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BATCFO Chapter 22.2

On the other side.

After watching the game, Ke Lei was in a daze for a while, then looked at Luo Wenchuan in an afterthought. Upon seeing his expression was calm, he couldn’t help exclaim: “How are you so calm? Kaleb is the favorite candidate for the school team this year. He actually lost to Yun Xingze! Are you not surprised?!”

“En.”1En is can be sound of agreement, but can also be just a sound. Luo Wenchuan responded indifferently and got up to leave.

Ke Lei couldn’t tell whether this “en” was an accident or not.

Following in Luo Wenchuan’s footsteps, he continued: “Not only did the fight surprise me, I was even more surprised at Yun Xingze’s successful modification of the double star mecha. It’s better than most double star mechas! Such modification ability, don’t you think it’s incredible? I suspect that it was done by a big factory…”

“How can a big factory have such ugly accessories.” Luo Wenchuan’s tone was flat.

“…That’s what I say.” Ke Lei was stunned. “This is not the point! The point is, since he has such a strong ability to modify mecha, do you really not ask him to be your exclusive mecha master?”

Luo Wenchuan’s footsteps paused.

By now, the two of them have left the stands and are in an empty side aisle.

Luo Wenchuan’s back is rigid, his voice is cold, and in the narrow aisle, there were signs of resignation: “I have already answered your question.”

Ke Lei walked to Luo Wenchuan’s side and said seriously: “Last time, it’s coincidence for Yun Xingze to help you refit your elbow. But you have seen his ability this time. Putting aside those geniuses, it is definitely the strongest I have ever seen.”

Luo Wenchuan did not speak.

After Ke Lei finished speaking, he noticed Luo Wenchuan’s silence and continued: “Moreover, I showed the elbow of your mecha to many mecha masters before. They all said it’s okay, except Yun Xingze. This is already a proof of his ability.”

Luo Wenchuan looked at Ke Lei, and after a moment, slowly asked: “Have you forgotten that game in the National Championship?”

Ke Lei was stunned.

Luo Wenchuan raised his foot and left, as if he didn’t want to continue this problem.

Ke Lei reacted after a while. Lowering his voice, he caught and said to Luo Wenchuan:. “I certainly did not forget. I know you’re concerned about Yun Xingze being an omega…”

Having said that Ke Lei paused. His adam’s apple rolled, and his voice was almost inaudible: “I also know that you are allergic to omega’s pheromones.”

After these words were spoken, the air condensed for a second.

But Luo Wenchuan’s expression didn’t change much, and he continued his large strides.

“However, compared to Yun Xingze’s ability, this is a trivial matter…” Ke Lei tried to persuade Luo Wenchuan, “As long as you use inhibitors, it’s okay.”

Luo Wenchuan paused, and his voice was cold: “It seems you really forgot that game.”

Ke Lei realized that he had crossed the boundary and apologized: “I’m sorry.”

Luo Wenchuan walked out of the aisle of the stand, his back was tall and rigid, without any emotion.

But Ke Lei could see that he was in a bad mood. He couldn’t help regretting it. “Why did I say this, he decided to stay away from omega in this life…” There was a bit of sympathy in his tone.

After Luo Wenchuan went out, his pace slowed down.

The sky, which was still clear, suddenly turned overcast. The blue sky was covered by dark clouds, and a light rain was about to fall.

However, this had no effect on the game. The audience in the stands continued to cheer enthusiastically.

The excitement couldn’t reach Luo Wenchuan’s ears. He was thinking back to what Ke Lei had just said.

Everyone knew that Luo Wenchuan was afraid of omegas, but few people knew the real reason for his fear.

Allergies to omega pheromone is a symptom that Luo Wenchuan has experienced since he was seven years old. It’s been with him for more than ten years. The doctor said that unless he can find a 95% match with his own pheromone, it is impossible to overcome the allergies.

There is only a one-in-thousand probability that the pheromone matching degree reaches 90%. An omega that reaches 95% has not appeared in the gene bank so far.

When other alphas smell the pheromone of omegas, their heartbeat will speed up.

When Luo Wenchuan smelled an omega’s pheromone, his entire body would feel uncomfortable all over, and even his heartbeat would halt in severe cases.

At last year’s national competition, Luo Wenchuan met an S-rated omega opponent.

The omega entered the estrus period before going on the court. He hurriedly gave himself inhibitors and odor blockers, but when shaking hands, he accidentally got his pheromone on Luo Wenchuan’s hands, causing Luo Wenchuan be distracted in the game, leaving scratches on the mecha.

Although Luo Wenchuan overcame the allergic reaction with his strong willpower and successfully won the game, he still vomited afterwards.

When Ke Lei learned that Luo Wenchuan was allergic to omega pheromones, he was extremely sympathetic.

Isn’t this being destined to die alone?

That’s horrible!

But Luo Wenchuan himself didn’t care about whether he could find an object.

He has never been saddened by it.

Because he is used to being alone.

What he cannot tolerate is that there are things in the world he cannot control, which caused him to lose focus and almost affected the result of the game.

That’s it.

Therefore, Luo Wenchuan would never find an omega as his exclusive mecha master – it was too dangerous for him.




At this moment, Yun Xingze went to the locker room backstage and changed his training clothes.

The soreness shot up the right side of his neck again. He reached out and rubbed it, but to no avail.

After Yun Xingze put on his school uniform, he suddenly found a similar experience in the original owner’s memory. He suddenly realized something. Eyes wideneing, he quickly turned on his optical brain to search for symptoms of the estrus period.

On the screen is a message from Lu Ranxu and Oriel.

