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Banished Villainess – Under Observation! : Chapter 64

At the Dragon’s Back

At the Dragon’s Back

Dragon, a mythical creature that is only endemic within the circumference of the Corundum Kingdom. The Coloflare Kingdom, on the other hand, sat way too far from those lands, and only a limited people within its entirety had ever seen one. However, Leddorio was acquainted with the dragon that appeared within the mirror’s reflection. This sky dragon named Citrin was a gift given by Canaria to Prince Keith on one of his birthdays. It is well-known within the kingdom.

The dragon was not a mere gift to deepen their relationship; it signifies that the entirety of Corundum Kingdom supports the 2nd prince, leaving Leddorio completely in awe.

“Come. We’ll be riding this one way to the capital.”

“I-Is it safe, highness? Wouldn’t it resist and throw us off…?”

“Citrin is a good child. It’s properly trained too, look.”

At Keith’s signal, the dragon braced its tail upwards to the sky. Chloe reflexively closed her eyes tight, thinking it would strike her with it but, contrary to her fears, it merely gently caressed her head. She stared in such a wonder as the dragon put its tail away and guided by the prince, rode behind the dragon’s back. Shin hurriedly followed suit.

The dragon let out a small groan then rose to the sky. They looked as though they could be fall off at any moment if they failed to grasp the rails on its back properly. Chloe who timidly opened her eyes was amazed by the scenery that unfolded below and voiced her admiration of it.

“Woow! So fast! Look! The mountains are so small!”

Seeing Chloe merrily frolicking around for the first time had robbed Leddorio of the idea of slandering the lady as he always did. 

How ungraceful, said Darck on the other hand, almost biting his lip in vexation.

The adorable naivety that the young lady was currently showing looked so impossible to them considering her previous proud and vain self. On the contrary, it paralleled the behavior of the lady that Leddorio, Darck, and the others, have always revered.

 (Did I just compare her to Momo? That’s impossible. The two of them are far too different. She should be the complete opposite…)

The Prince shook his head to ward off the wavering thoughts coming to him. As he turned his gaze towards Momo, his eyes widened in shock. Just as he had thought of earlier, the two ladies were truly having the exact opposite facial expressions.

In direct contrast to Chloe who looked adorably childish, Momo glared daggers at her reflection with such animosity.


“What is it, sir?”

Momo turned her glance towards him with her usual smile, but far from being relieved, his nerves turned cold in shock. He found the sight of her glaring with such hatred behind her eyes really hard to believe… Nay, the lady had been harassed by Chloe before so that was more natural.

The prince told himself that and yet…


“Fufu, sir Benny is really weird sometimes… But look, sir. Gleefully fidgeting around like that while riding a dragon; she is truly witch-like, isn’t she?”

“I-Is that what it looks like?”

Of course, sir! Only the sacred rainbow bird would fit the Saintess.”

 Momo giggled as she replied.

The ancient sacred rainbow bird was a legend that was obviously known to the prince. It was a creature enveloped by purifying rainbow hues of light, which also descended to the world at the advent of the first saintess.

However, the prince felt odd at her sudden mention of it.

(It felt as though Momo was–)

“Like she was trying to emphasize that Chloe is a false saint, right?”

Those words that completely resonated with his inner thoughts made the prince shift his glance to where it came from.

There, Prince Keith was leaning behind the wall, seemingly amusing himself as he watched them, and then it dawned on Leddorio.

Just as they decided to observe Chloe, the 2nd prince chose to observe the observers instead.

The sudden thought of this made him break out in cold sweat.

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  1. Avatar Arha says:

    Even the dumb prince is catching on.

  2. Avatar wildhorse99 says:

    Lol the observer being in observation is fantastic. Especially now that they know it 😂

    1. Avatar TheHillsAreAlive says:

      This part is just awesome. That first prince called Chloe an idi0t and said she would not catch on to his surveillance. But not only did she know it from the start, he himself was unknowingly under surveillance. It’s just brilliant.

  3. Avatar Ya Think says:

    Hahahahah…. Yes!!!! Her mask is slowly…. slowly breaking.

  4. Avatar Death Fairy says:

    Oho… I like it!

  5. Avatar chomiaaa says:

    i am falling in love with the second prince i literally knew he would be a cool person the moment i saw “2nd prince” in the first chapters

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