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BATCFO Chapter 15

Yun Xingze continuously altered and edited the list on his optical brain. Finally, he only kept some of the necessary materials. Still, the price remained very high, and hundred thousand stars seemed to be a stretch.

Yun Xingze sighed and decided to go to the underground black market again.

An hour later, when the boss of the secondhand shop saw Yun Xingze wearing a mask, the subconscious smile froze on his face. He even had the impulse to shut the door.

“Boss, I’m here to buy accessories this time.” Yun Xingze grabbed the boss’s hand that reached out to close the door. “Can you help me see if you have any of these accessories?”

Boss Chu’s face was big, so he glanced at the list hurriedly and said: “The accessories I have are very expensive. Don’t think about squeezing wool1Taking advantage of me again!”

“I’ll try not to bargain.” Yun Xingze said sincerely.

Boss Chu looked at him suspiciously, and finally lost to those kind and innocent eyes. He glanced at the parts list, pointing to the “M-23 specification lightsaber” on it, and asked, “This specification, is it the mecha I sold you last time?”

Yun Xingze nodded.

“If you install another lightsaber, it’s not impossible.” Boss Chu touched his chin, and said after a moment of indulgence, “I have some goods, and the price is very affordable. All around 50,000 star coins.”

Yun Xingze looked at the boss with thoughtful eyes.

Boss Chu felt a sudden chill on the top of his hairless head.

“One price…” Yun Xingze said earnestly, “Five thousand.”

“Trying not to bargain, what do you actually mean?” Boss Chu looked at him in shock, “Why don’t you just rob!”

Yun Xingze once again tried to impress the boss with sincerity: “Boss, I have a game coming up, you must help me.”

Boss Chu looked at Yun Xingze disgustedly. He knew that if he continued to confront this kid again, he would be taken advantage of. His eyes rolled a bit and he suddenly raised a question: “Do you have any requirements for the color and material of these accessories?”

“As long as they are new, and can be used.” Yun Xingze replied. “The appearance is not important.”

Boss Chu immediately patted his chest: “Okay, I will help with you.”

He was worried about a batch of unsalable accessories in the store that could not be sold, so he took these out of the storage box and picked some out and showed them to Yun Xingze. “The materials are all brand new. There may be slight flaws, but they are easy to use.”

When Yun Xingze saw these accessories, he was stunned for five seconds.

“Does the defect refer to their appearance?” Yun Xingze couldn’t help asking: “Are you sure this was not removed from a toy model?”

“Of course not!” Boss Chu vowed. “I promise they are all easy to use. As for the color, you can use spray paint to change it later.”

In fact, these accessories are really ugly and can’t be sold.

“Can a lightsaber be painted?” Yun Xingze was stunned, thinking that a lightsaber is made from energy-emitting plasma.

“Ahem, why do you have to spray paint it. Look at this pink color. How many beautiful omegas will be moved by it.” Boss Chu said.

Yun Xingze: “Why is this jet device in the shape of a folded chicken wing?”

Boss Chu was annoyed: “What kind of folded chicken wing? This is the ‘folding angel wings’ design that was very popular in the past few years. Besides, the jet device is behind, who can see it?”

“You also know that this thing is afraid of being seen?”

Yun Xingze’s heart did not fluctuate.

Although he doesn’t like the appearance of these accessories, he has a limited budget after all.

After carefully inspecting the accessories, Yun Xingze found that the boss was telling the truth. While they are strangely shaped, their functions are qualified or even excellent.

After careful consideration, Yun Xingze decided to buy the goods.

However, he still did not forget to bargain, and reduced the price of the box of accessories to 50,000 star coins.

Although Boss Chu is not very satisfied with the price, since other people won’t buy them, he doesn’t suffer in the end.

After buying these accessories, Yun Xingze continued shopping in the underground black market, and finally got the turbocharger and the latest control module. These two parts are the more important parts of the mecha and cost more than 40,000 stars.

With more than 10,000 star coins left, Boss Chu suggested that he should buy spray paint, but Yun Xingze was reluctant to pay the money. After all, he doesn’t really go to the battlefield, so there is no need to paint the mecha in camouflage to disguise himself.

The PK arena is only so big. Two people face to face, with the only goal to fight one other. Spray paint or not is the same.

After Yun Xingze left the black market, Boss Chu, who was smiling happily, suddenly remembered something.

Wait. The mecha he was going to modify seemed to be Luo Wenchuan’s former mecha?

