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Banished Villainess – Under Observation! Chapter 86

The Sealed Witch

The Sealed Witch


The lady encased within the crystal had long glossy black hair just like Chloe. Her mesmerizing eyes were sealed by her eyelids and she looked as though she was merely sleeping. Leddorio felt like it would be too hasty to conclude her death because the lady looked like she could wake up at any moment.

‘M-Momo… who is she?’

As Leddorio called upon her once more with a shaky voice, Momo finally turned her attention to him. She gave him a dazzling smile just as she used to before.

‘It’s Saintess Yolda, sir’

A saintess? Leddorio found it puzzling why a saintess would be in such a state, or which generation of Saintess was the lady in the first place? At the very least, Leddorio was sure that she couldn’t be his ancestor, Saintess, the first. After all, the first Saintess was welcome by the royal family as a queen. 

 (Wait, didn’t Momo said before that the Witch was in the dungeon? If the first witch was formerly a Saintess, then this woman named Yolda is—)

‘It was you wasn’t it? The one who has been calling me all this time.’

Leddorio’s train of thought was interrupted by Momo’s monologue. She approached the lady encased in eyes and talked once more.

‘Could you please stop with the silent treatment already? The “True Saintess”, No, The True Heroine herself, Momo, went so far just come here.’


Leddorio reacted to the word that didn’t make sense to him. Momo gave him a side glance momentarily, but her gaze return to the crystal almost immediately.

‘There’s a lot of things I want to ask you, you know? For one, why didn’t Chloe become a witch? She should’ve been soiled by those bandits and sink into despair, making her succumb to curses and hatred. That’s where you’re supposed to lend her a hand, right?’

‘What did you just say…!!?’

Leddorio’s voice leaked out after hearing something he couldn’t possibly let slide. According to Momo, Chloe’s downfall towards witchery will start after getting assaulted by mountain bandits. However, that premise was already foiled, since Shin and Chloe were able to repel those bandits successfully.

‘If Chloe doesn’t become a witch. Locke— Count Glinda wouldn’t have any opportunities to save me. Now the scenario’s gotten all messed up. In the first place, aren’t you frustrated at all? The Kingdom had thrown you away and sealed you in such a place and your hated Cherrie Blossom, is now being esteemed highly so much. They’ve turned you into some kind of villain while she was enjoying her happy ending with the prince and even hailed as the Saintess.

Isn’t that frustrating!? That’s what you said when Chloe became a witch. So stop sleeping so comfortably in such a place and make that villainess a witch already, Yolda Moon!’

Momo ranted as she kept striking the crystal. Leddorio who has been dumbfounded thus far came to his senses and held her back from both arms. Striking the crystal had made her adorably small hands turn red.

‘Stop it! Isn’t she the ancient witch!? What are you gonna do if the seal were to break apart?’

‘But Chloe; she’s the one at fault here! She’s supposed to be the villain and yet she hasn’t even come here! She won’t become a witch so I didn’t have a choice but to help her become one.’

‘Didn’t you said that she had already been controlled by the witch? That’s what you said before, right? You’re speaking as if— you want her to become a witch, yourself.’

The end of his sentence was said in a lower volume. Leddorio just didn’t want to believe it. He doesn’t want to believe that Momo would say such things. Momo was the kind of lady to feel sadness for the sufferings of others. She wasn’t the kind of person to wish misfortune to her rival.

As Leddorio looked at her with a pleading gaze hoping she reaffirms that belief, Momo’s mouth warped around the edge. With her back against the crystal and a devilish smile on her face, Momo turned her gaze towards the heavens.

‘Well, I’m the heroine and she’s the villainess after all.’

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