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BATCFO Chapter 2

The reason why Yun Xingze took the initiative to make an appointment with Chi Yu was to dissolve their ridiculous marriage contract. Chi Yu threatened him with the dissolution of their engagement, and he simply followed through.

Even if Chi Yu didn’t mention it, Yun Xingze would take the initiative to speak.

Chi Yu sat opposite Yun Xingze, looking at him with an expression of disbelief. But his shock didn’t last long, as Chi Yu quickly realized what was going on: Yun Xingze was throwing a tantrum ay him.

Contempt flashed across Chi Yu’s eyes at the thought that this guy found a new trick, even daring to agree to the dissolution of their marriage contract as a joke.

Yun Xingze couldn’t understand Chi Yu’s expression. It stands to reason that he should be happy, shouldn’t he? Why was Chi Yu upset?

“If there’s nothing else, let’s settle on this now.” Yun Xingze stared at Chi Yu for a while. After he gave up reading his expression, he said, “You can leave.”

After speaking, Yun Xingze lowered his head and continued to eat dessert. With half a macaron in the left hand and a cup of hot milk tea in the right hand, Chi Yu was completely set aside.

Looking at the expression in Yun Xingze’s, sympathy crept into his contempt.

He remembered that some omegas will use sweets to cover up their sadness after falling out of love. Yun Xingze’s current behavior seems to be indifferent, but it is actually gluttony caused by excessive sadness.

“Eat less.”

It was rare for Chi Yu’s voice to carry a few points of caring. He was afraid that Yun Xingze would have an emotional breakdown after eating for a while, and burst into tears in public—it wasn’t that Yun Xingze had never done something like that before.

Yun Xingze glanced at Chi Yu in confusion.

Seeing that Chi Yu was staring at the dessert in his hand, he thought to himself, this guy wouldn’t be wanting to get a free meal, right?

“I’m hungry.” Yun Xingze replied concisely, and then frowned slightly, “Aren’t you leaving?”

“I didn’t mean to strong arm you into dissolving the marriage. Those words I said just then were for your own good.” Chi Yu looked at Yun Xingze earnestly. “If you can study hard, avoid making trouble each day, learn more mecha knowledge from the academy, don’t cause me a lot of trouble, then I can still try to get along with you…”

Clearly it was the original owner taking care of Chi Yu everyday. And his temper was also only because of the ambiguous relationship between Chi Yu and Su Zinan. But somehow Chi Yu described it in such an unbearable way.

Yun Xingze felt that Chi Yu was ruining on his appetite, and put down the macaron in his hand. He said perfunctorily: “I can’t change it.”

Seeing that Yun Xingze was willingly abandoning their marriage1自暴自弃: willingly dropping behind and not seeking to go up. In this case, willingly letting go of their marriage, or agreeing to it’s dissolution., unwilling learn from his mistakes and correct himself, Chi Yu frowned. Such a person was completely hopeless In his mind. He coldly snorted, “Fine then, it’s as you wish.”

Yun Xingze’s mood suddenly improved upon hearing this. He rushed to smile at Chi Yu. “Walk slowly.”

From his expression and tone, to his gesture of picking up the dessert, it all seemed to convey a a message: He really didn’t care about Chi Yu.

The smile caused an unknown fire to light in Chi Yu’s heart.

The Yun family was originally a wealthy mecha merchant, but a wave of new mechas appeared in recent years. The Yun family could not catch an opportunity, so the company’s scale of operations could only shrink. It greatly needed the help of the Chi family.

Besides, Yun Xingze originally relied on Chi Yu’s family to enter the school. After leaving Chi Yu, he is likely to be kicked out of school.

Who gave Yun Xingze the courage to treat him with such an attitude?

“You are very courageous today, but let me remind you that you were able to enter Xinghai Academy because of my Chi family’s help. Since you have chosen to dissolve the marriage contract… be prepared to be kicked out given your currently level.”

After Chi Yu said this, he waited to see Yun Xingze’s regretful expression.

However, Yun Xingze only made a casual “Oh” at hearing those words. he didn’t even raise his head.