If Luo Wenchuan saw that his mecha was equipped with such ugly accessories, wouldn’t it be…

Boss Chu shook his hand and promised in his heart that he would never admit that these accessories were bought by Yun Xingze.

In this way, Yun Xingze returned to school with a box of mecha accessories and two core devices. After finding an empty refitting site, he began to refit his lightsaber mecha.

The school will charge a fee for the modification site for students. There are some large modification tools provided, which can help students complete the modification faster.

Generally speaking, only students from the Mecha Theory and Mecha Repair departments will come. Yun Xingze, as a student in the Mecha Battle department, is a newcomer in the refitting site.

Yun Xingze drew a drawing, and according to the contents on the drawing, he quickly started to dismantle the mecha parts.

As the modification progressed, the surrounding eyes quickly converged.

The original finger bearing is somewhat deformed, which is caused by the shortening of the distance between the finger joints. It needs to be replaced with a stronger metal finger and a stronger link shaft, but at the same time, the flexibility of the finger must be ensured during the modification process…

Yun Xingze took out the fingers of various colors.

The assembly of lightsabers is troublesome. It is necessary to ensure that the position of the hilt can be easily reached by hand, so attacks can be carried out quickly after the sword is drawn. It is also to ensure that the two lightsabers do not conflict with each other when emitting plasma…

Yun Xingze took out the barbie pink lightsaber.

There is a lack of power behind the injection device. Even if the reaction force is enough, sometimes the mecha’s actions are still a bit weak. The best way is to increase the injection strength and update the jet engine…

Yun Xingze took out the ‘folding angel wings’.

The eyes around me were curious at first, but then turned into shock.

“My God, how could a mecha be changed like this?”

“Damn, is this color and shape of accessories made to be funny on purpose?”

“Does he want win by making his opponent laugh to death?”

After the external modification was basically over, Yun Xingze climbed into the mecha and began to modify the turbine system and control module.

Internal modification is often more difficult than external modification, but Yun Xingze is so familiar with the mechanics of the mecha. In about half an hour, he dismantled the original system and replaced it with a new one, and succeeded in one attempt.

After the modification, Yun Xingze came out of the mecha, clapped his hands, and looked at his masterpiece with satisfaction.

At this time, Lu Ranxu came to the modification room to look for him. Eyes widening in shock upon seeing the modified mecha at first glance, he subconsciously said, “Damn, this is too…”

Yun Xingze turned his head to look at him.

Lu Ranxu quickly held back what he wanted to say, and changed his words: “This is too fresh and refined.”

A hodgepodge of various colors, the springs in the tendon sheaths were even replaced with yellow ones, which definitely has a strong visual impact at first glance.

“Very imposing.” Lu Ranxu convinced himself to accept this mecha.

Yun Xingze put away the mecha, and the mecha cube became colorful.

Looking at it this way, the original lifeless black mecha cube seemed a bit more vivid and aura at the moment.

He took the mecha to the training ground and tried it immediately. There were no mistakes in the modification, and the performance of the mecha was greatly improved compared to the original.

Flexibility, defense, power, speed…

Visibly stronger to the naked eye.

The two pink and blue lightsabers had a funny and cute feeling. But the moment the two sword lights were drawn in the air at the same time, Lu Ranxu who was outside the field still felt the biting murderous aura.

He had to admit that although Yun Xingze’s changes made the mecha a little bit ugly, it was undoubtedly a huge success.

Lu Ranxu also modifies mechas, but they are all small improvements at a time. Very few people can achieve a one-time drastic change like Yun Xingze did. After all, accessories are like precision gears. Any error in any link may cause the mecha to be scrapped.

Yun Xingze was very happy after trying the mecha. Lu Ranxu ran to him and looked at him in admiration: “Xingze, I can’t believe that your modification technology is so good! No wonder Luo Wenchuan gave you so much money.”

Yun Xingze smiled and laughed at himself: “It’s just a bit ugly. If the original owner of the mecha sees it, he will definitely be angry.”

“How can there be such a coincidence?” Lu Ran Xu patted him on the shoulder and said, “Just relax and go compete.”

Not long after Yun Xingze modified the mecha, the group pairings of the single PK round came out.

The solo PK tournament adopts a points system. Everyone has to play ten games. They earn 10 points if they win, 0 points if they lose, and there’s also a performance point based on the player’s overall performance.

