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BATCFO Chapter 17

Yun Xingze originally wanted to go back to prepare for his next game. But he remembered Luo Wenchuan’s almost straight line on the audition map, and the terrible results he showed He was immediately very curious about Luo Wenchuan’s actual combat performance.

So Yun Xingze put away the mecha cube, went to the audience, and squeezed into the group of people waiting for next match to start.

Luo Wenchuan and his opponent went backstage to prepare, and the surrounding discussion caught Yun Xingze’s attention.

“I heard that Luo Wenchuan’s opponent today is driving an A-class comet mecha.”

“Wow, really? I remember in last year’s national competition, Luo Wenchuan’s only disadvantaged match was against the Comet Mech.”

“In the national contest, when Luo Wenchuan was facing a S-class comet armor, don’t know why, but all of a sudden he was distracted and it almost left a scratch on the mecha’s arm.”

“That’s right. Although Luo Wenchuan won that game, but he was also the only one who injured Luo Wenchuan’s mech.”

“I heard that the driver was an omega. Could this be the reason?”

“I’m not too clear. But I think that game might have left a psychological shadow.”

Yun Xingze frowned slightly as he listened to these comments. Luo Wenchuan’s fear of omegas will make him distracted in a match? It shouldn’t be like this, right?

While everyone was speculating, Luo Wenchuan changed into a smart-looking, loose black training suit and appeared on the court.

His opponent is a third-year alpha boy wearing an obviously nervous expression. After all, the person opposite him is a genius-level powerhouse who hasn’t lost a game since enrolling.

Comet mechas have always been dominant against lightsaber mechas, but Luo Wenchuan cannot be included in this.

Outside the court, the third grade students cheered for the alpha boy.

“Don’t be afraid, Ike! Luo Wenchuan can’t beat you!”

“How could a lightsaber mecha beat a comet mecha! Go up and tear him down!”

“Break him! Break him! Break him!”

Half of these students are simply watching a good show, the other half simply didn’t like this lower grade student stealing their limelight.1Friendly reminder, Luo Wenchuan is a 2nd year. There are 4 years in college, and the upperclassman don’t like having their faces smashed.

Comet mecha is known as the shit-chucking stick on the battlefield. Its biggest feature is that it is full of weapons with the function of destroying other mechas. It is fast, piercing, and explosive.

Moreover, the comet mech looks like a shrunken lightsaber mech. All aspects are also conveniently fitted to a human body, so as to more easily and flexibly tear down its opponents, and even use them for person use. Because of this, it’s called the ‘little lightsaber.’

When Yun Xingze heard about this kind of mecha for the first time, he was stunned. Dismantling opponents is one thing, but dismantling an opponent and installing their parts onto one’s own body – he has never seen such a shameless mecha.

He likes it very much.

At this moment, he is also very interested in the battle between Luo Wenchuan and Ike.

Luo Wenchuan shook hands with Ike for less than a second, then he retracted his hand and said faintly: “Please advise.” He then turned and walked towards the mecha, his back tall and cold.

This suspected cleanliness obsessed behavior made his opponent a little uncomfortable. He roused his fighting spirit, gritting his teeth to curse: “Stop pretending.2拽什么: “拽” is used to describe someone acting pretentious or behaves as though they can’t see anyone beneath them. He’s questioning LWC for ‘acting’ dismissive of him. Didn’t you almost lose to the comet mecha last year?”

Luo Wenchuan ignored him.

Students who like to drive comet mechas are usually more competitive. They love to see how their opponents panic after they have their arms or weapons removed.

At this time, the alpha boy named Ike had already begun to plan how to dismantle Luo Wenchuan’s lightsaber mecha, and then use his lightsaber to defeat him.

After the two parties were ready, the atmosphere quickly became tense with the match starting signal.

Ike’s comet mecha drew a long chain sword from its back, and a giant light knife. These two things are sharp weapons for dismantling mechas.

The comet mecha itself is a small mecha. Standing in front of a tall and imposing lightsaber mecha, there is quite a bitter momentum of fighting back.

The next second, the comet mecha activated its powerful jet device and rushed out like a catapult.

