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BATCFO Chapter 24

Raindrops pattered on the umbrella surface above his head. Yun Xingze’s adam’s apple rolled, his back tightened, and he could not judge whether the person in front of him was kind or malicious.

If it is an alpha, will he mark him?

Yun Xingze resisted the discomfort, slowly raised his head to look at the tall man, then his eyes widened involuntarily.

From under the umbrella, he can see the fingers grasping the dark golden umbrella handle have distinct knuckles. The wrist bones are white and protruding, and the cuffs are stained with raindrops and petals.

Looking up along the slender and powerful arms, he can see the man’s broad shoulders. Because there is no tie, peeking from the white shirt under the dark blue school uniform jacket is a small part of his clavicle.

Further up, there is a face that is both familiar and unfamiliar.

The man’s jaw line was tense, his lips pressed tightly together as he looked down at Yun Xingze. His eyebrows were slightly furrowed, and the look in those narrow and beautiful eyes was so deep that no emotions could be seen.

Staring at him, Yun Xingze’s brain momentarily blanked out.

He didn’t expect that the person who appeared in front of him was Luo Wenchuan who was afraid of omegas.

When Yun Xingze didn’t react, the man kept his arms still. Slowly squatting down, he stretched a hand to the side of his gland, trying to remove the hand covering his gland.

The other party’s fingers were slightly cold, and the rough thin cocoons on his palm made Yun Xingze swallow uncontrollably when he touched his sensitive skin.

At this moment, Yun Xingze has no strength, and Luo Wenchuan’s movements are lighter, like temptation.

Yun Xingze looked at Luo Wenchuan. The two were very close at the moment. Trapped under the umbrella and by the man’s body, he could see transparent water drops on the alpha’s face, his clear single eyelids, and his straight and handsome nose.

“I’ll help you.”

Three words were uttered by Luo Wenchuan’s thin lips. His voice was low and hoarse with some inexplicable emotion, as if trying to restrain something.

Yun Xingze didn’t notice the abnormality. After hearing Luo Wenchuan’s voice, he suddenly felt a sense of security in his heart and couldn’t help releasing his hand.

Luo Wenchuan’s finger stroked Yun Xingze’s glands. After confirming the location, he took out a one-time automatic inhibitor.

The inhibitor is packed in a transparent needle tube. The needle tube is specially made, and has the functions of disinfecting, injecting, and relieving pain at the injection site.

Before Yun Xingze had time to think about why he was carrying the inhibitor, Luo Wenchuan held the needle tube close to his gland with one hand, rubbed his thumb on the top of the needle tube clockwise, and turned on the inhibitor switch.

Subsequently, a sterile cotton swab was extended from the right side of the needle tube to wipe Yun Xingze’s glands. After the disinfection completed in a few seconds, Luo Wenchuan slowly plunged the needle in.

Yun Xingze’s sense of pain spiked at this moment. Inhaling deeply, a painful moan escaped his his throat.

Luo Wenchuan’s adam’s apple rolled, but his hand did not move at all. Firmly holding the needle, he began to inject the inhibitor.

The pain became more intense, and involuntary tears leaked from Yun Xingze’s eyes.

Yun Xingze was also a person who had experienced illness in his previous life, but never before was his body and mind as extremely fragile as he is now.

With tears in his eyes, Yun Xingze looked at Luo Wenchuan, seeing no expression on his face. Thin lips pressed together and eyes calmly staring at the needle, as if he didn’t care about Yun Xingze’s pain at all.

Yun Xingze closed his eyes, gritted his teeth and endured the sharp stinging pain from his glands. But his body still couldn’t help shaking.

At this time, the male voice full of magnetism came again.

“Bear with it.”

Yun Xingze opened his eyes and met those narrow and quiet black eyes. The eyes that were so cold on normal days conveyed a trace of serious comfort.

At this moment, Yun Xingze seemed to see Luo Wenchuan who rescued the cat that day.

At that time, he also showed the same look.

The injection of the inhibitor was completed while Yun Xingze was stunned. Luo Wenchuan carefully pulled out the needle tube, and the left side of the needle tube extended a miniature mechanical arm to put a hemostatic band-aid on Yun Xingze.

The heat flowing in Yun Xingze’s body receded a lot, and his body temperature dropped rapidly.

