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BATCFO Chapter 20.1

Yun Xingze looked at the tall alpha in front of him and proactively stretched out his hand: “Please advise.”

Kaleb looked at his hand with an indifferent expression. After a while, he stretched out his hand and shook it briefly without speaking.

The corners of his eyes were slightly raised under his red hair. His eyes holding a hostility that was not of his age, and his tight lips revealed his bad temper.

Before the two released their mechas, the referee walked up to Yun Xingze and reminded in a low voice: “In a while, if you can’t hold on or if you have any other accidents, immediately press the help button, or turn on the PA system and tell me. I will stop the game.”

Yun Xingze retracted his gaze from the violent red-haired boy and nodded to the referee, but his expression was not as nervous as the referee expected.

Kaleb turned and walked a few steps, releasing his comet mecha in the designated area.

The seven to eight meters tall mecha is considered a medium-small mecha. The entire body is black, but the accessories being held are scarlet. They are clearly the weapons used to disassemble enemy mechas.

When Yun Xingze watched the videos, he carefully observed Kaleb’s mecha. There were a lot of weapons on it, and the two chain swords could launch a swift attack on the enemy from a tricky angle.

The moment Kaleb’s mecha was released, Yun Xingze silently recorded the mecha’s data in his mind.

When the people in the audience saw Kaleb release the mecha, they began to worry for Yun Xingze.

“It’s here – it’s the comet mecha that destroyed countless other mechas.”

“That little first-year omega is driving a lightsaber mecha; he will be hanged and beaten.”

“Speaking about his lightsaber mecha. It’s so ugly, if I were Kaleb, I would have no interest in tearing it down.”

“Look, he’s going to release that ugly mecha.”

Yun Xingze glanced at the mecha cube in his hand. One of the sides of the hexahedron had an extra small part jutting out – it was the most important “accessory” he added when refitting the mecha.

Yun Xingze threw the mecha cube. The small accessory piece immediately separated from the primary cube, and began to reveal itself alongside the mecha.

Sharp-eyed audience members quickly discovered the scene.

“His mecha cube… seems to have two parts?”

“Two parts? Isn’t that what happens when a double star mecha is unfolded?”

“There are really two mecha cubes! Did he convert the lightsaber mech into a double star mecha?!”

“How is this possible?! It’s very difficult to control a double star mecha!”

A lightsaber mecha nearly ten meters tall appeared in the center of the field. Like last time, many people saw this mecha for the first time. They were similarly shocked by its color scheme. But what was even more surprising was the more than three meters tall beast-shaped reconnaissance mech that appeared beside the lightsaber mecha.

It meant that Yun Xingze converted the lightsaber mecha into a double star mecha.

This reconnaissance mech was the accessory given by Boss Chu in the underground black market when I bought the lightsaber mecha previously.

Speaking of which, Yun Xingze had to thank Luo Wenchuan. If he hadn’t given him tens of thousands of star coins in bonus, the boss wouldn’t have given him this accessory easily.

Since the reconnaissance mech looks like a mechanical tiger, Yun Xingze simply changed it into a tiger shape when he modified it.

There are not many changes. Its weapon system is strengthened, the damaged tail is removed, and the tail’s attack ability has been modified to a certain extent.

Because of his lack of money, Yun Xingze only bought the necessary parts for transforming the double star mecha, and used the remaining ugly parts for the rest.

When the “mechanical tiger” squatted obediently at the feet of the lightsaber mecha, the audience was attracted by it.

Black body, golden ears, green eyes, big red four legs, and an unaccounted tail.

“Very ugly reconnaissance mecha …”

“I thought that lightsaber mecha was ugly enough, I didn’t expect there to be something even uglier.”

“What kind of animal is that? Can’t distinguish it at all.”

“Is it really possible to convert a lightsaber mecha into a double star mecha?”

“It’s too risky. The double star mecha requires a high level of mental power control.”