Because it has a smaller mass, there’s less inertia when accelerating, so its speed is terrifying. The light knife and chain sword turned into invisible afterimages.

When the comet mecha was very close to the lightsaber mecha, Ike threw out the chain sword in his hand.

The chain sword can be used as a sawtooth-like lightsaber when it is tightened. But when it is expanded, the segments of the sawtooth will quickly unfold, turning into a powerful multi-segment whip, shaped like metal bones, which can quickly grasp the opposing mecha’s arm.

Everyone’s eyes widened collectively.

“Damn it. It’s so fierce as soon as it starts?”

“Wait… he aimed at Luo Wenchuan’s left arm?!”

“The scratches on the arm of Luo Wenchuan’s mecha last year were left from this. Is Ike trying to humiliate him?”

“Will he really succeed?!”

If Ike can hurt Luo Wenchuan’s mecha, then he will become a legend even if he loses.

The black lightsaber mecha didn’t move, standing still, seeming to forget to react.

Everyone held their breath, thinking in unison, is it possible that Luo Wenchuan was distracted again?

Yun Xingze slowly opened his eyes.

At this time.

Luo Wenchuan’s mecha moved.

It quickly stretched out its right hand and grabbed it directly at the chain sword!

Just before everyone knew what he was going to do, the chain sword of the comet mecha was accurately and forcefully grasped by the lightsaber mecha.

After that, the silhouette of the lightsaber mecha flashed to his right, and the next moment, quickly rushed in the opposite direction of the comet mecha.

Ike’s eyes widened suddenly.

Before he had time to respond, the lightsaber mecha staggered past him, holding his chain sword in his hand, and the huge countering force made the chain sword almost torn off!


In everyone’s dumbfounded gaze, the lightsaber mecha grabbed the comet mecha’s chain sword, like smashing a toy on the ground, and knocked it to the ground effortlessly.

This fall was much harder than Yun Xingze’s skill in the previous match. The chain sword was torn off, and the palm of the comet mecha also rubbed out sparks from the strong friction, and even caused some smoking.

Ike was thrown into a daze, and his brain went blank for a moment.

But he knew that Luo Wenchuan had been merciful.

If it continues, he will be beaten even worse.

As the referee just started the countdown, Ike directly turned on the PA system and surrendered weakly on the ground.

The spectators outside the venue froze for a while, and immediately fry the pan.

“It’s over?!”

“My God, Luo Wenchuan didn’t even pull the lightsaber…”

“Very, very strong. KO-ing the formidable comet mecha in less than ten seconds in unarmed combat!”

“The strike is so ruthless. I feel that the comet mecha will be thrown to pieces if it was any harder.”

Yun Xingze stared at the mecha in a daze.

He was not surprised by Luo Wenchuan’s strength. But was surprised by his way of fighting. There were no extra movements. He never even considered giving the opponent any chance of comeback when deciding how to attack.

His technique is strong and his heart is tough.

In his match, Yun Xingze cares about the mecha itself. Winning or losing is secondary.

But Luo Wenchuan seemed to care only about winning or losing.

Although both of them won in the end, Yun Xingze must admit that no matter which world he is in, such a person will definitely become the strongest mecha fighter.

After the two came out of their machines, Luo Wenchuan walked to Ike, raised his eyes to look at him, and slightly nodded. His tone was not salty or light3As in, not mocking or taking his opponent lightly: “Thank you for your advice.”

The etiquette is perfect, but there is an elusive sense of alienation.

Ike was stunned. He thought Luo Wenchuan would mock him. He never expected the attitude of the other party was the same as before the game. And after speaking, he turned and left.

Obviously it was a very graceful behavior, but it made Ike feel even more uncomfortable. He felt like a jumping clown just then, even overestimating his ability.4不自量力: Not knowing the weight of oneself and thinking they’re stronger or more capable than they actually are.

Yun Xingze looked at the cold and noble young man on the field, which was completely different from the fierce aura he had when inside the mecha. He became curious about what kinds of experience created Luo Wenchuan’s contradictory temperament?

