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BATCFO Chapter 29.1

Seeing Yun Xingze’s indifferent expression, his eyes utterly devoid of the love held for him in the past, and instead holding disgust and irritation, his heart tightened. Besides guilt, he felt even more sorrow.

Yun Xingze was obviously not like this before.

He only wanted the relationship to return to what it was before.

“Xingze, don’t look at me like this…” Chi Yu swallowed and said slowly, “I didn’t mean to hurt you. This matter won’t be known to others. Whether it’s a misunderstanding or not, as long as If you can stop holding a temper, nothing will happen.”

Yun Xingze looked at Chi Yu and said coldly: “What if I don’t abide by those wishes.”

“Are you really going to retire?” Chi Yu walked over. In front of Yun Xingze, looking at him, his tone was even a little anxious. “Xingze, don’t be angry, okay? The video evidence and personal testimony are here, and if this matter goes out…”

The corners of Yun Xingze’s mouth hooked up as he coldly smiled. “Want to convict me based on just these? Don’t forget, Luo Wenchuan was also there that day. He can help testify that my pheromone did not appeared outside the cherry blossom forest. ”

Su Zinan was still wondering why his post could not be posted. Putting away his optical brain, he looked at Yun Xingze and earnestly said: “Xingze xuedi, how could Luo Wenchuan help you? With his kind of personality, it’s absolutely impossible for him to be mixed up in this kind of thing.”

Internally, Su Zinan was thinking so what if Luo Wenchuan came. Chi Yu is the son of the general, what right does Luo Wechuan, a poor boy from a barren star, have to speak?

“You would rather let Luo Wenchuan that kid help instead of asking me?” Chi Yu’s tone suddenly became a little sour. Remembering the scene of Luo Wenchuan holding Yun Xingze into the infirmary that day, he couldn’t help but stretch out his hands and grab Yun Xingze’s shoulders. “Xingze, wake up, he can’t help you!”

Chi Yu forcefully tightened his fingers, frowning down at Yun Xingze. “Why can’t you understand me? If we cooperate, there will only be benefits for you and the Yun family… Ah! What are you doing?”

Before he finished speaking, Yun Xingze directly grabbed one of his hands, pulled it off his shoulder forcefully, and slammed it outwards, with a crisp sound that made him grimace in pain.

Chi Yu had no idea that Yun Xingze’s hand strength had become so great!

Yun Xingze refused to let go. He looked at Chi Yu’s painful expression and sneered: “You try touching me again?”

Chi Yu’s face was pale with pain, he took a lot of effort to free himself, as Su Zinan hurriedly walked over. “Xingze xuedi, isn’t this too much??!”

“Yun Xingze, I did all this obviously for your own good…” In pain, Chi Yu became a little annoyed as he glared at Yun Xingze. “I stepped down1He’s referring to stepping down the ‘stage’, which is metaphorical for humbling himself and showing YXZ respect and gave you a chance to ask me for help, and you just treat me like this?!”

Su Zinan also frowned. “Yun Xingze, I didn’t expect you to be a cruel person like this.”

The director stepped in at this moment. “Student Yun, are you set on deciding to retire? If so, please sign.”

Seeing that the situation was out of control, Carl lowered his head and dared not speak.

At this moment.

Yun Xingze frowned. Before he had time to speak, there was a knock on the door of the Academic Affairs Office.

Before the people inside could answer, a white and clean hand pushed the door open. A forceful hand held the doorknob, the knuckles were white, wrist bones peeking out the cuffs of the dark blue school uniform, and the gold buttons were neatly buttoned.

A tall and straight figure stepped into the office, and everyone’s eyes were suddenly attracted by this uninvited guest.

Su Zinan looked at the person in a daze, and murmured: “Luo, Luo Wenchuan… Why would he come?”

Carl and the director were also a little surprised.

Chi Yu rubbed his painful wrist while showing a vigilant look. How did this kid appear next to Yun Xingze again?

The director stood up hurriedly, his face wrinkled into a pale chrysanthemum2Re: he’s old and his smile produces lots of wrinkles on his face, as he greeted Luo Wenchuan. “Classmate Xiao Luo, ah, what brings you here?”

After Luo Wenchuan entered the door, he had no expression on his face, but his long, narrow, and clean eyes fell on Yun Xingze. After a while, he looked at the Director of Academic Affairs. “Director Huang, it’s been a long time.”