He was about to say thank you, but Luo Wenchuan suddenly stretched out his slender fingers to gently and carefully press the edge of the unattached band-aid.

Yun Xingze was stunned, and in the next second, Luo Wenchuan had slowly stood up.

Because he had been holding the umbrella on Yun Xingze’s side, his body had been soaked in the rain a lot.

Yun Xingze was deeply grateful. Standing up, he wanted to say something to Luo Wenchuan, but his legs were numb from squatting a long time. The moment he stood up, he fell forward from his unstable center of gravity.

Immediately, Yun Xingze’s chin hit Luo Wenchuan’s shoulder.

His height of more than 1.8 meters is already considered tall for omegas, but Luo Wenchuan was is about 1.9 meters tall. When he fell into Luo Wenchuan’s arms, he was met with a clean mint smell— it should be the residual scent of cologne or laundry detergent.

He could hear the other person’s breathing in his ears as a hot wind brushed his ears.

Luo Wenchuan’s body stiffened.

Yun Xingze thought he would be furious, but he wasn’t.

Luo Wenchuan simply took out a can of odor barrier spray from his bag, quickly applying it up and down on the person in his arms, seeming to dislike the rose pheromone on Yun Xingze’s body.

Yun Xingze wanted to stand up very much, but the high fever just now caused a disorder in his body. Coupled with a lack of blood supply to his brain from squatting, he only felt that his eyes were dark.

A few seconds later, Yun Xingze lost consciousness and fainted in Luo Wenchuan’s arms.

Before fainting, Yun Xingze said weakly, “Thank you…”

Luo Wenchuan did not speak, his muscles remained tight.

He frowned, waiting for Yun Xingze to get up, but did not receive a response after a long time.

About half a minute later, Luo Wenchuan asked in a dull voice: “Are you not going to get up?”

However, Yun Xingze didn’t answer, his head resting heavily against Luo Wenchuan’s neck. The weight of his entire body fell on his body, and he wrapped his hands on his waist unconsciously.

Like a sloth sleeping with a big tree.

Only then did Luo Wenchuan notice that Yun Xingze fainted at some point.

His adam’s apple rolled and he frowned slightly, seeming to be a little impatient with the omega boy. But he still put away the umbrella, picked up the little sloth sideways, and walked to the infirmary.

The rain stopped at this moment.

Beams of sunlight peeked through the clouds, bringing gentle light between the gray sky and the earth.

The boy’s hair is messy, and there are many cherry blossom petals on his hair, making him look flustered.

With his eyes closed and head leaning against Luo Wenchuan’s chest, his eyelashes are long, his skin is fair, and his lips are a little pale. But it can’t hide the heroic and youthful feeling between his handsome facial features.

It is difficult for Luo Wenchuan to imagine that such a teenager is the same one who used a mecha to defeat Kaleb on the field.

The odor blocker neutralizes all the pheromones, making the fragrant rose aroma disappear. It’s as if what happened just now was just an accident.

After fainting, Yun Xingze had a dream. In the dream, he returned to his original world, lying in the medical cabin for treatment, and his whole body was uncomfortable.

At this time, a hand with a thin callus slowly stroked his neck, saving him from pain…

Carrying the smell of mint.



In the infirmary.

Chi Yu accompanied Su Zinan to check his body, but the doctor said that there was nothing wrong with him. Maybe he was just a little tired, and the fever period had not been advanced.

Su Zinan rubbed his neck and said to Chi Yu, “Thank you, Brother Yu, for bringing me to the medical examination. I will transfer the cost of the medical examination to you.”

“No.” Chi Yu said to him. “As old teammates we don’t need to talk about money.”

Su Zinan smiled: “Brother Yu, you are so kind.”

“However, you should pay more attention to this kind of thing next time.” Chi Yu frowned and said. “Don’t suddenly overreact about such things. I was shocked.”

Su Zinan nodded: “I was also very nervous back then. After all, if this kind of thing happened in the backstage of the competition area, the consequences would be very serious.”

“Then bring inhibitors with you,” Chi Yu said impatiently. “I can’t accompany you to the infirmary every time, right?”

“Okay, okay, I’ll pay attention next time.” Su Zinan curled his lips. “I know that you only have Xingze xuedi in your heart.”1T/N: This 2nd line should be spoken internally, but it’s never clarified as such in the original.