Luo Wenchuan’s eyes fell on the mecha. His brows furrowed slightly, and there was a hint of surprise in his eyes.

He didn’t hear the contents of the conversation that day between Yun Xingze and Zhuo Feiyue. He could only guess at Yun Xingze’s modification plans, and was curious about it.

But he never expected that he would see a picture of “ugliness plus ugliness”.

Two ugly mechas, one large and one small, stood together. The picture was harmonious and ugly.

“Oh my God, Yun Xingze he actually…” Ke Lei stared at the two mechas blankly, unable to say a complete sentence for a moment. “How could he be… so weird! Who gave him the inspiration for this?!”

Luo Wenchuan heard his words, and suddenly remembered the scene of saving the cat that day. He pursed his thin lips, as if he wanted to say something, but finally gave up.

He definitely will not admit that he was the inspiration.

Lu Ranxu sighed, a little helpless: “Xingze said that it was a tiger. No matter how I look at it, I think it looks like the cat with flawed intelligence my family used to raise. It not only looked ugly, but has acted mediocrely.”

“So what is he actually thinking?” Oriel held his forehead and couldn’t bear to look straight. “A double star mecha requires the driver’s mental power to be split. It will need twice the number of mental bonds, and is much more difficult to start up. Is his mental control ability that strong?”

“I also advised him at the beginning,” Lu Ranxu said slowly, looking at Yun Xingze’s double star mecha, “However, he successfully refitted the mecha in two days. That is a miracle in itself, So, let’s trust him again.”

Oriel raised his eyes to the center of the field after hearing this. Although the two mechas were ugly, it was a standard double star mecha. Have to say that that Yun Xingze’s modification ability really exceeded everyone’s imagination.

“He modified it himself?!” Chi Yu’s eyes widened, and he almost stood up. “When did Yun Xingze learn to modify mechas? That’s impossible! I have known him for so long – he barely understands mechas at all!”

Su Zinan couldn’t help frowning: “In theory, any mecha can be converted into a double star mecha. As long as it is equipped with a mental power shunt device and a signal transmitter, you can use mental power to control two mechas at the same time. But what is really difficult is the operation after modification.”

Su Zinan wondered if Yun Xingze was hoping that such indiscriminate modification would allow him to avoid the tragedy of being demolished?  It will only be dismantled even worse if he can’t drive the double star mecha.

Hearing this, Chi Yu looked at Yun Xingze worriedly.

Although a double star mecha is better at fighting a comet mecha than the lightsaber mecha, it is very difficult to start. Almost like a person controlling two hands to write different characters at the same time.

Yun Xingze’s move is really risky.

Even Kaleb showed a surprised expression after seeing the mecha.

Afterwards, he frowned and looked at Yun Xingze, opening his mouth to ask with a bit of annoyance: “Are you looking down on me? I don’t care if you want to change to a double star mecha, but why did you get a cat of such a poor quality? Is it a toy?”

“No,” Yun Xingze replied seriously. “It’s a little tiger.”

“Little tiger? It’s obviously a disabled cat.” Kaleb looked at the reconnaissance mecha with disgust. “It’s so ugly. There is no tail. What’s the use of it?”

The tail of a beast-shaped mecha is a very important combat tool. Kaleb naturally thinks it is inferior now that the mecha does not have a tail.

“You say it’s a cat, then it’s a cat.”1He’s saying, it doesn’t matter if you insist it’s a cat (and not a tiger). Yun Xingze said to Kaleb. “However, if it does something bad to you in a while, don’t be angry.”

Kaleb frowned. “A disabled machine cat. What bad things can it do?”

Seeing the mechanical beast’s non-aggressive appearance, Kaleb decided to squash it with his foot.

[The fourth game of the second round of C arena will start in three minutes.]

The two entered their mechas at the same time.