In the sun, the tall and handsome boy put away his lightsaber mecha as omegas and betas in the stands shouted frantically for him.

“Ah, ah, ah, ah! Luo Wenchuan is so handsome!!”

“Today’s Luo Wenchuan is also strong and handsome!”

“Wenwen!5闻闻 (Wenwen): Taken from the 2nd word in Luo Wenchuan’s name. A nickname they gave him. Good luck in the next game too!”

Seeing Luo Wenchuan leave the field, the group of people chased after him. They went out, but did not dare draw near.

Yun Xingze glanced at Luo Wenchuan’s indifferent back from the crowd, and felt that these omega and beta were crazy. Putting aside the rumors of him fearing omegas, how can they call someone with such a terribly cold personality “Wenwen”?

Are you really not afraid of being beaten?

Yun Xingze felt these people’s behavior was incomprehensible.


When Yun Xingze returned to the dormitory, Lu Ranxu also finished his match. His victory seemed to take all from him, as he was exhausted.

Lu Ranxu lay down on the sofa in the living room, looked up at Yun Xingze, and complained: “Xingze, I’m so tired. I was almost beaten on the ground today. I was beaten for 20 minutes, and finally won by a sneak attack… How did you do?”

“Me? I played for fifteen minutes. It’s okay.” Yun Xingze said casually, “Playing in matches is definitely very tiring.”

Lu Ranxu let out a breath: “Ah, do you regret participating in the competition?”

“No regrets.” Yun Xingze thought for a while, “I just feel that today’s performance is not very good.”

Lu Ranxu gave him a thumbs up: “A hero among omegas. I admire you.”

The first round of competition is often easier. In the next round, winners and losers are separated. Since Yun Xingze is in the winning group, his opponent’s strength will also rise.

Lu Ranxu felt that Yun Xingze would survive to the second round at most.




The evening after the first round of the competition, a video of the round was uploaded to the school’s official forum, which instantly caused a lot of heated discussion.

Among them, games with mediocre performance will sink to the bottom, and games with excellent performance will be top the homepage.

The first place is naturally Luo Wenchuan’s battle. The title is <Luo Wenchuan Ten Seconds Really Alpha>. The entire video is only ten seconds long, but it has been watched countless times by everyone. It far surpasses other videos in the number of clicks and views.

“I think there’s no one in our school who can beat Luo Wenchuan.”

“How many people in across military academies in the country can fight him?”

“Too strong. As a cadet, how can his mecha be so powerful?”

“First of all, you have to have SS-level mental and physical strength…”

The second place video is, unexpectedly, the battle between two B-level mechas. The title is <B-level rookies6菜鸡互啄: Saying 2 people with trash-like abilities fighting, where no one has the advantage and fights hard can also be wonderful.”

After Lu Ranxu saw this video, his eyes widened. Running to Yun Xingze’s room, he showed his optical brain to him: “Damn, you are on the homepage!!”

Yun Xingze didn’t react as Lu Ran Xu excitedly continued: “You are actually behind Luo Wenchuan! How’s this possible!”

Yun Xingze glanced at the word ” rookie”7菜鸡: describes a very weak people with trash-like abilities in the title, and the corner of his mouth twitched: “I am not worthy.”

Lu Ranxu originally thought it was an accident. It might be because Yun Xingze’s mecha was so ugly so many people clicked on it. But he was instantly attracted by the game as he watched it. His emotions kept rising and falling, following each of the two mechas’ movements, so nervous that he almost forgot to breathe.

After watching the video, Lu Ranxu couldn’t calm down for a long time. Mechanically turning his head slowly, he looked at Yun Xingze: “You call this a… bad performance?!”


Another person watching the video was Chi Yu, who was in the mecha training hall.

He originally wanted to see where his game video ranked. When he logged in and saw the second-ranked video, he sneered, wondering which year’s student had such an entertaining match to be ranked so highly.

He wanted to swipe passed it, but Chi Yu’s finger pressed on it instead.

When he saw the familiar and unfamiliar ugly mecha, he was stunned for a few seconds before reacting. Isn’t that Yun Xingze’s lightsaber mecha?!