Hearing Luo Wenchuan greet him, he was about to step forward and ask him what he could do. But he was frozen in place by Luo Wenchuan’s next sentence:

“Unexpectedly, your power is greater than the school board. You can even force students to withdraw from the mecha contest.”

Director Huang’s heart thudded nervously. His body froze, and his mouth opened speechlessly. After a while, he said in surprise: “Classmate Xiao Luo, I, I just received the report, so…”

“Who made the report?” Luo Wenchuan’s lips lightly opened.

Everyone present looked at Carl.

Director Huang wiped his sweat. “Carl did.”

Carl was frightened by Luo Wenchuan iceberg face. He couldn’t say anything, and cast his eyes to Su Zinan for help.

“Carl?” Luo Wenchuan looked at Carl in a flat tone. “I will forward the report to the school board to conduct a special investigation. If it is true, Yun Xingze will be dealt with in accordance with the regulations. However, if it is not true— ”

Speaking of this, Luo Wenchuan paused for a moment before saying: “Xinghai Military Academy cannot tolerate students who spread rumors and disturb order. Of course, this is not only Xinghai Academy, but all military academies throughout the empire cannot tolerate such things.”

The voice was so cold without a trace of emotion, showing utter calm as if dealing with the most common business affairs.

Yun Xingze was stunned.

Carl did not expect Luo Wenchuan to give such a severe warning directly. He was so frightened that his legs were weak, and he almost knelt on the ground, shaking as he said: “I, I don’t know anything, Luo Wenchuan, I really…

“Shut your mouth and think about how to explain it to the school board.” After Luo Wenchuan finished speaking, he looked at Director Huang. “And you, Director Huang, if the final result of this matter is contrary to the result of your handling, then you should be very clear about your fate.”

Su Zinan’s mouth opened wide in shock. He never expected that a kid from a barren star like Luo Wenchuan would dare to speak out in front of the director!

“Luo, Luo Wenchuan, I, I…” Director Huang’s lips turned pale, “I’m really just doing things impartially. It’s Su Zinan and Chi Yu… they said they want me to deal with it seriously!”

He looked at the two students with panic in his eyes.

Director Huang knew that Chi Yu was the son of a general, so he helped him.

However, Director Huang was clear that Luo Wenchuan’s identity was definitely more noble than Chi Yu’s. Otherwise he would not appear at school board meetings, nor would he be able to sit next to the principal…

This is definitely not a joke!

Director Huang bowed to Luo Wenchuan tremblingly. “Luo Wenchuan, please don’t tell the school board! I really didn’t intend to do this on purpose!”

“Luo Wenchuan, are you treating this like the school team?” Seeing Luo Wenchuan defending Yun Xingze, and Director Huang acting so weak, Chi Yu’s heart was uncomfortable. “So what if you report it to the school board? You think, with my identity, won’t I be able to find one or two people on the school board?”

Su Zinan originally felt something wrong in his heart, but when he saw Chi Yu straighten his back, he immediately became arrogant: “Yes. Carl, you don’t have to bend your knees. The evidence in your hand is conclusive. The school board will not do anything to you!”

Luo Wenchuan looked at Chi Yu and suddenly chuckled.

There was a strong irony in this laugh.

Afterwards, Luo Wenchuan turned around, opened the door behind him, and a few alphas came in from outside.

They were the people who met when Yun Xingze when he was walking out from backstage that day.

Yun Xingze was slightly startled.

He thought that Luo Wenchuan would testify for himself. He did not expect that Luo Wenchuan not only came to the scene, but also brought other witnesses!

“These guys met Yun Xingze when he left the backstage.” Luo Wenchuan looked at Chi Yu and Su Zinan, “Why not listen to their testimony?”

Alpha boy one: “When Yun Xingze left the backstage that day, I did see him. He is very good-looking…”

“I didn’t let you say this.” Luo Wenchuan said blankly.

“Ah, although he is very good-looking, but I swear, there is absolutely no pheromone smell on his body.”

After the boy finished speaking, the other two alpha also nodded their heads to testify.

“What they said is true, and there is monitoring at the backstage door to prove it.” Luo Wenchuan said slowly, and suddenly looked at Carl, “What about you?”

Carl was shocked, his face was earthy, speechless.

Chi Yu and Su Zinan froze at the same time.