He didn’t care about being kicked out of school. He never attended school in his previous life due to his illness, and taught himself how to become a mecha master.

Seeing Yun Xingze’s salted fish2As in unconcerned, or someone without an intent to do anything appearance, Chi Yu felt very upset. His fist felt like it hit cotton, and his mood plummeted.

But then he considered it. The Yun family is declining, and Yun Xingze will soon drop out of school. Soon, they will be people from two different worlds, and at that point, Yun Xingze will regret what he did today.

Thinking of this point, Chi Yu was much more comfortable.

He stood up, looked at Yun Xingze mockingly, and turned to leave.

However, Yun Xingze’s voice suddenly sounded: “Wait.”

Chi Yu curled his lips and looked at Yun Xingze, only to see him politely point to the coat he put aside. His voice was calm and gentle when he said: “You forgot to take your jacket.”

The corners of the boy’s lips were stained with dessert crumbs. When the outside sun fell on him, the white sweater made him appear more white, his skin carrying a sense of transparency, and his eyes conveying slight alienation.

Obviously nothing changed, but in that moment, Chi Yu was stunned by those unfamiliar, black eyes.

His Adam’s apple rolled as he reached out to pick up his coat, and left the coffee shop.

Yun Xingze ate happily after sending away the person who was in the way.

However, this happiness did not last long. About five minutes later, Yun Xingze’s optical brain received a communication request.

After putting on earphones and turning them on, Yun Xingze’s mother Qin Shuang appeared in the light screen, akimbo, and angrily asked: “I heard that you just broke off your marriage contract with Chi Yu? Are your brains flooded with water3脑子进水: Water seeping into the brain, metaphor for does your brain have a problem, or someone being stupid?!”

Yun Xingze never expected Chi Yu to seek revenge by rushing to complain to his parents. He didn’t even give him time to finish his desserts.

Looking at the angry and glamorous omega female on the screen, Yun Xingze shook his head obediently. “There is no water.”4As in, his brain does not have a problem / he’s not being foolish.

Qin Shuang looked at him, hating that iron could not become steel.5恨铁不成钢: Hating or disliking someone because they failed one’s expectations, and giving up any hope they will improve. Re: Qin Shuang hates that Yun Xingze is being so stupid, unrepentant, and did not keep his marriage contract with Chi Yu “Do you know our family’s situation now? There are new innovations in mecha technology every day, and it’s getting hard and hard to sell our company’s mechas. If the Chi family no longer shares information from the military, what will our company do in the future?!”

When Yun Xingze heard the words about mecha technological innovation, he blinked his eyes preparing to speak, but Qin Shuang cut him off with another barrage: “Your brother is still in high school. What about you? Sitting around and doing nothing all day. The only thing you can do is to please Chi Yu. And now, look at what you did – willingly messing up the only think you can do right?!”

“Innovating mecha technology,” Yun Xingze replied, “I can help you.”

From the perspective of a mecha master, the technology of this world actually lags far behind his previous world. He can completely help the Yun family’s company become a leader in the industry.

But Qin Shuang obviously didn’t intend to give him this opportunity and cursed, “What nonsense are you talking about!”

Yun Xingze looked at her very sincerely, “I can really help…”

“Once the marriage contract is dismissed, do you know you will be kick out of school soon?!” Qin Shuang kept jabbing the screen with her finger, wishing to materialize out of the screen and poke his forehead. “You go and apologize to Chi Yu now! If you are really kicked out of school, don’t expect to come back to the Yun family. Until you solve this matter, I won’t give you any more living expenses!”

“I will try my best to stay in school,” Yun Xingze was scolded until his ears hurt, but he still tried to calm Qin Shuang’s anger. “However, before you cut off the living expenses, can you lend me a mecha from home…”

“Is a mecha as important as Chi Yu?!”

“No, I…” Before Yun Xingze could finishing talking, Qin Shuang hung up the communication.

Yun Xingze took a deep breath, and took a bite of the cookie in his hand. It no longer tasted good.

It seems he did not think things through enough. He assumed that after the marriage contract was dissolved, he could do what he wanted. But he never expected Qin Shuang’s reaction to be so intense.

