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BATCFO Chapter 18

Yun Xingze was having dinner with Lu Ranxu in the canteen of the academy. Oriel was nearby, and the three of them exchanged the wonderful scenes they saw during the game.

“Chi Yu is in our group,” Lu Ranxu said, “He is just like that. At most, he’s an A+ class storm mecha driver. His face is okay, but many people think he’s handsome. To be honest, if it weren’t for his dad being a lieutenant general in the mecha army, how can he have such a strong confidence?”

At this point, Lu Ranxu couldn’t help rolling his eyes: “After the competition, Su Zinan went up to him and handed him a towel, saying stuff about Brother Yu being great, ugh.”

“There’s also a guy named Kaleb in our group.” Oriel frowned and said, “He’s also an A+ class comet mecha driver. It seems that he almost entered the school team last year, but had a spot of bad luck and met two S-class opponents back to back, and finally missed the spot. He’s completely crazy. He dismantled his opponent’s mecha, a more than ten-meter tall storm mecha, down to only the cockpit, as if in desperation.”

“To only the cockpit?” Yun Xingze was stunned. “Then there should be a lot of parts destroyed…”

“Yes, I heard that he is a very famous player in the third year,” Oriel called out the game video to Yun Xingze. “The player whose mecha was demolished by him should not be able to continue the contest.”

Yun Xingze watched as the mecha in the light screen was dismantled to pieces, and felt very sorry and sad in his heart. How much money is needed to repair it?

He didn’t want to meet such an opponent.

At this time, Lu Ranxu saw someone in the class group sent a message, clicked it in and took a look, then put down the spoon in his hand: “Look, the second round pairings have come out—”

Yun Xingze swiped the light screen while eating fried rice. The moment he saw his name, he almost choked.

“Ka…Kaleb?” Yun Xingze repeated the name, staring at Oriel in a daze. “Is that the person you were talking about?”

Lu Ranxu and Oriel looked up at Yun Xingze at the same time.

Their expressions were very solemn.

“Xingze,” Lu Ranxu thought of Yun Xingze’s ugly mecha, and considered his words. “Although you shouldn’t lose much money if yours is demolished, it’s too embarrassing to be demolished like that. Why don’t you think about surrendering directly?”

Yun Xingze: “In fact, it cost a lot of money…”

Oriel sighed repeatedly and frowned: “Your first round match was very exciting, but your opponent at the time was a B-level, which is quite different from A+.”

In the class online group, many people were also frightened by the pairings.

“Damn, I matched a fourth grader?!”

“Is it fair? We’re all rookies, we matched so many A-level bosses at once!”

“Fuck, there is Kaleb?!”

“OMG, you are so unlucky. @Yun Xingze”

“Silence for your mecha. @Yun Xingze”

“Yun Xingze, I believe you can survive for a minute. @Yun Xingze”

“The folded angel wings are really going to be broken this tme. @Yun Xingze”

“Yellow footwear for the elderly will be beaten up. @Yun Xingze”

Lu Ranxu fought back for Yun Xingze: “Singing such bad luck before the match – it’s too inhuman.”

After saying that, Lu Ranxu raised his head to look at Yun Xingze: “Xingze, if your strength is insufficient, you should raise the flag and surrender.”

Oriel: “You can put something like a music box on your head, and pop a white flag when you are in danger.”

Yun Xingze: “…”

The game hasn’t started yet, everyone was worrying about Yun Xingze’s situation.

After dinner, Yun Xingze repeatedly watched Kaleb’s game video in the room. His chain sword is like a poisonous snake, always attacking opponents in unexpected positions, leaving deep scratches one after another.

In fact, it’s no wonder that the students are not confident in Yun Xingze. He also knows very well that Kaleb’s strength is not comparable to that of the beta in his previous match. He can feel the murderous aura from watching the video alone.

This guy is already out of the scope for a military academy; it’s not an exaggeration to say that he’s driving a mecha on the battlefield.

