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BATCFO Chapter 20.2

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He didn’t want to control a fully automatic mechanical beast, but tried to control every movement of it with his mental power.

After testing it out in the mental power training room, simulation training cabin, and Mecha Star, Yun Xingze discovered that although his mental power could not control the mechanical beast 100%, he could reach 80% at least.

In the arena, Kaleb circled Yun Xingze for a while, and suddenly threw out two scarlet chain swords. The chain swords in the contracted state looked like two blood-stained knives.

Starting the mecha’s acceleration engine, he decisively attacked Yun Xingze.

The audience held their breath collectively.

Yun Xingze’s two mechas quickly separated. When the “toy cat” began moving, it carried a few points of a beast king’s momentum, and it’s speed matched a real star beast.

Kaleb had no distractions. His purpose was very clear as he ran straight towards the mainframe mecha.

Just as Kaleb was about to throw two chain swords out, suddenly a force entangled his legs.

The ugly cat also had two chain swords. Don’t know when it came to Kaleb’s back and began attacking and harassing him.

The audience burst into discussion at this scene. They didn’t expect that the mechanical beast could make such a powerful move.

“Stood up! The cat is up!”

“That reconnaissance mech is so flexible that it can actually use chain swords?!”

“Damn, why is it so fast. I didn’t even see when Kaleb’s legs were actually entangled?!”

“But those two chain swords are obviously a mini version, and different in length. It is inferior and he’ll soon be freed.”

As the audience can see, although the mechanical beast is fast and moves very flexible, its configuration is not comparable.

The comet mecha is small and very powerful. It turned around and quickly reached out to try to break the two inferior chain swords.

But what Kaleb didn’t expect was that the ugly cat retracted the chain sword and let him catch it!

Kaleb had a kind of irritation of being played around. He raised his foot and wanted to kick the mechanical beast directly.

The audience suddenly exclaimed at this moment.

“The host armor1Re: mainframe or host of the double star mecha. As in, where Yun Xingze is seated. launched an attack!”

“Kaleb seems to be in danger…”

“It’s a sneak attack!”

Before the feet of the comet mecha touched the mechanical beast, he was suddenly hit twice from behind.

Although the pain of the mecha is transmitted to the nerves is attenuated a lot, Kaleb still felt the pain. He turned to look over and found that Yun Xingze attacked him with the host armor.

He threw the chain sword at his opponent without hesitation!

Just as the chain sword was about to wrap Yun Xingze’s mecha, he dodged at an extremely strange angle, activated the anti-gravity device and jumped up. While jumping, he directly blocked the chain sword with a lightsaber.

Kaleb startled slightly at the strong vibrations transmitted to his hand. He did not expect this omega to have so much power.

However, this also stimulated his fighting spirit a large extent. He retracted the chain sword, made a leap, and attacked Yun Xingze again.

He swears that the next move must be to tear down the opponent…

When the audience exclaimed again.

“The mechanical beast is going to attack Kaleb’s back!”

“Wow, that cat will imitate it’s owner’s behavior?”

“You’re wrong. Both mechas are controlled by Yun Xingze!”

“No, isn’t the reconnaissance mecha fully automatic?”

“I drive a double star mecha. There is no such command as a sneak attack!”

In the next second, the comet mecha’s back was scratched twice by the claws of the mechanical beast. Then, it took a small lightsaber and jabbed his spine hard.

Kaleb had a strong feeling of being humiliated, and turned to the ugly cat in anger.

However, as soon as he turned around, he felt a hint of coldness. And as expected, Yun Xingze drove the host armor to attack him again.

Whenever Kaleb tried to deal with the mechanical beast, Yun Xingze would attack his back.

When Kaleb wanted to deal with Yun Xingze himself, the mechanical beast ran to poke him.

This process was repeated several times, and Kaleb’s bad temper exploded. He couldn’t help turning on the PA system and roaring with a voice that could be heard by the whole audience: “What fucking shit is this?2The original is Kaleb swearing YXZ is using a f*cking cheat or “bug” but it didn’t translate as well. Is there is no end?!”

The referee quickly picked up the loudspeaker: “First yellow card warning. Will contestant Kaleb keep the match civilized.”

Everyone in the audience was amused by this scene. They did not expect that the frightening Kaleb would be played around by the first-year omega.

In the cockpit, there was the rare sight of Kaleb sweating.

Five minutes have passed since the game began. Not only did he not dismantle Yun Xingze’s mecha, he didn’t even touch his opponent.

But in the end, he has participated in several competitions, and took a deep breath to calm himself down.

At present, Yun Xingze’s skill is beyond his imagination. The flexibility of that ugly cat is also far from that of ordinary automatic reconnaissance mechas.

The only explanation is that Yun Xingze’s ability to control mental power is super strong, and he can simultaneously control the actions of the host armor and the mechanical beast.

Kaleb’s heart sank.

He did not underestimate the match, and was working hard to prepare before the game.

But Yun Xingze’s behavior completely exceeded his expectations!

A protective covering is tightly attached to back of the comet mecha is to prevent further attacks. It fought with the two mechas for a while, like a hunter thinking about how to kill the prey in one shot.

The atmosphere became tense again.

“Yun Xingze can actually push Kaleb to this point…” Ke Lei looked at the arena in surprise. “He can not only modify the double star mecha, but also drives so well?”

Luo Wenchuan looked at the mechanical beast with thoughtful eyes.