However, he hadn’t recovered from this shock, before the shadows of the lightsabers took away all his attention.

In just fifteen minutes, Chi Yu was firmly caught by the constantly reversing battle situation. When Yun Xingze’s mecha was in danger, his eyes tensed up.

In the video, the lightsaber of the silver mecha is only a few centimeters away from the colored mecha. Chi Yu nervously clenched his hand into a fist, and then saw Yun Xingze’s mecha stage a shocking reversal.

Chi Yu opened his mouth subconsciously. After watching the game, he couldn’t recover for a long time. Finally, he choked out “damn.”

If it weren’t for both mechas being B-class, he could completely treat this as a battle between two super A-class mechas.

Yun Xingze… how could he have such a big improvement?!

At this moment, Su Zinan walked into the training ground and saw that Chi Yu was watching the game video. He smiled and leaned over: “Brother Yu, are you watching your own game video?”

Chi Yu shook his head.

Su Zinan smiled sweeter: “Then it’s my video? I didn’t do very well.”

“It’s really not very good.” Chi Yu said subconsciously, “By the way, how can Yun Xingze’s video rank second? What’s so good about Luo Wenchuan’s ten seconds? Any S-class mecha fighter can do it…”

Su Zinan’s expression suddenly changed when he heard Chi Yu praise Yun Xingze.

After a while, he adjusted his expression and handed a list to Chi Yu to see: “Brother Yu, the second round pairings are out, Xingze xuedi seems a little unlucky.”

Taken aback, Chi Yu hurriedly moved over to look at the list and find where Yun Xingze’s name was.

There are many strong players in the winning group, and Yun Xingze’s match in the second round… is an alpha named Kaleb8卡列博: Could be translated as “Karenbo” or “Karebo” but Kaleb is easier to read and close enough.. He’s best at driving comet mechas, and his ability is A+, and only a step away from S-level.

Compared to Ike’s comet mecha, Kaleb is obviously much more terrifying.

Chi Yu frowned: “Kaleb? That red-haired alpha madman?”

“Yes.” Su Zinan covered his mouth with some worry, “Ah, I suddenly remembered that except for Luo Wenchuan, Kaleb has never lost against any lightsaber mecha. In his first round match, the storm mecha was completely dismantled, leaving only the cockpit.”

The game Su Zinan talked about also topped the homepage, ranking in the top five. In the barrage, countless students felt that Kaleb was a crazy lunatic, and the opponent they wanted to meet the least aside from Luo Wenchuan!

Chi Yu frowned deeper.

He didn’t know why, but he suddenly began to worry about Yun Xingze’s situation.

“Brother Yu, if you are worried about him, let’s go to the game together? Anyway, our game time is different from Xingze xuedi.” Su Zinan said empathically. “Let’s cheer for him and see how Xingze xuedi can defeat Karebo?”

Having said that, Su Zinan’s eyes were full of excitement to watch a good show.

He can’t wait to see Yun Xingze being demolished to only a cockpit left.

Only then will Chi Yu know the strongest omega in the school can only be Su Zinan.


Dun, dun, dun, dun… Any thoughts on who’ll win or what’ll happen? 😉


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  • 1
    Friendly reminder, Luo Wenchuan is a 2nd year. There are 4 years in college, and the upperclassman don’t like having their faces smashed.
  • 2
    拽什么: “拽” is used to describe someone acting pretentious or behaves as though they can’t see anyone beneath them. He’s questioning LWC for ‘acting’ dismissive of him.
  • 3
    As in, not mocking or taking his opponent lightly
  • 4
    不自量力: Not knowing the weight of oneself and thinking they’re stronger or more capable than they actually are.
  • 5
    闻闻 (Wenwen): Taken from the 2nd word in Luo Wenchuan’s name. A nickname they gave him.
  • 6
    菜鸡互啄: Saying 2 people with trash-like abilities fighting, where no one has the advantage and fights hard
  • 7
    菜鸡: describes a very weak people with trash-like abilities
  • 8
    卡列博: Could be translated as “Karenbo” or “Karebo” but Kaleb is easier to read and close enough.
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