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Banished Villainess – Under Observation! : Chapter 65

Meeting The Real Deal

Meeting The Real Deal.

The distance that would take several days for horses was easily traversed by the flying dragon. Just like that, Chloe had already arrived at the capital, but seeing the people who were waiting for her had left the lady in another surprise.

“You are…”

“It appears that her ladyship does remember my face. Does she not, Lady Chloe Sereknight of the Sereknight Ducal House?”

“I-I do… I often see you tag along with Lady Momo after all.”

“It’s an honor, lady.”

The lady who stood and was all smiles as she greeted her was Chaco Brown, herself. Chloe who falsified her identity using her name was at the height of awkwardness in meeting her in the flesh. However, Chaco kept mum about it and only took the lady by the hand and towards the Church.

 “You do not need to become so tense, lady. I am already aware of the particulars.”

“U-Uhm… where are we..”

Chaco took Chloe further inside without answering her question. The priests whom they crossed paths with were startled at the sight of her but neither Chaco nor Keith paid them any mind. As the four reached their destination, they entered the waiting room and closed the door behind them. What awaited them inside the room was the saintess dress that has been prepared for the Advent Festival.

“Lady Chloe. You will have to wear this during the…”

“I’m sorry!!”

Chaco who turned towards Chloe and spoke was interrupted by her sudden apology. All the others in the waiting room stared in puzzlement at the two.

“Please raise your head. Her ladyship has done nothing that requires an apology.”

“No. Until recently, I have done various cruel things towards Lady Momo; things that do not deserve forgiveness. It’s only natural that I should be scorned as the false saint.”

“Her ladyship looks to be regretful from the bottom of her heart but… is the reason for her apology to be specifically addressed to me, due to Lady Momo being the saintess that will save our kingdom?”

Chaco seemed so distant to her own question while Chloe shook her head in response.

“Because the miss is lady Momo’s dear friend.”


Chaco swallowed her breathe seemingly finding an oddity within the lady’s response. Then she headed towards a bag that was casually left on the floor and after taking a bundle of newspapers from it, she presented them to Chloe, who hesitantly accepted it.

Turning the pages as she read them, the contents had painted the lady’s face with surprise. Shin took a peek at the newspaper and read that it was an article that detailed Chloe’s footprints after the denunciation, as well as what came of the saintess afterward.

Prince Yello who has been fascinatedly watching the lady’s behavior began to speak.

“Sister….No, Lady Chloe. I believe that you are aware that you are being observed, are you not?”

“Uhm, yes, highness… At first, I was convinced that it was my father who was behind it, but Dai’s arrival had given me a different idea. Although, I do not think that “he” needed to mind my circumstances after having banished me away.”

  ‘Naturally. Who would spend an ounce of care towards someone like you?”

Chloe’s unlovable response had elicited a new barrage of words from the first prince. However, neither Darck nor Momo knew how to respond to it. The only one who did, however, was the 2nd prince who immediately burst out in laughter, earning Leddorio’s glare.

Prince Keith within the screen, on the other hand, didn’t refute Lady Chloe’s words.

“Well, that is not something that rests on his will alone. After all, not only are you formerly the temporary saintess, you are also the former queen candidate. But because that punishment was something handed with the pressure of the sacred church, it cannot be easily overturned… You understand this, right?”

“It is as his highness says.”

“Which is exactly why as part of your atonement, I will have you perform at the Advent Festival at once, as Chaco Brown, of course.”

“ Hu—‘ huuuuh!?’ “

Chloe and Momo’s exclamation had overlapped.

MV : Some more updates tomorrow.

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