. “In the campus mecha contest, in order to observe the strength of the seeded players of each grade, I can ask the organizer to arrange a match. Of course, there is only one privilege per season.”

Yun Xingze’s conjecture was confirmed.

Luo Wenchuan really wanted to…

“I will arrange for you and Su Zinan to meet in the fifth round.” Luo Wenchuan opened his lips lightly and said these words slowly, “If you want.”

Yun Xingze’s heart was beating quickly at this moment.

He was really considering how to avenge Lu Ranxu if he didn’t meet Su Zinan in the next game.

But now, Luo Wenchuan seemed to see through all his thoughts and set this opportunity in front of him.

“Of course, you can also refuse and choose to let Su Zinan retire now.” Sipping water, Luo Wenchuan kept his eyes on Yun Xingze. “The choice is yours.”

Yun Xingze swallowed.

He is now in estrus, and would be at a disadvantage against Su Zinan.

But he still wanted to challenge Su Zinan immediately.

So, in Luo Wenchuan’s gaze, Yun Xingze nodded slowly but firmly.

Luo Wenchuan stared at him for a moment, as if he was not surprised by this answer, and slowly raised the corners of his lips.

Afterwards, he took out a box of inhibitors. The packaging was very delicate.

Luo Wenchuan looked at the inhibitors and slowly said: “This is an inhibitor with no side effects.”

Lu Ranxu said that only the nobles can afford to use the inhibitor still being developed.

Luo Wenchuan actually took out a whole box directly!

Yun Xingze received too many surprises from Luo Wenchuan tonight. He even suspected that he was dreaming. Why did this cold and abstinent iceberg who feared omega help him to this point?

Yun Xingze tightened his fingers. He raised his eyes to look at Luo Wenchuan, and said seriously: “Senior Luo, you have helped me so much. I don’t know how to repay you.”

“I said before, I want you to be my mecha master.” Luo Wenchuan lowered his eyes and said slowly, “However, you haven’t responded to me for many days. So I was wondering… Is my sincerity insufficient?”

At this point, Luo Wenchuan’s voice gradually became softer, and his tone seemed a little low.

In fact, Luo Wenchuan has been waiting for Yun Xingze to find himself these days. But there has been no response yet. He even suspected Yun Xingze planned to become a mecha division for others.

Yun Xingze had no idea that Luo Wenchuan would say such a thing, and for a moment he could only stare at the other party in a daze.

“If you agree, I will start with a salary of 300,000 per month.” Luo Wenchuan collected the emotions in his eyes, restored his calm, and said word by word. “Raises depend on your performance, but there is no cap.”

In fact, when Chi Yu offered 300,000 coins, Yun Xingze felt that the price was already very high, and no other students in the school would offer higher prices.

But now Luo Wenchuan showed him that there is still a mountain beyond mountains.

The words “no cap” were like a spell, turning Yun Xingze into a wooden chicken.

In the next second, Luo Wenchuan pushed the box of inhibitors, together with all the information, neatly in front of Yun Xingze.

Yun Xingze felt that his voice was so dry that it didn’t feel like his own: “No cap is too much, Senior Luo…”

Luo Wenchuan leaned back, sat upright, and looked at Yun Xing with narrow eyes. His adam’s apple rolled, and his thin lips opened slightly: “Then do you think this kind of sincerity is enough, Yun xuedi?”


LWC’s 180 degrees change in attitude amazes me. Anyone else wonder if he’s planning something else? 😉


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  1. Avatar mayu says:

    Hehehee looks like LWC wants to tie his wife tightly, not wanting to slip from his grasp~

  2. Avatar Sekstifire says:

    Tbh I feel like Lu Ranxu becoming a better Mecha fighter is more meaningful than Yun Xingze doing that. One of the weaknesses of transmigration novels is that it’s a bit unsatisfying when the MC face slaps everyone who looked down on the pre-transmigration version of them, because that person is gone. For example, Chi Yu treated the OG Yun Xingze like crap and didn’t appreciate him, and it would be nice to see him regret that because of OG Yun Xingze and not because of a completely different person in Yun Xingze’s body.

    So to me Lu Ranxu is interesting, because he has a lot of the same things that OG Yun Xingze had going on (growing up as an omega, testing into the worst class, etc.) and is improving without having a bunch of other world knowledge.

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      Fair point, and agreed.
      But one piece of important context is lacking. The author’s note did not carry over to NU and is buried at the end of the synopsis. They explicitly wrote this as a “shuangwen”, namely a type of fic where the MC faces some challenges, but powers through them (relatively easily) and grows in strength. Think your typical cultivation fic where the MC starts from 0 and becomes god.

  3. Avatar Sekstifire says:

    By the by, it seems like Yun Xingze’s performance scores are probably lower than they could be. Since he usually spends about 15 minutes observing his opponents’ mechas.

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      Well the performance score is 1 out of a total of 11 points. And anything over 20min, if I recall, starts getting add’l deductions.
      10 for victory, 1 for performance. If he wins all matches, that’s 100/110 and anyone who loses a match will be hard pressed to reach that (unless they get full performance points: 9 * 10 + 10 performance = 100).

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