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Banished Villainess – Under Observation : Chapter 89

The Hero’s Arrival

The Hero’s Arrival


The one who protected Leddorio from Momo and the monster’s assault was a man who wielded dual blades. His smooth rainbow-colored hair rustled with the wind, while the white mask he wore concealed his identity.

(No… who is he really?)

While Leddorio was taken aback by the mysterious man’s sudden appearance, Dai cut through the pursuing black hairs and caught up to him. He recognized the man confronting the witch.

‘So you came, Locke.’

‘Wha- Who’s that? I do not go by that name. I am none other than the knight of the Corundum Kingdom, Count Glinda.’

The flustered man tried to gloss it over but unfortunately for him, Dai was a person who cannot read the mood.

‘What’s with that weird tone? Also, don’t you only wear that mask when there are strong opponents you wouldn’t be able to beat, normally? Besides, look—“

Dai’s finger pointed towards a large red dog mowing down monsters as it slips through the gaps of the hair; the monster called Garm.

‘—isn’t that your pet, Melamphus?’

‘Oh jeez, damn it all!’

Locke…, or Count Glinda, as he called himself, crumpled his own hair but they immediately returned to how silky they once were. Leddorio thought this straight and silky hair does give a different impression compared to Locke’s usual unkempt hair.

‘Even though I went out of my way coming here like this because Momo and the Prince Leddorio was here… All of that for nothing.’

‘So you are Locke? Why bother hiding your identity?’

As Leddorio rose and stood up, he called out to Locke in a slightly thorny tone. Leddorio already knew his circumstances. He also knew the ability of the mask through the footage that he watched observing Chloe, but he chose to pretend not to know.

‘Why you say… You and Momo are already engaged. It would be a little bad for a childhood friend to just suddenly pop up out of nowhere, right?’

Leddorio thought that he was being too self-conscious initially but, Momo was attracted to Locke in that appearance. On the contrary, if Locke suddenly appeared like a normal childhood friend without minding too much to change his appearance, the prince thought it wouldn’t have caused any problem.

‘We are not engaged yet, and I lost the throne because of that. Momo didn’t particularly favor anyone…either, and in the end, she became a witch so…, it’s a whole mess.’


Locke examined the witch. A lady in the midst of the sea of hair and ridiculing laugh of monsters. The prince thought that the young man likely didn’t expect that she was the same childhood friend that he had always yearned for.



An ominous voice invaded and suddenly reverberated within his mind making Locke stop his ears.

‘You…. are you Momo?’

‘That’s right, I’m your mooost beloved childhood friend that you always yearned for. And yet, you just easily forgive Chloe, the one who tormented me and even fell for her. Aren’t you cruel? Why didn’t you tell me beforehand that the House Glinda have adopted you?’

‘Who fell for who? I know that she had done terrible things to you. But she was already condemned by this prince, not to mention, Chloe has already reflected enough. That’s why I even helped her to go to the convent to atone for her sins, didn’t I?’

Locke was evading the assaulting hair and cutting them down at outstanding speed while he argued with Momo at the same time. He far exceeded the spawning rate of the monsters and before long, was able to clean them all up without leaving a single one behind. Of course, he also had the help of Melamphus, Leddorio, Dai, and the knight order.

‘How naive! Locke is too naive on Chloe, even though she’s my enemy! If it’s Count Glinda, he would mercilessly cut the witch down without hesitation for the sake of me, his beloved. I knew it! There’s no way Locke was the count! Someone like you who gets easily deceived by Villainess? This is exactly why mob characters are not popular. Count Glinda was far good-looking than Leddorio and the others, and he’s the hero that I deserve!’

As Momo spat her complaints, more atrocious monsters spawn each time she crumples her own hair. Leddorio turned his gaze towards Locke. He was paralyzed by the assault of her selfishly assumed rebuttals. Although Leddorio didn’t have a good impression of Locke due to being Momo’s childhood friend and receiving Chloe’s favor, he felt slightly sympathetic toward him having realized Momo’s real self.

But before, Locke gripped the handle of the sword that he was about to let go of once again.

‘…Then let me ask you the same. Can you really say that you’re Momo?’

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