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BATCFO Chapter 23

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Yun Xingze’s back was against the cold wall, his fingers firmly clenched. The pain from his nails embedded into his palm helped keep him awake a bit.

The next game was over and alphas will soon come backstage. If his pheromone leaks at this time, the consequences will be disastrous.

Yun Xingze frowned. Under the suppression of his mental strength, the heat in his body receded a little. He took a deep breath, kept calm, and walked out.

A few alphas passed by Yun Xingze.

Yun Xingze’s cheeks were a little red, but he just finished a game, so it didn’t look strange. There is no expression on his face, there were a few points that caught people’s eyes.

The alphas were dumbfounded for a few seconds.

They didn’t recover until Yun Xingze left.

“That omega…looks so good.”

“His skin is so white and his eyes are so beautiful. Such a high-quality omega actually beat Kaleb.”

“The body is also top-notch, damn. I heard Chi Yu rejected the marriage contract with him. Is his head broken?”

Yun Xingze was very upset as he listened to the stupid talk behind him. He wished to turn his head and punch them hard.

He hated the feeling of being stared at by these alphas.

The sensitivity and irritability brought by the estrus period are fully reflected at this moment.

After Yun Xingze walked out of the arena, he wanted to go directly to the dormitory, but he couldn’t get up.

The sky outside turned gray, and the ground was wet with the patter of rain.

Pedestrians on the side of the road brought rain-shielding robots, which held up transparent nano umbrellas to ensure that raindrops would not fall on the owner’s body.

Yun Xingze didn’t bring this kind of robot. Raindrops hit his hair and clothes, cold wind rushing into his collar. But neither was enough to stop his body temperature from climbing higher and higher.

At this moment, Yun Xingze felt a soreness from the glands again. Heat flowed through the blood vessels to his shoulders, and it seemed that it was about to overflow.

Shocked, Yun Xingze wanted to find a place where no one was present. Of the buildings nearby, they were only training halls, which contained omega-dedicated lounges.

He turned and walked towards the training halls. On both sides of the road, countless petals fell from the cherry blossoms buffeted by the wind and rain.

Before Yun Xingze reached the training hall, a scent of rose suddenly penetrated into his nose. It was fresh and warm, and it also contained a hormonal breath.

Yun Xingze quickly covered his glands, gritted his teeth, and quickened his pace, beginning to jog.

But his line of sight was blurring.

Physiological tears leaked from the corners of his eyes. He didn’t know whether it was rain or tears blurring his vision.

After running a certain distance, Yun Xingze confirmed that no one else would be around for the time being. He leaned on a cherry tree, using his hands to support himself against the trunk and gasped for breath.

The rain soaked his whole body.

He called out the light brain with his hand, trying to dial the infirmary’s distress signal, but found that he didn’t even have the strength to raise his hand.

He wants to speak, but his throat seems to be strangled.

Every cell in his body was in disorder, and he tried his best to restrain him from kneeling to the ground.

This is an omega’s estrus period.

Without an alpha’s mark or inhibitor, it’s like an out-of-control puppet.

Yun Xingze didn’t know that this thing could happen early. This was probably caused by his recent irregular work and rest, which was thousands of times more terrifying than being sick and feverish.

He grabbed the tree trunk with his fingers, and couldn’t help but squat down slowly.

Soreness came from within his limbs and skeleton. The cells in the body were clamoring, eager, and waiting.

The scent of roses diffused among the cherry blossoms, and Yun Xingze had only one thought in his mind: he was finished.


At the same time.

Luo Wenchuan took out a black umbrella from his bag and opened it in the heavier rain to block the wind and rain.

In this era, traditional umbrellas are rarely seen, even on remote barren stars. The price of an umbrella is much higher than that of a rain-blocking robot.

He walked on the road, incompatible with the pedestrians around him. Wearing a close-fitting school uniform, his tall figure looked upright. The black umbrella in hand appearing cold and expensive.

After speaking with Ke Lei, Luo Wenchuan was not in a good mood and planned to go to the simulation training room.

The simulation training room is built next to the mecha training hall. After passing the arena, there is a cherry blossom forest in between, which is  where Luo Wenchuan saved the cat last time.

