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Banished Villainess – Under Observation! : Chapter 63

The Saintess Substitute

The Saintess Substitute

“It seemed that Lady Momo prefers to prioritize conquering dungeon. Still, we cannot really leave her responsibilities empty, can we? You participated in the advent festival as the temporary saintess before so I merely thought that you would be the most suitable to fill that position.”

Prince Yello lowered his voice, whispering to Chloe to keep the surrounding from listening. Although Shin, as well as those who were watching the recording obviously caught wind of it. Chloe was taken aback for a moment but pondered on the idea. Even she had noticed that the miasma is thickening so it might have dawned on her that Momo have chosen to put her entire priority into purifying accordingly.

“Would it really be alright, sir? I am not the real Chaco Brown–“

“I’ll explain all the complicated matters when we arrive at the capital. Besides, sister needs a sacred stone, doesn’t she? I believe it would be easier for you to negotiate directly with the Pope too.”

In the face of Yello who was smiling with the entirety of his face, Chloe could only breathe a sigh in resignation.

“…His highness truly knows everything, doesn’t he?”

“You should have realized that considering that I came all the way here. Can I take that as affirmation?”

“…Haa… very well, sir. I will accept this duty as part of my atonement.”

‘That’s nothing but sophistry! Like I’d stand for that!!’

Leddorio who wasn’t satisfied with the exchange between the them flared up towards the 2nd prince, but his hateful younger brother only replied back with complete ease.

‘Wasn’t it brother who suggested for the Saintess’ substitute? I believe your reasoning behind it is considerably flawed and forceful too.’

‘Even if that’s the case, how did it develop towards allowing Chloe to return to the capital!? That wench is currently under suspicion of being a witch.’

‘About that, brother.’

Saying so, Prince Yellow turned his glance towards Momo immediately turning cold. Momo withered in response, looking as though she had been pierced by something.

‘The suspicions of being a witch was merely entirely that lady’s conjecture, isn’t it? With respect to the possibilities, I cannot completely deny that… which is exactly why I thought Lady Chloe should just prove herself otherwise, right in front of the entire populace.

‘Prove otherwise, you say?’

Within the screen was the figure of Chloe who was explaining her return to the capital to both the Mistress and Priest Grace.

“I will return immediately after the Advent Festival. If I managed to secure a sacred stone, Locke and the others wouldn’t need to go through such a danger too…”

“They are adventurers, so I wonder about that? Well, I’ll tell them that you’ll come back, so make sure you return safely.”

“I will, ma’am… If possible, I would also like to clear Father Grace’s false charges though.”

“Little lass ain’t got no responsibility to do that. First, you oughta prioritize your safety.”

“Understood, father…! I’ll be going now~”

After Father Grace lightly tapped the lady’s head, Chloe bowed with her eyes moist with tears. Afterwards, Shin and Chloe followed Prince Yello who was already outside of the lodging house. Chloe anxiously looked around her surroundings. Although the barrier was faulty too, now they would have to descend the mountain, leaving outside the barrier entirely.

“Uhm, highness… I believe that it will take a couple of days to reach the capital from here. Did you perhaps–“

“Yup, I did. Isn’t that obvious?”

Right after Yello answered Chloe’s question, the surrounding trees greatly swayed. A great shadow engulfed their entire surroundings. Shin who was wary, glanced towards the sky and put Chloe behind him with his sword drawn.

“A-A monster!? So they have broken out of the dungeon…”

“Calm down, Shin. That’s a mythical beast, not a monster.”

 The creature, with its large wings spread entirely, was flying around the sky and before long, descends in front of the three of them. Prince Keith, without the slightest signs of fear, approached it and affectionately caressed the tip of its nose.

“That’s right… This is the birthday gift that my beloved fiancee, Canaria, had sent to me from her own home country. The mythical beast, a dragon.”

MV: Okay, Canaria is the best girl for giving his fiancée a dragon. No wonder, Keith is absolutely smitten with her.

Thank you, rcbolan, cheers!

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  1. Avatar A random fish in the sea says:

    Yeah, that fiancee of his is a keeper!

  2. Avatar Death Fairy says:

    Thanks for the chapter!

    Everyone is the best girl except the b*tch.

  3. Avatar Arha says:

    I wonder if we’re going to see a lot of people like the real Chaco who actually don’t mind Chloe too much. Because it kind of seems like only the MLs drank the kool-aid.

    1. Avatar Aritra Roy says:

      If we’re to assume the typical villainess otome reincarnation tropes, there’s two major things to consider:
      1. Some people probably hated Momo for grabbing the affections of the Prince and other high profile men in the academy, hurt her, and then deflected blame by naming Chloe as the mastermind
      2. Sometimes the writer will have all of society be against the villainess, but when that’s not the case, people will either find it ridiculous that the Prince is seeking to marry a low status woman (which in this story was SUPPOSED to be rectified by Momo’s adoption), or, more probably, they find the entire reverse harem situation to be ridiculous because political marriages are important to national stability.

  4. Avatar Mrs.YunoLanx says:

    i notice something th first princes is ez to fool…he got played by 2 woman and he is still being play by one of them….itsnt that sad? naw fuck him

    1. Avatar Vouivre says:

      We all know where all the brainy genes went.

  5. Avatar Ya Think says:

    I just read this in one sitting.. OMG!!!! Started around noon… And now it’s almost midnight…
    Prince Keith FTW. He’s smart and cunning (in a good way) and most importantly…. Devoted and loyal. Can’t wait for more face slapping scene.

  6. Avatar PoiPoiYes22 says:

    Best girl award goes to CANARIA

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