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BATCFO Chapter 21

The competition has requirements for the specifications of smoke bombs. Therefore, the smoke bombs fired by the mechanical beast did not cause large-scale thick smoke, but formed a mushroom cloud around the head of Kaleb’s comet mecha.

Kaleb’s vision blurred. He couldn’t tell whether the ugly cat was still shooting. Unable to dismantle Yun Xingze’s mecha, he could only loosen the light whip and chain sword, and retreat to a distance.

Yun Xingze breathed a sigh of relief. A few seconds later, and his mecha’s arms will really have deep scratches.

However, after the close-range fight, Yun Xingze’s data collection of the mecha in front of him also came to an end.

From the beginning to the present, his every move is testing his opponent’s strength.

Yun Xingze had to admit that A+ level mechas are indeed very strong. Kaleb’s comet mecha was better than most of the mechas he had seen before, with almost no weaknesses.

But there is no perfect mech in this world.

Kaleb didn’t know that his comet mecha had become a model and blueprint in Yun Xingze’s mind. The data and performance of all parts were fully mastered.

At this moment, twelve minutes have passed since the game.

After being humiliated by the ugly cat, Kaleb could also hear loud laughter from the audience in the cockpit of his mecha.

In the past, when he was playing, the outside audience would be frightened and silenced. He had never been treated like this before. His hands shook with anger, wishing to smash the cat immediately.

The audience who were laughing suddenly noticed the comet mecha rush towards the mechanical beast, and the laughter stopped.

“Damn, Kaleb is completely crazy!”

“How scary, is his speed going to break the protective cover?”

“Can Yun Xingze block this time…”

The comet mecha chased Yun Xingze’s mechanical beast. The chain sword leaving deep and shallow scratches on the ground again and again, with Kaleb’s furious strikes.

Yun Xingze whispered while manipulating the mecha to evade, “We agreed not to be angry…”

Kaleb, who was blinded by anger, could not catch the cat, and quickly exhausted his energy.

Before long, he had begun to pant slightly.

Just as Kaleb was about to catch the mechanical beast, the cat suddenly shrank into a ball, lying on the ground and pretending to be dead.

In its spherical state, the mechanical beast will become very hard and durable. Kaleb used the chain sword a few times, but left only shallow scratches. Facing this “cat ball”, he could not remove it even if he wanted to remove it.

Suddenly, Kaleb realized that he was being tricked. Yun Xingze is simply wasting his energy with mechanical beasts!

The game reached sixteen minutes.

Yun Xingze decided to put an end to it.

Kaleb turned to look for the host armor, preparing to fight to the death with him, but found that Yun Xingze’s mecha had risen into the air at some point, staying in the air, looking down at him.

The sun shone from above, and the mainframe cast a shadow on the ground, covering Kaleb’s comet mecha, bringing an inexplicable sense of oppression.

Later, Yun Xingze drew out two lightsabers and made a dive-ready posture.

This was the third time Yun Xingze looked for opportunities to dive in the arena. He defeated his first two opponents this way. Now, everyone was surprised.

“He wants to take the initiative to approach the comet mecha?”

“It can’t be. Its too dangerous. He just got rid of it…”1Reminder: they were fighting at close range and YXZ only just evaded Kaleb’s attacks earlier.

“What the hell is he going to do?!” Chi Yu frowned tightly at Yun Xingze’s behavior, feeling anxious. “At this time, the most reliable thing is to solve the battle with long-range artillery…”

Su Zinan stared at Yun Xingze’s mecha. He didn’t believe that this guy could win this time.

In the next second, Yun Xingze’s mecha really dived towards Kaleb!

Kaleb sneered: “Seeking death.”

He looked up at the mecha and made a stance to receive the attack.

He planned to end the game early, and he didn’t expect Yun Xingze to take the initiative to send himself up.

The two scarlet chain swords shone with cold light, ready to entangle and disassemble Yun Xingze’s mecha at any time.