Each move is aimed at destroying the opponent’s mecha completely.

The game lasted ten minutes. Although his opponent was very good at defending with the storm mecha, he had to surrender.

This is the only game where the audience did not cheer after the end.

Because everyone was scared by Kaleb’s violent methods and worried that they would encounter such a lunatic.

Yun Xingze went to watch Kaleb’s previous game videos.

In the first grade, Kaleb used a B-class comet mecha. He was A-class in the second grade, and promoted to A+ in the third grade. It can be seen that he is a very ambitious student.

There is another key point: Kaleb’s fighting style changed, and the weapons he uses have also changed. The only thing that remains the same is his winning rate in the lightsaber mech. In ten matches, he can win nine, and the remaining one is lost to Luo Wenchuan.

However, Yun Xingze cares more about whether his mecha will be dismantled than winning or losing. After refitting his mecha, he barely reached B-class. Even if only one arm was removed, it was enough for him to feel distressed for several days, and would also affect the subsequent games.

After considering it, he felt that he couldn’t be as direct as the last match. Otherwise, even if he won the game, the maintenance cost is too high, which is very uneconomical.

He participated in the competition to make money and must not lose money.

Since he can’t face him directly, he has to use tactics to win.

The next day, Yun Xingze contacted the student who had the best comet mecha in the class and asked him to learn from him.

The other party is an alpha girl with a B+ driving ability. She ranked fifteenth across first years in the audition, and is considered very skilled.

Yun Xingze created many tactics in his mind, but after two rounds, he found a serious problem. The lightsaber mecha is the mecha with the least weapons, and relies on a driver’s reaction speed and skills to win.

In other words, when driving a lightsaber mech in 1-on-1 battle, there is not many tactics to speak of.

In close combat, comet mechas with at least 6 types of dismantling weapons and 5 types of destructive weapons obviously have the upper hand.

A lightsaber mecha only has two lightsabers, and can maybe add a few more particle cannons or hidden arrows if necessary. After all, in order to have a better fit with swordsmanship, it is impossible to install too many accessories on its body.

After the competition, the alpha girl sweated a lot. She looked at Yun Xingze’s almost unscathed mecha and exclaimed: “Damn, even if this ugly mech is very ugly, it’s quite flexible.”

Yun Xingze’s expression is somewhat serious as he asked her: “What do you think is my chance of winning against Kaleb is?”

“This…” The girl looked a little embarrassed, and she replied after serious consideration: “To be honest, although Kaleb did not reach S-grade, he is already the strongest comet mecha driver in the school. Last year, he was not lucky enough to join the school team. Players below the A level may have a hard time hitting him.”

She looked at Yun Xingze’s mecha with concern as she spoke: “What’s more, a comet mecha has the advantage against a lightsaber mecha in every sense.”

Yun Xingze looked at his opponent’s mecha lost in thoughts.

The girl thought he was depressed, and comforted: “But your reaction is really fast. I can hardly touch you. You are still our top seeded player in first grade. Don’t give up.”

Having said that, she obviously said those words, afraids of Yun Xingze’s mentality collapsing. She didn’t think he could beat Kaleb.

At this moment, an old and stubborn voice sounded in the auditorium of the training hall: “Scared?”

Yun Xingze looked up and saw Zhuo Feiyue. He had no idea when his teacher appeared in the stadium, sitting there and watching them.

“Teacher Zhuo?” The girl was stunned and greeted hurriedly. “You don’t need to go shopping for groceries this weekend?”

“I finished already.” Zhuo Feiyue jumped directly from the audience stands, entered the venue, and walked towards Yun Xingze.

When he arrived, he asked with a smile: “Although the game is difficult, you won’t be afraid of Kaleb?” There was a bit of ridicule in his tone.