That reconnaissance mech seems to have more than just a harassment function?

On the field, Kaleb had recovered his calmness. He sneered in his heart, that it was just a disabled cat without a tail. In the worst case, just dismantle the two mechas together.

Putting away the chain sword, he raised the long-range caliber cannon and fired a few shots at the “disabled cat” and Yun Xingze. Then out came a superstar particle light saw and a more flexible light whip. Maximizing the mecha’s horsepower, he towards his opponent.

The light whip and light saw turned into afterimages in the air, and the resulting blue tail was like a comet when it struck.

After the mechanical beast avoided the artillery fire, the comet mecha quickly approached it, and with a flick of the light whip, it passed over its head and almost hit it!

Yun Xingze quickly recalled the mechanical beast.

Kaleb saw the ugly cat rolling to the ground, rolling back to Yun Xingze like a ball, and evading the light whip.

He didn’t stop there, grabbing the gap when Yun Xingze recalled the mechanical beast, to attack Yun Xingze at an extremely fast speed.

He learned to be smart – this time it was an attack from the side.

The light whip is much longer than the chain sword. Just as Yun Xingze thought he could hide, his mecha’s left arm was entangled!

The audience exclaimed.

“Damn, grabbed on?!”

“Is Yun Xingze going to die?”

“He’s going to lose!”

Chi Yu stood up in shock with tightly clenched fists upon seeing the scene.

Su Zinan couldn’t help but licked the corners of her lips, and whispered: “Kaleb can’t do it this time, it took so long to find a chance…”

When Yun Xingze’s mechanical left arm was caught, he immediately tried to get out, but he was stuck. Kaleb’s light whip was wrapped very tightly.

The destructive power of the light whip is not as terrible as the chain sword, but it is also enough to bind his mecha.

Afterwards, Kaleb raised the extremely lethal particle light saw, preparing to dismantle Yun Xingze’s mecha arm.

Yun Xingze lifted his lightsaber and slashed directly at the mecha arm holding the light saw!

The latter responded quickly, immediately putting away the light saw, and replacing it with a chain sword to entangle Yun Xingze’s mecha other arm.

The comet mecha firmly wrapped the arms of the host armor, and firmly grasped the ground with both feet, trying to pull both arms directly using brute force.

Really a lunatic…

Yun Xingze sweated a little. Frowning, he sent a new command to the reconnaissance mecha.

The next second, the mechanical beast jumped up and appeared in the middle of the two tall mechas.

Small weapons came out to attack the comet mecha, but obviously, the effect was very small.

Kaleb continued gripping on the whip and chain without flinching; the ugly cat seemed to be tickling him.

The audience began to worry about Yun Xingze.

“If this goes on, that ugly mecha will definitely lose. A B-level and an A+ level grade… If they compete with brute force, the latter will definitely win.”

“If Yun Xingze has his arms removed, there will soon be nothing left but the cockpit.”

“Why doesn’t he surrender? If he’s beaten like this, even if he loses, his performance score will not be low…”

“I guess he wants to struggle. First-year students don’t know the horror of Kaleb. There’ll be time to beg for mercy later.”

Ke Lei couldn’t help standing up, and said to Luo Wenchuan with some worry: “I think Yun Xingze will not last a minute.”

“Indeed.” Luo Wenchuan said lightly. “But, he shouldn’t be that stupid.”

Seeing that the ugly cat was still standing in front of him, Kaleb sneered and said to himself: “I will clean up Yun Xingze in a while and then clean up this stupid cat…”

Before he finished speaking, the ugly cat suddenly turned and rushed towards onto the chest area of Yun Xingze’s host armor.

Kaleb froze for a moment. What is it doing?

Afterwards, the mechanical beast lifted its tail and even twisted it twice, looking for a suitable angle.

It’s like a cat sticking up it’s butt, but because it doesn’t have a tail, the picture looks a little funny.

Oriel said in shock: “What is Yun Xingze doing? Making the cat act meng3萌: aka cute. For more details:”

“Did he put a music box on the tail, the kind that can pop up a white flag?” Lu Ranxu also asked in surprise.

Just when everyone was confused about this, the mechanical beast suddenly froze.


The huge sound frightened everyone. After calming down, they realized that the tail of the mechanical beast launched a small smoke bomb toward the head of Kaleb’s mecha!

Like a cat farting loudly at a human, it was even colored.

Kaleb’s mind suddenly remembered what Yun Xingze said before the game

[If it does something bad to you, don’t be angry.]

At this moment, he finally knew what “bad” he meant, and finally understood why this ugly cat has no tail.


😹 Half the reason I wanted to translate BATCFO was for moments like this. Man, you gotta love YXZ.


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  • 1
    Re: mainframe or host of the double star mecha. As in, where Yun Xingze is seated.
  • 2
    The original is Kaleb swearing YXZ is using a f*cking cheat or “bug” but it didn’t translate as well.
  • 3
    萌: aka cute. For more details:
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  1. Avatar Malacat says:

    lol, fart attack was not on my list of possible options in any way in my thoughts of what could happen during this fight.

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

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  2. Avatar Nieco says:

    Lol, didn’t expect it, i thought i would launch a a rocket or something but fart hahahaha xingze really know how to play

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      Hahaha. Which one would you rather experience? A rocket launcher or a rainbow fart to the face? 🤣

  3. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA this scene really made me burst into laughter!~

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      Gotta love that tiger cat!

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