Kaleb seized the opportunity, activated the anti-gravity device, and prepared to jump into the air and fight Yun Xingze. However, at the moment he was about to make a jump, a force quickly tightened his feet!

The mechanical cat, who was pretending to be dead, went around behind Kaleb without knowing it.

Just when Kaleb’s attention was attracted by the mainframe in the air, it took out a green light whip, whirled it around Kaleb’s feet, and tightened the rope forcefully at the moment he was about to jump. The feet of the comet mecha were firmly tied up.


Under everyone’s eyes, the comet mecha’s jump was interrupted, and it fell directly to the ground!

A huge dust cloud rose from the ground. After the dust dispersed, the audience noticed that there was a mechanical beast at the feet of the comet mecha.

Everyone was stunned.

“The cat is so smart?!”

“Are you sure it’s not a human driving?”

“How did it do it! While preparing to dive, Yun Xingze controlled the mechanical beast to tie his opponent’s feet with a light whip?!”

“That’s incredible. Even if two people are operating it, they may not be able to grasp the best timing!”

“I am not as good as the ugly cat…”

“Is this reasonable?!”

This seemingly sudden scene, in fact, Yun Xingze deduced it countless times in his mind.

The data he collected told him that although the comet mech is fast, it lacks balance and a jumping ability.

Especially the explosive power of its mechanical bottom plate is incomparable with large mechas. Otherwise, when Kaleb used the light whip and chain sword to wrap Yun Xingze’s mecha just now, he could completely use the power of its lower limbs to break off his arms.

In addition, this mecha is optimized for weapon speed. Consequently, the energy conversion into lower explosive force is relatively low, and it is easy to be disrupted when taking off.

The balance of this mecha is a more serious shortcoming. Not only is the balance system itself defective in design, it also had something to do with the lack of balance in Kaleb himself.

This can be seen from his large movements every time he pulls out the chain sword.

A good balance system can provide power for the mecha arm to move, while a poor balance system will hinder the movement and require more effort to complete the corresponding action.

These two problems are combined. When the feet of the comet mecha are tied up, not only can it not break free in time, but it will also instantly lose its balance and cause it to fall.

After falling, it is even difficult to get up.

Kaleb had never felt so aggrieved.

He wanted to get up from the ground, but there seemed to be a heavy weight on his legs, and this fall smashed his eyes away from the stars.

Kaleb, who refused to admit defeat, continued to struggle on the ground. He wanted to pull the rope off his feet, but suddenly a force fell from the sky.

The mechanical beast rode generously on Kaleb’s neck.

Yun Xingze’s dive was just a disguise. He saw Kaleb being subdued and slowly controlled the mecha to land.

The game has reached twenty minutes.

The series of pulling and avoiding just now had extremely tested Yun Xingze’s reaction power and physical stamina.

Now, his physical strength seems to have reached its limit.

Kaleb was so angry that he reached out to catch the ugly cat, but couldn’t catch it.

The ugly cat threw out two chain swords and embedded them on the ground, holding the comet mecha firmly.

The referee began to count down.

“Ten, nine, eight…”

“Kaleb will lose, Yun Xingze will win.”

“I didn’t expect it to be like this.”

Just when the audience thought the game was over, suddenly, a sense of exhaustion hit Yun Xingze. A flow of heat tumbled through his body.

Yun Xingze’s eyes widened in an instant-what’s wrong with him? !

He usually gets tired, but he has never felt so weak. There is also a faint soreness on the right side of his neck.

The power of the mechanical beast is related to the driver himself. When Yun Xingze feels tired, his power also relaxes. Kaleb could feel the reduction in his clamping power.

“Bang— ” Kaleb seized the opportunity, grabbing the ugly cat behind his neck and throwing it away.

“Damn, this fight can still continue like this?”

“Does Kaleb still have a chance?!”

“If Kaleb can stand up, Yun Xingze’s current state may not be able to beat…” Ke Lei stared at Yun Xingze’s mecha and slowly said, “Yun Xingze is an omega after all, and it is estimated that his physical stamina has reached the limit.”

