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BATCFO Chapter 22.1

Yun Xingze’s mecha took advantage of its weight to firmly suppress Kaleb.

In normal times, Yun Xingze wouldn’t make such a move, and use weapons or hands and feet to deliver the final move.

But now, there was a burst of heat in his body, and his physical strength was constantly diminishing. It was impossible for him to continue fighting, and it was the best move he could make.

When the audience saw Kaleb’s mech being ridden, they didn’t know whether they should sympathize or applaud.

“How miserable. The madman Kaleb met another madman.”

“Yun Xingze did a great job! When I was taken apart by Kaleb, the whole audience laughed at me. This time it’s my turn. Karma’s a bitch!”

“Feng shui turns, it’s only fair Kaleb has today.”

Kaleb struggled angrily, but the countdown was over.

The referee announced Yun Xingze had won the game.

The audience was in an uproar.

Everyone was very impressed after watching the game. They did not expect that the frightening Kaleb would lose to a first-year omega. In the game, Yun Xingze’s super strong control of the double star mecha was an eye-opener for everyone.

The applause was deafening and everyone was cheering for this wonderful game.

“Yun Xingze is so powerful, he actually won!”

“He has been firmly in control of the second half of the game. It’s strange if he doesn’t win.”

“It’s not an exaggeration to say that he is an A+ level double star mecha fighter, right?”

“He won, he actually won…” Chi Yu stared at the arena in a daze. “Yun Xingze, he beat Kaleb!”

After speaking, Chi Yu turned to look at Su Zinan, with surprise and joy in his tone: “Su Zinan, have you seen it? It turns out that Yun Xingze is so powerful…”

Su Zinan also smiled and said: “I didn’t expect Xingze xuedi to be so powerful. He really is a hidden master.” But his smile was somewhat forced.

Chi Yu was happy for a while, but suddenly his mood became complicated. He originally wanted to see Yun Xingze make a fool of himself, and to enjoy the pleasure of him asking for help after his mecha was demolished.

However, he did not expect to be surprised by Yun Xingze’s victory.

Once upon a time, Chi Yu longed to find a partner who could accompany him in the arena. After Su Zinan became his teammate, he began to feel dissatisfied with his fiancée Yun Xingze.

What he always said to Yun Xingze was: Can you learn from Su Zinan?

In this game, Yun Xingze did not flinch in the face of such a powerful enemy. He fought until his energy was exhausted and finally won the game.

Chi Yu never thought that Yun Xingze would have this side.

He thought that Yun Xingze’s first place in the audition was just good luck.

The two players on the field put away their mechas. Yun Xingze’s hair was wet with sweat. On the big screen, his white cheeks were reddish, but they were full of vigor and his eyes were as bright as stars.

Chi Yu’s gaze could not move from the sight for a moment.

A strange question suddenly popped up in his heart: Yun Xingze… Has he always looked so good??

Su Zinan saw Chi Yu’s eyes and suddenly felt an unprecedented sense of crisis in his heart.

Since he met Chi Yu, he has always had an attitude of sympathy and contempt for Yun Xingze.

After all, Su Zinan prides himself on being an independent omega in the new era. He has been able to drive mechas, fought on the court, and has excellent results. Yun Xingze will never be able to match him in his lifetime.

Su Zinan originally felt that he was irreplaceable in Chi Yu’s heart.

But seeing Yun Xingze defeat Kaleb, he realized his position is threatened.

On the field, Yun Xingze’s breathing was a bit short. After he got out of the mecha, the heat flow in his body calmed down a bit, but his limbs were still weak.

He guessed that he might be sick.

Two days ago, he refitted the mecha overnight, and was busy exercising his physical and mental strength every day. It was quite likely to get sick.

Yun Xingze took a deep breath, suppressed the strangeness of his body, and walked to Kaleb. He thought he would be scolded, but Kaleb just looked at him with a calm face.

After a while, Kaleb ground his molars and uttered word by word: “Your ugly cat is quite flexible.” Obviously, he was angry with Yun Xingze’s various moves just now.

“Is it a cat or a loach? How can it be so fast?” Kaleb’s tone was a little annoyed. “Also, did you deliberately sit on my mech and humiliate me?!”

Yun Xingze cleared his throat, then looked at Kaleb to say: “Don’t be angry, I just don’t have the strength.”

Kaleb also sweated a lot. This was the most tiring game he has played since he participated in so many matches. He hasn’t been so tired when fighting S-level players even!

Staring at Yun Xingze, although his heart felt uncomfortable, he still stretched out his hand.

Yun Xingze looked at the red-haired boy in a daze, only to see him frowning. The hostility in his eyes still remained, but there was a lot of restraint.

At the moment when their eyes met, Kaleb turned his head a little awkwardly, pretending to be calm: “I’m not angry. What’s there to be angry about? Winning or losing is commonplace for soldiers.”