After ten games, the top 9 enter the school’s main team, and the 10th place became the school team’s substitute.

Yun Xingze was originally a person who had no desire to win or lose the game. He prefers to observe other people’s mechas and experience the feeling of driving them. But when he heard that players with ten consecutive victories could get a bonus of 500,000 star coins, he was immediately moved.

500,000 star coins. How many ‘folding angel wings’ can he buy with that?

In any case, he must not lose!

Before the competition, the school re-rated the ability of each student. This way they know their opponents strength during battle, and students can also give up in advance when the difference in strength is too large.

Yun Xingze’s mental strength and physical strength were greatly improved, both of which have been upgraded to B-level, and his mecha driving ability has naturally increased to B-level.

The first opponent Yun Xingze matched in the singles was a second-year beta boy. He also drove a lightsaber mecha, and his driving ability was also at B-level.

There are four competition venues, with four games held simultaneously. Each game has a time limit of 30 minutes. If a winner is not decided by 30 minutes, the winner will be determined according to the damage of the mecha.

Generally, one round is completed in two days, and the next round is continued after one day off.

Yun Xingze’s game was in the afternoon of the first day.

As soon as Yun Xingze entered the arena, he found that the auditorium was almost full. Many of them were omegas behaving very enthusiastically, shouting frantically in the arena.

“Dachuan is so handsome–”

“Luo Wenchuan, come on!”

“Ah, Luo Wenchuan just looked at me!”

Yun Xingze was taken aback by the battle. He looked on the court and saw Luo Wenchuan is preparing.

At this moment, in the auditorium above Luo Wenchuan, a few girls from the Command department pulled up a huge banner, <Xinghai’s most handsome Luo Wenchuan, the sword of the empire Luo Wenchuan!>

Yun Xingze’s eyes widened. Damn, they can do this when chasing stars?!

Luo Wenchuan did not react to the noise. His face had no expression, but his opponent was very nervous.

After Yun Xingze arrived in the preparation zone, Luo Wenchuan’s eyes were closed as he rested.

There is actually a distance between where they sat and the playing field. There is a protective cover between them to ensure absolute safety during the game, but also allows them to observe the strength of all players.

Yun Xingze’s battle was before Luo Wenchuan.

When the referee asked him to go backstage to prepare, there were whispers among the players preparing.

“Isn’t that the number one omega in the first year?”

“It seems to be, eh. Is he really the number one? He looks white and thin, and will cry when beaten with a punch.”

“Who knows? Well, maybe he really will cry. I heard that he used some tactics in the audition to get first place.”

“Why is an omega participating in the competition ? Last year, Su Zinan was okay. Can we have another one this year?

“The competition between alpha is fierce enough. Why does an omega come here to mix…”

Yun Xingze faced these remarks, only thinking that they were naive and ridiculous.


A crisp sound suddenly sounded in the preparation area.

The surrounding voices instantly quieted down.

Yun Xingze couldn’t help but look back, suddenly stunned.

Luo Wenchuan closed his eyes and wore a close-fitting school uniform. His slender legs overlapped, and the black mecha cube fell on his feet, glowing with cold light and murderous aura.

After a while, he opened his narrow eyes and picked up the mecha casually.

The alphas who were gossiping next to each other suddenly fell silent.

Although Yun Xingze knew this should be a coincidence, he couldn’t help but stare at Luo Wenchuan for a while, before heading backstage a moment later.

After a minute, several people far away from Luo Wenchuan whispered: “Luo Wenchuan was helping that omega just now?”

“How is this possible. Don’t you know he’s afraid of omegas?”

“I was scared to death. That’s an SS-class mecha. The only one in the school. I’m scared just seeing it taken out.”

“Hush—he seems to have looked over here…”

The match ended and Yun Xingze’s turn arrived.

Rarely, Luo Wenchuan sat up straight, the sleepiness on his face subsided a little. He looked at the entrance of the arena carelessly, his eyelashes casting a deep shadow.

There is no expression on his face, no emotions can be seen.

No one knows whether he cares about this game or whether it is just him moving after getting tired from rest.

After the two sides shook hands, the beta released his medium-sized silver lightsaber mecha. The empty space suddenly seemed a little cramped.

Not to be outdone, Yun Xingze released the modified mecha.

The audience suddenly became quiet.

Seeing his once pure black cool mecha transformed into a magnified version of a colorful lego model, Luo Wenchuan’s iceberg-like expression finally showed a crack.


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