Now, he faced the risk of being kicked out of Xinghai Academy, his family cut off his living expenses, and there is no mecha either…

Having a mecha of one’s own is difficult to achieve in the short term, unless one had enough money to buy it. But mechas are very expensive no matter which world they are in.

Yun Xingze glanced at the empty plates stacked on the table, and muttered: “If I knew, I wouldn’t have bought so much.”

There was still class in the afternoon, and Yun Xingze got up to leave.

Before leaving, Yun Xingze couldn’t help looking in the direction of the mecha training hall where the huge black mecha projection was still rotating.

It would be great if he could drive such an armor!

The waitress who came to checkout saw Yun Xingze staring at the mecha projection in a daze, hid her smile and asked, “Do you also like Luo Wenchuan’s lightsaber mecha?”

The lightsaber mecha is the sixth type of large mecha in this world. The design is simple and basic, but shared the closest resemblance to the structure of a human body. It used lightsabers as its primary weapons, and the level of power depended entirely on the driver’s own skill.

“Luo Wenchuan’s mecha?” Yun Xingze froze for a second, a little confused. “Isn’t that just a projection?”

“Yes,” the waitress explained with a smile. “In last year’s mecha contest, Luo Wenchuan led our school to the quarterfinals and became the strongest player in the school team.”

“So the school made a projection of his mecha and put it there?” Yun Xingze looked at the mecha, his eyes slowly widening.

“You know with our school’s mecha level… being able to enter the quarterfinals is already an exceptional performance.” She continued to explain, “I heard that Luo Wenchuan didn’t lose a game last year, whether it was in singles or a group battle.”

Yun Xingze thought to himself, ‘the lightsaber mecha of the strongest player did not seem to be not perfect in design.’

“But having said that, Luo Wenchuan is tall and handsome. Whether it is the person himself or the mecha he drove, they are the same. Cold, domineering, and unrestrained!” As the waitress spoke, her eyes almost turned starry. “It would be better if they made a projection of his real body and put it there…”

The strongest player in the school team, who is also tall and handsome, and his mecha is even used as a virtual statue…

Yun Xingze was a little confused. Such a powerful character… why doesn’t his name show up in the plot line in his mind at all?

Was Luo Wenchuan just a supporting role?

Yun Xingze didn’t have time to think about it, because a reminder popped up from his optical brain from the Academic Affairs Office: “In ten minutes there will be a mecha practice class on the D-201 training ground…”

Yun Xingze’s eyes lit up.

Mecha practice class?

Then he can drive an armor!

He hurriedly left the coffee shop, turned on the optical network to look at the campus map, and walked quickly towards the destination.

Along the way, the corners of Yun Xingze’s lips were turned up, his whole body light, and each step was like stepping on clouds.

Entering the training classroom with a heart full of expectation, Yun Xingze’s left foot entered the door, only to hear an old and powerful voice rush at him: “Yun Xingze! You are late again! You are so happy to be late?! Haven’t I already said to come to practice classes 5 minutes early? How many times has it been this month?!”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry…” Yun Xingze apologized sincerely as he walked into the classroom. As long as he can drive a mecha once, it doesn’t matter if he gets scolded!

Yun Xingze’s class was the E class of the first grade mecha fighting department, the worst class in the whole department.

This can be seen from the white hair of the mecha teacher Zhuo Feiyue.

Zhuo Feiyue is very old and looks weak. If it weren’t for the powerful and forceful roar just now, Yun Xingze would have suspected that he was just a school worker who came to clean the training ground.

Yun Xingze’s roommate Lu Ranxu waved at him: “Xingze, come here.”

Lu Ranxu, an omega, is one of Yun Xingze’s few friends. In the original work, he is also a cannon fodder used as a foil to Su Zinan.

Yun Xingze walked to Lu Ranxu’s side, and Lu Ranxu’s chatter box mouth immediately opened: “Why are you late again? Did you go on a date with Chi Yu?”

“I broke my engagement with him.” Yun Xingze said calmly .

