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BATCFO Chapter 3.1

Oriel was only stunned for a second, before he interpreted the murderous aura as an illusion.

After all, he is alpha. His body is full of muscles, and both his reaction speed and explosive power are excellent. And Yun Xingze is an omega, or the weakest omega rather. He has a crushing advantage over him.

Finding the right timing, Oriel reached out and punched Yun Xingze’s face directly.

On the sidelines, Lu Ranxu was taken aback by the attack, and frightened by what would happen.

Yun Xingze could see Oriel’s punching action, but he was not familiar enough with fighting with his current body. He barely managed to dodge, and the bridge of his nose was almost rubbed with Oriel’s aggressive boxing style.

Oriel’s eyes flashed at the unexpected miss, but he didn’t intend to let Yun Xingze go easily. He turned around without hesitation and sent a flying kick. This blow was directed at Yun Xingze’s forehead!

Yun Xingze’s eyes widened, and quickly moved back to avoid the blow.

However, the action was not over yet, and Oriel’s other fist came at him again.

Lu Ranxu sucked in a breath of air as he watched.

Zhuo Feiyue also frowned slightly. He knew the strength gap between an alpha and omega. Oriel would definitely hit Yun Xingze with his fist. It was very likely that it would…

However, before Zhuo Feiyue had time to intervene, he saw Yun Xingze easily blocked his fist with his elbow.

After a few rounds, Yun Xingze finally adapted to fighting with this body.

Oriel was surprised that his moves were continuously blocked or evaded continuously. And in this short interval, Yun Xingze keenly grasped his flaws.

He grabbed Oriel’s right wrist with his left hand, pulled back hard, and then slammed Oriel’s nose with the elbow of his right hand.

Oriel punched out with his fist just now, and he responded with the same position exactly!

Oriel’s eyes widened, and subconsciously hid.

Before he could breathe a sigh of relief, Yun Xingze unceremoniously pulled his elbow back in the opposite direction and delivered another elbow!

This time, Oriel’s cheek was directly hit, making a muffled noise.

“Ah—” Oriel cried out in pain, covering his face in disbelief as his eyes widened.

It was too embarrassing to be hit by the weak omega. Immediately, gritting his teeth, his expression distorted as he lowered the hand covering his face.

The crowd watching by the side also collectively fell into a sluggish state.

After a while, someone finally spoke. “I’m not mistaken, am I? Oriel…was hit by Yun Xingze?!”

“It, it seems to be…”

“That’s pretty heavy… Looks like it hurts.”

The shocked eyes and comments made Oriel feel extremely embarrassed. Clenching his jaw, he shouted at Yun Xingze: “I was careless!”

Yun Xingze resumed a defensive posture again, motioning him to continue.

However, the last blow left a psychological shadow on Oriel. He looked at Yun Xingze’s bottomless black eyes and felt… a frisson of fear.

Of course he refused to admit that he had lost to Yun Xingze. Taking a deep breath, Oriel mustered the courage to continue attacking Yun Xingze.

His reaction power and speed might not compare to Yun Xingze, but he has an absolute advantage. That is, he has plenty of physical strength.

After sparring for a few minutes, although Oriel was still pressured by Yun Xingze, the latter also obviously beginning to feel the strain.

Just as Oriel was about to retaliate, Zhuo Feiyue shouted angrily to stop the confrontation between the two: “Enough!”

Oriel was startled and froze, and Yun Xingze also retracted his fist in time.

“Oriel, you have already lost.” Zhuo Feiyue said coldly.

Oriel was not convinced. “Teacher, I haven’t conceded yet…”

“Do you really think you are fighting?” Zhuo Feiyue stared at Oriel with his eyes, his tone mocking. “In the mecha field, your opponent’s will and strength is magnified countless times. Based on your performance just now, your mecha has long been hammered!”

Oriel’s face flushed red instantly.

Yun Xingze breathed a sigh of relief–if he continued to fight, his physical strength would be overdrawn immediately, and he would definitely be beaten easily by Oriel.

Although this body is healthier than his previous life, it is an omega after all, and still has a physical disadvantage.

However, Yun Xingze was still very satisfied with this battle. At the very least, it showed that his practice in the virtual cabin in his previous life is useful. Now he only needs to exercise more to become a strong fighter.

At the end of the confrontation training, Oriel lowered his head and said in a strange tone: “Yun Xingze, I really didn’t expect that someone like you can actually fight.”

“I didn’t expect you to be so weak.” Yun Xingze said calmly.

Clenching his fingers into a fist, Oriel’s shame turned into anger. “Why are you so happy? What are you proud of! I can drive mecha, can you?!”

Upon hearing this, Yun Xingze glanced at Oriel blankly, his eyes were icy cold, eliciting Oriel to shiver.

“If you lose, you lose. You picked Xingze yourself. How can you not even afford the loss?” Lu Ranxu attacked him unceremoniously. As an omega with a violent personality, he can’t stand these pretentious alphas in the class.

The people next to him also felt that Oriel was too much, and they ridiculed:

“Alpha can’t beat omega, he really sucks.”

“It is said that he’s the strongest in the class, but turns out his level is only this?”

“So impatient after losing? Really lackluster.”

Amidst the group laughter, Oriel left the classroom unbearably humiliated.

“Xingze, when did you learn to fight?” After class, Lu Ranxu walked to Yun Xingze. “Just now you beat Oriel like teaching a grandson. So cool!” His tone was full of curiosity.