Because it was the weekend, the students of the Mecha Department were busy with the contest. And because the weather was bad, there was no one on this trail.

However, when Luo Wenchuan walked into this path with his long legs holding the umbrella, he suddenly smelled a scent of roses.

Different from an ordinary rose fragrance, this fragrance is fresh and not stifling. It’s very obvious in the rain, containing a hormonal breath, stunning Luo Wenchuan in an instant.

In just a few seconds, he lost the ability to think as the fragrance penetrated his lungs.

It seemed as if rose petals instead of raindrops fell on the surface of his black umbrella.

After Luo Wenchuan reacted, he immediately understood that it an omega’s pheromone!

He should have turned around and left, because as long as he was contaminated with omega pheromones, he would have an allergic reaction.

However, at this moment, Luo Wenchuan’s heartbeat sped up inexplicably, The beats sounding like a drum, thumping in his chest, making him almost breathless.

His breathing became short and rapid, and his temperature rose rapidly.

Luo Wenchuan knew that this was definitely not an allergic reaction.

He actually…had no allergies?

Eyes slowly widening, Luo Wenchuan followed the direction of where the fragrance came from, and saw a young man squatting under the cherry blossoms.

Luo Wenchuan couldn’t help taking a deep breath, trying to stay calm, but the cold air in his lungs was stained with the fragrance of roses. His brain blanked for an instant upon inhaling, and his legs almost became weak.

The raindrops floated like transparent silk threads in the air. In the blur, Luo Wenchuan recognized the boy.

His hair was wet, his head hung down, and his neck was covered by his hands, almost out of breath in pain. Petals were stuck on his black hair, his white cheeks were wet with rain and tears, and the blush spread from his cheeks to the tips of his ears.

Luo Wenchuan froze on the spot. A short distance of about ten meters separated them, but he did not dare draw close.

The rose flavored pheromone in the air was an extremely dangerous signal for Luo Wenchuan.

Different from the previous dangers of his omega pheromone allergy, it is a “danger” in another sense.

Luo Wenchuan didn’t know if he would lose control after a few steps closer.

Holding his breath, his throat rolled, and there was a strong dryness in his throat.

He knew he should call for help and left quickly.

At this moment, the rain suddenly increased. Among the falling cherry blossom petals, the young man’s back arched, and Luo Wenchuan suddenly remembered the panicked cat he encountered that day.

His heart almost stopped for half a beat.

There was a strong feeling overwhelming the sky, and the voice in his mind told him that if he turned and left now, perhaps, in the future, he would never have any intersection with the omega boy in front of him.




Yun Xingze’s breathing became hot. He felt that his body temperature might have risen to forty degrees1Celcius not Fahrenheit. 40C is about 104F, which is a high fever.Icy rain continued to fall on him, and the interlacing of cold and hot made his fingers tremble.

At this time.

He heard clean footsteps.

He raised his head, In his blurred vision, a tall figure walked towards him with long legs in the rain. The dark blue school uniform wrapped his slender and strong legs, as the black boots stepping on the ground created small splashed.

Finally, the boots stopped in front of him.

The man removed the black umbrella above his head, slowly moving the hand on the handle of the umbrella down, and finally supported Yun Xingze’s head, blocking the icy rain.


Dun. Dun. Dun. @LWC: Claim him! Bite him! Make him yours!

To those fellow readers who mentioned being worried about YXZ falling in love from this one instance / them being in a stereotyped relationship – don’t worry!


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    Celcius not Fahrenheit. 40C is about 104F, which is a high fever.
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  1. Malacat says:

    ML: I’m not having an attack! (realizing he might become the attacker) ….Oh dear

  2. Sadie Woods says:

    If LWC was going to be a stereotypical alpha, he would have done more than offer an umbrella by now! I love it when pheromones are more of a suggestion than an inevitable dub or non-con order. Off to a good start, I think!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

    1. komorebi says:

      Fair point. Their paths already crossed in more than one way: repairing LWC’s mecha elbow, buying and ‘modifying’ LWC’s old mecha, etc. But it’s the first time they’ve met knowing one another. 💪

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