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BATCFO Chapter 16

The beta boy standing opposite Yun Xingze also showed an ugly expression when he saw the mecha. The corners of his mouth twitched a few times. “Excuse me, did you deliberately modify it like this?”

Yun Xingze raised his eyebrows and looked at him: ” Envious? How about I modify it for you?”

The boy shook his head again, his whole body was filled with resistance.

Everyone in the audience were talking about the mecha. Their focus completely deviated from the game, and instead they want to know what kind of strength this aesthetically catastrophic mecha can exert on the battlefield.

The people next to Luo Wenchuan were also discussing:

“Oh my god, what kind of person will drive that lightsaber mech?”

“Why don’t they use spray paint to cover it? I’d feel ashamed if I had to drive that.”

“Its not an exaggeration to say this is the ugliest mecha in Xinghai Academy, right?”

“If the projection on the training hall is replaced with this one, I don’t think the school will be able to recruit new students.”

Luo Wenchuan who was sitting on the side, blankly stared at the ugly mecha being talked about by the crowd. His eyes were a bit cold.

But fortunately, no one knew that the mecha used to belong to Luo Wenchuan, otherwise he might really have to bear the name of a “cold alpha beauty aesthetic”.

[The 10th game of the first round of arena B will start in three minutes.]

After the announcement, Yun Xingze and his opponent shook hands, greeted each other, and then quickly entered their mechas.

The audience was quiet, all eyes were on the two mechas.

Three minutes later, the game began, and the two sides began to observe and deal with each other.

Although the opponent is beta, his reflexes and skills are good. He is a B-level driver like Yun Xingze. He was promoted to the B class much earlier than Yun Xingze, and also hoped to break through the A class soon. So at the beginning, Yun Xingze seemed to be at a disadvantage.

There are not too many brilliant artillery shots bombarding each other because it’s a battle between two lightsaber mechas. The focus is on speed and responsiveness, using a lightsaber to quickly defeat the opponent on the field.

The lightsaber mecha is also one of the first-generation mecha that was developed early. All aspects seek to fit the human body itself. Therefore, watching their game is more like watching the battle of two enlarged, fully armed human swordsman.

At first, the two did not choose to draw their swords. After the two mechas sparred a few rounds with their bare hands, the silver mecha suddenly leaped back to the ground with force, and then stretched both hands to grab the two sword hilts.

Plasma was emitted as soon as they were unsheathed from the hilt, the silver light gathered to form two handsome silver lightsabers.

“Wow, the swords are drawn!”

“I heard that when lightsaber mechas fight, the sword light is very cool. I’m looking forward to it!”

“Why doesn’t that colorful mech draw it’s sword?”

Yun Xingze was not in a hurry.

The opponent grabbed two swords and slashed at him, but he just turned his body and hid.

After a few rounds, the silver lightsaber failed to touch Yun Xingze’s mecha.

At this time, Yun Xingze found an opportunity to dodge the opponent’s stabbing action, activated the anti-gravity device and jet device, and jumped back and up to take advantage of the situation.

After the mech was stuck in the air, he drew his sword calmly.

There was a tense atmosphere in the audience.

However, this atmosphere was quickly destroyed the moment the barbie pink lightsaber was unsheathed.

The audience was stunned.

“The color scheme of this mecha is already hot enough for the eyes, why the lightsaber is so hot!”

“I don’t even use this shade of lipstick. Isn’t this too ugly?”

“It this a lightsaber or is it a light stick used for calling?”

After Yun Xingze drew his sword, the opponent originally planned to continue attacking him, but his action stagnated for two seconds after seeing the pink lightsaber.

Outside the court, Luo Wenchuan’s brows furrowed. But he quickly controlled the fluctuations in his eyes.

Luo Wenchuan remembered what Ke Lei said to him: Do you want him to be your exclusive mecha master?

He couldn’t help but feel a little grateful for refusing at that time.

Otherwise, Luo Wenchuan might have to fight with others with a pink light stick.

After Yun Xingze’s opponent reacted, he also activated the anti-gravity device, intending to confront him head-on.




The sound of the lightsaber colliding with the alloy material of the mecha was transmitted to the ears of every audience through the protective cover. The two mechas did not give way to each other after drawing their swords. One after another light and shadow cut through the air, with three bright lights of silver, blue, and pink. The afterimages left in the air formed a strong visual impact.

Jumping, flying, swords raining down. Chopping, blocking, sword shadows weaving about.

The spectators who were still laughing at the ugly pink lightsaber unanimously held their breath and watched the game with their eyes widened.

The silver mech has the upper hand. It increased the horsepower of the brake engine and jet device, adding heavy force to each sword stroke, forcing the multicolored mecha to steadily retreat!

The beta boy in the cockpit had never played so heartily before. He was immersed in the game and his desire for victory ignored.

The spectators couldn’t help feeling nervous as they watched the colored mecha being forced to the edge of the protective cover.

“Is that ugly mecha going to lose?”

“Isn’t it said that omega is the number one in the first grade? Why does he suck so much.”

“It feels like the silver mecha has won.”

At this moment, the silver machine’s blade blocked Yun Xingze’s retreat as the other lightsaber slashed at his shoulder!

Everyone thought the colored mecha lost.

However, Yun Xingze dodged the sword at an extremely strange angle. Quickly withdrawing, he rose back into the air. This time his height in the air was very high, and the low hum of the anti-gravity engine could be heard outside the court.