Thinking of Yun Xingze, Chi Yu turned around to leave the infirmary to look for him.

Su Zinan followed: “Brother Yu, do you want to have a meal first?”

Chi Yu ignored him.

At this moment, Chi Yu thought of Yun Xingze’s performance on the court, as if having his heart hooked, wishing to see him immediately.

He never thought that Yun Xingze, who grew up with him, would become a powerful and beautiful omega.

However, when Chi Yu walked to the door, his footsteps suddenly stopped.

Su Zinan hit Chi Yu’s shoulder, and he was stunned: “Brother Yu, why did you stop suddenly? It hurt.”

Chi Yu’s back froze, as if he had seen the most impossible thing in the world.

Looking forward with some confusion, Su Zinan’s eyes opened wide. “Luo, Luo Wenchuan…and Yun Xingze?!”

Eyes wide, Chi Yu watched Luo Wenchuan walk into the infirmary anxiously holding a beautiful omega boy in his arms, his body wet by rain.

Chi Yu suspected that he was hallucinating.

After being in the school team for so long, Chi Yu had never seen Luo Wenchuan contact any omega. This SS-level genius alpha seems to have a cold personality.

But now, Luo Wenchuan actually held Yun Xingze?!

Sourness appeared in Chi Yu’s heart. He strode forward, stopped Luo Wenchuan, frowned and said, “What’s wrong with him?”

“The estrus period is early.” Luo Wenchuan’s voice was cold. “Get out of the way.”

His face turned strange hearing the words “estrus period”, and he refused to give in. “Give him to me.”

Luo Wenchuan frowned. “You? Are you a doctor?”

Chi Yu’s face became stiff, and his lips were pursed.

Luo Wenchuan and Chi Yu are both strong alphas in the school team. However, Luo Wenchuan ranks first and looks handsome. With him, no one looks at Chi Yu at all. Chi Yu has been depressed about this before.

Seeing Yun Xingze lying in Luo Wenchuan’s arms with his eyes closed now, he felt a strong sense of crisis that his baby had been snatched away.

Luo Wenchuan hugged Yun Xingze, bumped Chi Yu’s shoulder, and walked past him forcefully.

Chi Yu was stunned and quickly followed, but Luo Wenchuan had long legs and walked quickly. Holding Yun Xingze, walked to the doctor and told him about his symptoms, before carrying him into the ward.

Chi Yu was completely ignored.

On the side, Su Zinan whispered to Chi Yu: “Xingze xuedi is so amazing. He can even handle Luo Wenchuan? It’s really unthinkable. Should I learn from him to get out of being single?”

Hearing Su Zinan, Chi Yu clenched your fists, an inexplicable anger brewing in his heart.

He had never seen Yun Xingze’s feverish appearance. Why can Luo Wenchuan see it?!

Walking to the door of the ward with a gloomy face, Chi Yu watched Luo Wenchuan put Yun Xingze into the medical cabin. Gritting his teeth, he said: “Luo Wenchuan, this is not the school team. What are you pulling?”

Luo Wenchuan turned and walked out of the ward, closing the door to prevent Chi Yu’s noisy voice from bothering people in the room.

Afterwards, he frowned and looked at Chi Yu: “What the hell are you doing?”

“He is my fiancé,” Chi Yu looked at Luo Wenchuan and spoke word by word. “Don’t you know?”

Luo Wenchuan looked at Chi Yu with his narrow, cold eyes.

Contrary to Chi Yu’s expectation, he did not answer this question immediately.

The atmosphere between the two became tense and subtle.


CY, that scumbag, should go die!!! 😠😠😠


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    T/N: This 2nd line should be spoken internally, but it’s never clarified as such in the original.
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  1. Avatar Malacat says:

    A little disappointied the ML didn’t physically kick the smelly ex out of the way.

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    2. komorebi komorebi says:

      Well, he doesn’t know about the engagement and isn’t sure of his own condition.

  2. Avatar IrisIce says:

    As many times that the cat is mentioned is just as many times that I want that cat to show up. 😆

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      😢 If only the cat shows up… the closest is the tailless lego tiger/cat mecha

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    Not only he is the 1 that demand annulment but also claiming so called “fiance”
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    Anyway, Thank you for the double update

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      +1 You’ll have to get used to that feeling of disgust and rage for a while. 😫

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