Before Yun Xingze could answer, Zhuo Feiyue glanced at the feet of his mecha, then at his shoes, and said in surprise: “Oh, it hit my shoes.”1I’m not 100% sure, but I think this is referencing the colour of the ‘shoes’ vs. mecha feet (and the earlier comment about them being yellow)

Yun Xingze: “…does it not look good at all?” In his heart, he thought the old man’s words were really hurtful.

“Just kidding,” Zhuo Feiyue patted his shoulder with a smile. “Isn’t this because I’m afraid of you being nervous?”

After that, Zhuo Feiyue looked at Yun Xingze’s mecha and praised: “It’s a very good modification. How come I haven’t noticed before that your modding ability is so strong.”

His face then turned solemn and his expression became serious: “However, with this degree of modification, if you want to win Kaleb, unless you can solve the battle quickly, it will be very dangerous otherwise.”

Zhuo Feiyue pointed out the second thing Yun Xingze was worried about. In addition to the difficulty of using lightsaber mecha tactics, his biggest problem is physical strength.

His current physical strength is only B-level, and the longer the battle drags on, the more likely he will be caught by Kaleb.

The girl next to him couldn’t stand it anymore, she whispered: “Teacher Zhuo, don’t scare classmate Yun. It’s hard for lightsaber mechas to fight comet mechas. Last year, was Luo Wenchuan not also hit by a comet mecha in the national competition?”

Zhuo Feiyue said subconsciously: “That kid is because of…”

Halfway through, he swallowed abruptly.

Seeing Yun Xingze thinking hard, Zhuo Feiyue looked at him and suddenly asked: “Do you know where the name of comet mecha came from?”

Yun Xingze was taken aback, thought for a while. “Because of its small size and quick speed?”

“Apart from what you said, there is another reason.” Zhuo Feiyue smiled meaningfully. “In the universe, when a comet approaches a star, it will sublimate due to the high temperature, leaving a beautiful corona and tail. But when it is far away from the star, it is just a dirty snowball.”

Zhuo Feiyue’s words seem to have nothing to do with mecha, but they directly pointed out the shortcomings of the comet mecha.

A mech born to dismantle the opponent can only play its role when it is close to the opponent. Once it is far away, there is no use for it.

Even if it is only one centimeter away, as long as it does not touch the mecha, its weapons are just a pile of scrap copper and rotten iron.

Therefore, the best way to face a comet mecha is not to let the opponent touch oneself.

Even if hit, one can avoid danger as long as they get rid of it quickly.

This is difficult for storm and lightsaber mechas who are oriented for close combat, and led to the previous destruction of the storm mecha to only its cockpit against Kaleb.

However, Yun Xingze’s lightsaber mecha is equipped with some long-range artillery fire. But in the end, it is still mainly for close combat.

What can he do?

Add more long-range guns?

It doesn’t seem to work. After all, long-range mechas require strong weapons, and he only a bit more than 10,000 star coins left. It is impossible to modify it to a point where it can be a completely remote combatant.

Yun Xingze seemed to be in trouble for a while.

After coming out of the training ground, he kept thinking about how to solve this problem.

Around the major training grounds and competition halls, a large sakura forest is planted. Blooming in a sea of pink, the bright colors attracted Yun Xingze’s attention.

This kind of plant that survived from ancient earth, each worth hundreds of thousands of star coins, were freely planted everywhere in Xinghai Academy.

At this moment, several meows suddenly came from a distance.

The alpha girl next to him looked around, suddenly pointed to a tall cherry tree, and said, “Ah! There is a cat on it.”

Zhuo Feiyue was stunned, and unexpectedly said: “Our school has good greenery, and there are quite a lot of small animals.”

An orange cat was hidden on the tree trunk, as the branches swayed with the wind.

The cat can climb trees, but it seems to have injured two paws and is bleeding. Bright red blood stained the petals of the cherry blossoms. It should have been injured when it fought a mini star beast.

