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Banished Villainess – Under Observation! : Chapter 66

Chloe’s Secret

Chloe’s Secret

‘What do you mean!? Chloe will perform as my substitute at the advent festival as Chaco? What is this about!?

Momo, who looked as though all the strands of hair in her body stood up in bewilderment, turned her attention towards the 2nd prince and came close to grab him. Keith, who smoothly evaded her sudden approach, answered her question, although indifferently.

‘You heard it. Because the Saintess is busying herself in the dungeon, the sinner will have to come to pray at the Advent Festival in her place. I don’t see any problems with that, though?

‘There are, and loads of them! In the first place, you’re having her perform under the pretense of the false name she used? Wouldn’t that be a deception to the populace?

Leddorio protests in agreement with Momo, which at a perfect timing, overlapped with Chloe’s own protests.

“Highness Yello, I am a sinner. I already secretly came back to the capital, if I perform the rites as falsely as Lady Chaco, I—“

“Just call me Chaco. Aren’t we close friends?”

“But I’m…huh?”

As Chloe noticed Chaco using a much more frank tone, she stared at the lady, puzzled. After stopping Shin who was about to call Chloe out on her impertinence, Chloe gave a bewildered glance towards the 2nd prince.

In response, Keith took out two pages of royal documents from his pocket. The first page was the same document he had expressed earlier denoting Chloe’s participation in the festival while assuming Chaco Brown’s identity, but the second one was—

“Chloe Sereknight is hereby permitted to use the name Chaco Brown until she arrives at her destination, the Nansonia Convent. This has the approval of his majesty the king, Freon Heath Coloflare, her majesty the queen, Neju Whitey Coloflare.. as well as me and Chaco Brown herself.”


This time, it was Leddorio’s turn to rise from his seat. A sinner being given permission to use a false name is already unprecedented, but they had even completely shun the 1st prince out of the issue and arbitrarily decreed it without his knowledge. Furthermore, according to the 2nd prince, the document had already passed through the directive of the king’s office. Leddorio pressed closer to his younger brother but he only received a nonchalant reply in return.

“After all, somebody, had put on a pressure to ensure that a lady will not be able to do anything under her own name. So we had to come before the prime minister, who had to make a special exception. Do you understand what I’m getting at? We had to clean up after someone’s unnecessary interference that he made just to satisfy his stupid revenge.”

“Stupid revenge, you say?”

Even as the two brothers aggressively argue against each other to her side, Momo maintained her focus on the mirror.  But as the reflection starts to show the two ladies driving the other two young men outside for Chloe to change her clothes, Momo turned towards the arguing brothers and yelled.

‘Sir Benny and Sir Keith! I can’t hear the conversation well so please be silent!’

‘Mo…Momo? What’s the matter?’

‘…I don’t recall giving you permission to call me Keith, though?’

After closing the door behind them, Chloe and Chaco resumed their conversation. Shin placed the magical brooch near the gap of the door to help it receive the contents of their conversation well, but parts of it remained incomprehensible.

“Lady–, is it really alright for you to through such extent just for my sake? Also, I remember you calling me ______ earlier”

“Yup, at first I was kinda surprised when I heard about you from _______, it just didn’t make sense to me. I mean ____ suddenly became odd and used my name. But when I finally talked to you and when you greeted me _____, I finally understood.  You are not the ____ that I knew. But when you think about it _____ ______, _____ after all.”

“Will you still forgive me, Chaco?”

“There’s none for me to forgive, you know. That would be unreasonable. Besides, I don’t think _____ thought of me as ______ anyway. My ______ with ______ is as good as over. So from my perspective, ________ is just someone giving her all to make the most of her desperate situation… It’s you we’re talking about after all.”

Even after raising the volume, the prince could hear the crucial parts of their conversation as nothing but vocal scribbles. As he frustratingly try to strain his ears to eavesdrop on their conversation once more, he heard Momo suddenly whispering,

“I knew it… Chloe is a ______”

MV: Okay, if you want to ask, they were meant to be vague.

(Dang, Nihongo is pretty vague enough already, you take one word out and the sentence becomes a mess.)

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  1. Avatar shionvaynex says:

    So a 3rd reincarnated?
    I’m kinda confused, but Cloe is the one being timid right?

    Is kinda hard to tell with how she normally is very calm and analytic.

    1. Avatar A random fish in the sea says:

      Second. It’s only Chloe and Momo, no one else…

      1. Avatar KuroRai says:

        I thought it was four Momo, Chloe, Chaco, and Missouri

        1. Avatar A random fish in the sea says:

          Nope, Chaco is just a former friend of Momo, who feels like she was just used by Momo and thrown aside after she was no longer useful and Missouri was just a very business oriented woman…

  2. Avatar Arha says:

    You can guess what almost all those blanks are, at least. Unless there’s a sudden twist, I think we can infer that Chaco is saying that Momo never considered her a friend and that their relationship is basically over anyway.

    I supppppose this may be implying there might be something a bit more complicated going on with Chloe’s current identity.

  3. Avatar meowthank says:

    “Chloe Sereknight is hereby permitted to use the name Chaco Brown until she arrives at her destination, the Nansonia Convent.”
    If the crown isn’t forcing Chloe to go to her destination, she’ll probably never go, right? so that means she’ll just always be able to used her Chaco Brown identity unless somehow the first prince wrestles the political power away or Chloe is killed.

    Damn. Everyone is against Momo and her harem.

  4. Avatar prime zurker says:

    ya’ll sure choco isn’t a transmigrator? i was under the impression that the “vocal scribble” parts were Japanese which is why he couldn’t understand but momo could.

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