After that, Yun Xingze took out his two lightsabers and began to dive quickly!

“Damn, it’s that trick from the preliminary round again?”

“Using height to dive and hit the opponent’s knees. Where does he want to hit this time?”

“Can he really succeed?!”

The opponent came prepared. He didn’t intend to give Yun Xingze the slightest chance, and quickly moved away from Yun Xingze, also choosing to leap into the air, and stopped after finding a position.

Afterwards, the shoulders of the silver mecha opened a hidden device. Several silver cold arrows came out instantly and directly stabbed at Yun Xingze not far from him.

Yun Xingze saw the silver mecha release arrows, raised the corners of his lips, and instantly changed the direction of his dive, avoiding the projectiles.

By now, his observation of this mecha has been completed.

From the basic data of the mecha, to the jet power after jumping into the air, to every accessory, the whole mecha was quickly dissected into a model in his brain. He knew its strengths and weaknesses well.

Collecting mecha data during the battle is Yun Xingze’s hobby and the direct reason why he came to participate in the competition.

He circled and tricked his opponent into using all the tricks, including the hidden arrows mounted on the shoulder. The arrow is made of special alloys and can easily damage a mecha.

Yun Xingze knew that this was his opponent’s ace in the hole card, so he didn’t continuing playing with him. At fifteen minutes, he seized his opponent’s flaw, flipped him down to the ground with a loud noise, and then raised his foot to step on the opposing mecha’s chest.

The beta who thought he was about to win, did not expect such a quick turn of events.

He was firmly controlled by Yun Xingze. The lightsaber in his hand was also picked up, and he was completely unable to move! He could only struggle, and see the feet of the mecha. As such, he found that the arch, sole and tendon sheath had also been modified and changed to a very ugly yellow.

He felt suffocated being suppressed by a mecha that appeared to be wearing a pair of yellow old shoes.

Ten seconds later, the referee’s countdown ended, and the beta boy was judged to have lost.

Yun Xingze was very happy to get some useful data. After the game, he happily shook hands with his opponent.

Although the beta was very sorry, he was also very addicted to the game and couldn’t help but praise: “I didn’t expect you to hide such a great explosive power. I was careless, and will definitely win you next time.”

The audience were also surprised at Yun Xingze’s sudden victory.

“How come it’s over?!”

“Damn, this reversal is too strong. Two lightsabers fought back and forth, and ended with an expected victory!”

“Such a difficult action requires the flexibility of the mecha to be particularly high. Ah, but they also need to ensure the mental strength will not collapse from the force. Is it really something an omega can do?!”

“Worthy of first place in the first year audition. This Yun Xingze has some skills.”

“Yes. The mecha is a bit ugly, but it’s really strong!”

“Being able to win after being beaten like that. It’s so inspirational.”

Everyone is discussing how Yun Xingze won. During the game, Luo Wenchuan silently looked at the teenagers on the field, with deep emotions in his eyes.

He could see that Yun Xingze had the chance to win from the beginning, and his opponent had no possibility of a comeback. Every move Yun Xingze used is to toy with his opponent, standing at a strange height that does not belong to him and looking down at his opponent.

He is not at a disadvantage, but deliberately procrastinates in response to the opponent’s strength. Or in other words, just playing around for a while.

The moment Luo Wenchuan saw Yun Xingze dodge the hidden arrow, he knew all the weaknesses of the silver mecha were exposed to Yun Xingze’s eyes.

In addition, even though Yun Xingze changed the mecha to look extremely ugly, through the last crushing victory move he told everyone that his modification was undoubtedly a success.

As Luo Wenchuan looked at Yun Xingze, deeper emotions appeared in his eyes. Although no one could read his thoughts, at this moment, his eyes on Yun Xingze’s ugly mecha were obviously not as cold as the first time.

Yun Xingze, who planned to leave after the game, heard the audience burst into excitement.

Luo Wenchuan is about to fight.


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  1. Avatar Panda Eyes says:

    LWC turn to fight

    Can we just skip this scene n move on to YXZ next round of battle?
    Coz we know right away that LWC gonna win anyway

    #LWC spreading charm like peacock to get YXZ’s attention

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      More like spreading charm and attracting everyone else’s attention. 😝

      No worries – the fight is quick, since as you stated “LWC gonna win anyway”.

  2. Avatar Sadie Woods says:

    YXZ proving you can’t judge a book by its cover (in more ways than one)! He’s a mecha otaku on a limited budget- this atrocity of the color spectrum is despite all the negativity still one of the best mechas in this battle. The best? Coming right up!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      Anytime. Thank you for supporting this work since the beginning! 🤗

  3. Avatar kayrahiss says:

    I wonder if Yun Xingze will start a fashion for painting mechas every colour imaginable – the more eye-catching the better 😁
    Thank you for the chapter ❤

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      😂 That would be hilarious.
      Sad to say, Yun Xingze doesn’t manage to set a fashion trend.

  4. Avatar Miompp says:

    😂😂😂 can you imagine seeing hot pink mechas arriving on a battlefield? Lmfao

    Thanks for the chapter ♡♡♡♡♡

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      If I was on the battlefield and saw that, I’d: (1) immediately surrender since it burns my eyes, or (2) get so pissed off and want to smash them.

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