The moment the comet mech was activated, a low roar carrying a murderous aura rang out. The scarlet weapons also became more shocking, as if Yun Xingze’s mecha was to be dismantled into eight pieces in the next second.

After Yun Xingze’s double star mecha activated, the eyes of the reconnaissance mecha lit up. In an instant, it changed from a toy without attack to a mechanical beast with a bit of aggressiveness.

However, due to the limited modification materials, the mecha could not be changed to look like a tiger. It really looked like a cat.

Yun Xingze decided to modify the lightsaber mech this way because he knew that a lightsaber mecha had no tactics. It relied solely on the driver’s skill, and his physical strength did not allow the game to be dragged for too long.

The black market boss gave him a reconnaissance mecha not for nothing.

During the modification process, Lu Ranxu kept trying to persuade him from the sidelines that a double star mecha was very unfriendly to novices, and what awaited him after getting started was to give up.

But Yun Xingze firmly said: “I don’t want my lightsaber mecha to be dismantled by Kaleb, even if it’s only a finger.” After speaking, he continued with the modifications.

Lu Ranxu was moved by Yun Xingze’s unyielding spirit, and almost shed tears: “Xingze, what on earth changed you so much?”

Yun Xingze answered in his heart, of course its poverty.

The mental splitter and signal transmitter are not expensive. They summed to more than 10,000, which cost Yun Xingze almost all the rest of his remaining money. In the end, he used one night to complete the double star mecha.

As its name suggests, the double star mecha is composed of two mechas, just like a double star system. Generally speaking, the mainframe is a small to medium-sized offensive mecha, while the secondary mecha is responsible for reconnaissance.

On the battlefield, double star mechas often act as front-line scouts, hiding themselves in complex terrain, and dispatching reconnaissance mechas to detect, monitor and interfere. It is one of the important mechas that appeared in the innovation of new mechas, and it has only been put into use in recent years.

The driver divides his mental power into two parts through the mental power splitter. Most is used to control the mainframe, and the other small part is used to control the reconnaissance mecha through the signal transmitter.

This method of operation is the most special and the most difficult of the six mechas.

Therefore, most of double star mechas’ reconnaissance mechas are semi-automatic or even fully automatic. As long as the controller uses mental power to give signals to attack, defend, or retreat, it will automatically attack the identified target.

It’s a bit like a master fighting with a pet, so the double star mecha is also called “dog walking mecha” or “master and servant mecha”.

But this automatic mode meant the upper limit of the double star mecha will not be very high. In the national competition last year, the number of double star mecha users ranked third, and among the top ten players, there was no double star mecha.

Fortunately, a double star mecha’s ability to interfere with a comet mecha is quite strong. In the arena, as long as Kaleb’s comet mecha is disturbed by the mechanical beast, Yun Xingze has a chance to fight back.

However, Yun Xingze’s intentions are much more than that.


The infamous ugly tiger “cat” appears!!! 😻

And the chapter lengths increased as hinted a long time ago… As promised, the next part should be up in 48h.

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    He’s saying, it doesn’t matter if you insist it’s a cat (and not a tiger).
KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels!Click here to join!


  1. Avatar Malacat says:

    A cat is the perfect companion to hunt a rat.

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      Question is – who’s the rat?
      (And trust me, it’s not Kaleb)

  2. Avatar Sadie Woods says:

    I definitely couldn’t have guessed that, but I LOVE it! What’s a more fitting companion for a hobbled together mecha than a hobbled together tiger? I keep having that old Johnny Cash song run though my head, “One Piece at a Time” for the appearance! 🤣 I love this idea though. Underestimate at your own peril!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      Told you it’d be fun.

      And it’s a tiger cat! Yun Xingze is the only person who sees it as a tiger. Poor kid…

      1. Avatar Sadie Woods says:

        To be fair, all of my three cats (if they could talk) would claim to be tigers. The stripes count, right? 😅

        1. komorebi komorebi says:

          Maybe… they’re mini-tigers! 🐯

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