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Banished Villainess – Under Observation : Chapter 88

Nightmarish Scene

Nightmarish Scene

‘—Sir, Sir Benny! Please open your eyes!!’


When he came to his senses, Dai helped Leddorio to get up. The prince guessed that the reason her cheeks hurt so much was likely because Dai hit him considerably strongly to wake him up. The prince thought that he went too far, regardless of how close the two of them are.

‘…What happened?’

‘That’s something for me to ask, sir.’

He lost consciousness. It was likely that Dai and the knight order used the magical markings that he left behind on their tracks to come here. However, the scene that unfolded in front of them was far too hellish.

The whole cavern was covered by hair as black as Chloe’s, which wriggled around as though they were living things. The knights who somehow managed to move forward were bound by them, unable to move.

At the centermost of the area was a black-haired woman with red eyes letting out high-pitched laughter.

‘What is that, sir? What kind of monster is that?’

‘That’s Momo.’


Dai turned his glance from Momo to Leddorio with such a look of disbelief on his face. The prince felt the same way. They were not surprised by the fact that they were manipulated. After all, both of them knew that women are more or less calculating beings. What they found unbelievable was how a Saintess formally recognized by the Sacred Church had become a witch.

(…No, Momo said it herself that a Saintess’ can become a witch. Although she was referring to Chloe and not herself.)

‘She… was the witch all this time. Momo broke the seal of the ancient witch, Yolda, and became like that afterward.’


Dai looked to be surprised but didn’t seem as hurt as the prince thought he would be. He felt as though the son of the general was expecting this to happen.

‘You don’t seem as shocked. The woman you love had become such a monster.’

‘Well, I did say that frail woman that makes one want to protect them are my type. But even my mother, who was said to be a meek lady, now reigns over my father. Even elder sis, who’s strong enough to punch me around, was a goddess from her fiancee’s perspective. I guess if you truly love someone, you ‘oughta embrace her everything, including becoming a witch.’

Dai was speaking as though he had just come up with that realization. This was coming from a man who didn’t find any interest in anything that wouldn’t fill his stomach like love before he met Momo. Leddorio thought that he suddenly matured so much after coming to the lodging house and meeting Chloe.

‘…So you say that, but your true reason you’re not as concerned is that you turned to Kisara now.’

‘Well… ahahaha~’

Dai embarrassingly scratched his head having been found out. Just some time ago, he was much like Leddorio and Dai; worshipping Momo like she was an angel. The prince felt aggravating how he went ahead and got his own happiness.

(I hope you get dumped, you damn traitor!)

The prince hatefully glared at him but, Dai didn’t pay him any mind and merely ascertained their current situation.

‘This place is out of reach of those hairs but, we have to do something about those if we want to move closer.’

Dai pointed towards the knights who were fighting the oncoming assault of black hair. The hairs that had been cut dissolve into miasma, spreading within the surrounding. The places teeming with miasma give birth to monsters and interferes with the knights who were trying to fight the witch.

Some of them fell to the miasma, some were captured by the hair, while others sustain injuries in their battle with the newly born monsters. If this keeps up, they face the danger of total annihilation.

(Was it, my fault…? Because I was not able to discern things well enough? Of all things, I was pushing the actual witch as the “real saintess?”)

Leddorio stands up, grasping the handle of his sword tightly. He couldn’t afford to let their selfish whims of the past cause more casualties. However, as Leddorio determined himself to go towards Momo, Dai hurriedly stopped him in his tracks.

‘Where are you going, sir? If Sir Benny dies, what do you think would happen to our country?’

‘There is still Keith. You know him, he probably has some sort of plan in place considering he let this happen.’

‘If that’s the case, that’s all the more reason for us not to die here. If I let you die in vain, my father would kill me afterwards.’

‘Let me go! I have to settle this with Momo! If I don’t stop her myself—‘

The prince was reaching his hand towards Momo as he was being restrained. He finally understands what Chloe meant by ‘settlement’ in spite of being forgiven. His desire for punishment will not stop even if the god themselves forgives him.

(I didn’t expect that there would come a day where I agree with her. Chloe, I don’t know whether I’ll make it out of this alive, but if I do, let me bow my head in apology to you even at least once.)

Leddorio freed himself from Dai’s grasp and charged forward, readying his sword with a self-deprecating smile on his face. He was able to mow down the crowd of monsters in a flash for a moment but was immediately bound by the wriggling black hairs from all limbs.

When he thought that he had done everything he could, he was suddenly thrown away and fell to the ground. There was no single monster, nor a spec of black hair to assault him. At the corner of his vision, the only thing he saw was Dai, hurriedly rushing to his aide.


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  1. Avatar Death Fairy says:

    So Dai is the most fortunate of the Idiots gangs.
    Sometimes being a meathead is a good thing I see.

  2. Avatar Eh... says:

    “They were not surprised by the fact that they were manipulated. After all, both of them knew that women are more or less calculating beings.”

    Are you serious? The stalker rapists are blaming women for the men being dumb as a rock?

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