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Banished Villainess – Under Observation! : Chapter 61

Invader - Tamed

Invader – Tamed

 “Take care, Locke. Here’s your lunch box.”

“Alright. I’m heading out, Chaco.”

Locke was about to head out to the dungeon while Chloe was handing him her prepared lunch box as usual. The other party members who saw the two whistled in tease.

“How passionate~”

“You both suit each other.”

“You guys, really…”

As Locke tried to complain, Dai, who forcefully joined their exploration, barged between him and Chloe.

“Hey Chloe, prepare some for me too.”

“Whaat? The audacity of this blockhead!”

“What? Mere servants shouldn’t butt in.”

 Kisara complains but as Dai said, the three of them are only employees of the House Sereknight, much worse, they originated in slums. They do not have the social standing to talk back towards a son of a general.

“Stop it, Kisara. I apologize for making you wait, dear customer.”

“That’s how it should be. Sinners should just obediently serve…”

Dai was about to take the lunch box from Chloe with such a proud expression in his face, but before that happens, the lady presents her hand to him.

“That’s 650 colors, sir.”

“Wha.. You’re charging for this?”

“All the ingredients of the lunch box came from the wallet of the Grace couple. I am nothing but a mere employee, sir. May I ask for the payment now, dear customer?”

“W-well how about Locke then? Is that some kind of tribute or something?”

“But of course, he is exploring the dungeon due to my request, sir.  Naturally, I would provide him lunch, at the very least. I didn’t request your participation so… Mhm?”

Dai was gritting his teeth in anger but Chloe interrupted her own words after findind a new wound around his cheek.

“Sir Dai, you’re hurt…”

“Don’t touch me, your villainy might infect me!”

 Dai warded off Chloe’s hand in a flash, but Shin ran towards Chloe’s side, unable to watch the scene any longer.

“Is Villainy some kind of contagious disease that infects others by touch?”

“He’s acting like a child, milady.”

“That’s enough. Stop playing around and just go already! Look, I made your share myself so just go.”

That’s when the lodging mistress came and pushed a wrappings towards Dai’s hands.

“Auntie, this is for Chloe’s atonement…”

“Good men don’t make fuss and straight-forwardly say their gratitude. If you don’t like it just share it with everyone else. Good grief, you keep on stayin’ here and you ain’t gonna accomplish anything. Chaco, just make this little man’s share from now on too, alright?”

“L-Little man?”

Dai turned bright red upon being treated as a child while Chloe only gave him a fleeting glance.

“If mistress asks for it then I can’t refuse. But when it comes to healing, I must have sir Dai request for it, himself. Do you understand, sir?”

“W-Who in their right mind would… Y-You fool!”

 Dai desperately tried to jeer as he glanced alternately between the wrappings in his hand and Chloe, but upon noticing Locke’s party who was about to leave him behind, he hurriedly followed suit. The patrons of the lodging house could only pleasantly watch his retreating figure. The impolite brat who suddenly came out of the capital had seemingly become part of the ordinary day-to-day spectacles in this place.

“That fool, he’s gotten completely caught in their pace.”

“What… even sir Dai…”

“That fool is just being a glutton as always. Once he tastes Lady Momo’s cooking that she made with love, he’ll come back to us soon enough.”

Leddorio couldn’t hide his annoyance while Momo was visibly shaken in bewilderment. Darck was trying to console them with words but none of them reached their ears.

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  1. Avatar shionvaynex says:

    This a a very odd mental state. They boys who are still in love with momo, they fight eachother for her favor and do anything to discourage momo affection for them to rise. Yet once they drop out they get made and feel betrayed.

    (surprise pikachu face)

    1. Avatar Chemise Rogers says:

      I think the know they are messing up. Its all to keep up the farce, so long as all of them chase after Momo they can blindly believe that she is worth chasing after.

    2. Avatar TheHillsAreAlive says:

      I guess prolonged absence from Momo’s influence makes the magic weaken. Momo used to go give this guy cookies everyday. Now he is in some far-flung dungeon. Maybe his head is finally clearing up.

  2. Avatar Death Fairy says:

    *I’m Smiling*

  3. Avatar wildhorse99 says:

    … I do not regret reading till here in one sitting… although I may tomorrow

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