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Banished Villainess – Under Observation! : Chapter 70

The Role of a Saintess

The Role of a Saintess

“Well, isn’t that quite touching? After all, the earnest prayer of the lady who has repented for her sins has resulted in such a miracle.”

Prince Keith said so with a triumphant face. Leddorio was just about to open his mouth to answer him but suddenly..

“What do you mean miracle? That’s just a natural phenomenon, nothing more. That rainbow would’ve still appeared on its own regardless of who was praying there at that time! You’re all moved by such a banished sinner with just that.? That’s strange! You’re all acting strange!”

“Stop, Momo!”

Momo, who was clearly in disarray, was about to charge right towards the 2nd prince, but Leddorio had stopped her thinking how that could’ve turned out worse for her. Momo had always acted with huge disregard to social hierarchy not knowing any better, but even Darck was put off by her actions.

But Prince Keith, as if expecting this to happen, only looked at her in disgust.

“Just so you know, rainbows hold a very significant meaning for the Coloflare Kingdom. They were the colors of the sacred power that the Saintess, the first, used when she purified the lands of the kingdom, as well as in sealing the witch. This is the reason why rainbows that appear during special days such as the Advent Festival are called the “Blessings of the Saintess.” It’s not as simple as something that can be singled out as an inevitable natural phenomenon or such scientific whatnots.”

 Momo’s hot-headedness had seemingly vanished, and now look rather cold as the lady turned pale, much like the pope from earlier.

“Uhm, I….. I’m not very familiar with aristocrat’s customs so…”

“Aristocrats? No, this is something that you would easily hear about even if you reside in the most secluded slums. After all, whenever the Sacred Church does a feeding program, they are always accompanied with tales about the saintess. Rather, you are the chosen saintess of this generation. You should have already known this by reading the ancient texts of the Sacred Church’s index…, unless, you just arbitrarily went your way there.”

 Momo’s body was trembling. Leddorio noticed that Keith’s words were meant to torment her on purpose. Harming the saintess is tantamount to making enemies of the entire sacred church. However, based on what Leddorio saw in the footage, the Pope is now being led by the nose. The first prince put himself in front of the shivering lady and spread his arms wide, an attempt to shield her from further rebuke.

“Stop it already! Are you implying that Momo is just lying!? If that’s the case, we would’ve known about it immediately.”

“Well, she had not lied, yes. I confirmed that with the pope earlier, after all. But still, such words only come from nonbelievers, or at least, they are not the line of thought you’d expect from someone who practiced asceticism ostentatiously. I’m not saying that everyone is earnest in their belief in a transcended being, but people cling to their faith in hopes of salvation.

Displaying absolute authority while providing the lies that the populace wants; that’s the role of the Saintess.

Now, to get back on the topic, you, despite being its duly appointed saintess, had just denied the miracle of the very saint that the church adheres to, didn’t you?”

Keith said. All smiles had disappeared from his face, and his eyes narrowed. He had such an overwhelming pressure that even Leddorio inadvertently stepped back. Momo’s cold sweat had now fully revealed themselves; she looked as though she would faint at any moment.

The one to break the tension in the atmosphere was Darck’s words.

“Oh, the scene had changed. Look everyone!”

As everyone turned their attention towards the mirror, the pressure that Keith had been emitting had vanished. Although Momo sat in resignation, she still couldn’t focus at all due to the glare she felt behind her back.

This time, Leddorio was now truly having second thoughts. Chloe, who had been appointed as a substitute for the festival, had shown to be such a devout adherent, and due to the miracle of the saintess, although he doubts that it was set up, had captured the hearts of the people.

He had always thought that Momo was a deeply devout believer. That was exactly the reason why he believed that she had been chosen as the Saintess. However, he didn’t expect that the lady would eventually come to deny the miracle of the first saintess as nothing but an inevitable natural phenomenon, herself.

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  1. Death Fairy says:

    Thanks for the chapter!

    First, pardon my incoming words, but I have to say it…


  2. K says:

    I’m actually a little pissed at whatever god or goddess these people worship. If you think about it, whatever being is behind all of this basically kidnapped two souls/people in order to force them to worship her, while using them as propaganda tools and damned one of them to become a witch that’s going to be slaughtered. This whole setup is evil..

  3. chomiaaa says:

    lol i mean she came from the modern world so she would obviously see a rainbow as just a natural phenomenon but she should’ve been more careful~

  4. Ya Think says:

    Someone made an oopsie…

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