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Banished Villainess – Under Observation! : Chapter 68

The Villainess’ Repentance

The Villainess’ Repentance

As Chloe wholeheartedly danced, the previously scattered populace started to gather towards the stage. Some of them could be seen talking to each other while pointing their fingers towards the lady at the stage. They stood there bewildered, holding the newspaper that Chaco and her subordinates had distributed a while ago.

Having finished her dance, Chloe now turned her attention the entire crowd, and after a moment of pause, took off her wig and veil. The crowd’s voices of surprise had engulfed the surrounding at once. Whether it brought by the unexpectedness of the banished villainess’s return and performance instead of Chaco Brown, or the fact that her hair had been cut short like a sinner, Leddorio couldn’t tell.

However, the lady, not minding the surrounding clamor, vehemently bowed towards the crown then began speaking.

“Citizens of Coloflare. The reason why I came here undertaking the role of the Saintess’ substitute, was part of my atonement for the transgressions I have committed towards Lady Momo, the True Saintess. Due to the foolishness brought by my jealousy of the lady, who was a dear classmate to his highness Leddorio, not only have I held her in contempt, I have persecuted the Lady Momo on the basis of her birthplace. While some of the things done to her are in no direct relation to me, there is no doubting that I, who held the authority, not only as of the queen candidate but also as the saintess, have feigned blindness in front of such acts. It is only right that I, who is neither suited to be the queen, nor deserving of the title of the Saintess, to face the consequences of my sins.

However…., if the time were to come for this kingdom to face great peril, I would gladly offer my strength in its aid. That of which, brings us to this moment where the miasma had began to spread within our kingdom, effectively preventing Saintess Momo from participating to this very festival. For that reason, his royal highness, Prince Keith, had decided that my foolish self, who had performed at the last year’s festival as the temporary saintess, will be the one most suitable to perform the duty in her stead as part of my atonement. Thus, I am truly grateful to Lady Momo’s dearest friend, who is also the one supposed to perform in her stead, Lady Chaco, for her cooperation in this undertaking.”

The populace under normal circumstances would have never expected such humility coming from the lady. They were left in so much awe to what they saw that they had forgotten that they had been lied and deceived. Still, there are still Momo’s adherents among them who were making a scene. They threw stones and all voiced their frustration particularly at Chaco Brown, whose betrayal was apparent to them. However, none of their efforts were able to make it pass through the protective barrier erected around the stage. The same goes for all their jeers that failed to hamper Chloe whose speaking voice retained its clarity despite the noise. Leddorio suspects that perhaps that was due to the lady’s own sacred magic.

“Oh beloved, Saintess, the First, the maiden who protects our entire kingdom from harm, if her holiness decrees my sins to be atonable, then I plead to you a chance for me to do so. At the furthest end of my atonement, I shall pledge to dedicate the entirety of my strength in support of the royal family and the kingdom’s populace. If her holiness were to acknowledge my sins forgiven—“

Chloe’s voice halted.

At the same time, the sun that remained hidden behind the clouds had made its way to peek beyond the clouds, laying its brilliance to the very stage where the lady stood. Just like a stage actress in the spot light. The populace who had been put to silence by her pleading thus far were reanimated, voicing their surprise as they pointed towards the sky.

It was a single rainbow that emerged above the castle’s skies situated right behind the lady. For the Coloflare Kingdom, the significance of the rainbow lies in its relation to the miracle of the legendary sacred rainbow bird— to put it simply, it’s something taken as a good omen.

“Ah…. her holiness, Saintess the First. You have heard my plead! I offer to her holiness my gratitude. I pledge upon my atonement, the dedication of the entirety of my being in contribution to this kingdom’s bright future.”

As Chloe grandiosely raised her hands appealing to something within the skies. The crowds were completely overwhelmed by her figure. No one can blame them. An emergence of a rainbow at a such miraculous timing; from the eyes of the onlookers, Chloe had already been forgiven by the first saintess.

She was very much far from the Momo’s assertion of becoming a witch.

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