Luo Wenchuan remained silent, without looking away from the arena for a moment.

Oriel also frowned tightly, sweat beading on his palms. “Why is Xingze standing still? Is his physical strength at the limit?!”

“It should be that he has no strength…” Lu Ranxu’s expression also changed for the worse.

Not far away, Chi Yu held his breath, staring at Kaleb’s movements, and said nervously: “No, Kaleb can continue to fight? Why doesn’t Yun Xingze attack him! Move! Beat him! Shell him! Hurry up!”

He seemed more anxious than Yun Xingze himself.

Su Zinan was also very nervous. Yun Xingze’s performance just now exceeded his imagination. At this moment, the outcome looks like it’s about to be determined, and both of them can possibly win!

Yun Xingze took a deep breath. The sudden weird exhaustion made his limbs feel extremely weak, and the heat in his body was constantly surging. He had to work hard to suppress it.

What’s wrong with him?!

The countdown continued: “Five, four, three…”

The audience fell silent and fell into dead silence.

Is it possible to reverse the situation?!

Just when Kaleb was struggling to get up.

Yun Xingze suddenly walked forward and rubbed his neck, instead of the mechanical beast, he sat down on the back of the comet mecha.

“Forget it, I’ll do it myself.”


Poor Kaleb… but any guesses what’ll happen next? 😉

P.S. Won’t be the first or last time it happens – the chapter lengths are so inconsistent…


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    Reminder: they were fighting at close range and YXZ only just evaded Kaleb’s attacks earlier.
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  1. Thanks for the chapter! Oh, poor YX hit by his heat at the worst time…

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      Well, there isn’t a ‘right time’ for a heat.

  2. Avatar IrisIce says:

    I totally forgot that he was an omega!!!! I forgot that this was an ABO universe!!!!

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      The ABO elements will play a large role later, but they take up less space than the mecha elements in this fic

  3. Avatar Pletha says:

    Thanks for the chapter! I’m glad YX still has an opportunity to win. This could be the whole “our mc gets setbacks at the beginning to motivate them to work even harder” thing but I really hope it is not. Then all of his planning would have meant nothing at all.

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      To clarify, YXZ doesn’t care much about winning and losing the match. He wants to: (1) learn more about mechas, (2) make money/save money.

      His desire to ‘win’ Kaleb is more a desire not to have his mecha scrapped, since it’ll cost money he doesn’t have.

  4. Avatar Sadie Woods says:

    That heat better not get in the way of this very legitimate win! YXZ did such a good job strategizing and upgrading his mechas. Why should biology get to steal that? 😡

    That said, I think he’ll still win. I just hope the pheromones don’t cause problems!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      His heat is separate from his win. It has nothing to do with the victory itself (aside from sitting on Kaleb)

      1. Avatar Sadie Woods says:

        What I meant was him going into hest shouldn’t cause him to lose. He worked so hard for this victory that if at the last moment he goes into heat and is therefore distracted and made weak leading to Kaleb winning, it just wouldn’t be fair. So many ABO stories involve heats making the omega utterly insensible and helpless. It would be so hard for this character in particular to deal with a loss due to biology. I suppose next chapter shoud clear it up!

        1. komorebi komorebi says:

          Gotcha. Well Chapter 22 is out so you can see what happens. 😄

  5. Avatar Panda Eyes says:

    Speaking bout ABO story theme

    Its always typical where MC get heat n ML is there “coincidentally”, save the damsel in distress like a prince on top of white horse, get to know each other, fell in love, n then HAPPILY EVER AFTER

    N yet i don’t like it at all if YXZ’s heat case is like that too
    I like YXZ as amazing omega through n through from beginning till the end
    I am a fan of YXZ now. That’s why

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      I can confidently say YXZ and LWC aren’t like that. Yes, there is some saving that happens, but no white horses, and certainly not a smooth or flash romance either. Don’t forget, the scum – CY, YXZ’s family – are still kicking, and LWC has an omega ‘phobia’.

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