The two of them did not expect that Luo Wenchuan would conduct an in-depth investigation of the matter, and found strong personal and physical evidence in such a short period of time!

Chi Yu originally wanted to have a heroic image in front of Yun Xingze. Not that Luo Wenchuan robbed him of the limelight, he was naturally very unhappy. Frowning, he said, “Luo Wenchuan, are you sick? How do you know Yun Xingze, and come to help him now??!”

Others also looked at Luo Wenchuan, especially Director Huang. But no one understood why Luo Wenchuan wanted to help a fairly unknown first-year freshman.

Luo Wenchuan looked at Yun Xingze and said word by word: “Because, I want to invite Yun Xingze xuedi to be my exclusive mecha master.”

Although his voice was as cold as ever, the corners of his lips raised. The shallow arc is fleeting.

As soon as Luo Wenchuan’s voice fell, the audience fell into silence.

Yun Xingze himself was stunned, he suspected that there was a problem with his ears.

Luo Wenchuan wants to invite himself as a mecha master?

But isn’t he afraid of omegas?

Chi Yu was stunned, and his expression turned gloomy: “Luo Wenchuan, Yun Xingze…”

“Worry about yourself first,” Luo Wenchuan said coldly to Chi Yu. “Did General Chi Yin not teach you? Lying the biggest taboo in the military academy.”

Chi Yin is Chi Yu’s father, one of the lieutenant generals of the Imperial Mecha Army.

Chi Yu didn’t expect Luo Wenchuan to know his father’s name. He forgot to react for a while and looked at the other party in a daze.

Su Zinan also covered his mouth in surprise. Luo Wenchuan… where the hell did he come from?!

After Luo Wenchuan said all this, he turned to Yun Xingze: “Yun xuedi, can we speak for a moment?”

Yun Xingze was shocked by the events that suddenly unfolded. After he reacted, he hurried to Luo Wenchuan replied, “Okay.”

As they walked out of the Academic Affairs Office, Yun Xingze deliberately kept a distance from the other party.

Luo Wenchuan walked to the corner of the corridor and turned to look at Yun Xingze.

“Senior Luo, thank you for helping me.” Yun Xingze said with a serious expression. “I wanted to ask you to testify for me, but I didn’t expect you to take the initiative to find evidence for me… But how did you know about this?”

“Teacher Zhuo told me,” Luo Wenchuan raised his eyebrows calmly. “After I learned of it, I went to see the monitoring.”

Yun Xingze took a deep breath and continued: “I I don’t know how to thank you. Including the last time. If possible, I’m willing to help you refit your mecha for free. As for being your mecha master…”

“Don’t refuse, and don’t agree yet.” Luo Wenchuan interrupted calmly, staring at Yun Xingze with his narrow eyes. “The reason for saying that is because I do have this intention. But more importantly, it is to help you out.”

Yun Xingze was startled.

“Being my mecha master requires a lot of work.” Luo Wenchuan paused for a moment, before continuing, “You think about giving me an answer.”

Obviously, Luo Wenchuan didn’t want to use this to kidnap Yun Xingze.

“As for this matter, I will continue to investigate.” Luo Wenchuan pursed his lower lip. “Not only is it related to you, the nature of the matter is bad. The school board is also looking for an opportunity to clear the school’s halls.”

Yun Xingze suddenly became curious about Luo Wenchuan’s identity.

Why does he have such a big face in front of the dean?

Is it just because he is the strongest mecha fighter in the school?

But before Yun Xingze had time to ask, Luo Wenchuan nodded at him slightly, turned and left. His back was tall and handsome.

It seemed that everything he did just now was just a business matter, and had nothing to do with Yun Xingze. Nor was he planning to receive any benefits from Yun Xingze.


Damn it, LWC, just be honest with what you want! 🤣


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  • 1
    He’s referring to stepping down the ‘stage’, which is metaphorical for humbling himself and showing YXZ respect
  • 2
    Re: he’s old and his smile produces lots of wrinkles on his face
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  1. Thanks for the chapter! OP! That was so classy, that’s what real power looks like, unlike the disgusting little meddling of that bunch of trash.

    1. komorebi says:

      Haha, LWC’s not showing off his power (much). It’s more he has concrete evidence, and a bit of power.

  2. mayu says:

    LWC learning to take care of his wife~

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