Yun Xingze did not expect that Kaleb’s temper was better than imagined. He stretched out his hand and shook hands with his opponent. “It’s good if you are not angry. I thought that a player of your style would try to cut me off after the game.”

Kaleb looked at Yun Xingze and squeezed. Pursing his lips, his voice was laced with disdain. “What style? A comet mecha is born to dismantle opponents. I dismantle my opponent on the field until my opponent surrenders. Is there anything wrong?”

Yun Xingze was slightly startled.

“I just want to join the school team.” Kaleb withdrew his hand,. There was a firm gaze under that fiery red hair.

In fact, Kaleb also knows that his playing style is too aggressive and is destined to attract a lot of people’s dissatisfaction.

But he didn’t care.

Yun Xingze realized that Kaleb was actually a player who took each game very seriously. He would not feel guilty for tearing down the opponents mecha, nor would he lose his temper because he was humiliated in the arena.

“Hope we can meet in the school team.” Yun Xingze raised his lips and said to Kaleb, “Best of luck.”

Kaleb was stunned, and then he sneered: “You are quite confident. But if there is still a chance to compare with you, and I will definitely dismantle your disabled cat.”

Having said that, Kaleb has clearly recognized Yun Xingze’s strength as a goal he wants to challenge.

This is the first time that Kaleb has such a great desire to win against an omega.

After speaking, he turned and left, with a cool back.

Yun Xingze also left the arena. The moment he walked out of the arena, the heat flow in his body came again, causing him to pause.

Go to the infirmary quickly.

Thinking about this, Yun Xingze quickened his pace and walked to the back.

Chi Yu watched Yun Xingze leave and couldn’t help standing up, planning to find him.

“Chi Yu!” Su Zinan looked at him in surprise, “Where are you going?”

“I’m going to find Yun Xingze.” Chi Yu paused.

Su Zinan frowned and said: “Xingze xuedi had blocked you before, so he should still having a tantrum. Last time he even yelled at you. You made him so angry, so let’s let him have some peace and quiet alone.”

Chi Yu replied without hesitation: “He worked so hard to improve himself for me. Not only did he learn to drive mecha, but also beat Kaleb. He made such a big change, so as long as I speak clearly, he won’t be angry anymore. Besides, I should congratulate him on winning the game, right?”

Su Zinan got up to Chi Yu’s side and sighed: “Brother Yu, you still don’t know Xingze xuedi’s temper? He’s very tired now. Even if you go congratulate him, he will definitely not react well to you.”

Chi Yu can’t help frowning upon hearing those words. “Fine, I’ll send him back to the dormitory to rest.” After saying that, he left the auditorium.

Su Zinan’s face changed. His fingers clenched up as he said, “I’ll accompany you. I also want to congratulate Xingze xuedi.” After that, he followed Chi Yu’s footsteps.


…another split chapter. 🤷‍♂️

But stuff’s happenin’ alright!


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  1. Avatar A1B2C3 says:

    “He worked so hard to improve himself for me.” Shit Yu is so delusional.

    Thanks for your hard work for this chapter!

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      Yeah. Delusional, narcissistic, lacking IQ, and the utter definition of scum!

      1. Avatar Sam says:

        True True and an idiot to boost. He really can’t take a hint. Its similar to how a women says no and the guy goes ahhh she is just trying to play hard to get infact she is very interested. Really Really

        1. komorebi komorebi says:

          His IQ is in the negatives, but his ego is over inflated

  2. Avatar SuouNono says:

    This man really thinks like the world revolves around him lmao

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      Yeah, his head is in his ass.

  3. Avatar Aries says:

    i really wanna kick this man like he’s not doing anything for you!!! he’s said that multiple times!! asshole

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      If someone gave him a labotomy, I don’t think there would be any difference in his behavior. He has no brains…

  4. Thanks for the chapter! I hate entitled, spoiled, narcissists! I much prefer honest, straightforward kids, even as awkward as the opponent, lol.

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      You’ll have to keep on trucking through. That spoiled, entitled scum sticks around until nearly the end. Each time he appears, my blood pressure rises. At least his appearances reduce later.

  5. Avatar kayrahiss says:

    I just don’t get Su Zinan – can’t he see what piece of work Chi Yu is? Is that man really worth scheming and fighting for?
    Thank you for the translation 💕

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      His backstory will be revealed during the contest, and it kind of makes sense. Maybe… Compared to Chi Yu he’s a tad more likable as a villain.

  6. Avatar Sadie Woods says:

    I respect Kaleb as an opponent. He never took victory for granted, neve underestimated his opponent just for being and omega, and lost with dignity. I hope to see him improve even if he isn’t even a prominent side character!

    These other two on the other hand… ugh.

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      Most side characters are pretty decent. Some idiocy, but most have an IQ of at least 100.

  7. Avatar Nieco says:

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