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Banished Villainess – Under Observation! : Chapter 69

The Negotiations With The Pope

The Negotiations With The Pope

The crowds that gathered within the circumference of the stage were split at the approaching sound of someone clapping. The one to leisurely walk along the path made was none other than, Yello, the 2nd prince. Behind him, followed was the Pope, who was showing signs of bewilderment as he walked.

“Chloe Sereknight. You have admirably reflected on your sins and was able to regain your lost pure heart. Looks like the sincerity you have shown had moved the heart of the Saintess, the first.”

“I am not worthy of those words, highness.”

Chloe hurriedly descended from the stage and was about to prostrate to the ground but Keith stopped her, and turned his attention to the pope behind him instead.

“How about that, his holiness? The heavens answered the lady’s prayers with a miracle. I believe we can consider her sins absolved.”

“But… your highness.”

“Prince Yello, highness. I am greatly thankful for the thought, but there is a due process for everything. Furthermore, I, myself, do not wish to return to the capital until I have settled my responsibilities.”

“You mean to say that you will still head towards Nansonia after this.”

“Yes, your highness. For that to happen, the Grace Church that took care of me must first be supplemented with a sacred stone to re-establish a barrier for their safety.”

That’s where Chloe raised the issue of Priest Grace having not received any protection from the sacred church due to being expelled from it. The pope was considerably flustered, which is likely because the newspapers that Chaco Brown and her group had spread within the surroundings had a written article about it. Nevertheless, Prince Keith put on a façade of surprise.

“His holiness, I do not wish to meddle with the affairs of something that happened several decades ago. But do you not think that perhaps, Lady Sereknight who had been banished, meeting Masrat Grace, was something that had been orchestrated by the heavens itself. I would even go as far as to say that their very meeting was what had prompted her towards reformation. If that were to be the case, I believe that it is only proper that Priest Grace’s honor must be restored and for the kingdom to recognize his chapel that sat near an advanced level dungeon, as an official place of worship.”

“H-However… the decree regarding the treatment of Masrat Grace is beyond my—“

“Hmm? That’s odd. I believe I recall you recognizing Priest Grace’s charges to be false when my older brother, Leddorio had revealed the church’s dark history. By the way, I happened to have this recording right here you see…”

Yello had brought out the same magic brooch that had seen use thus far. The sacred church believes in the supremacy of the sacred mana and normally sees magic and magical items as heresy, but the revelation of the same item that had been used in Chloe’s condemnation had turned the pope pale.

On one hand, Chloe did not expect Leddorio’s name to be brought up in these circumstances.

“Did his highness Leddorio make a move for Priest Grace’s honor?”

“That’s right. Although he always brings his foolishness with him as he chases after Lady Momo’s tail, there are times where he does consider the well-being of the people. It’s fair to say that while he is quite rotten, he is still a bonafide prince.”

‘What did you mean by that!?’

‘How harsh, even though I complimented you.’

Prince Keith’s bitter tongue which failed to absolve him of his previous ill words only made the face of Leddorio turn sour even more. In actuality, the prince was merely aiming to get permission to explore a dungeon with Momo from the pope that day and the aforementioned topic was just the suitable means to threaten, or in his words, to persuade. He had done nothing of the sort that deserves the lady’s favorable impression. Still, he felt odd receiving the ladies’ words of gratitude, although much of it might be due to Momo, who has been giving him the reproachful look the entire time.

And with all of that, at the appearance of a rainbow above the royal castle, Chloe’s absolution from her sins and Priest Grace’s innocence, have both been officially recognized. Rather, there was no other choice than to do so thanks to the grand joyous cheers of the crowd.

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  1. Avatar A random fish in the sea says:

    Well, with this the first prince can’t do nything against her anymore, or else he’ll be the one to suffer consequences.

    1. Avatar Aritra K Roy says:

      Watch the damn fool still try

      1. Avatar Dustin Edwards says:

        Exactly. I won’t be surprised if he makes one last effort, before giving up.

  2. Avatar Death Fairy says:

    Thanks for the chapter!

    Congrats Lady Chloe, now you’re a free!!!

  3. Avatar Arha says:

    Well that was handled quicker than expected.

    “The prince isn’t completely useless, see?” “Actually, I am.”

    Somehow that exchange makes me feel a little bad for him. Just a little. It makes me feel like he wasn’t always like this. Maybe that charm spell theory has some kind of merit to it or it’s one of those series that has some level of story railroading.

  4. Avatar Mrs.YunoLanx says:

    eat a dick Momo…..better yet eat he dick f ur harem

  5. Avatar meowthank says:

    Well… so how many chapters do you guys think it would take for Momo to turn into the witch?

    My guess is 3 more not including any POV chapters. Of course, it’s a guess.

  6. Avatar Eh... says:

    Why does it feel like the second prince set Leddorio up from the beginning?

    1. Avatar Chemise Rogers says:

      I don’t know about a set up. But he sure did take the opportunity waiting for him. His bro’s a love struck fool who couldn’t secure the throne. The second prince was probably plotting as soon as he noticed how head over heels his brother is for momo.

  7. Avatar Jinxelin Valent says:

    Everything is happening kind of fast , but is enjoyable

  8. Avatar wildhorse99 says:

    I didnt expect her to show herself like that! I thought the crowd was going to uncover the inconsistencies

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