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Banished Villainess – Under Observation! Chapter 87

Her True Nature

Her True Nature


‘We’re just like the first generation of Saintesses. Two saints fighting for the love of the lone prince. The winner is the saint and the loser becomes the witch. Quite easy to understand, right? It’s just that, in my case, my victory was already guaranteed. Chloe would certainly be condemned, and I will seal her away with the power of the love of the prince who chose me. It was that kind of game.’

His brain understand her words but refuses to make sense of them.

(What the hell is this woman saying? Game? Our meeting, saving me, enduring all those torments; Are all those things, just some kind of game to her?)

The more he grits his teeth to the unfolding truth, the more his head turns cold. What the hell has he been doing all this time? What True Saintess? He just found Chloe so irritating that he had forced his pure lady ideals on Momo, who looked to be his former fiancee’s total opposite. Now, many men had been captivated by her, and he had lost the throne succession. What a laughable story. It’s so ridiculous that he couldn’t even laugh. In fact, he couldn’t feel anything, not even anger.


‘If that’s the case… You wench had Chloe, no, all of us completely fooled.’

‘Don’t make me the bad guy so suddenly. She had indeed harassed me, you know? Even you, know that, don’t you? It may be her role but the deeds of women who’ve gone mad due to jealousy are pretty nasty stuff, aren’t they? Every time I see her downfall, I just think that it serves her right.’


Momo’s words just didn’t make sense to Leddorio. The downfall that she spoke about should only refer to Chloe’s condemnation. However, Momo talked as if she had seen her downfall numerous times. Still, those kinds of things do not matter to Leddorio anymore.

‘You talked about a prince choosing you earlier, right? That doesn’t refer to me, does it? As I thought, you really liked Locke, huh?’

He put his hands on his sword so that he could brandish it at any moment. Leddorio already knows that he was used, but he still doesn’t know Momo’s motives. She was way too friendly with everyone for her aim to become a queen, just like Saintess, the first. Including Leddorio, everyone had stopped at becoming ‘ a good friend’ to her. However, his probing had only made the lady’s face warped in displeasure.

‘You’ve gotta be joking. I don’t like him, he’s not even a good-looking man.’

But, or so Leddorio tried to argue back, but his words were overwhelmed by surprise. Momo’s eyes had turned pure red. It was a sickening hue much unlike the redness in his eyes. As the “Child Dragon’s eyes” detected her magical power rising giving out a warning sound, Momo merely emitted a smile.

‘Now, these idle talks stops here. Wake up, Witch Yolda. Rise and devour the soul of your only ally, Chloe Sereknight!’

‘Stop, Momo!!’

‘I will show you all just who the saintess, the true heroine here is!’

The surrounding magic crystal reacted to her voice, giving out red brilliance. Then, a cracking sound reverberated, which after a moment, was followed by the crystal completely shattering into pieces.

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  1. Avatar ARFitS says:

    She really is delusional. Did it not occur to her for even a moment that she’ll be the target of the witch and not Chloe?

    1. Avatar Death Fairy says:

      Like you said, she’s too delusional to think straight anymore.

  2. Avatar Arha says:

    To be fair, the witch might be messing with her head.

    You know what’s funny? I could see the witch being redeemed but Momo still gets tossed out.

  3. Avatar Eh... says:

    Plot twist — Leddorio is the real witch…

  4. Avatar MadPhilosopher says:

    Damnit. I really chose the climax cliffhanger chapter to be the one I binge-read huh

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