[Oriel: Congratulations on winning the game! Lu Ranxu and I are going to the next venue to play. Go back and take a good rest. ]

[Lu Ranxu: Xingze is so powerful, you actually defeated Kaleb. But don’t over-exercise these days. I remember your estrus period is about three days later, right? Be prepared with inhibitors! ]

Yun Xingze’s heart seemed to fall into the abyss.

He almost forgot his identity as an omega!

Estrus period. These words were like a thunderbolt in his brain, leaving him at a loss for what to do.

He originally lived in a world without the three genders of ABO, and there is no such thing as an estrus period. The original owner’s memory told him that an estrus period is a terrible period for omega to lose his mind and be dominated by desires. If he does not use inhibitors the result will be miserable.

Yun Xingze hurriedly packed his things. Taking out a stack of paper towels from his bag, he rubbed the gland on the right side of his neck vigorously. He found that there was no smell. The pheromones have should not have come out yet.

He must go back to the dormitory immediately!

Yun Xingze picked up his bag, turned and walked outside. But the moment he went out, his legs softened and he almost fell.

Fortunately, he has strong willpower. Forcing his body to stand against the wall, he covered his his sore neck with his hands, and grit his teeth to keep himself awake.

When Su Zinan rounded the corner to the backstage, he saw Yun Xingze’s abnormal movements.

The fair-skinned boy was holding his neck and leaning helplessly against the wall. His hair was messy with sweat, his brows were furrowed, his dark eyes were slightly red, and his chest rose and fell from discomfort.

As an omega, Su Zinan knew exactly why Yun Xingze was like this, and his heart “thumped”.

The next second, he quickly turned around and stopped Chi Yu.

Chi Yu was stunned: “What’s wrong with you?”

“Brother Yu, my body suddenly feels a little uncomfortable…” Su Zinan’s tears welled up, with a pretentiously strong and weak tone, “It seems like… the estrus period has advanced. ”

Chi Yu frowned: “What? Are you in estrus today? Why didn’t you use inhibitors?!”

“I did, but I still feel uncomfortable.” Su Zinan bit his lip, clutching his neck, and firmly blocked Chi Yu’s path. “Brother Yu, can you… accompany me to the infirmary?”

Chi Yu has already begun to be interested in Yun Xingze, and Su Zinan cannot let him see Yun Xingze now.

“But, I’m going to find Yun Xingze now.” Chi Yu said hesitantly, “Can’t you go alone?”

“You also know how dangerous the estrus period is for omegas…” Su Zinan’s voice carried a bit of crying. “If you let me go to the infirmary alone… if my pheromone is smelled by other alphas… I will be done.”

Chi Yu also knows that omegas in estrus are fragile and mentally sensitive. Once discovered and coveted by other alphas, they lose the ability to resist and become a fish that can be slaughtered.

“Then I’ll go and talk to Xingze,” Chi Yu said, “then accompany you.”

Su Zinan lowered his head: “Brother Yu, I treat you as a good brother, so I let you accompany me… The only person I can trust is you. I feel that my pheromones may come out at any time. This is the backstage, and there will be other alphas coming in later, which is really dangerous…”

“Okay, okay, I know.” Chi Yu was frightened at Su Zinan’s appearance. “Then I will take you to the infirmary right now, and find him later.”

“Forget it, I’ll go by myself, and I won’t blame you if there’s an accident.” Tears emerged in Su Zinan’s eyes as he said softly, “Xingze xuedi is more important than me.”

“Hurry up.” Chi Yu frowned impatiently, “Don’t talk too much nonsense.” After that, he turned and left, signaling Su Zinan to follow suit.

Su Zinan softly clutched his neck and followed.

Before leaving, Chi Yu felt a little regret for failing to speak with Yun Xingze. Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but turned his head and glanced in the direction of the dressing room, and found that Yun Xingze was leaning against the wall, and seemed a little tired…

“Brother Yu, I’m so uncomfortable!” Su Zinan said with red eyes, “Let’s go quickly. Come on!” His voice carried a frantic urgency.

Chi Yu didn’t dare to neglect him as he  retracted his gaze and quickened his pace.

He thought that after sending Su Zinan to the infirmary, he would find Yun Xingze and invite him for a meal, which should make him moved.

Thinking of this, Chi Yu didn’t notice the flash of triumph in Su Zinan’s eyes.


Lots of foreshadowing here.

SZZ may be scum, but I do appreciate his efforts to separate CY from XYZ. XYZ is LWC’s not-yet-wanted baby!


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    En is can be sound of agreement, but can also be just a sound.
KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels!Click here to join!


  1. Avatar Nieco says:

    Right You did a good job Su Zinan for taking away that shit yu from Yun xingze for this i give a thumb up👍

  2. Avatar SuouNono says:

    Mhm, agree. This time I will applaud for Su Zinan

  3. Avatar Sadie Woods says:

    Allergic to the point of it being potentially life threatening? I can absolutely understand avoiding omegas! It’s a risk, inhibitors or not. How can you easily trust others not to try using their pheromones anyway? What if they forget? It just takes once in close quarters for it to be very dangerous very quickly, and not in the usual way for A/O couples in these stories!

    Agreed. Su Zinan is serving a good purpose here!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      There’s a reason for his reaction – to come in future chapters. 😉

  4. Avatar A1B2C3 says:

    Lol Shit Yu and his stupid ideas. I can’t help but feel SZN only did that to avoid Shit Yu and YXZ from meeting for his own selfish desires. He didn’t think to help YXZ otherwise. My guess is YXZ will bump into CY as his pheromones go errywhere.

    Thanks for the chapter!

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      True he’s not doing it for YXZ, but it lets YXZ and LWC meet (finally), so all’s well that end’s well.

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