Yun Xingze didn’t know how to answer, so he said, “When facing danger, the potential of human beings is limitless.”

Obviously it was just nonsense, but Lu Ranxu took it seriously, staring at Yun Xingze in a daze: “Awesome…”

Yun Xingze originally wanted to take the opportunity of the mecha practical class to drive a mecha, but he still failed to achieve it.

After leaving the training hall, the hustle seemed to suggest some student activity outside. The registration booth was bustling with a crowd of people.

“What are they doing over there?” Yun Xingze asked curiously. He has never been to school in his previous life and felt these student activities were very novel.

“Registration for the Mecha Contest.” Lu Ranxu glanced at it. “I heard that the top ten can enter the school team and represent the school to participate in the national competition, and there is a large bonus.”

Mecha Contest?

“Is it the match Luo Wenchuan participated in?” Yun Xingze asked, remembering what the waitress said in the cafe.

“Yes.” Lu Ranxu replied, and his eyes became confused afterwards. “Do you know Luo Wenchuan? When did you pay attention to this… Ah, what are you doing?!”

“Going over to see.”

Before his voice fell, Yun Xingze had already gotten into the crowd and walked towards the registration booth.

Lu Ranxu followed in confusion. It took a lot of effort to keep up with Yun Xingze’s pace.

Before the registration booth, a spherical white robot was enthusiastically distributing leaflets. A light spot floated in front of Yun Xingze. He reached out and clicked, and the light spot quickly spread out into a horizontal plane.

The virtual images of the six mechas appeared above the plane, like a bunch of small figurines. Each of the models made some handsome debut actions, seeming both realistic and cute.

Then, they began to fight.

The lightsaber mecha shaped like a samurai pulled out a red and blue sword and slashed towards the storm mecha that was many times larger than it. The storm armor that was good at defensive opened its protective shield, and like an indestructible city wall, the lightsaber slash turned into a buzzing sound and was deflected.

The meteor mecha fired it’s long-range artillery. Like it’s namesake, it was like a brilliant flame, smashing into the double star mecha composed of two mechas. In response, the double star mecha threw out its reconnaissance mecha out and rushed to the enemy, while the host armor avoided the artillery fire and fought back.

The comet mecha, full of disassembly tools, focused on the phantom mecha, which is good at concealing itself, and attempted to dismantle its invisible enemy. Flashes of collisions burst between the two flexible mechas.

Yun Xingze’s eyes widened slightly, drawn in by the gorgeous battle scenes.

Although he designed many mechas in his previous life, there were more variety in the types of mecha in this world. The technology is not mature enough, but he has a wild imagination, and the battle scenes are extremely exciting.

After the projected picture is over, all the mechas assembled together, and a line of gilded gold words slowly appeared above them: [Let mechas become humanity’s protection. —Xinghai Military Academy Mecha Contest Organizing Committee] Afterwards, the picture dissipated into golden dust, drifted into the air, and the mission of the “leaflet” came to an end.

Yun Xingze watched with enthusiasm, and he couldn’t wait to immediately drive a mecha in the competition. He immediately ran to the staff in charge of registration and said: “I want to sign up.”


Splitting this into 2 since the chapter is is quite long. Remaining half should be up within 48h.

I’ll try to keep the names of the mechas consistent from here on: Lightsaber, Meteor, Comet, Double Star (or Dual-Star), Phantom, and Storm. A little unsure about Storm, though.


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  1. Avatar Sadie Woods says:

    A nice quick turnaround on that battle! Cannonfodder quickly defeated!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      You’re welcome. Thanks for reading!
      Oriel is a classic cannon fodder, but he’s actually not that bad.

  2. Avatar Panda Eyes says:

    Thank you for translating this

    This novel Chi Yu remind me so much with that guy from A Guide To Raising Your Natural Enemy
    What was his name again??
    Well, whatevs. He is as annoying as Chi Yu anyway so all in all they deserve it

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      Not sure which character you’re referring to… but Chi Yu is probably one of the most asinine villains I’ve seen.
      He’ll linger through until nearly the last chapter. 😠

      1. Avatar Panda Eyes says:

        Have you tried reading the novel yourself? Its really good & full of fluffy n cuteness

        The chara that i’m talking bout is the partner of the 2nd son of ML n MC. They’re already dating for years yet this partner taste is more into another female (his attitude is a weak bitch too) than the 2nd son. So the 2nd son decided to break their relationship n ended up with ML’s best friend son aka his childhood friend. They’re married n blessed with triplet. Knowing 2nd son’s news (ML n MC is the current Emperor n Empress at that time) the partner blame himself for not stay loyal n his heart sway easily
        Its almost the same attitude no matter how i see it

        But to think Chi Yu will linger till the end, i guess his confidence sure is as high as mountain

        1. komorebi komorebi says:

          Ah yes, that guy! He lasted so few chapters and wasn’t in the main story, I didn’t think of him. Chi Yu is worse than him, and yes… sadly, he does linger to the end.

  3. Avatar Sekstifire says:

    What the heck was Oriel going to do if Yun Xingze hadn’t countered. If you’re in a situation where you’re about to fight X and everyone is telling X to surrender and you to go easy on them then punching them in the face seems like a bad first move.

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      In his mind, Yun Xingze is weak-willed and a coward, and he’s just pretending to be brave. Throwing a punch and showing his strength will make him surrender. It’s a naive, arrogant mindset. Similar to a kindergarten bully.

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