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Banished Villainess – Under Observation : Chapter 90

Talks of Childhood

Talks of Childhood


‘What… are you trying to say? Of course, I’m Momo.’

Momo shook her head seemingly finding Locke’s question unbelievable. Leddorio couldn’t blame Locke though. The Momo in front of him now had blood-red pair of eyes that gave of fiery brilliance. Her now black hair, spread around wriggling from one place to another. She looked totally different from the lady with the fluffy pink hair and dazzling eyes that she was before.

However, Locke’s question had a different meaning to what the prince was thinking.

‘The body was Momo’s, that’s for sure. How about this? Do you remember the time we snitched food, got found out, and were grounded for it? You tried to go outside through the window, climbed down the tree, and slipped, right? If I hadn’t saved you from the fall back then, you would’ve ended up pretty badly.’

‘W-What about that?’

‘There are also times where you saved me instead. Like that time where I ate too much of Himemomo flower’s berries and nearly died so you nursed me for three days and nights. You said that its flowers have a small content of toxins, so you got angry at me for making you worry. You ignored me for a while because of that but you immediately forgave me when I apologized.’

‘Huh? Himemomo flower? That’s the ingredient that raises favorability rat— *cough’

‘—Still, I am older and I was a pretty good older brother at that, wasn’t I? When you were still five, we used to sleep together and there were times that you were too scared to go to the toilet alone so I had to come with you… Right, there were also times where I had to take the blame for your bed wett—‘

Seething in rage at Locke who has seemingly entered an endless talk about childhood nostalgia, Momo tried to attack her with her hair. Naturally, Locke was able to avoid them without so much effort. Momo’s facial countenance turned from lifeless into beet red.

‘How could you talk about things like that with Count Glinda’s appearance!? I have already forgotten those kinds of things!!’

‘Mhm… “Forgotten”, huh?’

Locke’s emerald eyes narrowed behind his mask. Momo flinched like a rabbit being stared down by a snake. Leddorio thought that she must have never received such a cold stare from her childhood friend. She fumbled her mouth trying to make excuses.

‘W-Well… that’s waay back during childhood after all. I would have naturally forgotten about those things. I do remember you saving me from falling from a tree. I carved my name on that memorable tree on the day I got escorted to the capital, after all.’

Momo turned her upper body to the side, seemingly proud of what she said. Locke’s eyebrows furrowed, inclining his head to one side; He looked as though he has made certain of something.

‘That’s a different tree. The tree that you fall off from was deemed dangerous and got cut off immediately.’

‘You’ve got to be kidding! Then what does the line “I will have to part with the trees from our home today… Leaving through the window and climbing down from trees have now turned into pleasant memories.” even mean, then!?’

‘Like I’d know. You said it yourself, didn’t you? At any rate, now I’m completely sure. Momo becoming ‘someone else’ did not only happen recently. It started three years ago, the day you awakened your saintess powers.’



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    Locke is the best Hero.
    No one can change my mind.

    Heck, he has no competitors to begin with.

  2. Avatar ARFitS says:

    Lol, now I wanna know Leddorio’s thoughts on this revelation…

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