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Banished Villainess – Under Observation! : Chapter 62

The 2nd Prince's Visit

The 2nd Prince’s Visit


Prince Leddorio thought that such days would keep on continuing afterward but his expectation was greatly betrayed by the next developments.

The door of the lodging house’s bar section opened reverberating a creaking sound. The person who appeared at the bar’s doorstep had immediately and completely changed the entire establishment’s ambiance. There are those who widened their eyes, paralyzed due to surprise. Another one dropped the glass of water that he was holding. But among them, there are few who immediately knelt down on the spot. The others who didn’t originate from the Coloflare Kingdom only stared in puzzlement at such irregularity.

 “Your highness, Yello..”


The visitor of the lodging house clad in royal attire which didn’t suit the venue was none other than the 2nd prince of the kingdom, Yello Keith Coloflare, himself.

“Chaco Brown.”

“…Y-Your highness!”

Chloe who was at the kitchen sink still holding a bubbly plate gazed at the prince in awe. She only came to sense after being called by her fake name which also consequently prompted her to break the plate she was holding.  At one moment, she was at a loss whether to prostrate herself to the royalty or tend to the broken pieces of the plate, but Prince Yello, walked straight forward to the panicking lady, without so much a hesitation, in spite of only coming to this place at the very first time.

“Your highness, I apologize for having to welcome you in such a state…”

“It’s fine. The fault is mine for coming without notice. That aside, there’s an urgent matter that I need your assistance immediately, Chaco Brown.”

“My assistance, sir?”

 Chloe, perplexed, was trying to avert her eyes away, which was understandable, thought Leddorio. Prince Yello, who could have been his brother-in-law, came to such a place in complete royal attire and called her by her false name. The lady had likely figured out on the spot that the 2nd prince was an accomplice in her observation which naturally made it awkward for her.

But those kinds of things do not matter to him, so Leddorio, went to his main concern and along with his group, sent a reproachful gaze towards the problem.

‘Hey, what is this about? Why would you have to meet Chloe!? How many days did you waste traveling to the Iris Mountains?’

‘You’re about to see the answer to those questions, brother.’

Even Leddorio’s threatening behavior didn’t concern him at all. Much to his dismay, the 2nd prince kept his eyes on the mirror with such an irritating grin on his face. Reflected in the mirror was the 2nd prince showing the contents of a royal document to Shin and the others.

“Chaco Brown. You are hereby ordered to participate in the Advent Festival as Saintess Momo’s substitute.– or so it says, and it does not allow refusal. Look, it has his majesty and the pope’s signature– the 1st prince signed around here too.”


Leddorio’s jaw dropped, trying to recall the previous document that he had signed. He remembered signing a document prior to returning to the dungeon, that’s for sure. Prince Keith thinking that the signature of the first one to complain was needed, had completely cajoled him into signing, which the prince didn’t thought deeply about before he did.

 (But, still! That document states Chaco Brown, not Chloe Sereknight!)

“But your highness, I am not…”

“Is there any problem? You are Chaco Brown, am I wrong?”

Chloe was still entirely confused as to what was truly happening. Shin, in attempt to help his mistress, talked in her place.

“Your highness, what do you plan on doing. Milady… Would she even be allowed to return to the capital?”

“Stand back, Shin. I did not give you permission to talk.”

–But Prince Yello’s assertion had completely shut him down.

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  1. Avatar A random fish in the sea says:

    Well, this is amusing

  2. Avatar Death Fairy says:

    Thanks for the chapter!

    Ah, I see…

  3. Why would she kneel? She has been exiled, he is no longer her prince -_-

    1. Avatar TheHillsAreAlive says:

      She’s been exiled from court, not the kingdom. It means she can no longer participate in the nobility, but she is still held to the kingdom’s rules.

  4. Avatar TheHillsAreAlive says:

    “Stand back Shin. I did not give you permission to talk.”

    Music to my ears. This guy seriously needed a reality check.

  5. Avatar chomiaaa says:

    bro i knew sei was like that one genius and manipulative character but it kind of slipped my mind but BRO HES SO SMART

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