“What?” Lu Ranxu’s eyes widened, his eyes full of surprise, and then he looked at Yun Xingze sympathetically, trying to say something comforting: “Xingze, I know you like him very much, but don’t be sad. Chi Yu is very good, but you will meet someone better than him…”

Does this guy think that Chi Yu dumped him?

Yun Xingze: “Uh, actually…”

“The two students in the back shut your mouths!” Zhuo Feiyue shouted loudly, interrupting the conversation between them. “Today we are training reflexes.”

Then he began to talk about reflexes, and the importance to mecha drivers: “Everyone knows that after mecha captures a driver’s movements, it will quickly make the same actions. Therefore, a driver’s responsiveness is particularly important. The faster a driver’s response, the faster a mecha moves…”

The operation of the mecha in this world is the same as that in Yun Xingze’s previous life, which made him even more eager to give it a try.

Zhuo Feiyue looked at the crowd and said, “In this class, everyone will mainly practice their ability to respond to attacks. Of course, you also have to practice after class.”

Yun Xingze waited and waited, and after waiting for so long, he still did not see Zhuo Feiyue take out a storage cube containing a mecha.

He really wanted to drive a mecha so much that he couldn’t help raising his hand and asking loudly, “Teacher, how can we practice without a mecha?”

Lu Ranxu stared at him blankly, and everyone around burst out laughing.

“You have only been in school for less than a month, and you already want to start driving?” Zhuo Feiyue glared at him. “Yun Xingze, do you think it is as easy as using a toy?”

“That’s not… “Yun Xingze slowly put down his hand, disappointment flashing in his eyes.

Exercise reflexes, in fact meant having students pair off and practice attacking and defending against each other.

“Everyone, start forming teams freely.” Zhuo Feiyue glanced at Yun Xingze and Lu Ranxu, and pointed his finger: “Not allowed to team up with friends.”

Yun Xingze understood that although he wanted to start with an armor now, this kind of confrontation training is also essential. There is no way to skip it.

Zhuo Feiyue had a habit of observing how students are performing during such classes and using it to calculate their points. Yun Xingze knew that his usual score must be terribly low, otherwise he would not be on the verge of being kicked out of school.

He thought that in a while, he must perform well and try to make his usual score higher.

However, it is clear that other people in the class had the same thought.

As one of the few omegas in the class, and the one with the worst skills, Yun Xingze has become a walking EXP book in the eyes of others. As long as they are paired against him, they will definitely not lose.

After the grouping started, Yun Xingze was quickly locked in by a golden-haired alpa.

The alpha’s name is Oriel. He’s usually quite good, but a bit arrogant, and likes to mock Yun Xingze who is an omega.

After the two were divided into a group, Oriel stood in front with a mocking smile: “I won’t really hit you when we fight. If you cooperate and kneel down to beg for mercy, I will let you go.”

Yun Xingze: “… …” How arrogant.6The original “好大的口气” is often used to describe having made a claim or demand in an often mocking, bragging, prideful, or arrogant tone. it was hard to find an English equivalent aside from arrogant or bravado (which it isn’t since there’s no courage).

Lu Ranxu who was standing at the side, glared at Oriel angrily: “Oriel, don’t deceive others too much!” After speaking, he comforted Yun Xingze in a low voice: “Xingze, don’t listen to Oriel.”

Yun Xingze felt a little touched, but the next moment he heard Lu Ranxu say: “Standing and surrendering is fine, the teacher will stop him.”

Yun Xingze: “???”

In fact, he is not very afraid of the big and tall alpha Oriel.

In his previous life, even though Yun Xingze could not use his real body, he fought countless times in the simulation cabin. Now, he wants to use this body to test the results of his training from his past life.

When the people around saw Oriel and Yun Xingze facing each other, they said to Oriel: “You can be merciful, Oriel.”

“He’s an omega, so remember to cherish jade.”

“You’re sure to win, so it’s okay to go easy on him.”

Oriel smiled triumphantly when he heard these words, but his eyes were filled with sympathy when he looked at Yun Xingze.

Zhuo Feiyue announced the start of the match.

