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Banished Villainess – Under Observation! : Chapter 67

Advent Festival

Advent Festival

As the surrounding people moved around preoccupied with the preparations for the advent festival, Chloe who had finished changing had finally shown herself. She was donning the Saintess clothing earlier and had the same brown-haired pony tail as Chaco. These along with the veil she wore would effectively deceive far onlookers.

“You have to wear this.

Prince Keith was shown in the reflection throwing something towards Shin. It was a magical bracelet with a magic stone within it.

“Your highness, what could this be?”

“It’s a cognisance-interference magical item. Your hair and eye color stand out too much.”

When Shin obediently wore the bracelet, the eyes of the ladies widened in surprise. Prince Leddorio couldn’t see what was going on in the mirror but he figured that there was a drastic change in his appearance.

“Now, make your way. This is your greatest stage presented by a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!”

The capital was full of people who were enjoying the festival and the stage that was prepared for the saintess was more crowded. Chloe rose to that stage and danced within the tune of the resounding church music as she offered prayers.

“So this year would be Brown Newspaper Company’s lass.”

“Hmm? But if I recall, the true saintess that they found was supposed to be the one performing this year, though?”

“That aside, the dance of the saintess must have required quite the severe practice. Look, the dancing was the same as last year’s.”

The surrounding onlookers didn’t even have the slightest idea that the one performing was the same temporary saintess that had been banished. Still, some people did doubtfully turned their heads towards Chaco Brown who kept hanging around with the innocent look on her face.

“Now, why don’t you hurry up and distribute these newspapers..”

“Lady Chaco, wouldn’t you need to disguise yourself as— huh? Isn’t that…”

Shin, who was attending Chaco, seemingly saw some familiar faces within the crowds of people. There was one among them who stood tall and had long blue hair who took along with him, a lady with sky-colored hair as they strolled around the festival stalls.

‘…what on earth is he doing?”

‘Sei… You said I’m the only one, and yet you’re having a date with Missouri!

Momo said as her whole body trembled. Leddorio wondered if the lady was frustrated upon seeing Sei spend time with his fiance. He considered that perhaps Momo had already chosen Sei. But if the feelings of the two were truly mutual, Sei would have discarded his fiancee in accordance with Momo’s wishes.

The fact that Sei stated that the cancellation of his engagement was proceeding smoothly, and then abruptly getting married afterwards, just didn’t made any sense with the first prince.

“How pathetic…”

“Don’t say that brother. After all, he was there as your substitute because you left the capital.”

His younger brother, the main perpetrator behind dragging Chloe towards the capital was becoming more impudent so Leddorio stared daggers at him instead.

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KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels!Click here to join!


  1. Avatar Death Fairy says:

    Thanks for the chapter!

    Oh failed prince, know your place!

    1. Avatar Dustin Edwards says:

      Whew! Things are heating up! Thank you for the hard work translator!

  2. Avatar Arha says:

    Hmm, so if I’m getting this right, they’re having Chloe perform the dance using Chaco’s name and appearance, but not having her change the way she dances. They’re also not really hiding the real Chaco too much. So I think the second prince’s intention is to repair Chloe’s reputation, then reveal that those little inconsistences are because Chloe agreed to help take the place of Momo, whose reputation is already declining, thus making Chloe look better.

    I’m a bit curious as to why he’s so fond of her, though. By all appearances Chloe only reincarnated here relatively recently, right?

    1. Avatar A random fish in the sea says:

      It’s not that he likes Chloe, it’s that he dislikes Momo and seeing the current Chloe being as powerful as she always was while Momo’s power is declining, he realized that it’s actually Momo who’s the fake, but is seen as the real one because of the first prince constantly and heavily emphasizing it, thus he’s trying to fix things.
      Also, I’m not sure about the dance, but I’m fairly certain she didn’t have time to practice a new one before she had to perform…

      1. Avatar Arha says:

        He referred to Chloe in an affectionate manner from the start, though.

        And yeah, the dance thing is likely because she didn’t have time to learn a new one, but the story pointing out it’s the same dance seems like it’s something we’re supposed to notice.

    2. Avatar Chemise Rogers says:

      I think he always liked Chloe. He did call her sister from the start. I think Chloe was never as bad as her fiancé said she was. Dispite her “evil” deeds her saint powers haven’t waned. That maybe because of the “new” her. But at the same time if the previous her was so dark hearted then wouldn’t she not be able to even be a temporary saintess?

      We see this Momo’s saint powers wane, the new her is obvs a reincarnator more concerned with getting a harem ending, but she also hasn’t been doing the chores the church gave her. Like a lot of stories Chloe was probably not bubbly because she’s been working hard as a future queen and a saintess. I don’t remember when the “new” Chloe arrived, but I do think even old Chloe did was was necessary to keep her saint powers. Meaning that the only “evil” deeds were those surrounding trying to keep Momo away from her fiance?? Which is understandable but sad since the prince is the one being unfaithful. Also they talk about Chloe trying to bake cookies back before she was exiled, and sucking at it. But if she really were so horrid and stuck up then would she even have tried to bake cookies for anyone? To me it read as if the capture targets regarded her lack of baking ablity with being a bad person, or rather with being unfeminine.

      I say all that to say that yeah, I think Keith thinks well of Chloe, and that Chloe was never some horrible person. She was just surrounded by idiots. Idiots that didn’t appreciate her hard work to be a proper noble lady, future queen, and saintess. They just wanted a hyper feminine lady to spoil.

    3. Avatar TheHillsAreAlive says:

      I’m guessing his fondness for Chloe has little to do with it, even though he treats her with far more respect than the other MCs. The kingdom needs a saintess and Momo is quickly becoming a dumpster fire. Why shouldn’t he, the crown prince, try to save his kingdom?

  3. Avatar chomiaaa says:

    keith might as well be the damn author because of how much he’s thought this through holyyy

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