Mini star beasts often look like mice, but their combat power is not weaker than that of a cat, and cats are often injured as a result.

Another gust of wind blew and the cherry blossom petals fell. The orange cat tried to climb down from the tree, but almost lost its balance due to pain and blood loss. Its body shook and almost fell from a few meters high tree.

There were a few people around the tree. They wanted to go up to save the cat, but because the trunk was too thin, they didn’t dare to act rashly, for fear that the orange cat would fall from the tree shaking.

Yun Xingze hurriedly stepped forward and was about to try climbing the tree when a figure appeared not far away. The surroundings suddenly became quiet.

The tall figure didn’t hesitate, and quickly climbed to the tree next to it. Half of his body was against the branch, and the other half of his body pressed the branch down, bringing his body close to the orange cat.

Everyone was nervous, worried that the person above would fall.

Yun Xingze looked at the man in a daze.

Not long after, a wide palm slowly grabbed the orange cat, and then the boy jumped down from the tree and landed steadily.

“Wow, so cool!”

“The action is so fast!”

“As expected of Luo Wenchuan…”

“Xiao Luo2Xiao = Little. Zhuo Feiyue is using a nickname for LWC, his skill is really good.” Zhuo Feiyue smiled and gave him a thumbs up.

Luo Wenchuan responded to Zhuo Feiyue’s greeting, then took out disinfectant wipes in his pocket and carefully wiped the cat’s wound. He lowered his eyes slightly, narrow eyes revealing a rare bit of gentleness, causing the omegas around him to blush.

The orange cat didn’t move, and obediently let him fiddle around.

The petals of the cherry blossoms fell and rained down on the youth and cat, adding a bit of warm color.

Yun Xingze stared at Luo Wenchuan and the cat intently with a thoughtful expression.

The girl next to him stretched out her hand and shook it in front of Yun Xingze, and whispered: “Yun Xingze, are you stunned stupid because Senior Luo was too handsome when saving the cat?”

“I see…” Yun Xingze recalled the underground black market boss who gave him something. His eyes lit up, and he suddenly became excited. “I know how to fight Kaleb.” Not only can he win, but he can also prevent his mecha from being dismantled.

Not far away, Luo Wenchuan’s fingers paused slightly and glanced over calmly.

The girl was full of question marks, and said in amazement: “You know? How do you want to fight?”

She was puzzled. How would Yun Xingze suddenly thought of this. Is there any connection between fighting a comet mecha and saving the cat??


Any guesses on how LWC + cat and YXZ’s upcoming fight are related?

Sadly, the orange cat doesn’t come back. I would have loved to see YXZ and LWC raise it together. 💔


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  • 1
    I’m not 100% sure, but I think this is referencing the colour of the ‘shoes’ vs. mecha feet (and the earlier comment about them being yellow)
  • 2
    Xiao = Little. Zhuo Feiyue is using a nickname for LWC
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  1. Sadie Woods says:

    🙁 As a cat slave to three furry little masters, I too would have loved to see a little ginger cat being raised. Wrong genre though I suppose!

    I actually have no clue how this will go! Now I’m curious!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

    1. komorebi says:

      Well there will be an animal of sorts showing up shortly. But not a furry one, sadly…

  2. Dewy says:

    Others: omg so handsome! So inspiring!
    Xingze: useful info. Inspiring for combat.

  3. Manga says:

    Ahh noo thw kitty is not staying :”)
    Thanks for the translation

    1. komorebi says:

      I think you might have double posted in chapter 6.1 as well…? Yes, I wanted to ask if the cat was staying when I first read it, but it’s not.
      Thanks for reading.

  4. mlky says:

    There is a slight typo in this chapter I think. “Lu Ranxu fought back for Yun Xingze: “Singing such back luck before the match – it’s too inhuman.”’ I think it’s supposed to be ‘bad’ not ‘back’ right?

    1. komorebi says:

      Thanks for the catch! Edited it now. 💛

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