Oriel moved his muscles and bones a bit, ready to attack.

In the next second, Yun Xingze opened his fists, lowered his center of gravity, and assumed a defensive posture. His eyes were fixed on Oriel’s every move.

At this moment, a glimpse of surprise flashed through Oriel’s eyes. He couldn’t tell if the person in front of him was Yun Xingze whom he knew well.

Because in the boy’s body, Oriel actually noticed a trace of…

Murderous intent.


One reason I liked/chose to translate this is because the author does a refreshing take on the traditional omegaverse gender roles as you’ll start seeing soon. It does come with a sprinkle of angst though.

On the flip side, Chi Yu makes one angry and disgusted 🤮.


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  • 1
    自暴自弃: willingly dropping behind and not seeking to go up. In this case, willingly letting go of their marriage, or agreeing to it’s dissolution.
  • 2
    As in unconcerned, or someone without an intent to do anything
  • 3
    脑子进水: Water seeping into the brain, metaphor for does your brain have a problem, or someone being stupid
  • 4
    As in, his brain does not have a problem / he’s not being foolish.
  • 5
    恨铁不成钢: Hating or disliking someone because they failed one’s expectations, and giving up any hope they will improve. Re: Qin Shuang hates that Yun Xingze is being so stupid, unrepentant, and did not keep his marriage contract with Chi Yu
  • 6
    The original “好大的口气” is often used to describe having made a claim or demand in an often mocking, bragging, prideful, or arrogant tone. it was hard to find an English equivalent aside from arrogant or bravado (which it isn’t since there’s no courage).
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  1. Avatar canlah says:

    if I was YXZ I’d already be so frustrated at these people immediately dismissing me right after I’d transmigrated, kudos to him for staying cool
    thanks for translating!

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      Touche. But the MC doesn’t care that much about people; he’s a mecha-con.

      P.S. When I saw YXZ, I kinda wished it was XYZ (alphabetic). 😂

  2. Avatar Sadie Woods says:

    YXZ doesn’t seem to have many decent people around him! The original goods acted the way he did due primarily to how he was raised. With a mother like this, so willing to sacrifice her son’s pride, self respect and happiness, of course YXZ shamelessly chased the indifferent fiance! I’m sure the original goods was trained from little on about “proper” Omega behavior and value. Pity the scum fiance got the same type of training- that Alphas need be arrogant, important and infallible. I’m eager to see the author break down those stereotypes, which is already evident this chapter. You underestimate YXZ at your own peril! He WILL take advantage of it! You try cutting him down and out? It may make the road a bit harder for him, but he will overcome! After his transmigration, what does he have to lose? He has a healthy body with all the knowledge of his previous life. You can’t say he didn’t offer to help the original goods’ mother out. If she refuses the offer, it’s her loss.

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

    1. Avatar Sadie Woods says:

      Oh, I’d add “conceited” as a synonym for this ignorant cannonfodder Alpha!

      Also hoping this friend gets a happy ending too! He means well!

    2. Avatar lightmoon22 says:

      I agree with you
      I hate the mother and I hope the MC will not allow himself to be exploited by the original family

      1. komorebi komorebi says:

        There is some family drama in the later plot – where the pacing could be improved. Minor spoiler – his mom is loads better compared to his brain-dead dad. About 50% villains are 3d with reasonable motives (Chi Yu aside), which can be hard to swallow, but also make sense.

  3. Avatar Kira says:

    Aaaah! You always find such interesting novels! I’m so excited and anxious to read more! Thanks for the great work!

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      Thank you! Those words mean a lot. 😄

      As a writer/TL’r it’s hard to know whether folks enjoy reading the stories I pick, and comments are one of the best ways to know. ❤️

  4. Avatar Sekstifire says:

    For 好大的口气, bluster maybe? It’s not a very commonly used word though.

    1. Avatar Sekstifire says:

      Just remembered you can describe bravado with nothing behind it as “empty bravado.”

    2. komorebi komorebi says:

      Hm, can’t say that bluster captures the emotional aspect accurately though.
      Whenever I translate, I begin uncovering more gaps where the English language fails…

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